20 Top Upstairs Hallway Decor Ideas: Create a Stylish and Welcoming Space

Last updated on November 1, 2023

Break free from undecorated upstairs hallways because this article reveals innovative decor ideas that will amplify your space’s aesthetic appeal and functionality.

I, the author, take pride in presenting the 20 top upstairs hallway decor ideas with my original designs and truly hope you, the reader, find them as inspiring and enjoyable as I did while creating them.

Transforming an upstairs hallway into a visually appealing and functional space is achievable with the right decor ideas. This article explores diverse design concepts that can give your hallway a refreshing makeover, from smart storage solutions to striking wall art, lighting fixtures, and color schemes.

Whether your style is modern, traditional, or eclectic, these ideas will provide you with the inspiration needed to create a stunning and practical upstairs hallway. Read on to discover how to maximize this often overlooked space in your home.

wall mounted photo gallery

Incorporating a wall-mounted gallery not only beautifies your hallway, but it also personalizes the area to give it a homely touch. Considering the following points will ensure an appealing and cohesive photo display:

  • You can experiment with various frame styles – modern sleek black frames, vintage wooden frames, or perhaps metallic ones for a chic touch.
  • It’s also effective to play with sizes. Not all photographs need to be of the same size, a diverse mix creates visual interest. Remember, framing some images horizontally while others vertically can enhance the dynamics of your photo wall.
  • The content of your photos truly sets the tone for your gallery. Use a mix of portraits, landscapes, and candid shots. This variety keeps the gallery intriguing and reflects your personal journey.
  • For the arrangement, try symmetrical layouts, or go for a more organic, eclectic arrangement. The ladder or spiral layouts also offer a unique touch.
  • Finally, keep in mind spacing. About 2 to 3 inches between each frame provides a clean, organized look.

This strategy makes the most of your upstairs hallway space, turning an often overlooked area into a fascinating point of interest for family and visitors alike.

Glass Floating Shelves Displaying Antiques

glass floating shelves displaying antiques

Floating shelves provide visual interest while offering a non-intrusive space to showcase choice antiques. Opting for glass material ensures a sleek, modern appeal that pairs well with any design scheme. It’s a chic solution, establishing focus on the displayed items rather than the shelf itself.

The process doesn’t have to be overly complex. Some aspects to consider include the best way to balance items on the shelf to avoid creating clutter. Space out the objects evenly, mixing various sizes and shapes to amplify curiosity. For consistency, each piece should serve a similar theme, be it antique clocks, vintage photo frames, or old books.

To highlight these special treasures, install quality lighting. LED lights could be fitted under each shelf to illuminate every detail.

Another tip: mixing in some contemporary pieces helps to create a delightful fusion of old and new, narrating a unique, visual timeline from generation to generation.

Remember, your upstairs hallway is a conduit connecting diverse spaces of your home, and capitalizing on that with thoughtfully placed glass floating shelves can yield a tranquil ambience replete with personal history.

Recessed Wall Lights

recessed wall lights

Recessed lighting delivers the subtle, ambient radiance that’s ideal for creating a relaxed, welcoming vibe in your hallway. These fixtures sit flush against the ceiling, eliminating the bulkiness that some lights can introduce, ultimately helping to sustain the sense of a more spacious upstairs hallway.

With directable or fixed options, these lights can highlight key decorative features you’ve adorned your wall with, or provide a wash of illumination over the entire hallway. They’re also perfect for low-ceilinged hallways due to their unobtrusive design, and their variations in color temperature offer everything from energizing, bright light to calming, warm tones.

When selecting the ideal number of lights, consider the size and shape of your hallway. Smaller spaces may only require a few, while longer, winding corridors could benefit from a series of evenly spaced lights.

Planning for uniform spacing between each light fixture will help avoid patches of darkness, creating a seamless ribbon of light that transforms your upstairs hallway into a veritable catwalk. Able to combine functionality and style, these lights could very well become the secret weapon in your hallway décor arsenal. Remember, always hire a qualified electrician for installation to ensure safety and to comply with local building codes.

Modern Metal Wall Art

modern metal wall art

Choosing artwork made from metal can instantly elevate the aesthetic appeal of the upstairs hallway. Not only does it bring texture and depth, but it is an untraditional choice that demonstrates a bold taste.

Modern designs typically feature abstract patterns, offering a unique perspective from different angles. Choosing pieces with 3-D elements can further enrich the visual experience. One could opt for metallic tones like gold, silver, or copper, depending on the overall color scheme. Alternatively, a monochromatic piece can stand as an unmatched statement.

Not to forget, size plays a crucial role. While an oversized art piece can serve as a standalone focus point, a set of smaller pieces creates a balanced view along the hallway. A harmonious alignment with wall sconces or other lightings can produce remarkable shadows and reflections, amplifying the effect manifold.

Despite the unconventional material, modern metal wall art remains versatile. It easily combines with diverse themes, from rustic to minimalistic. Hence, it’s a great way to express individuality while maintaining a sophisticated décor approach. Equip these key points in mind while selecting the right piece.

Framed Mirrors for an Illusion of Space

framed mirrors for an illusion of space

Positioning a mirror strategically creates a magnificent effect. It enlarges the appearance of your space. Plus, it reflects light – both natural and artificial, brightening up the hallway.

Opt for a variety of shapes and sizes. A large, rectangular mirror frames your hallway expansively. Round mirrors add softer, flowing lines to the geometrics of the space. A collection of differently sized mirrors forms an attractive and engaging feature.

Remember to secure your mirror firmly. An incident could damage both the mirror and your wall, and possibly cause an injury.

Finally, note that mirrored surfaces require regular cleaning to maintain their brilliance. Dust and fingerprints can dull the reflective quality. A quick wipe-down with a microfiber cloth keeps them gleaming. Just make sure to handle delicate frames with care.

Upstairs Bookshelf Wall

upstairs bookshelf wall

Having a bookshelf wall not only serves the purpose of storing your favorite novels and collections, but also acts as an immediate attention grabber in the hallway.

Consider the following concepts when creating an upstairs bookshelf wall:

  • Opt for floor-to-ceiling designs to maximize storage and create a strong statement in the space.
  • Arrange books by color, size, or theme to keep the look cohesive and visually pleasing.
  • Introduce some interesting bookends to add an element of playfulness.
  • Utilize under-shelf lights to highlight special editions or favorite titles.
  • Incorporating a built-in seat or bench can provide a cozy reading nook.
  • Add decorative pieces alongside books, such as photo frames or small sculptures, to create variance and visual interest.

By blending functionality with style, a bookshelf wall can significantly enhance the appeal of your upstairs hallway.

Vintage Wallpaper

vintage wallpaper

Having vintage wallpaper in your upstairs hallway is a wonderful way to transport visitors to a different era. It’s not only about aesthetics, but also about creating an environment that tells a story.

With countless patterns and textures available, you can choose one that compliments the architectural features of your home and matches your personal taste.

Lee Jofa, Nobilis, and Sanderson are reputed manufacturers that bring back designs from the 18th and 19th century, especially florals and damasks.

Keep furnishings minimal to avoid overwhelming the space. For an even more harmonious look, tie in colors from the wallpaper with accent accessories like rugs, lamp shades, or wall art.

If you’re hesitant to commit to a wall-to-wall vintage look, try a single feature wall or use framed pieces of vintage wallpaper as unique art displays.

Remember, choosing wallpaper is a significant decision as it sets the tone for the upstairs hallway’s ambiance. So, make sure it’s a pattern and style you truly love.

Colorful Runner Rugs

colorful runner rugs

For an immediate uplift of your hallway, consider adding a pop of color. A vibrant runner rug is truly a game-changer. It brings with it a burst of vibrancy and an artistic touch. Not only does it shield your floor, but it also offers comfort to your feet. You can choose from various designs, patterns, and colors that blend with the rest of your decor.

Irrespective of whether your preference is a tribal design, a geometric pattern, or an abstract print, the rug serves as a walking canvas, instantly making your hallway more lively and appealing. Remember, the rug length should ideally be shorter than the hallway length for aesthetic fittings.

Elegant Chandelier

elegant chandelier

Determine the perfect chandelier size based on the width of the hallway. A general rule is adding up the length and width of the space in feet and converting the total to inches, which should roughly equate to the chandelier’s diameter.

Select a design that complements the overall theme and color scheme of your hallway; crystal chandeliers add a touch of grandeur.

Consider dimmable lights for a versatile and atmospheric array of options.

For low ceilings, opt for a semi-flush mount or downturned pendant style to avoid head bumps, while high ceilings can accommodate any style.

Proper spacing is also critical to ensure symmetrical allure.

Lastly, pair it with elegant wall decor or table accessories for a visually appealing correlation with your chandelier.

Wall Sconces for Soft Lighting

wall sconces for soft lighting

Offering both a decorative and practical element, these versatile fixtures provide a gentle glow. This type of lighting promotes a warm, welcoming ambiance, perfect for an upstairs hallway.

Consider the following when incorporating sconces into your hallway decor:

  • Ensure they’re at a proper height. Ideally, install them at around eye-level to prevent harsh lighting and glare.
  • Opt for dimmer switches. These allow for convenient brightness control, enabling you to set the perfect mood.
  • Choose visually appealing designs. From modern geometric shapes to vintage-inspired pieces, the right style of sconce can truly elevate your hallway aesthetics.
  • Bear in mind the wall art and other décor. Aim for matching or complementary styles to achieve a cohesive look.
  • Consider the type of bulb. Warm-toned lighting tends to create cozier atmospheres.
  • Space them suitably. Spacing depends on the length of your hallway and the size of the fixtures. However, placing them 8-10 feet apart is a reliable general rule.

Ensuring each of these points are in place will transform your upstairs hallway into an exquisitely lit passageway, adding depth and dimension to your home.

Plant Hangers With Greenery

plant hangers with greenery

Greenery delivers a fresh and calming ambiance to your upstairs hallway. Plant hangers are both functional and decorative – a creative way to incorporate an element of nature into your home. Seek out plants that thrive in indirect light conditions such as snake plants, pothos, or spider plants.

Consider experimenting with various types of plant hangers. Macrame hangers provide a chic bohemian touch to the space. For a more sleek and modern feel, opt for geometric metal hangers.

Alternatively, try a variety of both for a mixed material look that creates visual interest. It’s essential to ensure the hangers are installed correctly to prevent damage to your wall. Each time you climb the stairs, you’ll encounter the lively sight of your suspended indoor garden.

Ceiling Mural

ceiling mural

Transforming your upstairs hallway into an artistic haven is as simple as setting your sights higher – towards the ceiling. Applying a mural there introduces unique aesthetics and personality.

Whether it’s a heavenly sky-themed design, intricate geometric patterns, or an imaginative abstract painting, this approach can significantly enhance your hallway’s depth.

Canvassing your ceiling with a nature motif like a leafy tree, blossoms, or birds can create an illusion of openness, evoking a sense of serene outdoor grandeur.

Choose the design based on your hallway’s overall decor and color scheme to ensure harmony.

Hiring a professional muralist will yield top-tier results, but for the art enthusiasts, this could be an exciting DIY project.

Be aware that correct lighting is pivotal for showcasing your ceiling mural to its full effect.

Indirect lighting from wall-mounted fixtures can provide the gentle luminosity needed to highlight the overhead spectacle without overpowering it.

Monochrome Theme Decor

monochrome theme decor

Executing a monochrome palette can be an incredible way to inject a sense of refinement into your upstairs hallway. By choosing one hue and using a variety of its tints, shades, and tones, you bring about a cohesive and striking visual effect.

Consider employing a graduated paint effect on the walls. Begin with the darkest shade at the base and gradually lighten as you ascend to produce a captivating depth and visual interest.

Balance is key. If you opt for a dark tone, ensure lighter accessories to prevent an overwhelming feeling of heaviness. On the other hand, a light monochrome scheme can benefit from the contrast of dark-toned furnishings, offering an appealing graphic intensity.

Texture plays a crucial part in keeping a monochrome hallway from becoming bland. Blend shiny surfaces with rich, tactile ones. Matte paint contrasts well with a sleek console table or glossy photo frames; a plush rug provides a nice juxtaposition to satin sheen wall paint.

Finally, remember to introduce pattern into your space. A black and white zigzag runner or a herringbone print throw pillow can be perfect ways to lift a monochromatic scene. Patterns can be as subtle or bold as you wish, tailored specifically to suit your personal style preferences.

Minimalist Artworks

minimalist artworks

Adopting a less-is-more approach can turn your hallway into a stunning art gallery. With minimalist artwork, a few strategically placed pieces can create a sleek, stylish look. By opting for simple, clean lines and uncluttered compositions, these works will add a modern touch while keeping the area visually relaxed.

When choosing artwork, opt for pieces with light, neutral colors that complement the hallway. Black and white art is another great option, creating an understated, yet dramatic effect. When it comes to size, larger pieces can serve as a powerful focal point, drawing the eye further down the hallway, enhancing the sense of depth.

Consider keeping frames consistent for a cohesive look. Metallic finishes or natural woods can provide a perfect balance, neither overwhelming nor disappearing into the background. Arrangement is also key: a single row of evenly spaced pieces can create a neat, linear effect, while stacking artworks vertically can add height and elegance. Pay careful attention to lighting to ensure the display is well lit and the artworks are properly highlighted.

Remember, the beauty of minimalism lies in its versatility and simplicity. The right pieces will add character and sophistication to your upstairs hallway without making it feel cluttered. It’s all about enhancing space, rather than filling it.

Doorway Bead Curtains

doorway bead curtains

With such a unique decor element, your upstairs hallway can instantly evoke a bohemian, chic vibe.

Not only are they visually appealing, but they also serve a practical purpose by delineating different spaces.

When selecting bead curtains, consider factors such as color, material, and pattern.

For instance, wooden beads can bring a natural, earthy feel, while metallic beads add a splash of sophistication.

On the other hand, brightly colored plastic beads can provide a lively, playful touch.

Take measurements of your doorways to ensure a perfect fit.

Remember, bead curtains should be easy to walk through, without causing any discomfort.

For maintenance, dust regularly, and when necessary, gently hand wash with a mild detergent.

Always let it dry naturally to avoid damaging the beads.

Experimenting with light, you can create beautiful play by placing a light source behind the beads.

The shadows cast can further enhance the visual appeal making your upstairs hallway a captivating journey.

Crystal Candle Holders

crystal candle holders

Resplendent and regal, these accessories evoke a classic, timeless charm that elevates any space. Their ability to refract light adds an unexpected but lovely glow to the hallway, creating a mesmerizing and enticing atmosphere.

Opt for pieces with intricate designs to complement classic decor or choose sleek, modern shapes for a contemporary aesthetic. Consider the palette of the hallway, and choose accordingly – clear or colored crystals can either match or contrast with the surroundings for stunning effects.

Position these holders strategically, placing them where they can catch the most light – near windows or other light sources. To add to their ambiance, opt for scented candles, which not only offer visual appeal but also function as a natural air freshener.

Finally, remember to always maintain safety when using these fixtures: Never leave lit candles unattended and keep them away from flammable materials.

Pastel Wall Paint

pastel wall paint

Shifting from the neutrals, stepping into a spectrum of softer hues can bring a soothing yet lively ambiance. Pastels usually work great with natural light, helping spaces appear larger and brighter. You can opt for shades like mint green, blush pink, or lilac to keep it soothing and serene.

Choosing a matte finish can add a touch of tasteful sophistication to your surroundings, while a satin finish might give an airy charm. Moreover, gradients can offer a slightly dramatic effect, going from lighter to darker shades as you move further down the hallway. It’s essential, however, to test paint samples before committing, observing how different lighting conditions influence the colors throughout the day.

The beauty of pastels is their adaptability: they can easily complement different decor styles, whether you prefer rustic, minimalist, or eclectic. You can then accentuate the soft hues with decor elements such as picture frames, lighting fixtures, or a vibrant rug, ensuring an aesthetic harmony that makes your upstairs hallway a visual delight.

Feature Wall Showcasing Collectibles

feature wall showcasing collectibles

Creating a feature wall can transform your hallway into a personal museum. It’s an excellent way to display items that you cherish without cluttering the space.

Consider the following steps:

  • First, select a dramatic color or wallpaper to display your collectibles against. This will create contrast and draw attention to your pieces.
  • Next, think about shelving. Floating shelves are a sleek option, they allow you to arrange items at various heights, giving the wall more visual interest.
  • Lighting is also key. Incorporate spotlights or track lighting to highlight certain objects and bring warmth to the space.
  • Lastly, the arrangement of your collectibles matters. Group items by theme, color, or size to create cohesion and avoid visual chaos. Remember, less is more. You want people to appreciate each item.

Remember, your hallway should echo your personal taste and style. Make the most of this often-overlooked space with a feature wall that tells your story.

Wall-mounted Console Table

wall mounted console table

Having a console table positioned along your upstairs hallway can effortlessly add both form and function. By mounting it to the wall, you free up floor space, making the area feel more spacious. It offers a multipurpose platform: to display treasured items such as vases, books, or photo frames, or to store everyday essentials.

1. Smaller sized tables are ideal for narrow spaces. They don’t take up too much room and maintain an airy ambience.

2. A timber style table with a rustic finish strikes a balance between modern and traditional appeal.

3. Stone or marble tabletop infuses a luxurious vibe and is incredibly durable.

4. Add a touch of green with a potted plant or go bold with an art piece.

5. Install soft lighting overhead to highlight the display objects and create a warm effect.

6. Matching the console table color with your walls can create a seamless unity and emphasizes the items on display.

7. Adding small baskets or boxes can efficiently hold keys, mail, and other objects.

Remember, the aim is to balance aesthetics with functionality. Choosing the right fixtures and accents for your console table can enhance your hallway’s overall appeal while maintaining its practical usage.

Family Crest or Coat of Arms

family crest or coat of arms

Introducing such meaningful pieces into your decor can add a personal and historical touch to the space. A family crest or coat of arms, usually laden with historical symbols, not only accessorizes your hallway with a unique aesthetic but also creates a conversation starter.

1. Placement: Chose a prominent location, preferably eye-level, well-lit and initially visible.

2. Sizing: Depending on space availability, you can opt for a larger crest or a smaller, more subtle version.

3. Material: The coat of arms can be embroidered, printed on a canvas, or even crafted from metal for a more traditional look.

4. Complementary Decor: Pair it with neutral or understated decor pieces to maintain focus on the crest.

5. Lighting: Use accent lighting to highlight the piece, make it standout.

Incorporating a family crest adds a layer of personal touch, representing family heritage and history, making your hallway feel not only decorative but also uniquely yours.

Remember, though, before commissioning your family crest or coat of arms, investing time in finding out the historical accuracy of symbols and colors can enhance the significance of the piece, deepening the legacy that you carry on.

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