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Welcome to This Makes That!

Hey there, craft enthusiasts, DIY dreamers, and home decor lovers! We’re so thrilled you’ve found your way to our cozy corner of the internet. Welcome to This Makes That, where imagination meets creation. 🎨🛠️

Who We Are

We’re a team of passionate makers, thrifters, and dreamers—just like you! We believe that creating something with your own hands is not just rewarding, but it’s a form of self-expression. We’ve come together to share our love for DIY crafts and home decor, offering a treasure trove of inspiration, how-to guides, and creative ideas to bring beauty into your life and home.

Our Mission

Here at This Makes That, our mission is simple: to empower you to tap into your creativity and transform your living spaces into a reflection of you. Whether it’s converting a mason jar into a chic candle holder, or turning that old bookshelf into a stunning focal point, we want to inspire you to see the potential in everyday items. Because trust us—making your dream home doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

What You’ll Find Here

  • Crafty Tutorials: Detailed step-by-step guides to help you bring your creative visions to life. Sewing, painting, woodworking—we’ve got it all!
  • Home Decor Ideas: From minimalist to boho, modern to vintage, we cover a broad range of styles to help you find your personal aesthetic.
  • Upcycling Tips: Don’t throw it away—transform it! We’ll show you how to give old items a new lease on life.
  • Product Reviews: Our honest opinions on the best materials and tools you’ll need for your DIY adventures.
  • Community Spotlights: We love to showcase the work of our readers. Send us your completed projects, and you could be featured on This Makes That!

Join The Conversation

We believe that the best part of creativity is sharing it with others. That’s why we invite you to engage with our posts, leave comments, ask questions, and even contribute your own ideas. You’re also welcome to join us on social media for even more DIY inspo—find us on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook!

Let’s Create Something Beautiful Together

So grab your glue gun, dust off that old furniture, and let’s dive into the endless possibilities of creativity. We’re so happy you’re here and can’t wait to see what you make.

Happy crafting!

Love, The This Makes That Team 🌼✨