15 Toy Story Decorating Ideas for a Fun and Playful Home

Last updated on May 31, 2024

Discover creative and fun ways to bring the magic of Toy Story into your home with these decorating ideas.

Let’s take a wild ride to infinity and beyond with some Toy Story decorating ideas that you haven’t seen a million times already.

Forget the same old Buzz and Woody posters, we’re going way more creative here.

I’ve dug deep into the toy chest to find some fresh, fun twists for your decor.

So, strap on your cowboy boots or space suit, and let’s get this decorating adventure started!

Woody’s Sheriff Badge Wall Decals

woodys sheriff badge wall decals

Woody’s Sheriff Badge Wall Decals add a playful touch to a Toy Story-themed room. These decals can be easily applied to walls, creating a fun and immersive atmosphere for any fan of the beloved movie.

Buzz Lightyear Space Command Center

buzz lightyear space command center

Create an out-of-this-world play area with a Buzz Lightyear Space Command Center. Let your child’s imagination soar with this interactive and fun toy story decorating idea.

Potato Head Shape Changers Table

potato head shape changers table

Add a touch of fun by incorporating Potato Head characters into a shape-changing table for a playful Toy Story-themed room.

Army Men Mini Play Area

army men mini play area

Get ready to march in with the fun by creating an Army Men Mini Play Area in your toy-themed room. Bring the beloved green soldiers to life with this interactive and imaginative space. Enjoy endless hours of play and adventure with this creative and engaging addition to your Toy Story decor.

Toy Story Character Wall Mural

toy story character wall mural

A Toy Story Character Wall Mural transforms a plain wall into a vibrant scene featuring beloved characters from the movie, adding fun and personality to the room decor.

Slinky Dog Curtain Tiebacks

slinky dog curtain tiebacks

Create fun and functional curtain tiebacks in the shape of Slinky Dog from Toy Story to add a playful touch to your child’s bedroom decor.

Alien Claw Machine Decor

alien claw machine decor

Create a fun and playful addition to the room by incorporating an Alien Claw Machine Decor inspired by the iconic arcade game from Toy Story. This quirky decor piece adds a touch of nostalgia and whimsy, perfect for any Toy Story enthusiast’s space.

Andy’s Room Cloud Wallpaper

andys room cloud wallpaper

Transform your child’s room into a magical sky with Andy’s Room Cloud Wallpaper, featuring fluffy clouds drifting across the walls, creating a whimsical Toy Story-inspired space.

Jessie’s Cowgirl Hat Wall Hooks

jessies cowgirl hat wall hooks

On Jessie’s Cowgirl Hat Wall Hooks, you can hang up your child’s favorite toys and accessories to keep their space organized and playful.

Pizza Planet Arcade Corner

pizza planet arcade corner

Turn a corner of the room into a mini arcade space inspired by Pizza Planet from Toy Story. Fill it with arcade games, alien-themed decor, and space-themed lighting to bring the fun and nostalgia of the movie to life in your own home.

RC Car Race Track Carpet

rc car race track carpet

Transform your child’s play area into a thrilling racetrack for RC cars with a vibrant and interactive carpet design that sparks imagination and creativity.

Hamm Piggy Bank Coin Jar

hamm piggy bank coin jar

The Hamm Piggy Bank Coin Jar adds a fun touch to your Toy Story-themed room. It’s not just functional but also a cute decor piece that fans of the movie will love.

Woody’s Boot Picture Frames

woodys boot picture frames

Display treasured memories in playful Woody’s boot-shaped picture frames to add a touch of Toy Story magic to your decor.

Toy Blocks Name Sign

toy blocks name sign

Elevate your Toy Story-themed space with a personalized touch by crafting a Toy Blocks Name Sign featuring your child’s name in colorful blocks.

Toy Story Themed Bedding Set

toy story themed bedding set

Transform any bedroom into a Toy Story wonderland with a themed bedding set featuring favorite characters and iconic elements.

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