15 Blanket Display Ideas for Your Home Decor

Last updated on April 10, 2024

This blog post offers a variety of innovative ideas for displaying blankets in your home to enhance your decor style.

Encased in a Glass Display Cabinet

encased in a glass display cabinet

A glass display cabinet showcases the blanket as a piece of art while protecting it from dust and damage. This method allows for a clear, unobstructed view of intricate patterns and colors. It also adds an air of sophistication to the room, elevating the blanket from a functional item to a decorative centerpiece.

Hanging On a Decorative Coat Rack

hanging on a decorative coat rack

Select a coat rack that complements your decor and space, providing both functionality and visual appeal.

Drape blankets over individual hooks, allowing patterns and textures to become a focal point of the room.

This display method also ensures your cozy covers are readily accessible on chilly evenings.

Highlighted As Part of a Seasonal Display

highlighted as part of a seasonal display

Incorporate blankets into festive decor by selecting throws with colors and patterns that match the current season. Elevate a spring-inspired space with a pastel quilt or enrich a fall theme with a rich, textured throw.

Rotate blankets with the changing holidays to refresh your room’s aesthetic regularly.

Suspended From Exposed Beams

suspended from exposed beams

Draping blankets over exposed beams adds a touch of rustic charm to a room. This method creates a visually interesting focal point while showcasing the blankets’ patterns and fabrics.

It utilizes vertical space effectively, keeping blankets accessible yet out of the way.

Tidily Arranged in a Vintage Suitcase

tidily arranged in a vintage suitcase

For a touch of whimsy and nostalgia, fold blankets neatly and stack them in an open vintage suitcase – this can add a quaint aesthetic to any room.

The color and texture of the blankets can become a focal point when contrasted against the aged material of the suitcase.

This type of display not only serves as an accessible storage option but also as a conversational piece of decor.

Displayed On a Room Divider or Screen

displayed on a room divider or screen

Select a room divider with a pattern or design that complements your blanket’s aesthetic.

Securely drape or clip the blanket over one or more panels, allowing its entire pattern to be showcased.

Position the divider in a space that needs visual interest, creating a striking focal point whilst displaying your textile art.

Draped Over a Rustic Bannister

draped over a rustic bannister

A rustic banister provides a charming backdrop for showcasing quilts or throw blankets, creating a cozy atmosphere.

By casually draping the fabric over the railing, the textures and patterns of your blankets become a focal point.

This display technique adds warmth to your stairway while keeping blankets easily accessible for chilly evenings.

Positioned On an Antique Quilt Stand

positioned on an antique quilt stand

An antique quilt stand offers a charming way to showcase heirloom or handcrafted blankets, allowing them to remain visible and easily accessible. The stand’s design adds a touch of vintage elegance to the room, complementing the displayed textile’s patterns and colors.

By elevating the blanket, the stand turns a functional item into a statement piece of decor.

Laid Across the Arm of a Mannequin

laid across the arm of a mannequin

Strategically position a mannequin in your living space to casually drape a blanket over its arm, transforming the textile into a striking piece of decor.

Select a blanket with bold patterns or bright colors to make an artful statement.

This approach adds a dynamic, sculptural element to the room while showcasing the blanket’s design.

Presented in a Stylish Laundry Hamper

presented in a stylish laundry hamper

Choose a laundry hamper with an open design to showcase the colors and patterns of the blankets within. Strategically place the hamper in a living area for an accessible cozy touch.

Rotate blankets to highlight different textures or hues, adding visual interest to the room.

Nestled in a Trunk Chest At the Foot of the Bed

nestled in a trunk chest at the foot of the bed

A trunk chest serves as both storage and display, allowing for easy access to blankets at bedtime.

By folding blankets neatly inside, they become a part of the room’s decor while keeping them clean and organized.

This option adds a touch of vintage charm and functional elegance to any bedroom setting.

Piled Up in a Fireplace During Non-winter Seasons

piled up in a fireplace during non winter seasons

Transform your unused fireplace into a cozy nook by stacking colorful blankets, adding a touch of warmth even without a fire.

Arrange them to showcase different patterns and textures, turning an empty hearth into a visual focal point.

This creative use of space keeps blankets within easy reach for chilly evenings.

Neatly Folded On Top of a High Shelf

neatly folded on top of a high shelf

Utilizing vertical space, neatly folded blankets on a high shelf add a splash of color and texture to any room while keeping them within easy reach. This method capitalizes on otherwise unused space, turning a collection of blankets into a functional decor element.

The orderly arrangement allows for quick selection and hints at a meticulous, clutter-free living environment.

Draped Over a Porch Swing or Garden Bench

draped over a porch swing or garden bench

Transform outdoor spaces into cozy nooks by casually draping blankets over porch swings or garden benches. This approach not only showcases the blanket’s pattern and texture but also invites guests to curl up and stay awhile.

Use weather-resistant materials or take them inside after use to keep your blankets in prime condition.

Arranged in a Large Glass Vase for Smaller Blankets

arranged in a large glass vase for smaller blankets

Opt for a clear, oversized glass vase to turn your collection of small blankets into a statement piece.

Artfully fold and roll each blanket before arranging them inside the vase for a colorful and textured visual.

Place the vase in a strategic spot within your living area to add both function and flair.

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