15 Enchanting Alice in Wonderland Themed Party Ideas

Last updated on June 7, 2024

Planning an Alice in Wonderland-themed party provides a fantastically whimsical experience with creative decorations, fun costumes, and quirky games.

Alice in Wonderland party supplies

Ready for a topsy-turvy, mind-bending adventure into Wonderland? You’ve scoured the internet and seen all the classic Alice in Wonderland party ideas, but I’m here to shake things up like the Mad Hatter’s tea party on caffeine.

My mission? To sprinkle in some delightfully fresh twists that even the Cheshire Cat would be curious about. Let’s ditch the predictable and dive into a Wonderland that’s truly wonderful and new.

Mad Hatter Tea Party

mad hatter tea party

At an “Alice in Wonderland” themed party, consider hosting a Mad Hatter Tea Party where guests can enjoy whimsical tea blends and treats in a quirky setting. Guests can dress the part and engage in lively conversations over cups of tea while channeling their inner mad hatter. Decorate the area with oversized teapots, mismatched cups, and colorful table settings for a truly immersive experience. Add playing card decorations and top hats as props to bring the theme to life. This idea is perfect for those looking to add a touch of eccentricity and fun to their party.

Queen of Hearts Croquet Game

queen of hearts croquet game

Incorporate flamingo mallets and hedgehog croquet balls for a whimsical twist on the classic game.

Cheshire Cat Photo Booth

cheshire cat photo booth

Set up a vibrant Cheshire Cat-themed photo booth to capture whimsical memories at your Alice in Wonderland party. Let guests pose with colorful props and backgrounds inspired by this mischievous character. Perfect for creating fun and interactive moments to remember the magical event.

Giant Mushroom Decorations

giant mushroom decorations

Add a whimsical touch to your party with oversized mushroom decorations that transport guests to a magical wonderland setting. A simple yet impactful way to create an enchanting atmosphere for your Alice in Wonderland themed celebration. The mushroom decorations can serve as eye-catching focal points and enhance the overall decor of your party space. Think vibrant colors, polka dots, and quirky shapes to capture the essence of Wonderland.

Eat Me/Drink Me Station

eat medrink me station

At the Eat Me/Drink Me Station, guests can enjoy a selection of whimsical treats and beverages inspired by the magical world of Alice in Wonderland.

White Rabbit Treasure Hunt

white rabbit treasure hunt

Hide small clocks around the party venue for a fun and engaging activity where guests can search and find them. Participants can then exchange the clocks they find for small prizes or party favors. This interactive treasure hunt adds an exciting challenge to the Alice in Wonderland themed party.

Playing Card Soldiers Crafts

playing card soldiers crafts

Create unique playing card soldiers crafts to add a whimsical touch to your Alice in Wonderland themed party. The soldiers can be used as table decor or party favors for guests to take home. They add a fun and colorful element to your decorations. Craft them with simple materials like cardstock, glue, and scissors. Let your imagination run wild as you design your own army of playing card soldiers for your event.

Tea Cup Relay Race

tea cup relay race

Participants will race while balancing a tea cup on a saucer; a fun and whimsical activity at the Alice in Wonderland themed party.

Caterpillar Hookah Lounge

caterpillar hookah lounge

Create a cozy lounge area with an eccentric touch for guests to relax and socialize.

Alice Dress-Up Contest

alice dress up contest

Let your guests unleash their creativity by dressing up as their favorite Wonderland characters and compete for the best costume.

Wonderland Maze

wonderland maze

Guests can navigate a thrilling maze filled with whimsical decorations, themed characters, and surprises at the Wonderland Maze. It adds an element of excitement and mystery to the Alice in Wonderland-themed party.

Jabberwocky Pinata

jabberwocky pinata

A Jabberwocky pinata is a whimsical addition to an Alice in Wonderland themed party, adding an element of surprise and excitement to the festivities. It offers a fun activity for guests to unleash their inner “slaying the beast” instincts while enjoying sweet treats that spill out. Ideal for both children and adults, this unique party element ties in perfectly with the fantastical world of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale.

Wonderland-Inspired Desserts

wonderland inspired desserts

Indulge in whimsical desserts inspired by characters and elements from “Alice in Wonderland.” Create treats that transport guests to the enchanting world of the Mad Hatter’s tea party.

Floating Key Decor

floating key decor

Add an enchanting touch to your Alice in Wonderland party with Floating Key Decor, creating a whimsical and magical atmosphere for your guests to enjoy.

Painting the Roses Red Activity

painting the roses red activity

Invite guests to join in the whimsical fun of painting roses red during the Alice in Wonderland-themed party. Watch as they unleash their creativity and add a playful touch to the decor with this vibrant activity.

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