15 Incredible Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas for Living Room

Last updated on June 18, 2024

Get ready to transform your living room into a festive Thanksgiving haven with these creative decoration ideas!## Cozy Fall Wreaths and Garlands Add a pop of autumn to your living room by hanging a vibrant fall wreath on your wall or door. Garlands made from colorful leaves and mini pumpkins create a welcoming atmosphere around windows and mantels.## Pumpkin Centerpieces Who says pumpkins are just for Jack-o’-lanterns? Use various sizes of pumpkins as centerpieces on your coffee table or side tables. Paint them gold or white for a chic look or keep them natural for a rustic vibe.## Plaid Throws and Pillows Plaid patterns scream “fall.” Drape plaid throws over your couches and add matching cushions. Not only will your living room look cozy, but you’ll also have an excuse to snuggle up!## Candles and Lanterns Bring warm, flickering light to your space with candles in rich, autumnal colors. Place them in lanterns or on decorative holders to enhance the ambiance. If you’re worried about fire hazards, LED candles work perfectly too.## Cornucopia Displays A cornucopia filled with gourds, nuts, and seasonal fruits can be a stunning decorative piece. Place it on a sideboard or a low shelf to keep the Thanksgiving spirit blooming.## Rustic Signs Find or DIY rustic signs with sayings like “Give Thanks” or “Harvest Blessings.” Hang them in strategic spots or prop smaller ones on tables for a subtle touch of holiday cheer.## Autumnal Rugs Don’t forget the floor! Swap out your regular rug for one with autumn colors or patterns. It’s a quick way to make your space feel more seasonal without too much effort.## Natural Elements Incorporate pinecones, acorns, and dried wheat into your décor. Fill glass jars with these natural elements and place them around your living room for an earthy, organic feel.## Chalkboard Art Got a chalkboard? Draw some cute turkeys, pumpkins, or write a thankful message. Even if you draw like a 5-year-old, it’s the thought that counts!With these ideas, your living room will be so festive, even the turkey may want to take a seat!

Let’s face it, folks—pumpkins and turkey figurines are great, but it’s time for something fresh this Thanksgiving. If you’re tired of the same old decorations, you’re in the right place!

I’ve scoured the realms of creativity to bring you new and exciting ways to jazz up your living room. Get ready to impress your guests with some truly unique ideas that scream “festive” without whispering “been there, done that.”

Pumpkin Centerpiece With Candles

Enhance your living room with a charming pumpkin centerpiece adorned with flickering candles for a warm and cozy Thanksgiving ambiance.

Leaf Garlands Along the Mantel

Enhance your living room with elegant leaf garlands draped along the mantel to bring a touch of nature indoors.

Cornucopia Display On the Coffee Table

A Cornucopia display on the coffee table adds a traditional and bountiful touch to your Thanksgiving living room decor. The overflowing arrangement of fruits, vegetables, and foliage symbolize abundance and gratitude. It serves as a festive centerpiece that captures the essence of the holiday season.

Autumn-themed Throw Pillows

Add a cozy touch with Autumn-themed throw pillows, bringing warmth and seasonal flair to your living room. The pillows showcase fall colors and patterns, creating a welcoming and festive atmosphere for Thanksgiving.

Rustic Wooden “Thankful” Sign

Add a charming touch with a rustic wooden sign expressing gratitude in different styles and fonts.

Pinecone and Acorn Filled Vases

Fill vases with pinecones and acorns for a cozy autumn touch in your living room.

Plaid Wool Blanket Draped On the Sofa

Add a cozy touch to your living room with a plaid wool blanket draped over the sofa for a warm and inviting Thanksgiving ambiance.

Cinnamon Stick Bundles As Accents

For a cozy touch, use cinnamon stick bundles as accents in your living room. The warm and inviting aroma will enhance the Thanksgiving atmosphere.

DIY Thankful Tree With Paper Leaves

Create a DIY thankful tree by hanging paper leaves with gratitude messages for a heartwarming touch to your living room decorations.

Harvest-themed Wreath On the Wall

Hang a harvest-themed wreath on your living room wall to add a festive touch to your Thanksgiving decor.

Mini Pumpkin and Gourd Arrangement

Create a charming mini pumpkin and gourd arrangement for a festive touch to your living room décor.

String Lights With Autumn Leaves

String lights with autumn leaves create a warm and cozy ambiance in your living room, adding a festive touch to your Thanksgiving decorations.

Burlap and Lace Table Runner

burlap and lace table runner

Lay a burlap and lace table runner for a rustic touch to your Thanksgiving decor. Add elegance and charm to your dining area effortlessly.

Mason Jars With LED Tealights

mason jars with led tealights

Transform simple mason jars into charming light holders with LED tealights – a cozy and safe addition to your Thanksgiving living room decor.

Vintage Style Thanksgiving Postcards Framed

vintage style thanksgiving postcards framed

Add a nostalgic touch to your living room decor by framing vintage style Thanksgiving postcards. Their charming designs and warm colors will enhance the festive atmosphere. Hang them on your wall or display them on shelves for a classic look that celebrates the spirit of Thanksgiving.

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