15 DIY Desk Decor Ideas to Boost Your Workspace Vibes

Last updated on June 3, 2024

Discover fresh and fun DIY desk decor ideas that will transform your workspace into a personalized haven.### 1. Washi Tape Makeover Liven up your desk accessories with washi tape; it’s like giving your desk a stylish outfit.### 2. Painted Mason Jars Grab a few mason jars, splash some paint on them, and voilà—instant chic organizers for pens, brushes, and the odd assortment of mystery tools you forgot you had.### 3. Corkboard Wall Art Turn functional into fabulous by arranging corkboards on your wall to double up as a notice board and creative pin-up space for your favorite photos and inspirational quotes.### 4. Desktop Planter Adopt a tiny plant, or several! Succulents or mini cacti not only look adorable but also make you seem like you’ve got your life together (even when you don’t).### 5. Personalized Mouse Pad Spice up your mouse’s runway with a custom pad. Whether it’s a photo of your pet hamster in a tiny sweater or an abstract watercolor print, personal touches make it yours.### 6. DIY Desk Calendar Design and create your own desk calendar. It’s a nice mix of functional and aesthetically pleasing—plus, who doesn’t feel accomplished when they move to the next month?### 7. Clothespin Photo Display Use string and clothespins to hang up your best selfies and family pics. It’s like a mini art gallery that makes you smile every time you face another email avalanche.### 8. Chalkboard Paint Slap some chalkboard paint on a section of your desk or nearby wall, and suddenly it’s okay to scribble away. It’s like being a kid again, but with to-do lists!### 9. Paper Clip Wall Art Transform simple paper clips into playful wall art. Bend them into fun shapes and mount them; your walls will never look so well-organized and whimsical.### 10. DIY Magnetic Board Create a magnetic board from a metal tray or a piece of sheet metal. Not only does it keep your important notes in one place, but it also means fewer frantic searches for that darn post-it.

Ever glanced around your desk and wondered if it could use a little pizzazz? Me too.

Let’s skip the mason jar pencil holders you’ve seen a thousand times. It’s time to uncover some fresh, unique desk décor ideas that will make your workspace pop with personality. Ready to get creative? Let’s do this!

Customized Photo Coasters

Customized photo coasters: Personalize your desk with these unique coasters featuring your favorite photos.

Painted Mason Jar Pen Holders

Transform plain mason jars into stylish pen holders for your desk. Great for keeping your writing tools organized and adding a pop of color to your workspace.

DIY Corkboard With Fabric Cover

Use a corkboard and fabric to create a stylish and functional desk decor piece. Perfect for pinning important notes and adding a pop of color to your workspace.

Washi Tape Desk Organizers

Washi tape desk organizers add a pop of color and style to your workspace while keeping your stationery tidy and easily accessible.

Succulent Terrariums in Glass Bowls

Succulent terrariums in glass bowls bring greenery to your desk. They add a touch of nature to your workspace while requiring minimal maintenance. Succulents in glass bowls create a calming and refreshing atmosphere.

Hanging Plant Pots

Hang plant pots to add a touch of nature to your desk space. Let your plants hang out while you work! Brighten up your desk with vibrant greens.

Hand-lettered Motivational Quotes

Hand-lettered motivational quotes add a personal touch to your workspace, inspiring you throughout the day.

Decorative Clipboards

Decorative clipboards add a pop of personality to your desk setup with style and functionality. Jazz up your workspace with a fun and practical twist by customizing clipboards to match your decor theme.

Mason Jar Fairy Lights

Mason jar fairy lights add a magical touch to your desk decor. Just imagine tiny, twinkling lights in a cute mason jar – instant charm!

Vintage Bookend Repurposing

Transform old bookends into stylish desk decor pieces for a vintage touch to your workspace.

Fabric-covered Mouse Pad

Elevate your desk decor by adding a personalized touch with a fabric-covered mouse pad. Choose a fabric that matches your style and complements your workspace for a fun and functional accessory. The fabric covering provides a soft surface for your mouse while bringing color and texture to your desk area.

Chalkboard-painted Jars

Chalkboard-painted jars add a touch of customization to your desk decor, allowing you to write messages or labels on them for a personalized touch.

Geometric Washi Tape Wall Art

geometric washi tape wall art

Transform plain walls with colorful geometric shapes created using washi tape to add a modern and artistic touch to your workspace decor.

Pom-pom Garland

pom pom garland

Enhance your desk decor with a vibrant pom-pom garland, adding a fun and colorful touch to your workspace.

DIY Yarn-wrapped Vases

diy yarn wrapped vases

Spruce up your desk with yarn-wrapped vases to add a cozy and colorful touch to your workspace!

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