15 Innovative Race Medal Display Ideas: DIY Tutorial for Runners

Last updated on May 12, 2024

This article provides an insightful DIY tutorial on creating unique and visually appealing displays for your race medals.

medal display rack

Medal Collage Wall Art

medal collage wall art

Transform your collection of race medals into an artistic wall feature by arranging them into a collage. Choose a color scheme or theme to create a cohesive look that tells the story of your achievements.

Add dimension and interest by mixing medal sizes and ribbon lengths, and secure them in an eye-catching display on your chosen wall space.

Medal Display Coffee Table

medal display coffee table

Transform your coffee table into a functional showcase by incorporating a glass-top display case for your race medals.

Arrange your awards creatively beneath the glass, making them a central conversation piece in your living area.

This method beautifully marries practical furniture with your athletic achievements, keeping them both visible and protected.

DIY Magnetic Medal Board

diy magnetic medal board

A DIY magnetic medal board allows for easily interchangeable arrangements, giving you the freedom to update your display as your collection grows. The strong magnets ensure that medals hang securely and make it simple to remove them for closer inspection or cleaning.

Its sleek, modern design can be customized with various backgrounds, such as fabric or paint, to match any room’s decor.

Medal Display Cabinet With Lights

medal display cabinet with lights

Incorporate LED strips or spotlights within a display cabinet to highlight medals, creating a sophisticated and visually appealing presentation.

Adjustable shelves accommodate different medal sizes, while the glass doors protect the collection from dust.

The illuminated cabinet doubles as a conversation piece and a source of personal motivation.

Vintage Frame Medal Display

vintage frame medal display

Transform a vintage frame into a stylish display by suspending medals from ribbons against an aesthetically pleasing backdrop. This creative method allows for an elegant showcase while preserving the ornate details of classical frames.

The arrangement serves as both a testament to achievement and a decorative piece that adds character to any room.

Stairway Medal Cascade

stairway medal cascade

Transform your stairway into a gallery of achievements by draping race medals along the banister. Let each step correspond to a different race or year, creating a chronological ascent of accomplishments. This visually striking arrangement turns your journey upstairs into an inspiring journey through your athletic milestones.

Personalized Medal Hanger

personalized medal hanger

Craft a hanger using wood or metal and etch it with a personal motto, race dates, or favorite quotes for a meaningful touch.

Incorporate hooks or clips to hang medals by their ribbons, ensuring the display is both organized and easily accessible.

Opt for a design that complements your room’s decor, turning your achievements into a decorative element that sparks conversation.

Medal-Themed Bookends

medal themed bookends

Transform your cherished race medals into practical decor by using them to create custom bookends for your shelves. They add a touch of personal achievement to your book collection while keeping your literature organized and upright.

This functional display also serves as a daily reminder of your running milestones as you reach for a book.

Medal Tree Stand Display

medal tree stand display

A medal tree stand display serves as both a decorative piece and a functional holder, showing off medals on branches akin to ornaments on a Christmas tree.

Its vertical design maximizes space, ideal for athletes with a growing collection.

The tree’s structure allows for easy access and viewing of individual medals, highlighting achievements in a unique, eye-catching manner.

Color-Coordinated Medal Display

color coordinated medal display

Arrange medals by ribbon color to create an eye-catching gradient effect on your wall. This visually striking method doubles as a piece of art, enhancing the room’s aesthetic.

The organized spectrum offers a clear visual timeline of your achievements, making it simple to locate specific races or events.

Convertible Medal-Bib Hangers

convertible medal bib hangers

Convertible Medal-Bib Hangers offer a dual-purpose design, allowing runners to exhibit both medals and race bibs harmoniously.

These hangers typically feature clips or sleeves for bibs alongside hooks or rods for medals, creating an integrated display.

This consolidated approach not only saves space but also tells the complete story of each race achievement.

lightbox medal showcase

Illuminate your achievements with a lightbox showcase, creating a dramatic backdrop for your medals with soft, ambient lighting. This method highlights the intricate details and vibrant colors of your race medals, turning them into a focal point of the room.

The customizable brightness settings allow for adaptation to different environments, ensuring your display shines bright, day or night.

Modular Medal Display Wall

modular medal display wall

A modular display wall offers a flexible way to showcase race medals, allowing for easy rearrangement as new accolades are earned. This dynamic setup typically involves interlocking units that can expand horizontally or vertically to fit any space. Its customizability is perfect for runners who anticipate continually adding to their collection over time.

Medal Curtain/Cloak Room Divider

medal curtaincloak room divider

Transform your race medals into a functional art piece by hanging them on a curtain rod, creating a unique room divider.

This clever display not only showcases your achievements but also serves as a conversation starter in any room.

Utilize transparent fishing line or ribbon to suspend medals at varying lengths for a dynamic visual effect.

Floating Shelf Medal Display

floating shelf medal display

Floating shelves offer a minimalist and modern approach, allowing medals to be aligned in a tidy row against the wall.

This option utilizes vertical space effectively, creating a sleek display that brings focus to each individual achievement.

Customizable in length, the shelving can accommodate an expanding collection while maintaining a clean aesthetic.

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