20 High Ceiling Tall Wall Decor Ideas: A Guide for Stylish Homes

Last updated on May 6, 2024

Challenging high ceilings and towering walls with decor becomes a delight because this article provides stunning aesthetics and ingenious tactics to transform your spaces.

“I, your devoted assistant, am proud to have penned this article and curated these unique designs on 20 High Ceiling Tall Wall Decor Ideas, and I sincerely hope you find as much inspiration and enjoyment in them as I found crafting them.”

Decorating tall walls in a high-ceiling room can be a daunting task due to the expansive wall space. However, with the right decor ideas, you can transform these intimidating spaces into stunning focal points.

This article provides you with an array of innovative and stylish solutions to accentuate your tall walls, from large-scale artwork to dramatic color schemes and lighting fixtures.

Whether your style is modern, traditional, or somewhere in between, these ideas can be tailored to suit your preferences and the overall aesthetic of your home.

Read on to discover how to make your high ceilings and tall walls a striking feature of your interior design.

Large Scale Artwork

large scale artwork

Embracing grandeur is key when considering how to accentuate tall walls. Utilising large scale artwork can be a game-changer. A spectacular, oversized piece not only provides an arresting focal point but also kick starts conversations. Art can project your personality, making an intimate statement in a vast space.

For maximum impact, ensure the painting or print spans at least two-thirds the width of the wall furniture beneath it, like your sofa or console table. Abstract shapes, compelling collages, or immersive landscapes can visually fill the space without feeling cluttered. Thoughtfully incorporate the color palette of the room into this art selection to create harmonious vibes.

Don’t shy away from mixed media pieces. These add a multidimensional aspect to your decor, making it truly unique. Different textures like metal, stone, or glass capture and refract light, varying the artwork’s appearance throughout the day, providing a dynamic experience.

And finally, correct placement and lighting will make your artwork shine. Hang the center of the artwork at eye level, or slightly higher for tall walls. Consider installing focused lighting above to accentuate and breathe life into the piece.

Oversized Wall Clock

oversized wall clock

When dealing with monumental walls, the use of larger decorative items becomes necessary to avoid the décor elements from disappearing in the vastness of the wall. An oversized wall clock, indeed, can make a bold statement. It not only fulfills a functional role but also serves as a focal point, creating an eye-catching element against the expansive wall.

Choose a design that complements your interior style. For instance, you could opt for a vintage wooden design for a rustic interior, or a sleek metallic timepiece for a modern loft. Always keep in mind the visual weight of the piece. It’s crucial that the clock does not overwhelm the space, but instead brings balance.

Additionally, the clock’s placement is paramount. It should be positioned at the proper height—generally at eye level or slightly above—to allow for easy reading of time and to draw the gaze upward, heightening the perception of the room’s size.

Lastly, you could also incorporate surrounding elements such as wall stickers, decals, or paint to help accentuate and frame your clock, creating a more integrated and cohesive look.

Wall-mounted Bookshelves

wall mounted bookshelves

Using vertical space to your advantage, these shelves can function as a practical storage solution, as well as a creative spot for showcasing personal treasures and artifacts. Choosing the right style increases the visual interest of the room – metal shelves offer a modern industrial feel, while wooden ones infuse traditional warmth.

  • Can be positioned in an array of patterns such as staggered formation for a relaxed look, or symmetrically for a formal aesthetic.
  • Shelves sporting different shapes not only add diversity but also enhance the wall’s appeal.
  • Incorporating lights (LED strips or small lamps) illuminates your favorite books or figurines.
  • Back it with wallpaper or decorative decals for added depth.
  • Can combine it with smaller paintings or photographs around it for a personal touch.

Giant Mirrors

giant mirrors

In enhancing the decor of a lofty space, utilizing giant mirrors can be surprising but greatly effective. This solution amplifies the room’s size, harnessing light and views from outside to create a more open and airy feeling.

Configurations vary: a single large statement mirror could serve as a centerpiece, or you could arrange a group of smaller mirrors to form a stylized composition.

Most notably, the mirror’s frame plays an integral role in matching the room’s aesthetic. Whether it’s a rustic wooden frame springing warmth into a cozy reading corner, a sleek silver frame reflecting a minimalist vibe, or an ornate rococo frame invoking a regal air, the choices are endless and tailored to your taste.

Remember, positioning is essential in maximizing the mirror’s effect: opposite windows to catch daylight, behind a centerpiece to double visual impact, or even on the ceiling for a unique perspective. Be creative and allow mirrors to illuminate your high ceiling and expand your space visually.

Tall Indoor Plants

tall indoor plants

Ficus, bamboo, and various types of palm trees make excellent choices for filling vertical space and creating a lively atmosphere. These plant varieties tend to grow tall and slender, ideal for maintaining balance in a room with high ceilings.

Their patterns and colors can also add a natural aesthetic to a near-empty wall. Investing in large stylish planters elevates their presence, making them appear more like intentional decor than simple houseplants.

Besides beauty, indoor trees help purify air, which is an added advantage considering tall walls could mean larger spaces. Upkeep should be a consideration, so opt for species that require less abundant sunlight or watering if maintenance time is a concern.

Remember, the choice of indoor plant should complement existing decor while thriving under the specific particulates in your home.

Mounted Tapestries

mounted tapestries

Emphasizing vertical space with a tapestry not only adds depth to your design but also introduces an element of softness. Given their size and dramatic impact, tapestries should be selected with a certain consideration for color, pattern, and style to ensure they blend well with the rest of your decor.

A few points to think about when incorporating tapestries:

  • Balance: If your tapestry carries busy patterns or vibrant colors, it’s wise to keep the surrounding decor relatively minimalistic to avoid overwhelming the eye.
  • Placement: Tapestries should be mounted at eye-level for optimum visual appeal. It should be rightly aligned with the room’s features whether it’s the fireplace or the couch.
  • Lighting: A strategic use of lighting can elevate the look of the tapestry, especially in case of metallic or silk threads. Overhead or accent lighting options can provide depth and highlight the intricate detailing.
  • Harmony: Tapestries that harmonize with existing color schemes lend a seamless appearance to the room. However, if your design lacks visual interest, a tapestry with contrasting colors can solve that quickly without demanding structural changes.

Metallic Wall Sculptures

metallic wall sculptures

Incorporating metallic wall sculptures is a brilliant strategy to draw attention upwards and fill empty space on tall walls. Thanks to the reflective quality of metals, these pieces visually expand the surrounding space while adding interesting textural and color contrasts.

Few factors to bear in mind while opting for metallic wall sculptures:

  • Choose pieces that complement the overall aesthetic of your room. Contemporary, abstract forms work well in modern settings, while traditional designs are better suited for more classic interiors.
  • Remember, proportion is key. While you want the piece to be large enough to make an impact, it shouldn’t overwhelm the space.
  • Balance the wall accent with other decor elements. If your sculpture is sleek and minimalistic, pair it with more textured, cozy elements to strike a harmonious balance.
  • Lastly, ensure proper lighting. This can dramatically enhance the way the metal catches and reflects light, thus accentuating the piece’s visual appeal.

Decorative Wall Sconces

decorative wall sconces

Firstly, when selecting wall sconces, scale is of utmost importance. Think big; delicate fixtures can disappear on tall walls. Hence, go for large or extra-large sizes.

Secondly, it’s essential to appropriately place these fixtures. Typically, sconces are hung about 5-6 feet from the floor, but this may not apply for expansive walls. Aim to situate the sconces at about three-quarters of the wall height to achieve balance.

Moreover, sconces can serve as both functional and decorative elements, especially in spaces with vaulted ceilings. They provide ample light, create a warm ambiance, and draw attention to the towering height of your wall.

Finally, choose a design that complements your room’s style. From modern geometric shapes to ornate vintage designs, there is an impressive variety of sconces available in the market. Metallic finishes like brass or matte black often punctuate a space, while glass or crystal elements add a touch of sophistication.

Wall sconces do not have to be a mere afterthought. Instead, they can be a functional, stylistic choice that contributes to the overall aesthetic of your room, and make the most of your tall, high-ceilinged spaces.

Mural or Wall Textures

mural or wall textures

Delving into the world of textures and murals can completely transform your high-ceiling spaces into artistic statements. Opting for textured paint can add depth and dimension, making the immense wall seem less overwhelming. While a simple stucco finish plays well with natural light, a bold Venetian plaster gives a sophisticated touch.

Murals, on the other hand, serve as grand illustrations capturing viewers’ attention instantly. They could range from an abstract design to a detailed panorama, depending on your aesthetics. Wallpapers with mural-like designs are a good choice for easier application and removal. Lastly, professional artists can also be hired for a bespoke piece that aligns perfectly with your vision. Remember, these options not only fill up the space but also reflect personal style and creativity beautifully. This powerful approach commands admiration and can become a fascinating conversation piece in your home.

Layered Artwork

layered artwork

Diving further into the concept of layered artwork, one must consider not only style, but also scale and space. To start, when choosing pieces for this layered layout, remember there are no rules. Matching frames or similar themes are not necessary, as eclectic mixes can create a dynamic setup.

To successfully implement a layered look, begin with larger pieces as a base, then integrate smaller ones to fill in gaps. This layered approach allows for flexibility and room for ongoing additions or changes. Remember to balance between the sizes and colors to ensure cohesion.

Vertical spacing also plays a huge part. The key is to spread layers evenly throughout the height of the wall, drawing the eyes upward and making the most of the tall wall space. Lastly, remember to ensure the bottom frame is at eye-level to maintain accessibility for viewers.

Ceiling-high Curtains

ceiling high curtains

Draping fabric from the very top of your walls not only adds a touch of elegance, but it also visually extends the height of the room. These dramatic window coverings command attention and draw the eye upward, emphasizing the grandeur of your high ceilings.

  • Mimic the effect of sweeping arches by opting for ceiling-high curtains in bold, dramatic colors. Deep blues, rich greens or intense plums are perfect for a regal air.
  • Go for full-length, flowy fabrics, like silk or velvet, to create a sense of grandiosity and luxe appeal.
  • If you lean towards simplicity, choose soft, neutral tones to emphasize height without overpowering the existing décor. Shades like white, cream, or beige are ideal for a minimalist aesthetic.
  • Patterned curtains, such as stripes, can also enhance the perception of a taller ceiling. Vertical stripes especially elongate the appearance of the space.
  • Use tie-backs or holdbacks day-to-day for practicality and to showcase the lofty expanse of your space.
  • Consider motorized curtains for ease of use. Tall curtains can be difficult to maneuver manually.
  • Factor in lighting. The right opacity can filter sunlight, creating striking patterns and enhancing the overall mood of the room.

Remember, while long curtains can augment the space’s height, they can also conceal the wall, so make sure to strike the right balance in your design choices.

Wall Paneling

wall paneling

Paneling, often overlooked, can significantly alter a space’s feel and aesthetic. Paneling can be either horizontal or vertical, depending on the desired look. Horizontal panels can add a retro or rustic charm, while vertical panels elongate the room’s appearance, perfect for tall walls.

While traditional wood panels create a warm, vintage vibe, consider contemporary materials like PVC, fiberboard, or even veneer prints to achieve different textures and patterns.

The strategic placement of paneling can also highlight certain features in the room. For instance, around fireplaces or behind mounted bookshelves.

Here’s a pro tip: paint them in shades that compliment your interior color palette for a cohesive look. Remember, the right paneling can redefine the high ceiling room beyond expectation.

Vertical Wallpaper

vertical wallpaper

Taking inspiration from the natural world or geometric patterns, this decorative approach helps draw the eye upward. Experiment with a variety of designs – from trees and sky-scraping buildings to vertical stripes or cascading chevron patterns.

This approach breaks the height into digestible visual portions and makes a robust statement without overwhelming the viewer. Adhesive or pasted are the optimal methods for applying wallpaper, with the former being easier to remove. Seek professional assistance to ensure a smooth, bubble-free installation.

Usage of a darker shade at the bottom and gradually lighter toward the top gives the wall depth while visually pulling the ceiling down. In essence, vertical wallpaper serves as both an eye-catching focal point and a clever optical illusion to make high ceilings feel less daunting and more comfortable and inviting.

High-hanging Chandeliers

high hanging chandeliers

To select the perfect high-hanging chandelier, understand its primary purpose is both decorative and functional, paving the way to an aesthetically pleasing and well-illuminated space.

Here are some key pointers:

  • 1. Ensure it complements your room’s existing decor style, whether modern, vintage, rustic, or minimalist.
  • 2. Size matters! Balance the chandelier’s proportions with your room’s dimensions to avoid overwhelming or underwhelming the aesthetics.
  • 3. Consider its height. It should neither obstruct the view nor hang too high to lose its grip on the scene.
  • 4. Remember to install the chandelier in a way that allows for easy bulb changes and routine dusting.
  • 5. Also, regulatory guidelines require that chandeliers above walking spaces be at least 7-feet from the floor to avoid accidental contact.

With these strategies, your high-hanging chandeliers can steal the show and serve as the room’s central feature, effectively drawing the eye upward and emphasizing those lofty heights.

Long String Lights

long string lights

A brilliant addition that instantly enhances the visual appeal is the use of long string lights. They have a knack for dazzling up high ceiling spaces by creating an intimate, magical atmosphere.

Here’s a glimpse into how to work with them:

  • Strands should hang vertically to emphasize room height.
  • Intermingle with greenery for a vibrant aesthetic.
  • Choose warm lights for a soft, inviting aura.
  • Try a zigzag pattern across the wall for an artistic twist.
  • Incorporate command hooks for damage-free hanging.
  • Replicate starlight with randomly scattered tiny string lights.
  • Encounter a whimsical effect with globe or fairy lights.

In essence, long string lights have a transformative power that can make your tall walls come alive with minimal investment and effort.

extended photo gallery

By utilizing an array of personal photos or pieces of fine art, it’s possible to make a high statement on a tall wall. Try using a symmetrical arrangement with large frames for a more formal feel or an eclectic mix of sizes and shapes for a casual, modern appeal.

Matching the color of the frames to the room’s decor can lead to a cohesive look while using contrasting colors can add a dramatic pop. Consider varying the height of photos to further emphasize the spectacular vertical space.

Additionally, employ a running theme or color scheme within the gallery for an aesthetically appealing consistency. Opt for professional installation if the wall is notably high to ensure secure hanging and level placement.

Striped Painted Walls

striped painted walls

Incorporating stripes into the wall paint design can create an illusion of height, adding extra depth to your space. Follow these simple tips to make the most of it:

1. Vertical Stripes: This pattern elongates a room by drawing the eye upward. Use wide or narrow stripes, depending on personal taste.

2. Contrast and Complement: Pair contrasting colors for a bold effect or choose complementary shades for a subtle, sophisticated look.

3. Rusched Effects: Slightly blurred, uneven stripes bring a fluid, organic feeling to the space.

4. Varying Width: Don’t stick to uniform striations. Mix different widths to add visual interest.

5. Top to Bottom: Paint stripes all the way up, rather than stopping at a certain height. This helps in maximizing the perceived height.

Remember to use tape for neat lines and wait for the paint to completely dry before removing it to prevent smudges.

Wall Mounted Flat Screen TV

wall mounted flat screen tv

Elevating your flat screen TV can create a central point of interest on taller walls. This method works especially well for modern or minimalist interior styles. It saves floor space and brings the screen to comfortable viewing height.

When mounting, it’s beneficial to hide the cables for a neat finish – use discreet cable covers, drill through the wall, or implement a TV wall mount with a cable management system. The TV should also be proportional to the wall size. Too small and it gets lost, too large could overwhelm the space.

Above or beneath the TV, mount a sleek floating console to accommodate remotes, speakers or decor items. For an artistic twist, consider framing your TV within a large, decorative frame to make it part of the wall decoration. This contributes to a cohesive and stylish environment.

Full Wall Chalkboard or Whiteboard

full wall chalkboard or whiteboard

Full wall chalkboards or whiteboards make a compelling statement, providing a canvas for creativity. It’s captivating and practical, encouraging spontaneous doodling or list-making.

1. Encourage Imagination: A chalkboard wall can transform a room into a hub for expression, creativity, and imagination. Notes, doodles, or a rotating mural – the possibilities are endless.

2. Flexible Design: Chalkboards or whiteboards allow frequent design changes that reflect current moods or seasons. Kids and adults alike can participate in a dynamic decorating experience.

3. Aesthetic and Functional: Beyond decor, these walls serve practical purposes – a space for family messages, handwritten recipes, or homeschooling boards.

4. Easy to Install and Maintain: Installation involves painting a clean, smooth wall with chalkboard paint. For cleanup, a simple wipe-down is all it takes!

Remember, chalk dust can be messy, so keep cleaning supplies nearby. Alternatively, consider a whiteboard or liquid chalk. Begin transforming your tall walls into an interactive feature in your home today.

Floating Shelves With Decor Items

floating shelves with decor items

Floating shelves serve a two-fold purpose: they provide storage space and enhance the aesthetic appeal of high walls.

Glass, wood or metal, the material you choose can add a personal touch to the layout.

To maintain balance, ensure the shelving unit’s height does not exceed two-thirds of the wall’s height.

Now, onto what goes on these shelves.

You can decorate them with books, small plants, collectibles, and art pieces.

It’s crucial to remember the concept of visual weight.

Too many heavy items close together can create clutter.

Spacing out your items effectively enhances visual appeal.

Lighting plays a significant role here too.

Independent light fixtures for every shelf or a single, concentrated source above the whole arrangement can highlight your decor.

When done right, floating shelves effortlessly bring together beauty and functionality in a high-ceiling room.

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