20 Boho Wall Decor Ideas: Creative Methods to Elevate Your Space

Last updated on November 6, 2023

Implementing boho wall decor breathes life into any room because it captures the essence of nature, creativity, and individuality, making spaces uniquely inviting.

I’m proud to present my article on 20 Boho Wall Decor Ideas, complete with unique designs I’ve crafted myself; I hope you find the inspiration and joy in them as much as I did while creating them.

Boho wall decor is a vibrant and expressive way to add a unique touch to any room. Incorporating elements like macramé hangings, vintage mirrors, eclectic art, and earthy plants can transform your space into a bohemian paradise.

In this article, you’ll find a variety of boho wall decor ideas to inspire you. From creating a gallery wall with your favorite prints to adding a touch of greenery with hanging plants, you’ll discover how to bring the boho aesthetic into your home.

Stay tuned for detailed steps and tips to help you create a boho haven that reflects your personal style.

Macrame Wall Hangings

macrame wall hangings

Incorporating craftsman’s touch to a boho home, these intricate textile pieces bring a warm, laid-back vibe.

Balance and harmony in your arrangement are essential, as jumbled patterns can settle into chaos instead of eclecticism.

Consider the colours; neutral tones of cream, beige, and earthy browns blend well with any interior, while bold colours can provide a dramatic focal point.

With the versatility of size and design, this artisanal work can fill a modest nook or become the central art piece of a large, bare wall.

Intricate, full knots versus sparse, simplistic designs present an interesting trade-off to think over, depending on your room’s ambiance.

Handwoven or machine made retain different textures and personas.

A handmade macrame wall hanging can give a personalised aesthetic.

In contrast, mass-produced ones hold their charm when you yearn for the ethereal feel on a budget.

Remember, a macrame wall hanging is more than a trendy decor item.

It is a tribute to an age-old craft, a portrayal of complex technique converging into effortless charm, rendering your wall not just decorated, but into a storytelling canvas.

Vintage Lanterns

vintage lanterns

Nothing can beat the charm of vintage lanterns when creating a bohemian vibe. Depicting an essence of antiquity and mystery, they add warmth and depth to any space.

Place: Opt to suspend them from ceiling hooks, position on bookshelves or side tables, or even cluster together to create a novel focal point.

Size: There are various sizes to consider – larger lanterns are imposing and state a style statement, smaller ones, on the other hand, work as subtle accents.

Lighting: Pillar candles or fairy lights can be used, with the goal to experiment with the luminescence, achieving a soft, welcoming glow.

Styles: The choices are numerous, from Moroccan designs with intricate patterns to simpler rustic metal pieces.

Combining: For a balanced look, blend them with the other boho elements in the room, such as macrame hangings, rustic wooden furniture, or a well-placed potted plant.

Remember, the beauty of boho is in its unique mix of textures and design elements, and vintage lanterns can beautifully contribute to achieving this eclectic aesthetic.

Mosaic Mirrors

mosaic mirrors

Creating a visually striking centerpiece, mosaic mirrors reflect light and add an artistic flair to any room. An easy way to incorporate them into your boho decor is by hanging one above your fireplace or on a prominent wall.

The intricate patterns and vibrant colors not only brighten the room but add depth and display your unique style. For an authentic bohemian feel, select mirrors framed with tiles in earthy hues, hand-painted ceramic bits, or even mirrored shards.

Remember, the more striking and unusual, the more it enhances the boho vibe of your space.

Small Succulent Wall Planters

small succulent wall planters

Installed in simple geometric shapes or more elaborate designs, these living decorations pack a lot of character while requiring minimal care.

Get creative by using diverse succulent species for a mix of colors, textures, and growth patterns.

You can use lightweight, durable materials like metal or reclaimed wood to construct the planters.

Remember to add proper drainage to keep your planters functional and long-lasting.

Consider the amount and direction of sunlight your wall receives to choose the right succulents.

Rotate them periodically for equal sun exposure, ensuring healthy and uniform growth.

These dynamic arrangements can transform a stark wall into a captivating centerpiece.

Woven Tapestries

woven tapestries

Defined by diverse patterns and plush textures, these decorative elements bring a sense of softness and warmth to a space. The weaving style can range from geometric, tribal to floral designs, reflecting an eclectic mix that is typical of bohemian style.

Placement is crucial, high on the wall or draped as a centerpiece, they give the room a focal point. For a truly distinctive display, consider layering smaller tapestries over a larger one. Enhance the boho vibe by choosing tapestries in earthy tones or vibrant hues depending on the desired atmosphere.

Wall art doesn’t always have to be framed prints or canvases, and adding a woven tapestry is a fantastic way to break free from the standard while fueling your room with bohemian charm.

Distressed Picture Frames

distressed picture frames

Distressed picture frames capture the essence of the bohemian lifestyle with rugged charm, timeless appeal, and individuality. They can be filled with personal photos, artwork, or even left empty as a standalone piece, delivering an eclectic mix of old and new that adds personality to any space.

To accentuate the boho vibes, consider these points:

  • Color Palette: Opt for frames with antique finishes or earthy tones like sage green, burnt orange, or stormy grey.
  • Variety: Bigger isn’t always better. An assortment of small distressed frames arranged artistically can make a big impact.
  • Mixing Styles: Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Pairing ornate and simple distressed frames can create an appealing contrast.
  • Positioning: Arrange the frames at varying eye levels to draw attention and add interest to the decor.
  • Creative Interiors: Be creative with what goes inside the frames. Concert tickets, pressed flowers, or vintage postcards can all add a personal touch.

Remember, it’s not just about the frames but the stories they tell. With distressed picture frames, your room will radiate a much-loved, lived-in feeling synonymous with boho charm.

Wooden Mandala Carvings

wooden mandala carvings

On embracing the boho style, the intricate designs of these carvings are hard to ignore. Predominantly rooted in ancient religions, they’re not only a striking visual addition but also bring a spiritual element to your home.

The great flexibility they offer adds to their appeal. They can serve as standalone pieces on a small wall or complement larger art collections. Their naturally subtle hue blends well with any color palette, making them versatile for various decors.

Further escalating their charm are the countless designs available. From simple, geometric patterns to elaborate symbolic representations, there’s one for every preference. You can also choose from several sizes based on your space.

Additionally, their rich textures bring a unique depth and dimension to your wall, making it a focal point. It’s an easy method to introduce an organic touch to your room. Lastly, given their handcrafted nature, each piece carries an artisanal feel, adding further to your decor’s authenticity.

Crucially, the industry’s shift towards sustainable options has increased their popularity. Most are made from reclaimed or recycled wood, making them an environmentally friendly choice.

Sourcing locally can support artisans and help reduce your carbon footprint. Remember, being mindful of where and how your decor items are made can greatly enhance your overall decorating experience.

Hanging Terrariums

hanging terrariums

Creating a vibrant green space within the confines of glassware can truly enhance the bohemian vibe. These can house a variety of small plants, offering a unique perspective on nature and bringing a calming, natural element to any space.

To add a personal touch, consider populating the terrarium with air plants or succulents, as they require minimal care and can survive in a variety of conditions. Encase these plants in geometric or uniquely shaped glass frames suspended from the ceiling or wall to further imbue the space with a sense of whimsy.

For an interesting visual effect, multiple terrariums can be grouped together at varying heights. The insertion of mini statues or crystals can add an extra layer of mystery and charm. The light reflecting off the glass adds a soothing atmosphere to the room. Clear surfaces make the maintenance effortless, ensuring the terrarium’s continued appeal.

Remember, the beauty of these hanging terrariums lies in their apparent simplicity and their delicate, natural detailing.

Feather Wall Art

feather wall art

Exploring your creative spirit with feather wall art brings an enchanting aesthetic to any room. The delicacy of feathers can render a graceful, natural touch which fits perfectly into the boho ethos.

Today’s market offers a wide selection of such art; some pieces beautifully incorporate real feathers, while others feature painted or sculpted interpretations.

If you enjoy a bit of DIY, creating your own feather wall art piece can be both therapeutically calming and satisfying. Easy-to-follow tutorials are readily available online, from basic feather mounts on wooden frames to ornate feather dream catchers.

It’s not hard to find ideally sized and colored feathers in craft stores.

Remember, the beauty lies in the details. Opt for feathers that complement your room’s color palette. Muted tones work well for a calm ambiance, while bright, vibrant colors can serve as a statement piece in a neutrally themed room.

If real feathers don’t appeal to you, consider a canvas painted with feather motifs. You might also choose metallic feather sculptures that bring texture and a modern twist to this boho element.

Positioning is crucial for drawing attention to your feather art. Focal points, like above a fireplace, or balancing out larger items such as bookcases, are prime spots for larger pieces.

Smaller creations can be arranged in clusters or complemented with other wall decor to form an attractive gallery wall.

With feather wall art, the possibilities are endless. Make the decor your own, and let the boho spirit resonate within your space.

Pallet Wall Shelves

pallet wall shelves

Known for their rustic charm and versatility, pallet wall shelves introduce a splendidly unique element to any room. These shelves provide ample space to freely display your favorite boho chic collectibles.

Here are some pointers about these ornate showpieces:

  • 1. With their raw, unembellished aesthetics, these shelves blend seamlessly into the boho theme.
  • 2. You may choose to leave them barren for a rugged look, or embellish with a touch of paint, depending upon your room’s color scheme.
  • 3. The variety of sizes available provides an array of possibilities for arrangement options. You can use larger shelves for books and smaller ones for trinket displays.
  • 4. Positioning the shelves at different heights can create a visually interesting dynamic, giving the wall a multi-dimensional feel.
  • 5. Another concept is to use them as frames. Attach smaller artifacts on the inner ledge, turning the wall shelf into an artistic piece.

Pallet wall shelves not only enhance the room’s contours, but also accommodate your personal style while encapsulating the heart of boho décor — creativity and freedom of expression.

Antique Book Artworks

antique book artworks

Harnessing the unique charm of aged pages, antique book artworks bring a profound and erudite vibe to any boho-themed wall. These pieces, fashioned from old titles, are a creative form of upcycling. They offer a whimsical, yet scholarly touch to your decor ensemble.

For a more eclectic feel, mix in artwork from hardback covers and spines. You could also choose textual artwork, where passages are chosen for their content or aesthetic appeal to the viewer. To further augment the appeal, consider pairing with vintage frames, which ensure that these artworks recreate an old-world allure in a visually intriguing way.

Alternately, sculptural artworks created from folded or rolled book pages bring an impressive 3D effect to your wall. These inventive pieces, while intricately crafted, maintain a simplicity that fits perfectly with boho ideals. Layer these book artworks with other boho elements to highlight the interesting texture and depth they offer.

Importantly, while the artworks are constructed from antique or vintage books, they are about capturing an aesthetic and not damaging valuable literature. Always ensure that the books used are not rare or historically significant editions.

Exotic Ceramic Plates

exotic ceramic plates

Exotic ceramic plates serve as a fantastic way to bring a globetrotter vibe to your space. Originating from various cultures across the world, they have distinctive, often hand-painted, designs carrying the authenticity of the country they represent. Hanging these pieces on your wall can add a beautiful burst of colors, majorly enhancing the Bohemian aesthetic.

To make the most out of them:

  • Mix and Match: Don’t limit yourself to plates from one region. Combine designs from Mexico, Italy, Spain, and other countries known for their ceramics. It gives your decor a global touch.

Create a Focal Point: Arrange the plates in a specific section of your wall. It draws attention immediately, creating a captivating focal point.

Different Sizes: Use an assortment of large, medium, and small plates. It adds depth to the arrangement and makes it visually appealing.

Plan your Layout: Try out different layouts on the floor before you commit them to the wall. This way, you can play around and see what works best.

Remember, there’s no strict rule when it comes to arranging these plates. What matters most is that they reflect your personality and create a visually appealing, boho-inspired space.

Prints of Abstract Art

prints of abstract art

Dazzling with dynamic colors and structures, these pieces provide an ideal way to inject personality into your space. They stand apart for their ability to spark different emotions and interpretations, offering a unique experience to every viewer.

Here are key factors to consider:

  • Choice of Colors: Opt for hues that resonate with the overall color palette of your room. Warm tones for a cozy ambiance, cooler hues for a calming effect.
  • Size and Orientation: Identify a wall in need of a focal point. Larger prints can command attention while smaller ones can complement existing elements.
  • Frame selection: This can further enhance your art piece. A simple wooden frame maintains the boho aesthetics, but metallic ones can add glam.
  • Placement: Higher on the wall for drama or at eye-level for intimate viewing, precise positioning is crucial.
  • Arrangement: A single statement piece or a gallery wall, the arrangement style can drastically shift the room’s vibe.
  • Theme Continuity: Ensure the art’s theme continues in subtle elements around the room for visual harmony.

Remember, the beauty of abstract art lies in its ambiguity, making it a potent tool to showcase your style and individuality.

Rustic Candle Sconces

rustic candle sconces

Adorning your walls with rustic candle sconces can instantly summon a warm, inviting atmosphere within the room. Known for their timeless charm, these elements can complement a variety of wall colors and textures effectively.

Here’s how they can accentuate boho decor:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: The rough-hewn appearance of these fixtures exudes a vintage charm that meshes well with boho decor.
  • Versatility: Whether it’s metal, wood, or wrought iron, rustic sconces are available in a variety of materials that give you the flexibility to match your existing aesthetic preferences.
  • Ambient Lighting: With the right candle, these sconces can create an appealing glow, providing your room with a calming ambience during the evenings.
  • Spacial Element: Owing to their protruding nature, they add depth to your walls, giving the room a 3D element that flat decor may lack.
  • Unique Detailing: Often, these pieces feature intricate patterns or scrollwork that can add an additional layer of interest to your decor strategy.

Remember, while you want the rustic appeal of the sconce to come through, maintaining a consistent color scheme can aid in unifying the overall room decor. It’s all about finding the right balance for your room!

Dream Catcher Decor

dream catcher decor

A dream catcher, traditionally drawn from Native American culture, is a decorative piece consisting of a woven net within a circular hoop that’s often adorned with feathers and beads. It’s a rich element guaranteed to add a touch of charm to your boho wall.

Firstly, the intricate weave – often done with natural materials like hemp or leather – lends an earthy mystique, balancing the soft sophistication of the boho aesthetic. While traditional dream catchers feature intricate designs in the center, today’s creations span a range of patterns from simple to complex, allowing an easy fit with various décors.

Secondly, the cascading feathers attached to these hoops provide an ethereal touch, promoting a sense of tranquility. Feel free to experiment with a range of feather colors to match your color palette.

Lastly, a dream catcher can be a great conversation piece, and it can be personalized to taste. Whether you prefer authentic handcrafted items or DIY at home, these enchanting decor accents offer endless opportunities for creative expression.

Note that placement is crucial – hang it at a focal point to maximize its visual impact. Be it above the bed, on an accent wall, or even by the corner window, a dream catcher is sure to infuse your space with boho sophistication.

Boho-inspired Wall Stencils

boho inspired wall stencils

Incorporating stencils into your decor scheme can turn a mundane wall into a canvas for personal expression. Typically, a thin sheet of plastic, metal or paper is used, into which an intricate pattern or design has been cut out. The stencil is held against the surface and paint is applied over it, leaving behind a stylish design once the stencil is removed.

Boho-inspired stencils often feature geometric patterns, mandala designs, nature motifs, or cultural symbols – or a mix of these – reflecting the eclecticism central to boho style. Their great advantage is versatility: use them for a bold feature wall, to accent corners and borders, or to customize furniture.

While black and white are traditionally popular for a stark contrast, going for gold, bronze, or silver metallic shades can bring in a subtle rich touch. Similarly, opting for hues replicating those in your surroundings can bring the outside world into your space, enhancing the natural essence that characterizes boho decor.

Moreover, pared-back designs can be as effective as complex patterns. A simple herringbone or chevron can create a sophisticated feature wall without pulling focus from other elements in the room. It is critical to consider other design elements and ensure the stencils complement rather than compete with existing decor.

Finally, do not hesitate to take risks. A boho design ethos values unique, personal, even quirky elements. By channeling creativity into selecting and applying wall stencils, you can craft a bespoke boho space that feels truly memorable.

Hippy Chic Wall Decals

hippy chic wall decals

While Hippy chic wall decals might seem simple in concept, they carry a world of beauty and creativity in their designs. Imagine striking patterns inspired by paisley, mandalas, or nature woven into adhesives that are easy to apply and remove. They make for the perfect temporary change. Whether it’s for a living room’s main wall or a subtle touch in a cozy corner, these decals serve as breathtaking art pieces.

Some things to consider when choosing and using these eclectic decorations:

  • Be sure to align the decal’s aesthetic with the overall theme of your space. A unified look creates an immersive experience.
  • Play with contrasts. A pastel-colored decal might pop beautifully against a darker wall.
  • Layering can add depth to your design. Perhaps a decal peeks out from behind a floor lamp or sits half-hidden behind a bookshelf for a sense of intrigue.
  • Placement is key. Your decal could be the centerpiece or complement other pieces with equal ease.
  • Finally, remember that application and removal are usually straightforward, but always check manufacturer instructions to avoid damaging your walls.

Moroccan Inspired Rugs

moroccan inspired rugs

Known for their intricate designs and vibrant colors, these rugs, traditionally handwoven in Morocco, add a sense of warmth and coziness to any living space. Often featuring geometric patterns and tribal designs, they are a perfect item to incorporate into boho interiors. An authentic Moroccan rug can serve as a statement piece on any wall, bringing a captivating element of texture and cultural allure.

Alternatively, modern takes on these rugs offer a similar visual appeal with a more balanced blend of color, proving versatile with various design styles. These pieces often combine elements of traditional Moroccan weaving techniques with contemporary patterns, creating a unique blend of old and new.

Positioning such a rug on the wall requires some attention to detail. Use sturdy wall fixtures to hold the rug in place, considering the weight of the piece. Always choose a wall space that complements the size of the rug, too small or too crowded could diminish its charm.

Bear in mind, these rugs are not only visually striking but also tell a story of a rich cultural heritage. Their presence can infuse a sense of historical depth in your decor, creating points of interest and conversation.

Vintage Record Wall Display

vintage record wall display

Casting a nostalgic vibe, utilizing vintage records is a creative idea to bring audacious and retro appeal to any boho space. The trick lies in the display methodology and choice of record. Display an assortment for an eclectic appeal, or a few favorite artists for a more personalized touch.

1. Arrangement: Try arranging records in a symmetric pattern on a large wall or randomly scatter on a smaller wall. Corners or the area above desks is also an interesting display location.

2. Aesthetic: To enhance the retro feel, frame black and white records, or aim for a pop of color with vibrant varieties.

3. Display Frames: Choose antique-looking frames, or get creative with DIY options using rustic driftwood or twine.

4. Mix and Match: Mix the records with other wall elements like album posters or concert tickets for a music-themed wall.

5. Protect: Ensure safety by placing valuable records behind glass, outside direct sunlight, and away from heat sources.

Remember the beauty of boho lies in individuality – no two designs should look the same! So feel free to flex your creative muscle with your record display.

Photograph Collage With Fairy Lights

photograph collage with fairy lights

A captivating blend of memories and soft illumination, this decor idea imparts a warm, inviting ambiance. Start by selecting an assortment of cherished photographs, from memorable vacations, family gatherings, or heartfelt moments. The key is to choose images that make you smile and reflect your life’s journey.

Next, procure a string of fairy lights that match your desired aesthetic — consider color, bulb size, and wire finish while making your selection. LEDs are a great long-lasting and energy-saving option.

For mounting, consider using clothespins, binder clips, or even small clamps. Add a personal touch by painting or decorating these clips to enhance their visual appeal.

Variation in photo size and position can generate an organically beautiful effect. Arrange these photos between glowing orbs on a feature wall for magical illumination. Remember, the beauty lies in the randomness and asymmetry, so don’t fret about achieving perfection.

Preferably, locate this collage in an area where it would get the attention and admiration it deserves — a living room or bedroom wall, for instance. Make sure to highlight this charming display using ambient, indirect light sources for the best impact.

For the tech-savvy, modern fairy lights come with added features like dimmers or remote controls, allowing you to adjust the brightness to match your mood or time of day. Let this beautiful collage be a reminder of the times that have brought you joy.

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