20 Vintage Spice Container Ideas

Last updated on May 25, 2024

Dive into the world of kitchen decor with vintage spice container ideas because they capture both classic aesthetics and functional elegance.

I’ve designed unique illustrations for these ideas. I hope you get inspired!

Vintage spice containers, apart from being practical, can add a distinctive charm to any kitchen. While the internet is brimming with conventional ideas, this write-up aims to fuel your imagination with innovative vintage spice container ideals. A comprehensive list of resources to support popular ideas will be present at the end, for your convenience.

However, the goal remains to unearth and explore unique, fresh angles on the topic. Delve into this article to discover and adapt these inventive ideas, which promise to make your kitchen space truly unique.

Vintage Mason Jar Spice Rack

vintage mason jar spice rack

Utilizing vintage mason jars for spice storage offers several benefits. Firstly, they provide a practical solution with their screw-top lids ensuring your spices stay fresh. Secondly, their transparency allows for easy identification and aesthetic appeal when neatly lined up on a shelf or rack.

To add a touch of rustic chic, attach reclaimed wooden labels to each jar, etching the spice name for a personalized touch. Custom-built spice racks complement the mason jars nicely and maximize kitchen space. Fell free to explore distressed or painted wood options for an added vintage feel.

Note that you could also use mismatched jars for a more eclectic finish.

Antique Wooden Spice Box With Drawers

antique wooden spice box with drawers

Offering both functionality and aesthetics, an antique wooden spice box armed with multiple drawers makes for an attractive storage choice. The wooden material adds a warm, rustic charm while the numerous drawers allow convenient organization. Each drawer provides a compartment for a specific spice, keeping them tucked away yet easily accessible.

This container type is suitable for those aiming for an old-world, classic kitchen theme. Its aesthetic appeal is augmented by the patina and signs of past use, making it a visually interesting piece.

Remember that wooden containers preserve the flavor of spices longer, however, they require special care. Don’t expose them to heat sources or damp areas to avoid warping or mildew. Regular cleaning for any spice residue is also essential to maintain optimal freshness.

You can find such boxes at antique stores, online marketplaces, or even estate sales. Alternatively, a DIY project using reclaimed wood could capture the same rustic allure, providing a personal touch.

DIY Chalk Painted Metal Spice Containers

diy chalk painted metal spice containers

Expertly applying chalk paint to your old metal spice containers can elevate them into unique, shabby chic treasures. Here’s how:

1. Preparation: Start by thoroughly cleaning each container, removing any residues.

2. Primer: Apply a coat of primer, allowing it to fully dry. This step helps the chalk paint adhere better to the surface.

3. Painting: Select your preferred chalk paint colors and apply two coats to each spice container. Let each coat dry thoroughly before attempting the next one.

4. Distressing: For a truly vintage look, lightly sand the edges and areas of the container where natural wear would occur.

5. Sealing: Apply a clear wax sealant to protect the paint and give your containers an appealing soft matte finish.

6. Redefining: Use a fine-tip chalk marker or labeling machine to name each spice. The beauty of chalk paint is you can simply wipe off and re-write whenever you swap out your spices.

With these pointers, you’ll transform simple metal containers into bespoke pieces that not only serve a function but also add to your kitchen’s aesthetic. Take your time, have fun with it, and let your creativity shine!

Retro Ceramic Egg Carton Spice Storage

retro ceramic egg carton spice storage

Continuing our exploration of unique spice storage ideas, let’s delve into the charming concept of a retro ceramic egg carton. This is a robust yet chic solution, ideal for those who crave an aesthetic that is both functional and whimsical.

First, it provides twelve compact compartments, akin to a typical egg carton, keeping your spices cleanly separated and easy to identify. This not only promotes visual organization but also prolongs the spices’ quality by preventing cross-contamination.

Second, the ceramic material used in these containers provides a dual advantage. It protects spices from light and heat exposure, optimizing freshness. Its sturdy nature also guarantees durability over time.

Third, the form-factor allows it to be placed in small kitchen spaces, under cabinets, or even displayed prominently on a counter, adding a vintage touch to the decor.

Fourth, you can customize these containers with labels or decorative designs, further enhancing their antiquated appeal. This adds a fun and personal touch while aiding in quick spice recognition.

Finally, its inherent design, reminiscent of a bygone era, offers a nostalgic charm, serving as a conversation starter in any kitchen it graces.

Handmade Clay Spice Pots Idea

handmade clay spice pots idea

For an earthy, rustic appeal, nothing beats the allure of handmade clay pots. Their aesthetic versatility ideally suits any kitchen, regardless of its decor style. Notably, these pots provide a favorable environment for spices. Clay’s porous nature allows air in, keeping spices fresh for prolonged periods.

If you fancy DIY projects, consider making your clay pots. You’ll need polymer clay in your preferred color, a rolling pin, an assortment of round cutters, an oven, and a ceramic tile. The exciting process involves rolling the clay, cutting it into the desired shape, and baking.

Alternatively, various online shops and local pottery workshops sell myriad designs of these captivating spice containers. From tiny minimalist pots to larger ornate containers, there’s a range of choices. To create a cohesive look, pick pots within a specific design range, or for an eclectic feel, opt for a variety of styles.

Use a traditional wooden rack or a modern magnetic board to display these pots, revealing their beauty while keeping spices within cooking reach.

Dried Herb Display Using Old Glass Bottles

dried herb display using old glass bottles

Collecting old glass bottles can be more than just a hobby—it’s a perfect opportunity to create a sophisticated and eye-catching spice container – the vintage way!

1. Variety is Key: Don’t just settle for one bottle type. Combine different shapes and sizes to add visual interest. From oval-shaped perfume bottles to tall, slim apothecary vials, diversity creates an exciting display.

2. Clean Carefully: Glass bottles may require thorough cleaning, especially if vintage. Soak in warm, soapy water and use a bottle brush to remove any residue. Make sure they’re bone-dry before adding spices.

3. Cork it or Cap it: Preserve the spice’s freshness with bottle stoppers. Opt for cork for a vintage feel, or use metal caps for an industrial touch.

4. Label Clearly: Usage of personalized labels not only help identify the spices but also adds to the vintage aesthetic. A simple black sharpie on masking tape will do the trick!

5. Group Thoughtfully: Group herbs together that commonly pair in recipes. This makes for not only a visual treat but also a practical cooking solution.

6. Display Impressively: Showcase your collection on open shelves or in a glass front cabinet for maximum effect. Natural light hitting the glass bottles will illuminate the rich colors of the spices inside, making it a statement piece in your kitchen.

Organizing herbs and spices in old glass bottles isn’t merely about storage, it’s about infusing character and charm into your space. Craft your unique collection and let your kitchen reflect the spice of life!

Industrial Vintage Wire Basket for Spices

industrial vintage wire basket for spices

Housing your spices in an Industrial Vintage Wire Basket accomplishes both practicality and aesthetic appeal. Wire baskets add a rustic charm to any kitchen by blending mid-century design with modern-day functionality.

1. Design: Their open design allows for easy identification of spices, ensuring smooth cooking and meal preparation. As these baskets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can choose one that best fits your kitchen space.

2. Installing: Easily mountable on wall surfaces, they can also be placed on countertops or inside cabinets for convenience.

3. Container Options: Pair your wire basket with small glass jars or tin containers for spices. These not only fit neatly into the basket but also complement its industrial charm.

4. Maintenance: Wire baskets are durable and easy to clean. Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth and they’re good as new.

Envelop your spices in an industrial vintage aura with this effortless, chic storage option. Its usability and style make it a delightful addition to any kitchen.

Re-purposed Old Typewriter Drawer Spice Organizer

re purposed old typewriter drawer spice organizer

With its charming appeal and unique character, an old typewriter drawer can serve as a distinctive spice organizer. This repurposed piece of history easily fits into a kitchen’s interior, offering a taste of authenticity while efficiently housing your spices.

Here is how it works:

1. Separate Compartments: Each slot in the drawer that once held typewriter keys becomes a compartment for a spice jar. This organizes your spices neatly while providing visual aesthetics.

2. Easy Labeling: Due to the flat, plain surface of each compartment, labeling your spices becomes effortless. You can use small stickers or even write directly on the wood with a marker.

3. Wall-mounted or Counter-top: Depending on your space and preference, the drawer can be mounted on the wall like a built-in spice rack or placed on the counter. Either way, it provides accessible storage.

Style it up a bit with a light varnish or distressing technique to emphasize its vintage nature. You’ll have a perfect blend of form and function enhancing your kitchen while rediscovering the wonders of an old typewriter drawer.

rusted iron spice carousel

Employing an iron spice carousel adds a touch of rugged charm to your kitchen. Despite its rusted look, it doesn’t compromise on functionality. You can use aerosol rust treatment to prevent further corrosion, ensuring its durability.

This carousel, reminiscent of vintage ferris wheels, can hold a variety of spice jars, offering easy access when cooking. Its rotating feature enhances utility while making a strong statement. Plus, you can place it countertop for added aesthetic value or mount it on the wall to save space.

Remember to choose small to medium spice jars that will fit perfectly into the carousel’s spaces. A quick tip – use clear jars to make it easier to recognize the spices at a glance.

Vintage Enamelware for Spice Storage

vintage enamelware for spice storage

Dipping into the charm of bygone eras, enamelware adds a unique and timeless touch to kitchen spaces, doubling as a durable and fashionable spice storage solution.

Typically lightweight and easy to handle, these vintage pieces combine utility and aesthetic appeal. Here are some points to consider:

  • 1. The enamel coating doesn’t interfere with the flavor of the spices, ensuring their original taste and fragrance are preserved.
  • 2. Available in a myriad of colors and designs, these containers effortlessly blend with existing kitchen decor while injecting a touch of vintage whimsy.
  • 3. The durable material withstands wear and tear, promising a reliable and long-lasting storage alternative.
  • 4. Enamelware is easy to clean and doesn’t leave lingering scents behind, allowing for efficient spice rotation and replacement.
  • 5. Diverse sizes and styles provide flexibility, from petite tins perfect for rare spices to large pots accommodating everyday seasonings.
  • 6. The opaque material protects spices from light ensuring they stay fresh longer.

Steampunk Inspired Spice Cylinder

steampunk inspired spice cylinder

Built from brass, iron, and glass, these unique cylindrical containers take a page from 19th-century industrial design to create functional art.

More than just storage, they transform your kitchen into a creative laboratory, echoing the whimsical, mechanical aesthetics of the steampunk genre.

Key features include:

  • 1. Vintage-look Metal: Often featuring brass or copper, these bring a truly antique feel, reminiscent of Victorian inventiveness.
  • 2. Clear Glass Cylinders: Allowing for easy identification of spices while adding an element of curiosity.
  • 3. Clasps or Screw Tops: Ensures tight sealing to retain spice freshness, resembling vintage machinery parts.
  • 4. Mix-and-match Approach: Pairing with other steampunk-inspired decor, like gear-shaped clocks or wrought-iron kitchen tools, will enhance the overall theme.

Remember, these spice cylinders aren’t just for storage – they are conversation starters, bridging the gap between culinary necessity and thematic decor.

Vintage Bamboo Spice Rack Mount

vintage bamboo spice rack mount

Embrace the charm and sustainability that bamboo brings to the kitchen. It isn’t just aesthetically pleasing but incredibly durable, making it perfect for a spice rack mount.

1. Eco-Friendly: Bamboo, a rapidly renewable resource, gives your kitchen a green and earthy touch.

2. Robust and Hard-Wearing: Despite its lighter weight, bamboo rivals hardwood in sturdiness and longevity.

3. Easy Installation: A mountable rack can save countertop space and be positioned for convenient access.

4. Versatile Designs: Bamboo racks can be crafted in numerous styles, suiting both modern and vintage aesthetics.

5. Expandable: Some bamboo racks offer expandable designs providing flexibility to accommodate your growing spice collection.

6. Easy to Clean: Bamboo, being a non-porous material, can resist moisture and won’t stain easily. A quick wipe with a damp cloth is usually all it takes to maintain.

7. Affordable: Bamboo is cost-effective, providing a budget-friendly solution for stylish storage.

Remember, it’s not just about providing a storage solution, but also about adding a statement piece that enhances your kitchen decor.

Old Medicine Bottle Spice Jars

old medicine bottle spice jars

Using the charm and character of old medicine bottles as containers to store spices is an innovative approach to vintage styling. Their unique shapes and designs can add a whimsical touch to your kitchen. Besides, glass is an approved material for food storage, ensuring the natural scent and flavor of your spices remains intact.

1. Antique Shop Finds: Reach out to local antique shops, flea markets or even online marketplaces like eBay to score vintage medicine bottles.

2. Cleaning: On acquisition, cleanse each bottle meticulously. Warm water, mild soap, and a small cleaning brush work effectively.

3. Labels: Consider creating custom labels indicating the contents of each bottle. Aged-paper effect labels or chalk paint labels can enhance a vintage look.

4. Caps: If the original caps are lost or damaged, consider buying cork or custom-fitted caps from craft stores.

5. Display: Display these charming bottles on open shelves, spice racks, or inside glass-front cabinets to show off their distinctive charm.

6. Maintenance: To keep your spices fresh and aromatic, store these bottles away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

Decorative Tin Can Spice Storage DIY

decorative tin can spice storage diy

Embracing the DIY spirit, tin cans provide an avenue for creativity and a vintage touch. Apart from being eco-friendly they are highly customizable.

Here’s how you can give used tin cans a new life as spice storages:

  • Gather tin cans varying in size to accommodate different quantities of spices.
  • Remove any labels then clean and dry them thoroughly.
  • Sand any sharp edges for safety, ensuring a smooth texture.
  • Depending on your preference, paint the cans or wrap them in vintage-themed paper to match your kitchen décor. Let dry.
  • Using a permanent marker or custom labels, note the name of each spice on the cans.
  • Fix a magnet on the bottom of each tin can. This allows you to stick the cans to your fridge, saving counter space.
  • Fill each can with its corresponding spice.

This crafty undertaking results in a charming, functional, and cost-effective spice storage solution. It not only keeps your spices fresh and organized but also adds a dash of vintage charm to your kitchen. Plus, it’s a great way to re-use and reduce waste.

Wooden Crate Turned Into Spice Holder

wooden crate turned into spice holder

Transitioning from fashioning your own spice station from an antique sewing drawer, let’s move onto a similar DIY project. A wooden crate is an excellent choice when considering a budget-friendly, vintage, and all-natural alternative to keeping your spices organized.

Here’s how it goes:

1. Selecting the Crate: Being spacious, sturdy and naturally partitioned, wine or farm crates are top choices. Ensure the wooden slats are close enough to prevent small spice containers from tipping over.

2. Preparing the Crate: Clean the crate thoroughly, and for an authentic vintage effect, you might consider light sanding or applying a layer of stain or varnish. Remember not to dilute the inherent rustic appeal.

3. Arrangement: The natural partitions can be used to categorize your spices. Alphabetizing is an incredibly efficient organization technique.

4. Placement: The crate can be placed on the kitchen counter or if you’re lacking space, it can be mounted on the wall.

5. Enhancements: Small labels or chalk elements can be added to each section for easy identification of spices. However, maintain the vintage vibe!

This whole process fuses aesthetics with utility, making your kitchen space not just organized but also visually appealing.

Antique Sewing Drawer Spice Station

antique sewing drawer spice station

These quaint vessels hail from the world of textile and needlework but find a charming purpose in the kitchen. With vast compartments designed to hold multiple spools of thread, they’re ideal for storing a variety of seasoning sachets. The dark, polished wood – typically mahogany or oak – adds a touch of sophistication.

Size: Antique sewing drawers tend to have a compact size, making them a favorable choice for those with limited counter space. They often come with a reasonable number of compartments for different spices.

Customization: You can play with the sewing drawer’s interior by creating bespoke compartments using small baskets or dividers. This helps to keep your spices organized.

Accessibility: The sliding or flip-top design of these drawers ensure the spices are easily accessible yet protected from light and moisture.

Aesthetic Value: Aside from the functionality, the vintage appeal of the sewing drawer adds a decorative quality to your kitchen. The rich patina of the wood enhances its charisma, while the antique hardware introduces a nostalgic element.

Easy Cleaning: You can vacuum or dust the drawer with a soft, dry cloth to maintain its antique quality.

Apothecary Cabinet for Spice Collection

apothecary cabinet for spice collection

Holding roots in the 19th century and beloved for its small multiple drawers, the apothecary cabinet delivers a distinct vintage allure and superior organization. This piece not only exudes charisma but also offers functional spice storage with its numerous compartments.

When opting for an apothecary cabinet, keep in mind:

  • Size: Choose one that best fits your countertop or wall mount space. They can range from compact three-drawer designs to large chests with over 20 drawers.
  • Drawer Labels: An original apothecary cabinet will typically have vintage labels. However, custom labels can be made using a label maker or printed paper for a personalized touch.
  • Inner Organization: Some drawers may contain small sections originally intended for different medicinal compounds, perfect for separating your spices.
  • Material: Authentic pieces are generally wooden but repurposed or DIY cabinets can be painted or varnished according to your kitchen aesthetic.

Remember, regular dusting and cleaning will keep your cabinet looking its best, while ensuring your spices are fresh and safe to use.

Reused Vintage Tea Tin for Spices

reused vintage tea tin for spices

Repurposing a vintage tea tin is a visually appealing way to store and streamline your spice collection. These containers, often garnished with floral or artistic designs, add an element of classic elegance to your kitchen setup.

Here are a few insightful points to consider:

  • Materials: Tea tins, particularly those from Asian markets, are usually made from tin-plate or aluminum, providing appropriate rust-resistant storage for your spices.
  • Capacity: A typical tea tin can accommodate anything from one to five ounces of spice, depending upon its size, making it perfect for a range of different spices.
  • Freshness: The firm seal of a tea tin will ensure the freshness of your spices for extended periods.
  • Multipurpose: Besides spices, tins can also be utilized for tea or other dry food storage.
  • Aesthetic: With exquisite designs and original patterns, vintage tea tins add a unique aesthetic element to your kitchen.

When opting for this storage solution, remember to clean the tins thoroughly before use and check for any signs of rusting inside the tin. Also, consider labeling the tins for easy identification of your spices.

Decorative Spice Rack Using Aged Wine Box

decorative spice rack using aged wine box

Stepping up the creativity notch, an aged wine box can make an enchanting and wholly unique spice holder. This inventive yet functional display adds a rustic touch to your kitchen. Each compartment, originally designed to soothe bottles of wine gently, becomes home to an array of fragrant spices.

1. Select an aged wine box. Good old patina imparts a nostalgic feel while a robust structure ensures durability.

2. Consider the number of compartments in relation to your spice assortment. Standard boxes offer six or twelve slots, but variations abound.

3. Depending on preferred visibility, leave the box as is or remove the top cover. Some may opt to replace it with glass for a more polished look.

4. Sand and condition the wood if necessary. This helps retain its vintage charm, whilst preserving the material.

5. Customize as desired. Label each compartment for easy identification of spices.

6. Make sure to position it in a cool, dry, and easily reachable spot in your kitchen.

Implement this concept and add a splash of antiquity to your kitchen, without sacrificing functionality. Display your spices with pride in a reimagined, repurposed vintage wine box.

Repurposed Vintage Coke Crate Spice Organizer

repurposed vintage coke crate spice organizer

Who knew that a relic from soda pop’s golden age could serve as an eye-catching, yet functional, addition to your kitchen? With its distinct, nostalgic charm, a vintage Coke crate brilliantly fits the bill for organizing your varied spice collection.

1. Roomy Compartments: The crate’s partitions – originally designed to hold individual glass Coke bottles – provide perfect-sized spaces for tin, glass, or even plastic spice jars. You can group similar spices together for easy access.

2. Display Factor: Your spices aren’t hidden in a cupboard. They’re out, colorful, and arranged, adding a touch of retro decor to your kitchen.

3. Mobility: The crate is portable. Need to bring your spices closer to the action? No problem!

4. Durability: These wooden crates were built to last in a commercial setting, meaning they can more than handle the demands of a modern kitchen.

5. Sustainable: Instead of buying new off-the-shelf spice racks made of plastic or other materials, you are giving a second life to a vintage artifact.

With a vintage Coke crate, you can have your spices right at your fingertips, and preserve a piece of Americana at the same time. The crate’s inherent aesthetics give it a unique place in the realm of spice container solutions.

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