Best Jeanist: A Comprehensive Guide and Review

Last updated on December 9, 2023

In the world of fashion, the title ‘Best Jeanist’ is highly coveted because it showcases cutting-edge denim trends and innovative design techniques.

Diving into the colorful and action-packed world of “My Hero Academia,” Best Jeanist emerges as a standout hero, not only for his contributions to public safety but also for his flair in fashion design.

Adorned in his signature denim attire, Best Jeanist’s presence is as commanding as his ability to manipulate fibers, weaving his love for textiles into his heroic acts.

Since his stylish entrance in Chapter 29 of the manga, this Pro Hero has captivated fans with his unique blend of combat prowess and sartorial elegance.

Whether you’re intrigued by his role in the series, his aesthetic, or his unorthodox powers, this article explores the fabric of Best Jeanist’s character, ensuring you’re thread-to-date on one of “My Hero Academia’s” most iconic figures.

Key takeaways:

  • Best Jeanist is a top Pro Hero in “My Hero Academia” universe.
  • His occupation as a fashion designer incorporates denim into hero costumes.
  • Best Jeanist made his debut in Chapter 29 of the manga.
  • His appearance includes a denim-clad suit and a distinctive hairstyle.
  • Best Jeanist’s powers include manipulating fibers and a unique approach to heroism.

Biographical Information

biographical information

Best Jeanist, whose real name is Tsunagu Hakamada, is a significant character in the “My Hero Academia” universe, a Japanese manga series created by Kōhei Horikoshi. Renowned for his valor and style, he has consistently been ranked among the top Pro Heroes in Japan, even securing the number four spot, which speaks volumes about his influence and strength.

Born into the world of heroes, he has dedicated his life to fighting villains and saving lives, serving as both a symbol of peace and a beacon of fashion. Despite facing formidable threats, his commitment to heroism has never wavered, making him one of the most respected figures within the “My Hero Academia” community.



Renowned as the top fashion designer in the hero world, the role extends beyond creating trendy clothing. This professional takes a unique approach by incorporating denim into hero costumes, ensuring both style and functionality.

With an eye for aesthetics, the talents are used to tailor outfits that enhance the wearer’s abilities while maintaining a signature look that’s instantly recognizable.

This innovative blend of fashion and heroism serves as an inspiring example of creative skill applied within a high-stakes industry.

First Appearance

first appearance

Best Jeanist made his debut in Chapter 29 of the “My Hero Academia” manga, which was serialized on July 7, 2014, in Weekly Shōnen Jump, a Japanese magazine. Created by Kohei Horikoshi, this character quickly became prominent in the storyline.

He appeared for the first time in the anime version during Episode 17, which first aired on July 31, 2016. In his initial scenes, Best Jeanist’s unique fashion sense and hero persona are showcased, setting the stage for his role as a Pro Hero with a penchant for style and order.

His introduction is significant as it expands the universe of “My Hero Academia” by introducing an A-list hero who leads by example and emphasizes the importance of public image and professionalism in heroics.



Sporting a denim-clad ensemble, Best Jeanist sets a unique sartorial standard in the realm of heroes. His suit, crafted from layers of the rugged textile, embraces a practical yet stylish aesthetic with an array of pockets, facilitating utility in high-stress scenarios.

A standout feature is the fiber optic cables woven into the fabric, allowing for the manipulation of denim to immobilize opponents. This attire mirrors his quirk, Fibre Master, offering a visual cue to his ability.

Despite the utilitarian design, his look maintains a sleek silhouette, punctuated by tall boots and a belt emblazoned with a ‘BJ‘ emblem, underscoring his commitment to fashion.

The hair, meticulously styled in a tall spike, speaks to his attention to detail and discipline, all while his face is obscured by a mask, suggesting an air of mystery that aligns with the enigmatic presence he projects.


Renowned for his patience and poise, Best Jeanist—a moniker that belies his true character—embodies a composed and refined demeanor that influences his approach to both heroism and personal interactions.

His stoicism often serves as a stabilizing force among peers, exuding an air of reliability that others find comforting.

Despite his calm exterior, he maintains a fierce dedication to his ideals, which is manifested in his meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to societal betterment.

His insistence on propriety and orderly conduct reveals a deep-seated belief in the power of appearance and structure to inspire and maintain public morale.

This unique blend of attributes makes him a role model for many, effectively leveraging his sartorial expertise and principled stance to enhance his heroic role.

Powers / Skills

Best Jeanist possesses a Quirk known as Fiber Master, which grants him the ability to control the fibers in textiles with incredible precision. This power enables him to manipulate denim and other fabrics as if they were extensions of his own body, allowing for a variety of applications:

  • Restraint: He can unravel threads from his clothing to immobilize opponents, intertwining the fibers to create binds that are difficult to escape.
  • Defense: By tightening the fibers of his jeans, he can create protective layers akin to armor against physical attacks.
  • Offense: If necessary, the fibers can be used as long-range weapons, entangling or even piercing adversaries.
  • Utility: Beyond combat, his Quirk is useful for quick costume repairs or fashioning necessary items from available fabric.
  • Sensory Extension: Best Jeanist can feel vibrations through the fibers he controls, giving him a form of spatial awareness and allowing him to detect movements around him.

He has also honed his skills to affect fibers within a substantial radius, handle multiple targets simultaneously, and adapt to various combat scenarios. Moreover, his strategic mind and battle prowess complement his Quirk, making him a formidable hero.

Type of Hero

As a Pro Hero with a flair for aesthetics, Best Jeanist’s brand of heroism leans heavily into inspiration and safeguarding public morale. His heroics are underpinned by the belief that a neat and orderly society, mirrored by his own meticulous appearance, is fundamental to peace and order.

He embodies the spirit of a ‘Civic Hero,’ aimed not just at thwarting crime but also at uplifting community values and setting an example for citizens to strive towards a more harmonious society. His unique approach to heroism includes:

  • Emphasizing the importance of a positive public image to inspire confidence and security among citizens.
  • Demonstrating exceptional leadership qualities and strategic mind, organizing responses to threats with precision.
  • Supporting fellow heroes, recognizing that unity and collaboration are pivotal to overcoming large-scale challenges.
  • Engaging with the community beyond crime fighting, attending events and using his status to promote societal well-being.
  • Prioritizing the psychological aspect of heroism, understanding that a hero’s demeanor can deter crime and encourage societal order.


Is Best Jeanist dead my hero?

No, Best Jeanist from My Hero Academia is not dead; he survived after being nearly killed by All For One.

Why does Best Jeanist wear denim?

Best Jeanist wears denim due to its durability which complements his Quirk, and his personal affinity for the fabric which mirrors his namesake, the "Best Jeanist" award.

What is Best Jeanist’s real name?

Best Jeanist’s real name is Tsunagu Hakamada.

What happened to Best Jeanist lung?

Best Jeanist lost a lung during the Kamino Incident, a circumstance even Recovery Girl’s abilities couldn’t remedy.

How does Best Jeanist’s quirk work in "My Hero Academia"?

Best Jeanist’s quirk in "My Hero Academia" allows him to manipulate the fibers of any denim material he touches, controlling and shaping it at will for extensive versatility in battle.

Who is considered Best Jeanist’s greatest rival in the series?

In the series "My Hero Academia", Best Jeanist’s greatest rival is considered to be Hawks.

What significant battles has Best Jeanist fought in?

Best Jeanist, a popular character in the "My Hero Academia" manga series, has fought in significant battles including, but not limited to, the Hideout Raid Battle against All For One and the Paranormal Liberation War against the Paranormal Liberation Front.

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