15 Mario Birthday Party Ideas to Level Up Your Celebration

Last updated on May 20, 2024

This article provides creative and fun ideas for throwing a Mario-themed birthday party that will transport your guests straight into the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario Kart Race Track Setup

mario kart race track setup

Create a Mario Kart race track setup for the ultimate gaming experience at the party – it’s a sure way to get everyone excited and engage in some fun competitive spirit!

Power-up Mushroom Cupcakes

power up mushroom cupcakes

These Power-up mushroom cupcakes will delight your guests with their vibrant colors and themed design. Perfect for a Mario birthday party, they add a fun and tasty touch to your dessert table.

Princess Peach Castle Cake

princess peach castle cake

Create a stunning Princess Peach castle cake as the centerpiece of the birthday party, delighting guests and the birthday celebrant with its grandeur and sweetness.

Mario and Luigi Costume Contest

mario and luigi costume contest

Attendees can join in a friendly competition to see who rocks the best Mario and Luigi costumes. Diving into the world of the beloved characters can spark creativity and excitement at the party.

Yoshi Egg Hunt

yoshi egg hunt

Hide colorful eggs around the party venue to thrill the young guests with a fun and engaging Easter egg-like activity, creating a sense of excitement and adventure.

Coin Collection Scavenger Hunt

coin collection scavenger hunt

Create an exciting scavenger hunt where players search for gold coins hidden around the party venue. Players can trade the coins for prizes once they collect a certain number.

DIY Piranha Plant Flower Pots

diy piranha plant flower pots

Create adorable Piranha Plant flower pots to add a fun and quirky touch to your Mario birthday party decor. They are unique and perfect for adding a pop of color to your party space.

Bowser’s Castle Bounce House

bowsers castle bounce house

Imagine bouncing around in a castle fit for Bowser himself at the Mario birthday party.

Warp Pipe Ring Toss

warp pipe ring toss

Set up a fun ring toss game using warp pipes from the Mario games as targets. Guests can test their aim and accuracy while enjoying a classic party game with a themed twist.

Star Power Jewelry Making Station

star power jewelry making station

At the Star Power jewelry making station, guests can design and create their own unique Mario-themed accessories as a fun party activity.

Fire Flower Balloon Darts

fire flower balloon darts

Guests can enjoy a lively game of Fire flower balloon darts, adding a fun and interactive element to the Mario birthday party experience.

Boo’s Ghost Tag Game

boos ghost tag game

Players wear white clothing and try to avoid being tagged while the “ghost” player wears a Boo costume.

Mario Theme Piñata

mario theme pinata

A Mario theme piñata adds excitement with a fun-filled activity for the party. Kids will enjoy taking turns trying to crack it open to release candies and toys inside. It brings a classic and entertaining element to the celebration, keeping the children engaged and having a blast.

Toadstool Seat Cushions for Sitting Areas

toadstool seat cushions for sitting areas

Add some whimsical charm to your party seating areas with adorable Toadstool seat cushions that will transport your guests straight into the magical world of Mario!

Custom Mario Level Photo Booth Backdrop

custom mario level photo booth backdrop

For the Custom Mario level photo booth backdrop, set up a scene reminiscent of the iconic video game for guests to take pictures in front of, adding a fun touch to your party atmosphere.

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