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Last updated on December 18, 2023

Dive into the world of JAB Comix because it blends humor, art, and unfiltered realism in the realm of adult comics in an unparalleled fashion.

Dive into the vibrant world of JAB Comix where the latest comic page releases come to life, brimming with wit and creativity.

Whether you’re eager to keep up with your favorite series by page and number or you’re on the lookout for the newest storylines hitting the scene, this blog offers a thorough roundup.

Get the scoop on release schedules, revel in first-page peeks of new series, and enjoy the steady stream of regular additions that promise to keep your reading list full and exciting.

Plus, don’t miss out on the exclusive cover page reveals that not only pique interest in upcoming plots but also stand as prized collectible previews for enthusiasts.

Stay tuned for a detailed insight into your beloved illustrated world.

Key takeaways:

  • Latest comic page releases with series and page number
  • Updates timestamped for release schedule and anticipation
  • New series first pages give glimpse into fresh storylines
  • Regular additions provide ongoing entertainment for readers
  • Cover page reveals tease plot and serve as collectible previews

Understanding JAB Comix Blog Updates

understanding jab comix blog updates

JAB Comix Blog regularly updates its readers with the newest comic pages from a variety of adult-themed series. When navigating the updates section, expect to find:

  • The latest comic page releases, often specifying the series and page number. This keeps avid readers aware of the continuity and allows them to jump directly to the newest content.
  • Occasionally, updates include the very first page of a brand-new series, offering a glimpse into fresh storylines and characters.
  • Updates are timestamped, which helps readers keep track of the release schedule and anticipate when the next page or series installment might become available.

Readers should check back frequently for these updates to stay current with their favorite JAB Comix series.

Recent Comic Page Additions

recent comic page additions

Dive into the latest adventures with fresh comic pages now gracing the blog. Fans of ‘Dick!‘ can revel in the new first page, setting the stage for more mischiefs.

Elsewhere, the ‘Ay Papi‘ series continues with its 20th installment, revealing more escapades on page 3, alongside page 2, doubling the fun.

Not to be overlooked, ‘Bubble Butt Princess 6‘ entices readers with its 11th page, showcasing the ongoing dramatic twists.

These additions provide a regular infusion of entertainment for followers, eager to see their favorite characters in new scenarios.

Keep an eye out for these updates to stay connected with the unfolding storylines.

Added Page 1 of Dick!

The introduction of the first page of “Dick!” breathes life into a fresh storyline that fans have been eagerly anticipating. This initial release offers a glimpse into the humor and captivating art style that JAB Comix is known for.

Readers can expect to find an intriguing setup for characters and plot, inviting them to follow along as the narrative unfolds with each new page. As is characteristic of JAB’s work, the visuals are rich and vivid, promising an immersive experience right from the onset.

To stay updated, readers should check back regularly for subsequent releases, ensuring they don’t miss out on any developments in this latest comic venture.

Added Page 3 of Ay Papi 20!

Fans eagerly following the “Ay Papi” series will find a new reason to visit the blog, as the third page of the 20th installment is now live for readers.

This latest addition continues the adventures of the characters with the series’ signature blend of humor and playful artistry.

The blog offers a high-quality, color rendition of the page, allowing aficionados to dive right into the story where the previous installment left off.

As always, attention to detail and dynamic expressions ensure that each panel is a vibrant part of the ongoing narrative.

Whether you’re a long-time follower or a new reader, this update promises to deliver the engaging storytelling that “Ay Papi” is known for.

Added Page 11 of Bubble Butt Princess 6!

The newest installment in the “Bubble Butt Princess” series continues to captivate with its unique blend of humor and risqué storytelling.

In the latest release, fans are treated to another chapter that builds upon the playful and visually compelling narrative they’ve come to expect.

This particular page delves deeper into the character development and spices up the plot with its expected twists.

Regular readers will appreciate the consistent artwork quality and the meticulous attention to detail that maintains the series’ high standard.

As plot lines thicken, the characters face new challenges that promise to engage and entertain, ensuring a satisfying progression for both new and loyal followers of the “Bubble Butt Princess” saga.

Added Page 2 of Ay Papi 20!

The latest installment of the “Ay Papi” series continues with the addition of the second page of its 20th issue. This long-standing and popular comic delves further into the intricate and humorous adventures of its beloved characters.

Fans can expect the usual blend of witty dialogue and vibrant artwork that has become synonymous with the “Ay Papi” experience. This new page promises to deliver on the suspense and engaging storylines that keep readers coming back for more, adding another layer to the already complex narrative.

As with every release, viewers are encouraged to dive into the details of the art and text, as the creators often include subtle hints and easter eggs that enrich the reading experience.

New Pinup Cartoons

For fans who savor the artistry of character design and single-image storytelling, the New Pinup Cartoons offer a visual feast. Each stylized illustration features fan-favorite characters in dynamic poses, donning creative costumes or minimal attire that harks back to classic pinup art with a contemporary twist.

These pieces often incorporate humor, pop culture references, and come with the unique polish characteristic of the JAB style. The added cartoon injects freshness into the series, providing a quick, satisfying snapshot of the beloved universe between comic releases.

Whether you’re seeking a new desktop background or just enjoy the art, these pinups are a perfect blend of nostalgia and modern allure.

Added a New Cartoon Pink Pinup!

Expanding the visual gallery, JAB Comix has introduced a whimsical addition to the pinup collection. This fresh artwork features a character rendered in vibrant pink hues, capturing the essence of classic pinup charm with a contemporary twist.

The illustration pays homage to the playful side of adult comic art, striking a balance between nostalgia and modern sensuality. As with all JAB offerings, expect a blend of humor and allure that’s become a hallmark of the site’s content.

Regular visitors and newcomers alike can appreciate the craftsmanship and attention to detail that breathes life into each character’s personality.

Cover Page Reveals

Anticipation often builds around the release of new comic series, and cover page reveals are a perfect way to tease what’s in store. With these reveals, fans get a glimpse of the artwork style and thematic elements to come. They often contain key visuals that hint at the plot or introduce the central characters, setting the tone for the story.

Furthermore, cover pages can serve as a standalone piece of art, showcasing the artist’s skill and creativity, and often becoming a collectible preview for dedicated fans. Reveals can also stir up discussions and speculation in the community, fostering engagement and building excitement for the release of the full comic.

Added the Cover Page of Dick!

The unveiling of a new cover page often sets the tone for the content that awaits readers. With “Dick!” the expectation is no different.

The artwork teases the comic’s theme, gives a glimpse into the stylistic approach, and often hints at the characters that will be central to the storyline.

Vibrant colors and attention-grabbing design intend to captivate existing fans and attract new readers.

As a visual synopsis, it is the first interaction the audience has with the upcoming narrative, designed to spark curiosity and anticipation.

Upcoming Content Teasers

Excitement abounds for fans with a peek into the future of JAB Comix. Here’s what’s on the horizon:

– “Fucking Possible 3” promises more adventurous escapades, blending humor with risqué twists. – “My Stripper Daughter” explores complex family dynamics against the backdrop of an adult entertainment career. – “Model Life 4” continues to delve into the glitzy yet challenging world of modeling. – “Bubble Butt Princess 5” is set to further the storyline known for its playful characters and engaging narrative. – “My Son’s Girlfriend 2” will likely tackle evolving relationships and unexpected scenarios.

These teasers hint at plot continuations and new adventures, keeping readers on the edge of their seats. Keep your eyes peeled for release dates and sneak peek artwork.

Cumming Soon to JABComix…Fucking Possible 3!

Anticipation builds as the next installment in the popular adult parody series edges closer to release. “Fucking Possible 3” pays homage to a certain spy-themed animated series, injecting it with a humorous and risqué twist.

Fans can expect:

  • Familiar Characters in New Escapades: Revisit well-loved characters as they navigate through more daring and intimate scenarios.
  • Enhanced Artwork: The series continues a tradition of high-quality illustrations that bring the characters and their misadventures to life with vivid detail.
  • Fresh Plotlines: New story arcs promise to maintain the series’ reputation for blending comedy and adult content seamlessly.

Keep an eye on the blog for sneak peeks, sketches, and release date announcements for this anticipated comic morsel.

Cumming Soon to JABComix…My Stripper Daughter!

In anticipation of the next installment of “My Stripper Daughter,” fans can expect to delve deeper into the complex relationship dynamics and the challenges the characters face in their risqué environment. The comic promises to balance humor with the realities of life in the adult entertainment industry, while maintaining the signature JAB art style:

  • Character Development: Detailed artwork brings characters to life, depicting their personal growth and struggles.
  • Engaging Plot: A storyline that mixes everyday scenarios with the unique situations that arise from the world of stripping.
  • Art Style: Vivid illustrations characteristic of JAB Comix that highlight expressive characters and vibrant settings.

Readers should stay tuned for the official release date and preview snippets that may be shared to whet appetites for this much-anticipated chapter.

Cumming Soon to JABComix…Model Life 4!

Anticipation is mounting for the next installment in the “Model Life” series. Here’s what fans can expect:

  • Fresh Storyline: Readers will dive into an evolving narrative that promises to build on the drama and humor established in the previous issues.
  • Character Development: Key characters will face new challenges and growth, providing a deeper look into their personal journeys.
  • Artistic Evolution: With each release, the artwork sharpens, showcasing improved graphics that enhance the reader experience.
  • Engaging Themes: Themes of ambition, desire, and the fashion industry’s highs and lows will continue to resonate throughout the series.
  • Release Schedule: Stay tuned for announcement dates and sneak peeks on what’s to come in “Model Life 4.”
  • Exclusive Content: Subscribers may receive additional exclusive content that complements the ongoing storyline.

Cumming Soon to JABComix…Bubble Butt Princess 5!

Eager fans will be thrilled to learn that a new installment of the popular series, ‘Bubble Butt Princess,’ is on the horizon. ‘Bubble Butt Princess 5‘ promises to bring back the humor, drama, and distinctive art style that have become hallmarks of the series.

Here are key points to look forward to:

  • Continuation of storyline, delving further into the adventures and misadventures of the beloved characters.
  • Introduction of new characters, adding fresh dynamics and plot twists to the series.
  • Enhanced artwork with attention to detail, ensuring every panel is visually engaging.
  • Expected to include bonus content, offering extra illustrations or behind-the-scenes glimpses for a richer reading experience.

Stay tuned for the release date and prepare to dive into the latest escapades of the ‘Bubble Butt Princess‘ universe.

Cumming Soon to JABComix…My Son’s Girlfriend 2!

Anticipation builds within the JAB comix community as the sequel to “My Son’s Girlfriend” approaches its release. Delving into the hilariously complex and often taboo relationships between its characters, the comic promises to continue its exploration of the dynamics at play when youthful romance meets the meddling of an over-involved parent.

Key points to look forward to in the sequel include:

  • Development of existing characters, showcasing their growth and the evolution of their relationships.
  • Introduction of new characters, potentially adding more twists to an already intricate plot.
  • Enhancements in artwork, reflecting the artist’s continuous improvement and response to reader feedback.
  • Humorous situations intertwined with steamy encounters, maintaining the series’ signature blend of comedy and adult content.

Eager fans await fresh escapades and the chance to see how cliffhangers from the first installment will resolve, ensuring “My Son’s Girlfriend 2” is a highly anticipated sequel.

Efficiently exploring the blog is key to finding your favorite comics and artwork swiftly. Here are useful strategies:

  • Categories: Utilize this feature to filter content by comic series or theme, narrowing down your search to a specific set of posts.
  • Tags: These are keywords associated with individual blog entries. Clicking on a tag will show all posts tagged with that keyword, offering a more focused approach than categories.
  • Posts navigation: At the bottom of the page, you’ll find navigation links. They enable you to browse through older updates systematically without having to return to the homepage.


When exploring the blog, you’ll notice a convenient way to sort through the extensive collection of comics and artwork using categories. Each category represents a specific theme or series, allowing you to swiftly navigate to your area of interest.

For instance, if you’re looking for the latest adventure in the “Ay Papi” series, clicking on the corresponding category will present you with all the related posts. Similarly, categories for pinups will direct you to a variety of character art and standalone pieces.

Utilizing this feature facilitates a more targeted and efficient browsing experience, ensuring that you can dive straight into the content that captivates you the most.


Utilizing tags efficiently enhances the browsing experience on the JAB Comix blog.

  • Tags function as hyperlinked keywords associated with posts, making it simpler to find content related to a specific theme or character.
  • By clicking on a tag, you can view all the comic pages, pinups, or update teasers that share the same tag.
  • This feature assists in streamlining your search, especially if you’re looking for all the updates related to a beloved series or favorite character.
  • Utilizing tags can help you discover a wealth of related content you might otherwise have missed, contributing to an enriched reading adventure.
  • It’s important to note that while categories broadly separate content, tags offer a more granular level of sorting through specifics.
  • Employing tags is akin to having a personal assistant that instantly directs you to all the relevant material you’re interested in with just one click.

    Posts Navigation

    Navigating through the blog can enhance your experience as you dive into the world of JAB Comix. Here’s how to make the most of it:

    • Look for the navigation arrows at the bottom of each post, allowing you to move seamlessly between the newest entries and earlier posts.
    • Use the “Older Posts” and “Newer Posts” options to backtrack or catch up with recent updates in chronological order.
    • For those who know exactly what they’re looking for, utilize the search bar feature to jump directly to specific content or tags related to your interests.
    • Remember, each page displays a set number of posts; use the page numbers at the bottom to jump to different sections of the blog’s history.

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