20 Jingle Bell Place Card Holder Ideas for Your Celebrations

Last updated on November 9, 2023

Bring a cheerful touch to your holiday table with jingle bell place card holder ideas because they combine tasteful aesthetics with a delightfully festive jingle.

I’ve designed unique illustrations for these ideas. I hope you get inspired!

Festive dinners demand an equally festive atmosphere, don’t they? And what better way to spruce up holiday tables than with a charming jingle bell place card holder? While the internet is replete with many delightful ideas, this piece will steer into the less explored but equally splendid territories of jingle bell place card holder designs.

Hang on till the end for some handy resources to already popular ideas. However, the main aim here is to strew a dash of novelty- fresh ideas, unique perspectives, your future favourite go-to designs. Here’s to hoping these new ideas will make your festive decor strikingly memorable.

Let’s jingle all the way!

Metallic Jingle Bell Place Card Holders

metallic jingle bell place card holders

To create these, choose bells with a shiny, metallic finish. Multiple sizes add visual interest – consider selecting three complementing sizes in matching metals. Their dazzling appeal fits well in both contemporary and traditional settings.

To get started, simply tie a festive holiday ribbon in a bow around the top of each bell. Flip them upside-down, so the ribbon is on the under-side, and delicately place a card in the bell’s clapper.

You’ll find this simple elegance feels luxe, without being overly complex. This style also allows the option to get creative with the place cards themselves, experimenting with colors, fonts, and embellishments that suit the larger event theme.

Remember, metallics reflect light beautifully. Strategically position these holders to maximize the glimmering effect in soft candlelight for an especially magical atmosphere.

Rustic Jingle Bell Place Card Holders

rustic jingle bell place card holders

Crafting your own Rustic Jingle Bell Place Card Holders truly infuses the holiday spirit into your dining table.

Start with large, burnished bronze jingle bells. Pair them with a richly textured cardstock for names, preferably in shades of deep red or forest green.

Handwriting guests’ names with a gold or white gel pen adds a personal touch, hinting at a rustic charm.

Next, insert a sprig of preserved boxwood or juniper into the top slot of the bell, serving as an additional prop for the name card.

If you prefer, dried sprigs of seasonal herbs like rosemary or thyme can also be used.

Simply string a short length of twine through the bell and card for a secure, yet visually pleasing hold.

Remember, the beauty of a rustic design lies in its imperfect perfections so don’t fret if each holder doesn’t look exactly the same.

The mismatched look will add to the festive warmth and casual, welcoming ambiance of your holiday gathering.

Mini Wreath Jingle Bell Holders

mini wreath jingle bell holders

Crafting these unique holders involves intertwining miniature holiday wreaths with small, yet audibly pleasing jingle bells. They make a charming holiday statement, especially when combined with place cards sporting elegant handwriting.

Tools needed for this project include a hot glue gun, small wreaths made of artificial evergreen branches, miniature jingle bells, and festive ribbons.

Start by attaching a jingle bell to the wreath using hot glue. Make sure it’s glued securely, as this will form the main part of the holder. Then, choose a festive ribbon that complements the color scheme of your holiday decor. Weave the ribbon through the wreath, leaving enough slack at the ends to form a neat bow. Attach the ends of the bow to the bell using a small dab of hot glue. Finally, slip the name card in place.

These charming holders not only guide guests to their seats, but shake gently to emit a mild jingle when touched, adding a touch of holiday magic to your festive meals.

Sparkling Jingle Bell Place Card Holders

sparkling jingle bell place card holders

Creating these stunning table additions involves coating jingle bells in glue before dusting them with glitter.

Consider matching the sparkle color to your table theme, or opt for a neutral gold or silver.

The vibrant crackle foils often used in these types of projects can create an appealing contrast, making the holder stand out.

Use a small clear plastic ring as a base for better stability, then slide your card into the top ring of the bell.

Such a design not only illuminates the table but adds a touch of holiday cheer.

If you seek a DIY project or love a bright aesthetic, these holders really shine.

Snowman Jingle Bell Place Card Holders

snowman jingle bell place card holders

Creating these cute holders is as simple as can be. Collect three different sizes of jingle bells to represent the snowman’s body.

Starting with the largest bell at the bottom, string the bells onto a piece of craft wire, ending with the smallest bell on top. Fasten a small black bead on top to represent the snowman’s hat.

Next, cut a piece of orange construction paper into a tiny triangle to serve as the carrot nose and attach it to the smallest bell. Two small black beads can be fastened onto the middle-sized bell to represent buttons.

Lastly, shape the wire to form a hook at the back where the place card will sit. The beauty of this design is in its simplicity and the charming festive look it brings to the table.

Should you choose to, you can add a little twist by swapping the black bead hat with a small piece of black felt cut into a hat shape or even glitter it up to add a little sparkle. This is also a wonderful activity for kids to get involved in preparing for the holiday celebrations.

Ribbon Tied Jingle Bell Holders

ribbon tied jingle bell holders

With this method, a strategically positioned ribbon can turn ordinary jingle bells into festive holiday place card holders. Focus on choosing a ribbon that complements your table setup. Velvet, satin, or patterned Christmas ribbons are excellent options.

Tie your selected ribbon in an elegant bow around the top of a standard-sized jingle bell, ensuring you leave a small loop to hold the place card in tightly.

To add a personal touch, consider using different ribbon colors for each guest, or incorporate a small handwritten note tied to the ribbon ends. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also makes each guest feel special.

Remember, the primary focus is on the details – the tighter the ribbon bow, the firmer the place card will hold. It also saves the bell from toppling over if it’s larger than standard bell size. Avoid using overly broad ribbons to keep it from overshadowing the jingle bell itself.

Keep it simple, and let this small but impactful festive touch lighten up your table setting.

Candy Cane Jingle Bell Place Card Holders

candy cane jingle bell place card holders

To create these festive holders, you’ll need mini candy canes, a small jingle bell, and a name card. Embrace Christmas spirit by forming a base using three mini candy canes, glue them at the intersecting points for stability. Attach a small jingle bell to the topmost point, and your holder will start taking shape.

Balance the name card between the candy canes right behind the bell. The lightweight bell contributes aesthetic appeal without tipping the holder. Experiment with different colored candy canes and bells for a dash of personal style. These holders are not just useful but also double as a sweet surprise for your guests!

Stacked Jingle Bell Place Card Holders

stacked jingle bell place card holders

Creating this holder involves using multiple bells in progressively smaller sizes, stacked from large at the bottom to small at the top. Essentially creating a bell tower, recoil the holder’s wire to secure the stack and form a loop through which a place card fits perfectly.

With contrasting colors, each layer becomes distinct, lending a playful, vibrant aesthetic to the table setting. This style is particularly fitting for a festive or whimsical event theme.

Additionally, a variety of bells can be sourced to match specific color schemes. To infuse extra charm, consider adding a tiny bow or sprig of holly on top. The unique height of these holders also adds a new dimension to the table décor, providing both function and visual appeal.

Festive Jingle Bell and Holly Holders

festive jingle bell and holly holders

Harness the spirit of the holiday season with these festive creations. Incorporate the traditional holly, known for its vibrant green leaves and bright red berries, as an accent to the jingle bells. It’s quite simple:

1. Attach a sprig of plastic holly to the top of a large silver or gold jingle bell using a hot glue gun.

2. Once it’s secured, add a loop of red or green ribbon through the top loop of the bell.

3. Slide your place card into the secure loop of the ribbon.

Such holders not only serve a practical purpose, but they also add a touch of holiday charm to your table setting. Plus, the jingling sound they make can be a fun and festive way to direct guests to their seats!

Jingle Bell Place Card Holders With Twine

jingle bell place card holders with twine

Opting for an earthy approach, couple the charm of jingle bells with the textural appeal of twine. It’s a design option that marries the vibrance of metallic jingle bells with rustic simplicity.

1. Select a collection of jingle bells to match the overall theme. Traditionally, gold, silver or red is favored.

2. Loop a length of twine through the top of the bell and secure it with a knot.

3. On the opposite end of the twine, fasten a handwritten card. The card can be tailored to match the aesthetic of the occasion, perhaps featuring rough-edged cardstock for an extra-rustic feel, or smooth, white paper for a minimalist look.

4. Each holder now doubles as a pleasant rhythmic piece, creating an additional sensory layer with every jingle heard around the table.

This concept embodies the essence of simple yet effective decor that’s easily customizable, guaranteeing a unique, attention-grabbing table setting.

Bell Duo Place Card Holders

bell duo place card holders

Crafted with two types of bells – one large and one small – each piece can be personalized with color combinations. The distinct clinking sounds resonate with the holiday spirit, adding an auditory component to the visual delight.

Utilizing a durable wire loop, each holder effectively accommodates paper name cards. The bell duo provides a balanced aesthetic and perfectly meshes with diverse table settings.

Regardless of whether it’s a cozy, intimate gathering or a grand, festive banquet, these bell duo place card holders are sure to prompt cheerful smiles.

Please note that construction is straightforward, and very little dexterity is required, ensuring that even crafting beginners can successfully create these charming festive accents.

Wooden Star Jingle Bell Place Card Holders

wooden star jingle bell place card holders

Crafting these place card holders speaks to the charm of combining natural elements with a hint of festive cheer. Begin by sourcing small wooden stars, preferably those with a rustic finish for warmth and authenticity. Attach a small, gold jingle bell at the center using craft glue or a hot glue gun for a solid hold.

Once the bell is firmly attached, you can start the place card itself. For a perfectly coordinated look, use a card in natural tones such as brown or beige. Cut to size and write the guest’s name on it using a gold pen for added sparkle.

To complete this DIY project, simply punch a hole in one corner of the place card and thread a thin twine through it. Then, tie this twine to the top of the wooden star. The result is an artistic, nature-inspired place card holder that pleasantly jingles every time it’s touched, evoking the holiday spirit at your event.

Gold and Silver Jingle Bell Place Card Holders

gold and silver jingle bell place card holders

Considering both aesthetics and the season, mixing gold and silver jingle bells make for a magnificent place card holder. The shiny metallic colors are not just complementary, they also evoke a comforting sense of holiday warmth and radiance.

To make one, it’s as simple as using a sturdy wire to link a gold bell and a silver bell together, knotting it securely on each end. Accuracy might be required in doing this, as the bells need to be at a certain angle, creating balance to hold the place card elegantly between them. Textured, holiday-themed cards work best with the glossy finish of the metallic bells.

This option can be personalized too, despite its sophistication. For the place card, consider using craft paper, embossing individual’s name with a shimmery or gold-colored paste. That should provide a more organic, personalized feel to the elegantly modern gold and silver bell ensemble.

Three-Bell Jingle Bell Place Card Holders

three bell jingle bell place card holders

Crafting a three-bell place card holder presents the perfect blend of visual appeal and melodic charm. Here’s a quick guide to creating your own:

1. Select: Choose three different-sized jingle bells for added interest and variety. Contrasting colors can also elevate the visual appeal.

2. Arrange: Position the bells in descending order of their sizes to create an attractive shape.

3. Fasten: Bind the bells securely together using a decorative ribbon or colored wire. Tie in a simple knot or bow at the top.

4. Display: Slide the place card into the knot at the top, ensuring it’s visible and well-supported.

These holders provide an engaging, dynamic table setting element, and their ringing sounds add a touch of festivity to any event. More than just a simple tradition, these holders can also be a topic of conversation, adding a dimension of social interaction to the atmosphere.

Jingle Bell Place Card Holders With Red Berries

jingle bell place card holders with red berries

Giving your holiday tablescape a vibrant pop, this creation pairs jingle bells with artificial red berries, imparting an air of festive charm. It effortlessly plays on nature’s palette and seasonal acoustics.

1. Materials: To start, gather small jingle bells, faux red berries, craft wire, and name cards with your guests’ names written elegantly on them.

2. Assembly: Thread three to four jingle bells on the wire, followed by clusters of red berries. Make a small loop at the wire end to secure the bells.

3. Final Touch: Bend the other end of the wire to hold the place card, and voila! You’ve got a simple yet stunning place card holder.

This style provides tasteful holiday cheer, resonating with both the visual and auditory senses of your guests. It is an excellent choice if you’re yearning to add a yuletide touch to a festive meal.

Elegant Jingle Bell Holder With Name Plate

elegant jingle bell holder with name plate

Crafted with an air of sophistication, these jingle bell place card holders also feature a glossy, metallic nameplate. The components complement each other brilliantly to create a polished setting. They are perfect for formal holidays get-togethers or a luxurious Christmas dinner setting.

Let’s further address some key aspects:

1. Material- Opt for high-gloss brass or silver for both the bell and nameplate for a harmonious look. Alternatively, a sleek black jingle bell with a gold nameplate could offer a striking contrast.

2. Design- The bell could be used as the base, with the nameplate attached to the bell’s top, or it could hang from the bell’s clapper. A generous loop should be ensured for easy name card insertion.

3. Styling- Position the holders along with greenery or glittering tinsel to enhance the festive ambiance.

4. Personalization- For an added personal touch, consider engraving guests’ names on the nameplates or use a chic handwritten font on thick cardstock.

5. Assembly – To create the setting, you can use simple but durable adhesives such as hot glue to secure the nameplate to the bell. If you prefer hanging the nameplate, a small link chain or even a silk ribbon should do the trick.

Remember, complexity needn’t shadow elegance. Often, the simplest designs leave the strongest impressions.

Santas Sleigh Jingle Bell Place Card Holders

santas sleigh jingle bell place card holders

Crafting Santa’s sleigh to serve as a holder creates a visual spectacle on your dinner table. This concept combines the festive essence of Santa’s transportation with functional utility and contributes to the overall holiday atmosphere.

To accomplish the look, you would need a mini Santa’s sleigh, a medium-sized jingle bell, and some decorative material such as a small bow or holly leaves.

To start, attach your jingle bell inside the sleigh using a hot glue gun. This becomes the actual holder for the place card. Embellish the sleigh exterior with your chosen decorative material, making it look more enticing and festive.

Finally, insert your place card into the jingle bell – the slit in the bell should hold it securely.

Remember to use lightweight place cards with this kind of holder, as heavier cards might tip over.

The end result is a charming, traditional holder that imbibes the spirit of the season, serving as both a useful tool and a decorative element on your holiday table.

Vintage Jingle Bell Place Card Holders

vintage jingle bell place card holders

Vintage designs always add a sophisticated touch and always manage to maintain a timeless appeal. Crafting your place card holders embracing this style involves elements that evoke nostalgia and antique esthetic. Typically, tarnished or patina-coated bells are preferred to exude an old-world charm.

Combine these with traditional materials such as lace, silk ribbons, old wine corks, or distressed wooden pieces to truly capture the essence of this vintage theme. Perhaps even explore finding unique name card materials, such as weathered parchment or aged cardstock. Remember to stick with subdued, warm hues to seamlessly blend with the rustic tone of the jingle bells.

As a finishing touch, consider presenting these charming pieces on an antique silver tray or an old wooden box for that added historic layer. Vintage jingle bell place card holders are certainly a design choice that allows a thoughtful fusion of past and current festivities. Remember that in the world of vintage, charm is in the imperfections and time-worn details.

Customized Jingle Bell Place Card Holders With Patron’s Initial

customized jingle bell place card holders with patrons initial

Enabling a personal touch with this idea proves delightful, especially for intimate family gatherings or small-scale events. Begin by selecting jingle bells in an array of sizes and finishes, bearing in mind the overall aesthetic of your table set-up. Next, opt for a cardstock that corresponds with your jingle bells. Metallics, whites, or festive hues tend to work quite nicely.

Using a stencil or freehand, cut out the initial of each guest from the cardstock. Ensure the letter is large enough to be distinct but small enough to attach to the bell. Consider adding decorative details around the initials using glitter pens, foil, or rhinestones, keeping the individual’s preferences in mind.

Next, secure the initial to the jingle bell. This could be done using a hot glue gun or durable adhesive tape. Position is crucial here – the initial must be clearly visible when the place card holder is on the table.

Finally, slide the name card of each guest either within the clapper of the jingle bell or in a designated slit on the cardstock initial. These pieces serve a dual function – guiding guests to their seats and acting as charming keepsakes from your gathering.

Nature-Inspired Jingle Bell Place Card Holders

nature inspired jingle bell place card holders

For a truly unique touch these holiday season, incorporating elements of nature into your table decor can be simply stunning. The key components for this style include miniature jingle bells, twine, small pinecones, a selection of vibrant green leaves or a snippet of evergreen foliage.

To create the holder, firstly, wrap the twine around the jingle bell securely. Once it is fastened, attach a small pinecone or a leaf, depending on your preference. You can choose a tiny pinecone for a more winter-centric theme or the evergreen foliage for a fresh, lively look.

Now, there’s space for your place card – simply slot it between the bell and the mini-decor. The overall appearance gives off a subtle, organic appeal that’s sure to ignite conversations. Plus, it perfectly complements a rustic or a nature-inspired themed party.

Remember, this design can be adapted further to suit a variety of table settings. For instance, you could add small, artificial snowflakes or berries for more festive flair. Or keep it simple with the naturistic elements for a minimalistic aesthetic. The choice is yours, let your creativity guide you.

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