20 Bedside Table Tray Ideas for Comfortable Nighttime Essentials

Last updated on November 10, 2023

Bringing organization, style, and convenience to your bedroom is easier than you think because even an everyday item, like a bedside table tray, can transform into an epitome of function and design with a few creative ideas.

I’ve designed unique illustrations for these ideas. I hope you get inspired!

Bedside table trays serve an essential function in our bedrooms, but who says they can’t be stylish and unique? With a plethora of established ideas online, one could easily become overwhelmed and uninspired. While all existing concepts are valuable (and resources will be provided for the best at the end of this article), the primary goal here is to present an innovative take on bedside table trays.

The upcoming carefully curated list, filled with fresh, unique angles, is designed to fuel your creativity and inspire your next bedroom makeover. Let’s start exploring some exciting bedside table tray ideas that you may not have considered before!

For the Minimalist Aesthetic

for the minimalist aesthetic

Strive for simplicity. Select a tray with clean lines in a neutral or light hue. It’s about investing in less but high-quality items, aim for functionality and fuss-free design.

Consider a white or beige tray, add a simple lamp, a single book or a minimal clock. Be careful with choosing accessories. They should be small, not overpowering. Keep clutter to the bare minimum. Remember, less is definitely more in this style.

Ensure all items on the tray serve a clear, necessary purpose. Decoration is fine, but functionality should be the priority. This gives a feeling of serenity and expansiveness, ideal for a relaxing bedroom experience.

With a Vintage Twist

with a vintage twist

Consider using an old-fashioned rotating alarm clock or a vintage-inspired lamp to evoke a sense of nostalgia. A few old hardcover books can add character, especially if they are titles beloved in your family.

Pepper in antique trinkets or collectibles that have a story to tell. Rose-tinted photo frames bearing black-and-white photos can tie the look together. Using a lace doily under a water carafe can further enhance the vintage feel.

Remember, the key is to balance the old with the new, so that the setup does not appear dated. Always keep functionality and ease of use in mind. A well-curated vintage tray can transport you to a different era every time you reach for your night-time essentials.

To Display a Collection of Books

to display a collection of books

Stacking an assortment of your favorite reads can be both functional and aesthetically appealing. Consider your books in their color palette or bindings to create an attractive arrangement.

Large, hard-covered books at the bottom can add stability, while an intriguing spine could be your table’s focal point. Rotate them out as you get through them, keeping the collection fresh.

Combine with a small lamp for a cosy, convenient reading spot right by your bed. It’s a perfect way to keep literature at your fingertips while furnishing your space with character.

For Nurturing Indoor Plants

for nurturing indoor plants

Nurturing indoor greeneries brings a fresh appeal to any bedside tray, besides adding numerous health benefits. Choose plants that thrive in low-light conditions since the room may lack abundant sunlight. Succulents, snake plants, and ZZ plants are good options for this setup.

Even a tiny potted bonsai could instill tranquility into your bedroom space.

When you keep these natural accents, remember: they will require occasional water, and a tray with waterproof material can prevent leakages from damaging your table. Select pots that sync with your room’s decor theme. For instance, a chic geometric plant pot could fit well in a modern style room, while a terracotta pot blends seamlessly with boho or rustic interiors.

Lastly, combine green with items like your reading glasses, a notebook, or a vintage lamp. This arrangement can result in an aesthetically pleasing bedside vignette that also promotes your well-being.

As a Creative Space for Your Kids

as a creative space for your kids

Children are naturally imaginative and your bedside tray could serve as an outlet for their creativity. A few art supplies, a sketchbook, and colored pencils, perhaps, arranged neatly, provide an accessible platform for their ideas.

Choose washable paint and markers to prevent any mess. Ensure to regularly switch out the supplies to keep the interest alive. Additionally, you can use a tray with built-in compartments or mini storage bins to keep everything tidy and easy to find.

Lastly, keep an inspiring book or two on the tray to fuel your little ones’ creative thoughts.

With a Splash of Bold Color

with a splash of bold color

Inject vitality and a distinct sense of personality into your room by choosing a tray in a daring hue or paint one yourself. Cobalt blue, electric purple, fiery red, or even a neon green can command attention and create a focal point to your space.

Color is a visual language, and each shade can evoke a particular mood or feeling. Warm hues, such as red or yellow, can create an energetic and invigorating atmosphere. On the other hand, cool colors, like blue or green, typically provide a sense of calm and relaxation.

Consider the existing color scheme of your room when choosing a bold color. To construct a cohesive color theme, aim to match the color of your tray either with your bedding, curtains, or wall art. If you prefer a more eclectic approach, go for a color that contrasts with your surrounding palette.

Equally important is to play with various finishes. A glossy finish can lend an edgy, modern vibe. A tray in a matte finish can provide a subtle yet sophisticated feel.

Last but not least, a brightly-colored tray provides an excellent backdrop for neutral or monochromatic items. The contrast will make your bedside essentials stand out, giving your space style and function in one punch.

Remember, color is transformative. With just one bold shade, you can turn a simple tray into a design statement piece.

For Organizing Perfume Bottles

for organizing perfume bottles

To create an appealing, functional space, start by selecting an elegant tray that complements the vanity area and fits your collection. A mirrored or glass tray brings a luxurious feel while enhancing perfume bottle designs.

Remember, less is more; showcase your top picks and routinely rotate out other bottles.

Be mindful of sunlight exposure as it can affect the perfume’s quality. Consider adding a stylish lamp to highlight your fragrances better.

Lastly, add a personal touch with decorative elements like tiny flowers or trinkets; they add visual interest and charm to your perfume display.

Remember, the aim is an organized, visually pleasing set-up not just for your perfumes but for your overall aesthetic ambiance.

In a Sleek, Metallic Finish

in a sleek metallic finish

Creating a visually captivating focal point, the metallic finish brings a modern touch to any room. Let’s go over a few key considerations:

1. Matching Theme: Ensure that the metallic finish of your tray harmonizes with the overall room decor. The metallic hue should complement, not clash.

2. Choice of Material: Metals like brass, copper, or stainless steel often provide top-tier quality and notable aesthetic appeal.

3. Maintenance: Metallic trays should be kept spotless to maintain their shine and prevent unwanted tarnish. Regular cleaning is essential.

4. Utilization of Space: Functionality should not be sacrificed for style. A tray with a sleek design can add valuable storage space for personal essentials.

5. Accessories: Consider minimalistic trinkets such as a metallic clock, flower vase, or picture frame to further enhance the aesthetic.

Avoid over-accessorizing as it could steal the tray’s shine. Remember, the sleek metallic finish should remain the star of the show.

To Showcase Cherished Photos

to showcase cherished photos

Framing those dearest moments on your bedside table not only adds a personal touch but also keeps sentimental memories within an arm’s reach. Choose frames that harmonize with the rest of the room’s decor. For a unified look, match the frames to other hardware in your room such as the desk lamp or drawer handles.

Arranging the photos in different heights and sizes can create depth and dynamicity. A larger, centrally-positioned photo can serve as an anchor, while smaller photos add interesting elements around it. If square and rectangle frames look too symmetrical, introduce a few oval or round ones for variation.

Play with different frame designs too. A delicate silver filigree frame could encase a black and white photo for a timeless feel, while a sleek, minimalist frame may enhance the colors in a vibrant photo. Perspex frames give a modern touch and won’t detract from the photo itself.

Broaden your concept of ‘photos’. Postcards, tickets, or children’s artwork in frames can be as meaningful and visually appealing. And remember, this is your personal space. Arrange, re-arrange, and swap pieces as often as you like – this will keep your bedside table fresh and interesting.

For a Personal Tea Ceremony Station

for a personal tea ceremony station

A personal tea ceremony station can be an oasis of tranquility, transforming a simple bedside table tray into a Zen corner. Select a tea set that mirrors your taste—ceramic, glass, metallic—it’s completely up to you. Remember to include a tea caddy or tin to stash your favorite blends and consider an ornate tea scoop as an aesthetic yet functional accessory.

In case loose leaf tea is your brew of choice, a tea strainer could prove to be a valuable addition. Include a pour-over kettle for precise brewing, and if space permits, a compact thermos could ensure that you have hot water handy for that unexpected craving.

Most importantly, make space for your favorite teacup. After all, this personal tea ceremony station is a celebration of your love for tea. A compact stand or multi-tier tray can help organize these pieces neatly, adding visual appeal and practicality to this arrangement.

With Multi-level Design

with multi level design

A multi-level design can open up a world of possibilities for your bedside table. This arrangement enhances aesthetic appeal while accomplishing more with less, keeping the space neat yet filled with your daily essentials. It’s an ingenious way to channel vertical space, particularly useful in smaller rooms.

Let’s break it down.

1. Top Level: Reserve the top-level for things used on a daily basis. This could include your smartphone, a pair of glasses, or perhaps a favorite book.

2. Middle Level: This could comprise of items needed occasionally such as a notebook, pen, or light reading material.

3. Bottom Layer: The bottom layer is an ideal spot for items less frequently used. This could include storage baskets, rarely used cosmetics, or keepsakes.

Remember, you want your table to match your daily habits, needs, and style, tailoring space and placement for your comfort – an important aspect of home decorating.

As a Portable Workspace

as a portable workspace

To transform your bedside table tray into a functional workspace, choose a sturdy, adequately sized tray that can handle a laptop or tablet, a notebook, writing utensils, and perhaps a small desk accessory such as a lamp or an organizer.

Opt for trays with higher sides to keep items from falling off the edge, and consider trays with handles for portability.

A tray with a non-slip surface or a mat can prevent your work tools from sliding.

When not in use, this convenient portable office can be quickly tidied, bringing tranquility back to your bedroom space.

Be mindful of cords and chargers; a tray with a built-in charging station can keep your work gadgets powered and reduce clutter.

Plus, aromatic plant or a small vase with fresh flowers might add a calming touch to your workspace.

To Hold Your Favorite Candles

to hold your favorite candles

Candlelight has a way of adding a warm, cozy, and even romantic touch to a room. Picking a carefully crafted candleholder that matches your aesthetic can transform your bedside table into an inviting corner, adding instant hygge to your space.

Here’s how to make your candle display shine:

  • Choose Different Heights: Select candles of various heights for a more visually appealing setup. A combination of pillar and votive candles works well.
  • Think Safety: Always consider safety. Make sure candles are set back from the edge of the table and away from any loose papers, curtains, or other flammable items.
  • Use Candleholders: Candleholders not only protect your table from melting wax but can also work as a design element. There are candleholders with elaborate designs, rustic bare metal, or streamlined glass – pick something that matches your theme.
  • Add in Scents: For an added layer of coziness, pick candles in soothing scents like lavender or vanilla.

Remember, the soft glow of a candle can add an intimate, peaceful feel to your bedroom, promoting relaxation and restfulness. Be creative and try out various setups until you find the one that suits your mood and aesthetic!

As a Convenient Charging Station

as a convenient charging station

Coordinating and organizing your various gadgets can really enhance the functionality of your bedside table. Choose a tray with a built-in charging port or slots designed to hold your devices securely. These are often equipped with multiple USB ports, which can support several devices, including your phone, tablet, or e-reader.

To maintain aesthetics, opt for trays with concealed cord designs which hide twisted cables, contributing to a cleaner, well-organized space. The incorporation of this technology-meets-decor idea not only streamlines your bedtime routine but also ensures you wake up each morning to fully charged devices, ready to start the day.

For a touch of personal style, consider trays in unique materials or finishes that complement your overall bedroom decor.

For Displaying Handcrafted Pottery

for displaying handcrafted pottery

Handcrafted pottery can infuse individuality and artistry into your bedside tableau. Unique designs, from rustic earthenware to sleek ceramics, can add a visually pleasing dynamic bringing an accent of texture and color to the space.

Consider these points when showcasing your pottery pieces:

  • Variety: Incorporating vessels of different sizes and shapes can create visual interest. Clustering small pots together or juxtaposing a tall vase next to a short bowl can create balance.
  • Safety: Ensure that the pottery pieces are stable and secure. Using non-slip mats underneath can prevent accidental slips or falls.
  • Functionality: Select functional pottery like a small jug for water or a dish for jewelry and spectacles. This adds practical value alongside visual appeal.
  • Lighting: A little lamp nearby can highlight the unique designs of your pottery. Directed lighting can emphasize textures, shadows, and nuances in color adding depth to your display.

Remember, showcasing your favorite pottery on your table can serve as a reminder of the craftsmanship behind each piece and create an aesthetic reflective of your personal style.

With a Rustic Wooden Touch

with a rustic wooden touch

Integrating a rustic wooden tray brings the tranquility and warmth of the outdoors right to your bedside. Natural grains and knots create a tactile surface that’s not only attractive but also functional, resisting stains and wear over time. Opt for reclaimed wood or eco-friendly bamboo to maintain an eco-conscious decor.

1. Natural Variation: Each wooden piece possesses a unique pattern, lending a sense of character and depth to your space.

2. Sturdiness: Strong and solid, it’s perfect for storing items such as a carafe of water, glasses, and your alarm clock.

3. Easy Maintenance: Wooden trays can be effortlessly cleaned with a damp cloth.

4. Multi-purpose: These trays can double as a breakfast tray, bringing a sense of luxury to your mornings.

5. Diverse Styles: Whether you prefer a darker walnut finish or a lighter pine, there’s a shade to match every decor scheme.

6. Versatility: From ornate carvings to plain finishes, you can find a design to fit both traditional and modern aesthetics.

Remember, adding a personal touch with a vase of wildflowers or a stack of your favorite books can blend the tray seamlessly into your decor while enhancing the cozy, rustic vibe.

To Hold Your Beauty Essentials

to hold your beauty essentials

Choosing a tray that blends with your room’s overall aesthetic keeps your essentials handy without compromising on style. Opt for a ceramic or mirrored tray to add a touch of elegance. It should be large enough to hold a selection of your favorite lotions, creams, and makeup items.

Keep delicate items such as perfume bottles in the center to protect them from accidents. To add personal touch, you might even include a small vase with fresh flowers or a decorative object that complements your room’s decor.

For easy accessibility, place same-sized items like lipsticks or nail polishes, grouped together. Similarly, taller items, such as brushes and mascaras, can be placed upright in a decorative cup or small vase. Remember, less is more. This isn’t just about storage, it’s about creating a visually appealing vignette.

For Showcasing Elegant Crystalware

for showcasing elegant crystalware

To achieve this sophisticated look, consider setting pristine crystal pieces such as a delicate vase or a pair of elegant stemware on your tray. These will not only elevate the aesthetic appeal but also double as storage for precious items.

Incorporating crystal ware allows you to change the arrangement seasonally, for instance, filling a vase with fresh blooms or colorful marbles. To optimize light reflection, position your table near a source of natural light or add a small lamp.

Adding silk table-runner under the tray can enhance the overall look while protecting your furniture from potential scratches or spillage. Undoubtedly, this style conveys an aura of timeless elegance that can be easily adapted to any bedroom theme.

The key is to select crystal pieces that are both functional and beautiful to create a well-balanced, eye-catching display.

With Personalized Monogram

with personalized monogram

Adding a personalized touch to your bedside table tray sets it apart, while also serving as a beautiful design element. By choosing a monogram of your initials or a special symbol, you’re incorporating a unique detail that is uniquely you. This can be done in a variety of ways.

Firstly, you could have your monogram engraved on a wooden or metallic tray for a sophisticated, permanent embellishment. Alternatively, using monogrammed coasters or small dishes for storing jewelry and little trinkets gives you the same personal touch but in a more subtle way.

Lastly, if you’re a fan of DIY projects, painting or drawing your monogram onto a plain tray allows for maximum creativity. Play around with colors, fonts, and sizes to create a piece that’s expressive yet functional.

Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to incorporate a monogram into your bedside table tray. It’s all about reflecting who you are in a stylish and practical manner.

For a Late-night Reading Setup

for a late night reading setup

Ensuring accessible reading materials is integral in this setup. Stack a handful of your latest reads on the tray, preferably pairing larger hardcovers with smaller novels for aesthetic balance.

Consider introducing soft lighting through a warm-toned table lamp, as harsh lights can strain your eyes; a lampshade with adjustable brightness may be ideal.

Coasters might come handy if you enjoy a calming hot beverage while reading.

Remember to leave a dedicated spot for bookmarks and reading glasses.

To enhance the cozy atmosphere, add a small succulent or a photo frame to soften the overall look.

Last but not least, the tray’s position is crucial – it must be within easy reach from your bed. An accommodating bedside table tray can turn your nightly reading routine into a delightful ritual.

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