What Makes Sprung Top Divan Bases Different?

Last updated on November 26, 2023

Discover how sprung top divan bases stand out in the crowded world of bed design because of their unique construction and remarkable benefits.

Diving into the realm of bed bases, sprung top divan bases stand out due to their unique construction and functional aspects. The beauty of these bases lies in their sprung surface. Unlike solid top divan bases, sprung top divans feature an additional layer of springs. These springs incorporate a distinct yielding characteristic making the base more responsive to your body’s weight, ensuring a softer and more comfortable feel.

This detail, along with other key advantages, is crucial for a comfortable sleep experience. However, it’s equally essential to acknowledge certain considerations, all of which will be thoroughly explored in the subsequent sections to support your decision-making process.

Key takeaways:

  • Sprung top divan bases have an additional layer of springs for a softer feel.
  • There are two types of springs commonly found in a sprung base: open coil and pocket sprung.
  • Sprung top divan bases offer a softer surface compared to platform tops and ottoman bases.
  • They provide enhanced comfort, support, and motion isolation for a better sleep experience.
  • Sprung top divan bases are compatible with various types of mattresses.

Types of Springs in a Sprung Base

sprung top divan base with drawers

Primarily, there are two types of springs commonly found in a sprung base: open coil and pocket sprung.

1. Open Coil: These springs are interconnected in a row with a wire to distribute weight evenly across the mattress. They’re cost-effective and good for those on a budget. However, they might cause a ripple effect if one person moves on the bed, potentially disrupting the other.

2. Pocket Sprung: As the name suggests, these springs are enclosed individually in fabric pockets, promoting better motion isolation. This means movements on one side of the bed won’t impact the other side, offering a peaceful sleep. Pocket sprung bases, with their high spring count, are excellent for providing individualized support, but they may come with a higher price tag.

Informed choice of the spring type contributes significantly to getting the right balance of comfort and support from the divan base.

Differences Between Sprung Top Divan Bases and Other Types

Unlike their solid or platform top counterparts, sprung top divan bases boast a layer of springs in the top panel. These springs offer a cushioned surface for your mattress, contributing to a softer, more comfortable sleeping surface.

Contrasting a platform top divan base, which provides a firmer feel due to its rigid, non-sprung base, the sprung variety enhances mattress longevity by absorbing most of the weight applied, mitigating wear and tear.

On the other hand, ottoman bases focus on storage, with the entire bed platform lifting to reveal a large hidden compartment. While they may provide a solid base, they lack the sprung top’s extra layer of comfort.

Divan bases with legs, also known as divan on legs or floating divans, offer a more contemporary aesthetic without the additional spring layer. These bases focus on the ‘floating’ design element and do not provide the same softness that a sprung top divan base can.

Finally, adjustable divan bases cater to those with specific medical conditions or lifestyle preferences by adjusting the base’s angle. These do not typically incorporate springs in their design and hence do not deliver the distinct comfort of sprung top divan bases.

The Structure of a Sprung Edge Divan Bed

Delving deeper, let’s unpack the complex composition of this piece of furniture. Its hallmark is a layer of springs embedded into the interior structure, introducing a level of flexibility unmatched by solid base counterparts. A wooden frame encases the springs, providing stability and durability.

The real magic happens with the springs. Often coil in design, these elastics provide a buoyant layer, while evenly distributing the weight, succumbing to the pressure, and then bouncing back into place. Collectively, they form a soft, cushioned surface, permeating the entire base and extending to the edges.

Upholstery finishes the frame, creating a plush, comfortable exterior, while drawers may be included in the structure for added storage. This sophisticated design paves the way for optimal comfort and practical use, making the most out of every square inch.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sprung Top Divan Bases

On the upside, these bases guarantee an enhanced level of comfort, largely due to the softer surface provided by the springs. They offer uniformly distributed support across the mattress, which can help prolong your mattress’ lifespan by reducing concentrated pressure points. Sprung top divan bases also cater well to heavier body weights, thanks to the preferable support system.

However, no product comes without drawbacks. These bases often sport a higher price tag than their solid platform top counterparts. They also deliver a softer feel, which might be a downside for those who prefer solid support. Finally, due to their complex construction, they may be heavier and more difficult to move. Consider these pros and cons when determining if a sprung top divan base is right for you.

Cost Comparison of Sprung Top Divan Bases With Other Types

Although priced relatively higher than standard platform top versions, sprung top divan bases offer enhanced comfort features, justify their cost.

A typical divan is less expensive than its counterparts like bed frames or slatted bases due to its simplistic construction, although their cost can increase with additional features like storage.

Comparatively, adjustable beds, thanks to their multifunctional capabilities, frequently carry a higher price tag than most divan bases, including the sprung edged ones.

Ottoman bed bases, offering substantial storage space, can also exceed the cost of a sprung top divan base, especially those using premium materials or larger sizes.

However, it’s paramount to keep in mind the trade-off between initial cost and long term benefits when comparing these bases.

Drawers and Sprung Bases: Storage Spaces As a Factor in Choice

When you’re looking to maximize your bedroom’s potential, consider the built-in storage that certain divan bases offer. Especially in smaller rooms or cramped apartments, the added storage can be a lifesaver.

Many sprung top divan bases come equipped with drawers, allowing you to stow away items such as linens, seasonal clothes, or clutter that doesn’t have a designated spot. These bases typically offer two or four drawers, incorporated seamlessly into the design without compromising the structure’s support or the sleeper’s comfort.

In short, you’re gaining a storage solution without losing a good night’s sleep. Always ensure to check the drawers’ quality, as flimsy components can interfere with the effortless glide and capacity.

Make your furniture work double duty by opting for a sprung top divan base with storage options. This way, not only do you benefit from the comfy platform for your mattress but also from a clever space-saving solution.


Can you put a foam mattress on a sprung base?

Yes, a foam mattress can be placed on a sprung base provided that the base offers a solid, supportive platform without excessive ‘give’.

What are the main benefits of using a sprung top divan base?

A sprung top divan base provides superior comfort and support, prolongs mattress life, and offers additional storage options.

How does a sprung edge divan base compare to other divan types?

A sprung edge divan base, compared to other divan types, has a layer of springs built into it that offer enhanced comfort and prolong the lifespan of the mattress.

Which mattress types are compatible with a sprung divan base?

Both innerspring and memory foam mattresses are compatible with a sprung divan base.

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