4 Bathroom Remodeling Trends to Avoid

Last updated on March 5, 2024

Here are the common trends in bathroom remodeling that shouldn’t trend at all. This is what you want to avoid. Read on!

Home trends come and go each year; some manage to stay popular for a while, and some don’t, and this is one of the reasons why some homeowners remodel their homes.

As houses have many rooms, trends are unique for each of them. This year many new trends have already appeared for bathrooms and kitchens. Some trends only work in larger homes, and some are better for apartments.

According to Home Care Contractors, to make the right long-term decision, we need to consider the trend that suits our home and style the best. With that being said, here are some bathroom remodeling trends that you should avoid as you might regret them later.

The Color Combination

white bathroom

Some color combinations will make the bathroom look plain and without any personality or originality. It is not a good idea to have white furniture and white tiles in the bathroom, no matter how popular they are.

The same goes for black furniture and grey or darker tiles. Any other combination of furniture and tiles of the same or similar color will not work very well. 

This trend is not recommended because it looks lazy and unoriginal. Visually it may not look bad, but it will give the sensation that the homeowner doesn’t care about their home or are just lazy. 

No More Wood

Wood can be used in the bathroom or even on the floor. Wood in bathrooms is part of a trend that comes and goes. It is not recommended to follow such a trend because it can quickly get outdated and requires a lot of maintenance

Wood is a decaying material that must be replaced constantly, especially in bathrooms. All the water and steam will damage it. Besides, if it is not maintained correctly, it can develop mold in cracks or small areas between the wood and the wall. 

Large Furniture

When choosing to remodel the bathroom, we no longer need huge bathtubs, sinks, or other big furniture. Large pieces of furniture can look imposing and give the bathroom a luxurious vibe.

Sadly this trend is not suitable for apartments where space is the most significant factor. A minimalist remodeling can be better for a small space and give the bathroom a fresh vibe. 

This trend has one more disadvantage: the expensive prices customers pay for colossal furniture. With a huge bathtub, the water bill could also go up. New trends are in opposition to this one. Minimalism and shower cabins are more popular in smaller spaces. 

Uncovered Pipes

Pipes are usually hidden inside walls or floors, but some trends will have the pipes exposed. This is not a practical trend and should be avoided while remodeling. There are a few reasons why such a trend is not practical. 

To hide the pipes again and cover them with a fake wall will be expensive and time-consuming. Another reason is the creation of condensation. The pipe’s temperature will get in contact with the room’s temperature and will create water droplets. It will be a perfect environment for mold to grow. 

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