15 Above Fridge Top Decoration Ideas

Last updated on May 14, 2024

Discover creative and stylish ways to make the most of that often-overlooked space above your fridge with our fun decoration ideas.

vintage cookie jars

Vintage cookie jars add a touch of nostalgia and charm above your fridge, infusing your kitchen with a retro vibe.

Herb Garden in Pots

herb garden in pots

Display an herb garden in pots above your fridge for a touch of freshness and practicality.

Wicker Baskets

wicker baskets

Wicker baskets add a touch of rustic charm above the fridge, perfect for storing linens or cookbooks. Whether natural or painted in vibrant colors, they add texture and warmth to your kitchen decor.

Decorative Wine Rack

decorative wine rack

Consider adding a decorative wine rack above your fridge to combine style and functionality effortlessly.

Rustic Wooden Signs

rustic wooden signs

Rustic wooden signs add a charming touch to the top of your fridge, bringing warmth and character to your kitchen decor.

A Row of Cookbooks

a row of cookbooks

A row of cookbooks adds a functional and decorative touch above your fridge, inspiring culinary creativity and providing easy access to favorite recipes.

LED Fairy Lights in Jars

led fairy lights in jars

Create a cozy glow above your fridge with LED fairy lights placed in jars.

Succulent Planters

succulent planters

Succulent planters add a touch of greenery and modern flair above your fridge. Perfect for small spaces and low maintenance.

Painted Ceramic Bowls

painted ceramic bowls

Add a pop of color and style with painted ceramic bowls to spruce up the top of your fridge.

Retro Knick-knacks

retro knick knacks

Retro knick-knacks are quirky vintage items that add a nostalgic touch to your above-fridge decor. They can include old-fashioned kitchen gadgets, vintage advertisements, or mid-century ornaments. These playful pieces bring character and charm to your space, creating a sense of whimsy and history. So next time you’re at a thrift store or antique market, keep an eye out for these fun and unique treasures to enhance your kitchen decor above the fridge.

Seasonal Decor Rotation

seasonal decor rotation

Prepare to swap out your above-fridge decor to match the season.

Antique Kitchen Scales

antique kitchen scales

Antique kitchen scales add a touch of nostalgia and charm to your above-fridge space. They are not only functional but also a stylish decor piece that ties in seamlessly with a vintage or farmhouse aesthetic.

Mini Chalkboard With Messages

mini chalkboard with messages

Easily swap out messages or quotes on a mini chalkboard sitting atop your fridge to keep the decor fresh and fun.

Hanging Dried Herbs

hanging dried herbs

Hang dried herbs above your fridge for a practical and decorative touch, adding a pop of greenery to your kitchen space.

Artisanal Bread Box

artisanal bread box

A charming artisanal bread box adds a touch of farmhouse chic above your fridge, keeping your bread fresh and your kitchen stylish.

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