Top 9 Most Dangerous Things in Your Home

Last updated on January 20, 2024

Did you know that quite a few dangerous things are lurking around the corner in your home? Here are the top 9 you things around the home should be extra careful with.

It’s understandable that people will want to feel safe and secure in their own homes. The reality, however, is that homes have a variety of architecture and appliances that can endanger their residents when they are not properly maintained. Fortunately, most of these dangers can be mitigated with routine maintenance, with some tasks only being necessary on an annual basis.

The Dryer

washer dryer

Excessive lint in a dryer’s filter or a dryer’s vent can pose a fire hazard. The dryer’s lint filter should be cleaned after every load. You should hire a dryer vent cleaning service to do vent cleaning once a year, though the vents should be checked when a dryer’s efficiency takes a noticeable drop.



Falling on a stairway can cause significant damage. Installing handrails on the stairway, keeping the stairs free of clutter, and ensuring that the stairs are properly lit can reduce the risk of falls. Households with young children should install baby gates at the top and bottom of stairways as well.



Windows can be a hazard for curious children who may accidentally fall out of an open window. Also, a window whose escape latch does not operate properly can be deadly in the event of fires or other disasters. Windows should be childproofed as well as inspected for ease of use.

The Stove


Being careless around a stove can lead to serious burns. Parents and guardians should ensure that young children are not left unsupervised in kitchens. Using a stove’s back burners will reduce the chances of accidental burns. However, the most effective measure is to be mindful and alert when using a stove or other source of high heat.

The Bathtub


People in a bathtub can get injured if they slip and fall. And young children run the risk of drowning in a full bathtub. Ensuring that children are not left unsupervised during bath time will keep them safe. And measures such as bath mats will reduce the risks of slips and falls.

Space Heaters

space heater

An improperly-used or improperly-positioned space heater can quickly start a fire. Heater owners should read and comprehend the user manual before using the unit. Space heaters should be kept away from walls, flammable objects, and any position where it is prone to falling or being knocked down. And an operational heater should not be unsupervised.

Extension Cord

extension cord

Poorly-insulated or damaged extension cords are a fire hazard. When buying extension cords, pay extra for one that is insulated. And any extension cord that is visibly damaged should be replaced immediately.



Due to their size and toxicity, mothballs can be a liability in a household with pets or curious children. In addition, it’s common for adults to have negative reaction to the chemicals associated with mothballs. The best course of action may be to completely discard the mothballs and seek a less toxic method to keep moths away.



When they are not properly cleaned and maintained, humidifiers can spread mold and other pathogens throughout the house. Using distilled water and cleaning humidifiers once a week is a good practice for residents who want to safely enjoy the benefits of humidifiers.

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