20 Urn Display Ideas for a Memorable Tribute

Last updated on June 3, 2024

Exploring thoughtful urn display ideas can revolutionize your memorial experience because personalized displays breathe life into cherished memories and honor one’s unique journey.

decorative memorial urns

I’ve designed unique illustrations for these ideas. I hope you get inspired!

Urn display ideas often feel limited, worn out, and far too common. Understanding this need for originality and uniqueness, this article’s purpose shifts towards exploring fresh, innovative angles for displaying urns.

Whether these urns hold deeply cherished memories or present merely as decorative elements, each deserves a unique display, divergent from the mundane.

Although a comprehensive list of the best existing ideas for comparison will be provided in the end, the priority remains to discover and share distinct and unexplored perspectives.

Expect nothing less than a creative adventure as we delve into these new, intriguing urn display ideas!

In a Memorial Shadow Box Display

in a memorial shadow box display

A shadow box serves as both a protective enclosure and a frame to accentuate a treasured urn. When selecting a shadow box, ensure it complements the urn’s size and style.

Inside, consider surrounding the urn with meaningful items such as photographs, letters, or even favorite small possessions of the loved one. This creates a personal narrative and honors their memory.

For a cohesive look, match the shadow box’s wood or material to other décor elements in your space. Hang the shadow box at eye level in a quiet area of your home where it can be seen and contemplated.

Remember to use archival-quality materials to safeguard these keepsakes from degradation over time. This setup transforms the urn into part of a living memorial, allowing for reflection and remembrance in everyday life.

Urns Showcased Among Indoor Plants

urns showcased among indoor plants

Incorporating greenery around an urn can create a serene and life-affirming showcase. When surrounded by foliage, the urn seamlessly blends with the natural aesthetic, providing a tranquil resting place.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Select plants that convey a sense of peace or hold personal significance, such as peace lilies or ferns.
  • Ensure the size and scale of the plants complement the urn rather than overwhelm it.
  • Arrange plants at varying heights to add dimension and interest to the display.
  • Consider easy-care succulents if low-maintenance is a priority.
  • Use hanging or trailing plants to create a backdrop or canopy effect.
  • Opt for planters and pots that match or complement the urn’s material and color.
  • Remember to allow for clear visibility of the urn, maintaining it as the focal point.

This approach not only honors your loved one amidst life’s enduring growth but also integrates the memorial into everyday living spaces.

Display Urn With LED Light Focus

display urn with led light focus

Illuminating an urn can add a subtle, respectful glow that honors your loved one. LED lights offer a safe, efficient way to highlight the urn without the risks associated with candles. Here are a few points to consider:

  • Placement: Position the LED lights in a manner that gently casts light upwards onto the urn, creating a soft, halo effect. This can enhance the urn’s texture and design elements.
  • Color: Choose a soft white or warm light to maintain a serene atmosphere. Colored LEDs can also be used to reflect a loved one’s personality or preferences.
  • Intensity: Opt for dimmable LED lights to control brightness levels and set the appropriate mood within the room.
  • Power Source: Ensure you have a reliable power source. Some LED lights are battery-operated, offering flexibility in placement and removing the need for cords.
  • Durability: Select high-quality LEDs that are designed to last, requiring minimal maintenance.

Keep the lighting tasteful and understated to respect the significance of the urn and what it represents.

On a Floating Shelf Among Photographs

on a floating shelf among photographs

By placing the urn on a floating shelf, you create a dedicated space that blends seamlessly with the room’s décor. This elevated position allows for a harmonious grouping with framed photographs of cherished memories with the loved one.

To establish a focal point, center the urn and arrange the photos in varying sizes around it, either in a symmetrical pattern or an organic flow that appeals to the eye. The collective display not only pays homage but also tells a story, inviting reflection and conversation.

Enhance the setup with small keepsakes or personal items that held significance, adding a layer of intimacy and personality to the memorial. Opt for a shelf color that complements both the urn and the room for a cohesive look.

Indoor Mini Waterfall Decor With Urn

indoor mini waterfall decor with urn

Incorporating an urn into a mini waterfall decor creates a serene and natural homage to a loved one. This setup not only adds a calming sound to the room but also symbolizes a continual flow of life, love, and memories.

Here are a few points to consider:

  • Select a suitable cascade feature that harmonizes with the size and style of the urn.
  • Ensure the urn is securely placed to prevent accidental tipping due to water flow or other disturbances.
  • Consider the humidity levels; choose materials that withstand moisture without damage.
  • Pair the setup with stones or aquatic plants to enhance the tranquil landscape.
  • Opt for a water feature with customizable flow settings to adjust the ambiance according to your preferences.
  • Install soft glow lighting to accentuate the water’s movement and the urn’s presence during dusk or evening hours.

When setting up, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the water feature to maintain a safe and lasting tribute.

Gold-trimmed Pedestal Urn Stand

gold trimmed pedestal urn stand

A gold-trimmed pedestal stand adds a touch of opulence and can elevate the significance of the urn within your space. When choosing this display method, consider the following:

  • Ensure the pedestal’s height complements your room, allowing the urn to be at eye level or in a central line of sight.
  • Match the gold trim with other room accents for a cohesive aesthetic. This could include picture frames, lamps, or decorative objects.
  • Consider the pedestal material and design; marble or dark wood can offer a sturdy base and further enhance the luxurious appearance.
  • Keep the area around the pedestal minimalistic to draw attention to the urn and prevent visual clutter.
  • Regularly dust and maintain the pedestal to ensure both the urn and the stand remain the focal point of the display.

Using a gold-trimmed pedestal provides a dignified and prominent placement, creating a lasting tribute to your loved one.

Urn Within a Fireplace Mantel Display

urn within a fireplace mantel display

A fireplace mantel offers a space of honor and visibility for an urn. This position leverages the hearth’s symbolic warmth and can be particularly comforting.

Adorn the mantel with items that resonate with the loved one’s memory, such as favorite books, framed photos, or cherished keepsakes, creating a personal tribute.

Balance aesthetics with symmetry or an asymmetrical arrangement that captures the essence of their spirit.

For added significance, align the urn with seasonal decor during holidays or special anniversaries to blend remembrance with family traditions.

Ensure stability to protect the urn, placing it centrally or off to one side depending on the mantel’s design and the room’s flow.

Inlaid Into a Coffee Table Centerpiece

inlaid into a coffee table centerpiece

Integrating an urn into your living space can be both a tribute and a conversation starter. By encasing the urn within a custom-built coffee table, you create a permanent and visible place of honor that seamlessly blends with your decor. Safety glass can be used to protect and display the urn underneath while still allowing it to be part of the room.

When choosing this option, consider the following:

  • Select a glass that is strong enough to withstand daily use.
  • Ensure the table design allows for easy urn removal, should you wish to relocate it.
  • Blend the table styling with your room’s aesthetic for a cohesive look.
  • Opt for UV-protective glass to safeguard any sensitive materials the urn may have from sunlight damage.

This discreet yet prominent placement allows the urn to be part of everyday life, serving as a cherished keepsake and an elegant addition to your home.

On a Decorative Window Sill

on a decorative window sill

Positioning an urn on a window sill can harness the beauty of natural light. This spot is especially ideal for a transparent or semi-transparent urn that can catch the rays of the sun, creating a glowing tribute that changes throughout the day.

Pair with a small vase of fresh flowers, commemorative stones, or a picture frame to add personal touches to the display. Ensure the sill is away from areas of strong winds or that the urn is secured, to prevent any accidents.

Consider the symbolism of sunrise or sunset views, if applicable, to add deeper meaning to your memorial display.

Vintage Suitcase Urn Presentation

vintage suitcase urn presentation

Transforming a vintage suitcase into an urn display adds a touch of nostalgia and personal history to your remembrance. It’s a concept that allows you to showcase the urn within a narrative, almost as if capturing a moment in time or a facet of the loved one’s personality, such as a fondness for travel or a bygone era they adored.

To craft this display, select a suitcase that embodies the desired aesthetic—perhaps one with a patina that speaks to its age or a style reminiscent of the person’s tastes. Inside, line the suitcase with fabric that complements the urn, consider velvet for a luxurious feel or a patterned textile for a more vibrant backdrop. Personal items or mementos can be arranged around the urn for a more intimate touch.

The suitcase can be kept closed and opened during special times or left ajar as a permanent part of your room’s decor. For added stability and security, fasten the urn to the base of the suitcase, ensuring the display remains undisturbed. This unique setting invites conversation and reflection, making it more than just a resting place but a storytelling piece in your home.

Urn Outlined With Tea Light Candles

urn outlined with tea light candles

Creating a tranquil ambiance around your urn can be achieved effortlessly by encircling it with tea light candles. This arrangement not only enhances the serenity of your space but also serves to honor the memory of a loved one during special occasions or moments of reflection.

Consider the following to achieve the best effect:

  • Choose unscented tea lights to maintain the focus on the urn and avoid overwhelming the senses.
  • Opt for flameless LED tea lights for a safer, long-lasting alternative that can be left unattended.
  • Arrange the candles in a symmetrical pattern to promote a sense of balance and harmony.
  • Utilize a protective base or tray under the candles to shield surfaces from heat or wax drippings.
  • Intermix different candle heights or colors to add depth and visual interest to the display.

Remember, less is often more; a simple ring of candles can powerfully symbolize the circle of life and the enduring nature of memories.

Urn Incorporated Into Wall Art Display

urn incorporated into wall art display

Integrating an urn into a wall art display creates a visually compelling and meaningful tribute. This concept allows the urn to be part of a larger narrative, depicted through artwork that reflects the loved one’s interests, passions, or life journey.

Considerations include:

  • Selecting complementary artwork to surround the urn can create a thematic harmony. Choose pieces that resonate with the essence of the departed, whether it’s landscapes they cherished, abstract pieces echoing personality traits, or artwork they created.

Utilizing custom shelving within the art arrangement can offer the urn its own distinguished space, while still ensuring it is part of the overall composition.

Designing the display in a gallery wall style can provide a storytelling aspect. Including photos, mementos, and quotes among the artworks adds layers of personal significance.

Ensuring the urn is securely mounted is crucial. Seek professional advice on the best mounting techniques to safeguard the urn and its contents.

Incorporate lighting to highlight the urn and its accompanying art. Spotlights or picture lights can draw attention and contribute to the atmosphere.

This creative approach intertwines memories and art, offering a daily reminder of a loved one in a home’s decor.

Suspended in a Hanging Glass Terrarium

suspended in a hanging glass terrarium

Creating a serene homage to a loved one can be achieved with the ethereal beauty of a glass terrarium. When choosing this approach, consider selecting a small, lightweight urn that can be securely fastened within the terrarium. The transparency of the glass allows light to pass through, illuminating the urn and exemplifying its significance.

Enhance the visual appeal by adding elements such as moss, pebbles, or air plants around the urn, but avoid overcrowding the space to maintain a focus on the urn itself. Ensure the hanging apparatus is both sturdy and elegant, and select a tranquil spot in the home where the terrarium can gently rotate, catching light and casting soothing shadows, while offering a peaceful, floating tribute.

In a Personal Library Collection

in a personal library collection

Integrating an urn into a personal library provides a warm and intellectual backdrop for remembrance. Position the urn among favorite books or literary classics, symbolizing the cherished stories and knowledge shared with the departed.

Use bookends to secure a dedicated space on the shelf, ensuring the urn stands out while maintaining a cohesive look. Consider a small nameplate on the shelf to discreetly label the urn, or place a framed photograph on an adjacent shelf to add a personal touch.

Keep the color scheme in mind, selecting an urn that complements the wood tones or the jacket colors of the books. This thoughtful setting not only honors the loved one but also creates a sanctuary of memories within the pages and the peaceful quiet of a well-loved library.

Velvet-cushioned Urn Display Box

velvet cushioned urn display box

A velvet-cushioned display box elevates the urn with a touch of luxury while providing a soft backdrop that highlights the urn’s design. This type of display is particularly fitting for urns with intricate patterns or metallic finishes that shine against the lush velvet.

To ensure the setting harmonizes with the room’s decor, choose a velvet color that complements the urn and surrounding space. Adequate cushioning not only supports the urn but also ensures that it remains secure if the box is moved.

For a personalized touch, consider adding a small engraved plaque onto the box with a heartfelt message or the loved one’s name and dates. This dignified presentation serves as a gentle reminder of a life well-lived and can fit seamlessly into a variety of decor themes, from classic to contemporary.

Aquarium Integration With Waterproof Urns

aquarium integration with waterproof urns

Integrating a waterproof urn into an aquarium creates a serene underwater memorial while contributing to the aquatic environment. The urns used in this setting are specially designed to be biodegradable and safe for fish and plant life.

Here are some considerations for incorporating an urn into your aquarium:

  • Selection of the Urn: Choose a waterproof urn that is made of materials like ceramic or glass, designed to withstand prolonged submersion without releasing any harmful substances.
  • Size and Placement: Ensure the urn size is appropriate for your aquarium to avoid overcrowding. Occupy a lower level of the tank to provide a grounding visual element.
  • Incorporation with Aquascaping: The urn can be naturally blended into your aquascape design. Consider surrounding it with live plants, rocks, or coral to create a harmonious look.
  • Accessibility for Maintenance: Position the urn where it won’t hamper your ability to clean and maintain the aquarium, ensuring both the beauty and health of the aquatic environment are preserved.

Remember, while the visual appeal is important, the primary concern should always be the safety and balance of the ecosystem within the aquarium.

Upside Down Wine Glass Urn Display

upside down wine glass urn display

This unusual yet striking method transforms traditional wine glasses into protective domes that elegantly showcase your urn. This design not only saves space but also adds a touch of sophistication to any room.

Here’s how to achieve this aesthetically pleasing and conversation-starting display:

  • Select large, clear wine glasses that can comfortably cover the urn, creating an effect similar to that of a display cloche.
  • Invert the glasses and place them over the urn, taking care to center the urn beneath the stem.
  • You may fill the glass bottoms, now facing up, with small trinkets, flowers, or keepsakes that held significance to your loved one, personalizing the display.
  • Ensure the surface beneath the urn is stable to prevent any accidental tipping over of the glass.
  • This display method is particularly suitable for smaller urns, and it’s important to dust the glass regularly to maintain clarity and respect for the display.

By incorporating this idea, you create a unique visual tribute that honors the memory of a loved one while integrating seamlessly with your home’s decor.

Urn Enclosed Within a Globe Stand

urn enclosed within a globe stand

Choosing a globe stand to house an urn not only adds a touch of elegance to your space but also symbolizes the worldly journey of the loved one. These stands can often rotate, offering a way to reflect on memories from different angles.

When selecting the right stand, consider the following:

  • The size of the urn should fit comfortably within the globe structure.
  • Ensure the material of the globe complements the urn, whether it’s glass, wood, or metal.
  • Consider a globe stand with secure closures to safeguard the urn.
  • Geographic designs on the stand can honor a loved one’s passion for travel or learning.
  • Opt for a stand with a stable base to ensure the urn’s safety.

This display method integrates the memory of the departed into the everyday living space in an artistic and respectful manner.

On a Mirrored Tray With Crystals

on a mirrored tray with crystals

Placing the urn on a mirrored tray enhances its visibility and significance by reflecting light and the urn’s image, creating an aura of distinction.

Surrounding the urn with crystals can add spiritual or personal meaning, as certain crystals are believed to promote peace, healing, and positive energy.

Choose crystals like amethyst for tranquility or rose quartz for love, depending on the desired ambiance or the deceased’s personality.

The juxtaposition of the reflective surface with the tactile and natural quality of the crystals offers a comforting balance.

This arrangement also allows for flexibility; you can change the types and arrangements of crystals as desired, catering to special anniversaries or moods.

Miniature Zen Garden Urn Display

miniature zen garden urn display

Creating a serene space that invites reflection, a miniature Zen garden can be an ideal setting for displaying an urn. This approach integrates the urn into a tranquil tableau, replete with sand raked into peaceful patterns, small stones, and perhaps a bonsai or resilient succulents which echo themes of life’s endurance.

This combination not only pays homage to the departed in a manner that is both respectful and visually harmonious but also provides a tactile way to meditate and feel connected to their memory. The Zen garden, often associated with calm and mindfulness, can serve as a daily reminder to find peace and balance amidst the journey of mourning.

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