20 Funko Pop Display Ideas: Creative Ways for Collectors

Last updated on December 12, 2023

Transform your collection into a unique décor statement because these inventive Funko Pop display ideas are not just creative, but easy to implement.

I’ve designed unique illustrations for these ideas. I hope you get inspired!

Funko Pop! figures surge in popularity has proven to be more than just a momentary trend.

These charming figurines occupy a sweet spot in the hearts of enthusiasts and collectors worldwide.

Set aside those conventional display ideas, as this article promises to plumb the depths of creativity for fresh and unique ways to show off your Funko Pop! collection.

While we are not ignoring popular, tried and tested display suggestions, we are adding a twist and reconceptualizing them into something extraordinary.

Rest assured, a directory of resources for top existing ideas is included towards the end of this feature.

Get ready to delight in this versatile list that endeavors to bring you fresh perspectives and revitalized display options, bound to boost your Funko Pop! showcase game to another level.

Let’s explore!

Shadow Box Display

shadow box display

Shadow boxes provide a three-dimensional showcase, bringing depth to your Funko Pop arrangement while protecting the figures from dust.

They can easily be customized with different backgrounds to complement your collection theme.

Install multiple boxes to create a grid-like formation on your wall, or opt for a single large frame to display your most prized collectibles.

For added flair, consider using LED strips to highlight your figures.

This method is especially effective for collectors who keep their Funko Pops in boxes, as each one can be snugly fitted into its compartment, offering a clean, organized look.

Wall-Mounted Grid Panels

wall mounted grid panels

Utilize grid panels for a versatile and accessible way to exhibit your collection. These panels allow for easy rearranging, making them ideal for collectors who regularly update their displays.

Attach hooks or baskets to store accessories or boxed Pops. The open design ensures figures are visible from various angles and lighting conditions, enhancing their appearance.

Additionally, grid panels can be painted to match room decor, creating a cohesive look. Opt for multiple small panels for a modular approach or a large single piece for a statement wall.

Ensure secure mounting, especially for heavier figures, to prevent damage. Remember to consider the collection’s growth when planning panel placements to effortlessly add new acquisitions.

Funko Pop Cabinet of Curiosities

funko pop cabinet of curiosities

Embrace your inner collector by housing your Funko Pops in an elegant cabinet that harkens back to the historical cabinets of curiosities. These cabinets, once used to display collections of rare and exotic items, can now serve as a unique showcase for your vinyl figures.

An assortment of sizes and styles are available, ranging from vintage wooden pieces to modern glass-fronted designs.

Consider these points for an effective display:

  • Adjustable Shelves: Opt for a cabinet with adjustable shelving to accommodate Funko Pops of varying heights, ensuring that each character can be clearly seen without wasted space.

Lighting: Install LED strip lights to highlight your collection, which not only enhances visibility but also adds ambiance to the display.

Compartments or Drawers: Choose a cabinet that includes compartments or drawers to store boxes, stands, and other accessories, keeping the area uncluttered.

Glass Doors: Protect your figures from dust while maintaining their visibility with glass-fronted doors.

Thematic Backgrounds: Add character-specific backgrounds inside the cabinet to create depth and a personalized touch for your display.

Remember, the cabinet itself can be a work of art, so select one that complements your room’s décor and turns your Funko collection into a true centerpiece.

Niche Display In The Wall

niche display in the wall

Carving out a recessed space in the wall can provide a sleek, built-in look for showcasing Funko Pop collections. By setting these figurines back into the wall, collectors maintain a streamlined aesthetic while putting their prized items on display. This approach not only maximizes room space but also offers a unique viewing perspective as each figure can be arranged in its own distinctive cubby.

Measurements: Start by deciding the size of your niche based on the wall space and collection size. Ensure there’s enough depth to accommodate the figures without risk of them tipping out.

Shelving: Install shelves within the niche at varying heights to accommodate different Funko Pop sizes and to create a dynamic visual appeal.

Lighting: Consider adding LED strips or small spotlights within the niche to highlight each figure and enhance the display’s overall impact.

Protection: If dust is a concern, incorporate glass doors or clear acrylic panels that can protect the figures while still offering a clear view.

Personal Touch: Paint the back of the niche with vibrant colors or themed patterns to complement the figures and express your personal style.

Table-Top Spinning Display

table top spinning display

This option is a fantastic choice for those with limited space but a desire to showcase their collection prominently. Positioned on a table or desk, these rotating displays allow for easy access and viewing from all angles, akin to a mini-carousel of your favorite characters.

  • Maximize Visibility: Every figurine gets its moment in the spotlight. No need to pick and choose which to display at the front.
  • Effortless Interaction: Rotate the display to interact with or rearrange your figures without the need to reposition each one individually.
  • Customization Options: Choose from various sizes and styles to fit your collection’s theme and your personal decor taste.
  • Functional for any Setting: Whether it’s a personal desk, a reception area, or a store counter, this display suits any environment.
  • Accessibility: This platform provides a practical solution for both viewing and dusting your collection—no need to move each piece to clean.

Consider a table-top spinning display to breathe dynamic life into your collection, ensuring that every figure gets its deserved attention.

Magnetic Wall Strips Display

magnetic wall strips display

Transform your collection into a modern art installation with the innovative use of magnetic wall strips. These powerful magnets provide a sleek and minimalist way to showcase your Funko Pops, making them appear as though they’re floating on your wall.

To implement this idea:

  • Ensure you select strips strong enough to hold the weight of a Funko Pop box.
  • Attach a metal plate or washer to the back of each Funko Pop box. Adhesive options are available to avoid box damage.
  • Space the wall strips evenly to create a visually pleasing grid and allow each figure to be the star of its own space.
  • Consider the lighting in the room, as this display can be elevated with spotlighting to highlight each Funko Pop.
  • Leave room for collection growth, arranging the strips to allow for additional figures in the future.
  • Make it personal by arranging your Funko Pops by series, color, or any other category that suits your taste.

This display method not only saves precious floor space but also adds a contemporary vibe to your decor.

Staircase Style Funko Display

staircase style funko display

Optimize vertical space while turning your collection into a statement piece with a staircase-style display. This layered approach offers tidy compartments for each Funko Pop, providing a clear view of each figure while maintaining a compact footprint.

Consider the following when setting up your shelving:

  • Measure your space: Ensure the shelving unit will fit and that there’s enough clearance between each step for your Funko Pops.
  • Material choice: Wood creates a warm, classic look, while acrylic gives off a modern vibe.
  • Stability: Secure the shelves to the wall to prevent tipping, especially if you’re stacking them high.
  • Organization: Arrange your figures by series, color, or theme to create an intentional, eye-catching display.
  • Lighting: Install LED strips under each step to highlight your collection and make the colors pop.
  • Customization: Paint or decorate the risers to match your room’s décor or to complement the characters displayed.

By utilizing a staircase-style display, you not only maximize your space but also create a visually appealing showcase that is sure to be a conversation starter.

Display On Tiered Spice Racks

display on tiered spice racks

Transforming tiered spice racks into innovative display stands capitalizes on their stepped design, allowing for an unobstructed view of each figure.

The ascending shelves facilitate easy access and add depth to your setup.

Select a rack that complements your room’s decor, ensuring it integrates seamlessly.

Affix the rack securely to a wall or place it on a sturdy surface where passerby can admire your collection without the risk of knocking it over.

Consider the rack’s material and color to either blend with your Funko Pops or provide a contrasting backdrop that makes the characters pop.

The use of tiered spice racks not only showcases your collection attractively but also smartly repurposes household items for a more sustainable approach to displaying collectibles.

Floating Hexagonal Wall Shelves

floating hexagonal wall shelves

Transform empty wall space into a geometric gallery for Funko Pop figures with hexagonal shelves. This honeycomb-patterned arrangement is not only eye-catching but also practical for collectors looking to maximize display area.

Here’s how to take advantage of this shelving concept:

  • Versatile Arrangement: The unique shape allows you to tessellate multiple units, creating a customizable display that can expand as your collection grows.
  • Depth Variation: Choose shelves of varying depths to accommodate different-sized figures, adding visual interest and a dynamic feel.
  • Color Coordination: Paint the interior of your shelves in contrasting colors to highlight each figurine or to match the theme of your collection.
  • Easy Access: Open-faced hexagonal shelves provide effortless access to your collection, making it simple to rearrange or choose a figure.
  • Strategic Positioning: Place shelves at eye-level or in a pattern that directs the viewer’s gaze around the room, engaging guests and highlighting your favorite pieces.

This modular approach to displaying Funko Pops is not just functional; it breathes life into your living space with a creative flair.

Multi-Level Coffee Table

multi level coffee table

Integrating a multi-level coffee table into your living space provides both functionality and a unique stage for your Funko Pop collection.

The varied heights allow you to create a dynamic visual interest, drawing the eye across your favorite characters and series.

  • Use the different tiers to categorize your Funkos by theme, series, or character importance.
  • Place taller figures on lower levels and smaller ones on top to maintain a clean sightline across the room.
  • Consider using risers or small stands on each level to elevate figures at the back.
  • Protect your collectibles by choosing a table with a glass top or adding a custom piece of clear acrylic.
  • Keep the display interactive and fresh by rotating figures periodically, especially if you have an extensive collection.
  • Utilize the space underneath the table to store boxes or less display-worthy collectibles, maintaining a clutter-free zone.

This type of setup enlivens your living space, making your collection a central conversation piece that’s both aesthetic and practical.

Repurposed Old Card Catalog

repurposed old card catalog

Transforming an old card catalog into a storage solution for Funko Pop figures offers a nostalgic and retro feel while providing a multitude of small, individual drawers ideal for single display units.

Not only does this allow for easy sorting and organization, but it also gives each figure its special place.

When choosing a card catalog, consider the wood finish to match your room decor.

If desired, label the drawers with the names of characters or series for quick identification.

Additionally, customizing the drawer fronts with decals or illustrations adds a personalized touch while turning the unit into an eye-catching piece of functional art.

Remember to measure your figures and compare them to the drawer dimensions to ensure a proper fit.

Create a Funko Pop Wall Mural

create a funko pop wall mural

Transform your collection into a visual feast by arranging your Funko Pop figures into a mural that doubles as both a display and a work of art. Pick a theme that resonates with you—be it a specific franchise, color scheme, or character progression—and create a storyboard layout on your wall.

You can use floating shelves spaced out to match the dimensions of your figures, ensuring each Funko Pop has its spotlight. For an extra touch of creativity, consider painting a backdrop or installing thematic wallpaper that accentuates your display.

Not only does this approach celebrate your favorite figures, but it also becomes an unmistakable centerpiece in any room. Remember to plan your space carefully; as your collection grows, your mural can evolve, making it a dynamic element of your home decor.

Ceiling Hanging Funko Display

ceiling hanging funko display

Maximize your room’s vertical space by suspending lightweight, clear acrylic shelves from your ceiling. This inventive approach creates a floating effect that can be both visually striking and a smart space-saving solution.

Ensure the installation is secure, using proper anchors and a sturdy ceiling mount, to protect your collection.

Arrange your Funko Pops by series or color for an organized display that doubles as a room centerpiece.

Adjustable-height shelves also allow for flexibility as your collection grows.

Keep in mind the visibility and accessibility of your Funko Pops when positioning the shelves, and consider using spotlights or LED strips to highlight your display and bring your characters to life from above.

Christmas Tree Funko Display

christmas tree funko display

Transforming your Christmas tree into a Funko Pop showcase can bring a twist to holiday decor while celebrating your collection.

Start by selecting pops that are either wintery or embody the spirit of the season.

Harry Potter characters in their Yule Ball attire or superheroes in Santa hats are ideal.

Opt for a sturdy artificial tree capable of supporting the weight of your figures.

Anchor each Funko Pop by securing it with clear fishing line tied to the branches, ensuring they’re evenly spaced to maintain balance.

Twinkling lights add shimmer around your collectibles, making them pop, and a color scheme that complements your figures can unify the display.

Feel free to place the rarer collectibles higher up on the tree, not only to highlight them but also to keep them out of reach if you have small children or pets.

Remember, the best part of this display is that it’s temporary, creating a special annual event that makes both the holiday and your collection feel even more unique.

Funko Pop Inside Bell Jars

funko pop inside bell jars

Elevate your collection by showcasing valued Funko Pops under elegant bell jars. This method not only adds a touch of sophistication but also serves as a dust-free solution, protecting your figures.

Choose glass or clear acrylic domes in various sizes to accommodate different Pop sizes or groups. For a dramatic effect, use LED string lights or base lighting to highlight your favorite characters.

Bell jar displays can be clustered for visual impact or spaced throughout a room to create points of interest.

Be sure to stabilize your Funko Pops with museum putty or a small stand inside each jar, ensuring they remain the center of attention.

Tall Corner Display Shelf

tall corner display shelf

Maximizing vertical space in your home can be both a functional and aesthetic choice. Utilizing a tall corner display shelf offers a space-saving solution that adds height and interest to your Funko Pop collection showcase.

Here are some points to consider:

  • Choose a shelf design that complements your room, whether modern, rustic, or eclectic.
  • Adjustable shelf heights accommodate pops of varying sizes and allow for future collection expansions.
  • Consider glass doors to protect your figures from dust while maintaining visibility from multiple angles.
  • Opt for LED strip lighting to highlight your collectibles and create an ambiance.
  • Arrange your Funko Pops by series, color, or theme to create a visually appealing display.
  • Don’t forget to secure the shelf to the wall, especially if you live in an earthquake-prone area, to prevent tipping.

These tips will help ensure that your corner shelf display is not only a stunning focal point but also a secure and organized way to present your Funko Pop collection.

Themed Room Divider Funko Display

themed room divider funko display

Transforming a room divider into a display for your Funko Pop collection not only maximizes space but also adds a personalized touch to any room.

Here are some tips to consider:

  • Select a divider with shelving or cubbies that best fit the dimensions of Funko Pop boxes for an organized look.
  • Consider the theme of your collection and match the room divider’s style to complement it; for instance, a modern geometric divider for superhero figures or a rustic wooden one for fantasy-themed Pops.
  • Use each section or shelf to showcase a different series or set, creating a visual storyline that guests can follow.
  • Enhance visibility by ensuring sufficient light, either natural or with added spotlights, to bring the characters to life.
  • Keep the collection dust-free and vibrant by choosing open shelves or glass-front compartments on the divider.
  • If the divider is double-sided, use this feature to categorize your collection by grouping series or interest, showcasing different aspects from both sides.

Implement these elements to achieve a functional and conversation-starting Funko Pop display that doubles as a creative room partition.

Repurposed Old Window Frame Display

repurposed old window frame display

Harness the charm of vintage decor by transforming an old window frame into a one-of-a-kind Funko Pop showcase. This idea not only serves as a conversation piece but also creatively integrates your collection into your home’s aesthetic.

To get started, secure glass panes if they’re intact, or replace them with clear acrylic sheets for a safer alternative. Depending on the size of the panes, each section can host a single figure or a small scene.

Backing the frame with a complimentary colored paper or fabric can make the Pops stand out. To add an extra layer of protection and a museum-like feel, consider installing a clear front panel that lifts or slides open.

Lastly, mount the frame securely on a wall or position it atop a mantle or shelf, ensuring your collection is displayed both safely and stylishly.

Funko Pop Display On Plant Stand

funko pop display on plant stand

If your collection is small or you’re seeking to showcase a few selected Funkos, a plant stand can double as an innovative display. Typically made of metal or wood, these stands offer multiple tiers, providing a vertical showcase that occupies minimal floor space.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • Choose a stand with levels that accommodate the height of your Funkos to ensure a clear view of each one.
  • Rotate your collection periodically to give different figures prominence and keep the display dynamic.
  • Incorporating actual plants can add a green, lively backdrop to your colorful figures, blending your passions beautifully.
  • For protection against dust, consider a plant stand with built-in glass cases or add your own acrylic boxes.
  • Make sure the stand is placed in an area away from direct sunlight to prevent any fading of the figures’ vibrant paint.

By adopting a plant stand, you’re adding an organic touch to your display, which subtly enlivens any room’s decor.

Old Ladder Shelf Display

old ladder shelf display

Upcycling an old ladder into a shelf can bring a rustic charm to your Funko Pop display. By leaning the ladder against a wall and placing wooden planks across the rungs, you create a series of shelves that can be easily customized to fit the height of your collectibles.

This DIY approach not only recycles an unused item but also provides a unique vertical showcase. Here’s how to maximize the appeal:

  • Paint or stain the wood to match your room’s decor, creating a cohesive look.
  • Stagger your Funko Pops on each plank to vary sight lines and keep the display visually interesting.
  • Use the wider bottom shelves for larger items or groupings, reserving the top for special editions.
  • Enhance visibility by installing small LED lights under each plank, making it a striking feature even in low light.
  • Secure the ladder to the wall to prevent tipping, ensuring your collectibles stay safe.

Not only does this method make the most of vertical space, but it also invites conversation, celebrating your Funko Pop collection as functional art within your living space.

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