Energy-saving Tips for Running Your AC

Last updated on June 21, 2024

Indoor temperature demands change with the shifting seasons. That’s where your air conditioner comes in. It helps you battle the heat waves and cold fronts to keep your home at just the right comfortable temperature. 

smart thermostat for energy saving

But there is a catch. All that temperature regulation takes a ton of energy, and if you are not careful, electricity bills will sneak up on you. This guide will provide you with practical tips for effectively managing your energy usage while using your air conditioner.

Replace Your Air Filter Regularly

Replace Your Air Filter Regularly

You should change your air filters about six months after your air conditioner installation. The air filter in your AC is the first line of defense against any dust particles trying to sneak their way into your home’s air supply. It will catch even the smallest dust particles but as time goes on, that filter gets clogged up and at this point, it starts causing more problems than it’s solving.

Simple maintenance goes a long way, so keep them clean.

Use Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat will greatly reduce energy bills from your air conditioner. They have unique features to help you run your cooling system smarter, not harder. We are talking about schedules, location tracking, and even remote control access.

With one of those installed, you can basically tell your AC to kick into high gear only when there are actual people around who need it. Just a little smart tech investment could have you enjoying lower energy bills and convenience. 

Optimize Your Furniture Layout

Optimize Your Furniture Layout

Many people don’t realize how something as simple as where you put your furniture can have a big impact on their AC unit’s performance. It’s one of those little details that can make a huge difference.

Take putting your couch right up against an air vent, for example. 

Might seem harmless enough at first glance, right? But what you’re actually doing is blocking off that vent’s airflow. Instead of that cool air circulating freely through the room like it’s supposed to, it’s getting obstructed and stifling the system.

Take a good look around your place and make sure your furniture layout isn’t stopping air circulation.

Use the Right AC Size

Getting a smaller or bigger AC than the available space may appear harmless, but it will undermine the efficiency of your air conditioner. In case you have multiple rooms, it would be better to buy several smaller units than one large one. This will allow you to enjoy optimal performance and reduced costs. 

Measure your room’s dimensions and calculate the size of the AC you will need to inform your purchase.

The Takeaway

You can reduce your energy bills through the efficient use of your air conditioner. All you have to do is make a few changes, like proper furniture placement and insulating openings, to make your AC work less. Keep the air filters clean to optimize performance, evaluate your furniture layout,and consider using a smart thermostat to monitor energy consumption with minimal effort.

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