15 Creative Fall Festival Decor Ideas

Last updated on June 1, 2024

Transform your space into a cozy, autumnal wonderland with these easy and delightful fall festival decor ideas.

Feeling like your fall festival decor is stuck in a pumpkin spice rut? Yep, same here.

That’s why I decided it’s high time to shake things up with some fresh, fun, and unique ideas.

Let’s ditch the predictable stuff and dive into something a little more extraordinary, shall we?

Pumpkin Lanterns

pumpkin lanterns

Pumpkin lanterns add a cozy glow to your fall festival decor, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Placing them strategically around your space can instantly enhance the festive feel of your event. Get creative with different sizes and designs to match your theme and style.

Harvest Wheat Bundles

harvest wheat bundles

Highlight the cozy and rustic feel wheat bundles bring to your fall festival decor. Add warmth and texture to your space with these simple yet impactful decorations.

Dried Corn Garlands

dried corn garlands

String dried corn kernels to create festive garlands adding a rustic touch to your fall festival decor.

Leaf-stuffed Scarecrows

leaf stuffed scarecrows

Leaf-stuffed scarecrows add a festive touch to your fall decor with their charming and rustic appeal. Perfect for welcoming guests to your fall festival with a whimsical and autumnal vibe.

Apple Barrel Centerpiece

apple barrel centerpiece

An apple barrel centerpiece adds a touch of rustic charm and autumnal flair to your fall festival decor. It serves as a focal point on tables, exuding a cozy and welcoming vibe that complements the season’s festivities perfectly. Sprucing up your space with this charming centerpiece is sure to delight your guests and set the tone for a festive celebration.

Burlap Table Runners

burlap table runners

Burlap table runners add a touch of rustic charm. Perfect for setting the fall festival mood. A simple yet effective decor element. Easy to pair with various centerpieces and place settings. Great for both indoor and outdoor gatherings.

Cinnamon Stick Centerpieces

cinnamon stick centerpieces

Cinnamon stick centerpieces add a warm and aromatic touch to fall festival decor, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. They infuse the air with a lovely scent while adding a natural and rustic element to your table settings. Perfect for adding a hint of spice to your festive decorations.

Cranberry and Popcorn Strings

cranberry and popcorn strings

Cranberry and popcorn strings add a pop of festive color to your fall decor. They are a fun and easy way to bring a touch of charm to your fall festival setup. Perfect for hanging on mantels, doorways, or banisters, these strings create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Sunflower Arrangements

sunflower arrangements

Brighten up your fall festival decor with stunning sunflower arrangements, bringing a touch of warmth and cheer to your space.

Acorn-filled Jars

acorn filled jars

Add a touch of autumn charm to your fall festival decor by incorporating acorn-filled jars as delightful table accents. A simple yet impactful way to bring a natural element into your seasonal decorations. Perfect for adding a cozy and rustic feel to your festive setup. Evokes a sense of warmth and comfort, creating an inviting atmosphere for your guests. Acorns symbolize potential and growth, making them a meaningful addition to your fall festival theme. A versatile decor idea that can be easily customized to match your existing color scheme or style. Great for adding a pop of seasonal flair to any corner of your event space. An affordable and creative way to infuse the spirit of fall into your festive celebrations.

Rustic Wood Signs

rustic wood signs

Add a cozy touch to your fall festival decor with charming rustic wood signs. These signs can feature festive quotes, autumn imagery, or directional pointers for a whimsical vibe. Hang them on doors, walls, or prop them up against tables for added seasonal charm.

Leaf-shaped Candles

leaf shaped candles

Leaf-shaped candles add a touch of nature-inspired charm to your fall festival decor. Perfect for creating a cozy and inviting ambiance at your event.

Hay Bale Seating

hay bale seating

Hay bale seating adds a rustic charm to your fall festival decor, creating a cozy and casual atmosphere for your guests to relax and enjoy the event.

Pinecone Wreaths

pinecone wreaths

Pinecone wreaths are beautiful fall decorations made from pinecones. They add a rustic touch to your fall festival decor. A DIY pinecone wreath can be a fun and inexpensive craft project.

Gourd-filled Cornucopias

gourd filled cornucopias

Gourd-filled cornucopias make charming autumn table centerpieces, adding a rustic and festive touch to your fall decor. These traditional symbols of abundance bring a harvest feel to your fall festival ambiance. Fill them with seasonal fruits, vegetables, and foliage for a delightful display that embodies the spirit of the season.

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