15 Boy Baby Shower Ideas for a Memorable Celebration

Last updated on May 26, 2024

Planning a baby shower for a baby boy can be a lot of fun with the right ideas for themes, games, and decorations.

Nautical-themed Party

nautical themed party

Transform your baby shower into a nautical paradise with blue and white decor, anchor motifs, and sailor-themed games. Create a cute and charming setting evoking the spirit of the sea for the mom-to-be and guests to enjoy. Ships ahoy!

Little Prince Decorations

little prince decorations

Bring a touch of royalty to the baby shower with elegant and whimsical decorations inspired by the beloved story of Little Prince. Incorporate stars, planets, and a color palette of soft blues and golds to create a dreamy atmosphere for the celebration.

Sports-themed Shower

sports themed shower

For the sports-themed baby shower, bring the love of the game to the celebration with sports-related decorations and activities that will have everyone cheering.

Safari Adventure

safari adventure

Immerse guests in a wild jungle setting with playful animal decorations and safari-themed games. Guests are sure to go wild over this adventurous theme. Set the stage for an unforgettable journey through the savannah. Let the baby shower be a roaring success with a safari adventure!

Book-themed Shower

book themed shower

For a Book-themed shower, incorporate classic children’s books into decorations and activities for a whimsical and literary atmosphere.

Space Exploration

space exploration

Transform your baby shower into an outer space adventure with cosmic decorations, galactic treats, and fun space-themed activities. Your guests will feel like they’re on a mission to Mars!

Woodland Creatures

woodland creatures

Transform your baby shower into a whimsical forest with adorable woodland creature decorations and a nature-inspired color palette. Add elements like cute foxes, owls, and deer to create a charming and cozy atmosphere for celebrating the arrival of the little one.

Baby Dinosaur Theme

baby dinosaur theme

Transport the baby shower into a prehistoric world with dinosaur-themed decorations, games, and treats, making the celebration a roaring success.

Mustache Bash

mustache bash

Get ready for a fun and quirky baby shower theme with a Mustache Bash – perfect for celebrating the little man on the way!

Superhero Party

superhero party

Transform the baby shower into a Superhero party with fun decorations and activities inspired by heroic characters. Create an exciting and bold atmosphere with colorful capes, masks, and superhero-themed desserts. Guests will feel like they have stepped into a comic book world filled with adventure and joy.

Airplane Adventure

airplane adventure

Transform your baby shower into an airplane adventure with cloud decorations, pilot-themed party favors, and airplane-shaped desserts for a soaring celebration.

Building Blocks Theme

building blocks theme

Piece together a perfect baby shower with a Building blocks theme, adding a playful and colorful touch to your celebration.

Farmyard Fun

farmyard fun

Incorporate cute farm animals and rustic decor for a charming baby shower theme.

Teddy Bear Picnic

teddy bear picnic

Create a charming and whimsical baby shower theme revolving around adorable teddy bears picnicking in a forest setting, with decorations, games and favors all tied to this cuddly and heartwarming concept.

Outer Space Galaxy

outer space galaxy

Transform the baby shower into an out-of-this-world adventure with an outer space galaxy theme filled with stars, planets, and cosmic decorations.

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