15 Mermaid Party Ideas for a Splashing Good Time

Last updated on June 20, 2024

Planning a mermaid party is a splash when you have creative ideas for decorations, games, and treats.

Ever felt like every mermaid party idea has been rinsed and dried out? I sure have, and it made me want to swim against the tide.

So, I decided to dive deep into the sea of creativity and fish out some fresh, unique ideas that will make your next mermaid bash sparkle like a pearl. Let’s make a splash with new angles that’ll leave everyone awestruck under the sea!

Seashell Crafting Station

seashell crafting station

At the Seashell crafting station, guests can unleash their creativity by decorating seashells with colorful paints and sparkles, creating unique keepsakes to take home as souvenirs from the mermaid party.

Underwater-themed Photo Booth

underwater themed photo booth

Transform your party into an undersea adventure with a creatively designed photo booth that captures the essence of the ocean realm. This fun feature will immerse guests in a marine wonderland, creating memories to treasure. Let imaginations swim wild as guests pose with aquatic-themed props and backgrounds, making a splash in every snapshot.

Mermaid Tail Sack Race

mermaid tail sack race

At your “mermaid party,” have a Mermaid Tail Sack Race where kids hop inside sacks decorated like mermaid tails and race each other for a fun-filled ocean adventure!

Ocean-inspired Mocktails

ocean inspired mocktails

Get ready to slide your pajama blade into a toast with Ocean-inspired mocktails that’ll mer-make your party fin-tastic!

Seaweed Salad Bar

seaweed salad bar

At the seaweed salad bar, guests can enjoy a refreshing and nutritious ocean-inspired salad with a variety of seaweed-based ingredients to create their own custom concoctions. The perfect addition to a mermaid party, this interactive food station adds a healthy and thematic touch to the event’s menu, providing a fun and delicious experience for all attendees.

DIY Pearl Necklace Making

diy pearl necklace making

At the DIY pearl necklace making station, party guests can create their own mermaid-inspired accessories using a variety of colorful pearls and beads. It’s a fun and creative activity that allows everyone to customize their jewelry to match their unique style.

Bubble Machine Dance Floor

bubble machine dance floor

Get ready to impress your guests with a lively Bubble Machine Dance Floor that adds a touch of whimsy and fun to your mermaid party. Transform your party space into an enchanting underwater paradise where guests can dance and twirl among floating bubbles for a magical experience. Let the bubbles bring an extra element of playfulness and joy to your mermaid-themed celebration, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere that will make everyone feel like they’re dancing under the sea.

Mermaid Storytelling Corner

mermaid storytelling corner

Transform a cozy nook into an enchanting space where guests can listen to captivating tales of the sea from mythical mermaids.

Sand Art Creations

sand art creations

Get ready to dive into creating colorful sand art pieces that will transport your guests to an underwater world, adding a touch of magic and creativity to your mermaid party.

Ocean Animal Face Painting

ocean animal face painting

Let the little party guests transform into their favorite ocean creatures with fun and colorful face paint designs. Your mermaid party will be a splash of creativity and fun with Ocean animal face painting.

Treasure Hunt With Sunken Chests

treasure hunt with sunken chests

Guests will embark on a thrilling adventure searching for hidden treasures in sunken chests around the party venue. The hunt will add an exciting element to the mermaid-themed event, keeping everyone entertained and engaged.

DIY Ocean Slime Station

diy ocean slime station

Kids can have a blast creating their own ocean-themed slime at the DIY ocean slime station. It adds a fun, tactile element to the mermaid party and lets kids get creative with different colors and textures.

“Pin the Tail On the Mermaid” Game

pin the tail on the mermaid game

Guests can enjoy a playful twist on the classic party game by attempting to pin a tail on a mermaid. It’s a fun and interactive activity that fits perfectly with the mermaid theme of the party.

Glitter Tattoo Station

glitter tattoo station

Transform your guests into sparkling merfolk with shimmering temporary glitter tattoos for a touch of underwater glam at your mermaid party.

Ocean-themed Karaoke Contest

ocean themed karaoke contest

Guests can channel their inner diva or rockstar by singing their favorite ocean-themed songs in a fun karaoke contest. Let the mermaid melodies and sea shanties bring the house down with laughter and cheer as participants vie for the title of Karaoke King or Queen of the Sea!

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