15 Lego Storage and Display Ideas for Your Collection

Last updated on May 27, 2024

This article provides a comprehensive guide on innovative and stylish ways to store and display your Lego collections.

Lego storage organizer

Lego Display Coffee Table

lego display coffee table

Transform your living space into a showcase with a coffee table that doubles as a display for your favorite Lego sets under a clear glass top. Easily admire your completed projects while keeping them dust-free and organized within a central part of your home.

This versatile furniture piece offers both aesthetic appeal and practicality for Lego enthusiasts looking to integrate their hobby into their decor.

Mobile Lego Cart With Drawers

mobile lego cart with drawers

Equipped with multiple drawers, the mobile cart categorizes Lego sets and pieces, allowing for both organization and portability.

Each drawer can be labeled by theme, size, or color, streamlining the building process.

Its wheels facilitate movement from room to room, making it a versatile addition to any Lego enthusiast’s space.

Color Coded Lego Sorting System

color coded lego sorting system

Utilize transparent bins or drawers to separate Lego bricks by color, streamlining the building process.

Label each container with the corresponding color name or sample brick for quick identification.

This organizational method not only aids in finding pieces for projects but also creates a visually appealing rainbow display of your Lego collection.

Magnetic Wall Displays for Lego Art

magnetic wall displays for lego art

Transform a wall into a dynamic gallery with magnetic strips that securely hold Lego creations, allowing for an ever-changing display.

Showcase Lego masterpieces at eye level, creating a playful, interactive art exhibit in any room.

This setup not only highlights finished works but also keeps pieces off the floor and within easy reach for future building.

Lego Themed Wall Clock With Storage

lego themed wall clock with storage

Incorporate functional design by utilizing the hollow space behind a Lego-adorned clock face to stow away minifigures and small pieces.

The storage compartment keeps pieces dust-free and accessible while offering a playful twist on time-telling.

This dual-purpose timepiece serves as a vibrant focal point in any Lego lover’s room, meshing practicality with the whimsy of brick-building.

Under-the-bed Pull Out Lego Storage

under the bed pull out lego storage

Maximize bedroom space with a rolling under-bed storage solution, neatly compartmentalized for easy Lego sorting.

A pull-out feature allows quick access and effortless retrieval of specific Lego sets or pieces.

This discreet option keeps Lego collections organized and out of sight when not in use.

Lego Shadow Cube for 3D Constructions

lego shadow cube for 3d constructions

A Lego Shadow Cube utilizes a deep picture frame to encase creative 3D Lego builds, showcasing them as art.

This method not only protects intricate constructions from dust but also turns them into a focal point of any room.

The cube can be mounted on walls or placed on shelves, offering versatility in display preferences.

DIY Lego Table With Built-in Storage

diy lego table with built in storage

Transform an existing table into a multipurpose play and organization hub by adding a Lego-compatible board on its surface and incorporating sliding drawers or bins beneath for stowing away bricks.

This customizable play space enables children to build directly on the table top, encouraging creativity while keeping pieces in one designated area.

The addition of storage compartments offers a neat solution to sort and categorize Lego sets, facilitating easy access and cleanup.

Clear Mason Jars for Lego Piece Display

clear mason jars for lego piece display

Clear mason jars transform into stylish display containers, showcasing Lego pieces by theme, color, or size. They offer an aesthetically pleasing way to organize Legos, making them part of your decor.

The transparent glass also provides quick identification, saving time when searching for specific bricks.

Layered Lego Glass Terrarium Display

layered lego glass terrarium display

A layered Lego glass terrarium showcases your intricate Lego creations in a unique, botanical style setting.

Different layers of the terrarium can represent various scenes or themes, using natural elements like sand or rocks to accent the plastic bricks.

This method transforms your Lego display into a conversation piece, blending the playful nature of Legos with the elegance of glass artistry.

Lego Display Case With Lighting

lego display case with lighting

Illuminate your favorite Lego sets with a display case featuring integrated lighting, which highlights intricate details and brings models to life.

Adjustable shelves within the case accommodate creations of various sizes, allowing for a customizable showcase.

The addition of UV-protective glass protects Lego colors from fading, ensuring long-term vibrancy.

Lego Themed Wardrobe With Compartments

lego themed wardrobe with compartments

The wardrobe blends seamlessly with the room decor while featuring distinct sections for different Lego themes or sets.

Its doors showcase a creative brick motif, inviting enthusiasts to sort and admire their pieces as part of their furniture.

Adjustable shelves within the wardrobe allow for customization depending on the size of the Lego creations housed.

Pegboard Lego Organizer and Display

pegboard lego organizer and display

Utilize a pegboard as a versatile backdrop to sort and showcase Lego creations or sets, optimizing vertical space in a playful manner.

Adjustable hooks and shelves allow for customized organization, matching the size and shape of different Lego models.

This setup not only keeps pieces accessible for building but also turns Lego collections into interactive wall art.

Revolving Lego Bookcase With Compartments

revolving lego bookcase with compartments

A revolving bookcase utilizes vertical space efficiently, rotating to provide easy access to various Lego sets.

Its compartments, organized by theme or color, keep collections sorted and allow for quick selection.

This inventive solution adds a playful spin to Lego showcasing and can double as room decor.

Lego Door Hanger Storage and Display

lego door hanger storage and display

Maximize vertical space by hanging a series of clear pockets over the door to sort and showcase Lego sets.

Children can easily view and access their favorite bricks and figures at eye level.

This solution adds a functional design element to room decor while keeping floor space uncluttered.

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