20 Christmas Desk Decorating Ideas for a Festive Workspace

Last updated on December 9, 2023

Dive into this treasure of unique Christmas desk decorating ideas because transforming your workspace into a festive haven can boost holiday spirit and productivity.

I’ve designed unique illustrations for these ideas. I hope you get inspired!

The season of jingle bells and mistletoe is upon us, beckoning the creative spirit to transform everyday spaces into a Yuletide wonderland. When it comes to Christmas desk decoration, the internet is teeming with ideas. However, an avalanche of options could easily turn into visual noise, hence the importance of curating a fresh and unique list tailored for the discerning eye.

This article will present not only an array of new quirky, innovative decoration ideas but also a round-up of the best from the already existing array at the end. So prepare your Santa hat, and let’s dive into the vibrant world of Christmas desk decorating ideas sure to spruce up your workspace with holiday spirit.

Convert Office Chairs to Reindeer

convert office chairs to reindeer

Embarking on a festive transformation of your office chair into a charming reindeer is a simple project that adds a whimsical touch to your workspace.

Start by attaching a pair of cut-out cardboard antlers to the top of your chair; brown craft paper or felt works perfectly for a natural look.

Secure them with tape or, if your chair permits, slide them into the seams of the chair’s upholstery.

Next, fashion a red pom-pom or a small red ball as Rudolph’s iconic nose and place it at the center of your chair’s backrest.

To add eyes, you can utilize sticky notes with drawn pupils, or for a more durable solution, felt circles with adhesive backing.

For the finishing touch, wrap the chair’s arms or legs with brown or gold ribbons to mimic the reindeer’s legs.

With these simple additions, your office chair is now not just a seat, but a festive companion through the holiday season.

Use Computer Monitors As Fireplace Screensavers

use computer monitors as fireplace screensavers

Transform your workstation into a cozy nook by displaying a crackling fireplace screensaver on your computer monitor. This simple visual trick brings warmth to the room without the need for physical space or decorations.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Choose a high-definition fireplace video or animated image that simulates the tranquil ambiance of a real fire.
  • Look for options with sound effects to enhance the experience with the comforting crackle and pop of burning logs.
  • Set the screensaver to activate during short breaks to save on energy and prevent screen burn-in.
  • Adjust your monitor’s brightness to complement the lighting in your office, creating a subtle and inviting glow.

With your digital hearth ablaze, you’ll have a delightful holiday focal point that invites peace and joy to your workday.

Office Stationery Christmas Tree

office stationery christmas tree

Transform commonly used office items such as staplers, tape dispensers, and pens into a festive display by arranging them in a tiered, tree-like structure on your desk.

Consider the following steps:

  • Start with a broad base using larger items like binders or books and work your way up to smaller items like staplers and tape dispensers.
  • Add color by incorporating green paper clips or markers, and use a small, gold-colored item for the tree topper.
  • Utilize sticky notes to mimic ornaments; write holiday wishes or December to-dos on them for a practical touch.
  • Place a pencil or a ruler vertically at the peak as a makeshift tree trunk for stability.
  • For finishing touches, loop a red ribbon around your creation or sprinkle some faux snow for a wintry effect.

Remember, this setup should not only be joyful but also functional, ensuring that all items remain accessible for daily use.

Display Holiday Cards On Desk

display holiday cards on desk

Transform your collection of holiday greetings into a charming desk display. By stringing a festive ribbon across a section of your workspace, you can attach cards with miniature clothespins, which double as quaint ornaments.

For a more understated approach, place your favorites in a clear jar or along the sides of your monitor for a daily dose of festive cheer.

A simple holder, perhaps a repurposed toast rack or letter organizer, also makes for a neat arrangement that keeps your well-wishes at hand and in sight.

Consider the colors and themes of the cards when curating your display to create a cohesive holiday aesthetic.

Create a Chocolate Advent Calendar

create a chocolate advent calendar

Elevate the anticipation for Christmas with a daily sweet treat by crafting your own chocolate advent calendar. Mounted on a corkboard or simply resting on your desk, assign a number from 1 through 24 for each day leading up to Christmas. Tuck an individually wrapped chocolate behind each number. As you count down the days, not only will it add a festive touch to your workspace, but it will also offer a delightful moment of indulgence.

To personalize, select chocolates that suit your taste, perhaps varying from dark, milk, to white chocolate, or even include a few chocolate truffles for a luxurious twist. This desk-friendly calendar not only serves as a decorative piece but also provides a joyful and interactive element to your daily routine during the holiday season.

Festive Laptop Skin Wraps

festive laptop skin wraps

A quick and non-permanent way to spread holiday cheer right at your workspace is with delightful laptop skin wraps. These adhesive, easily removable covers come in a variety of holiday designs, from snowflakes to Santa Claus, and they can be applied directly to the back of your laptop screen.

  • Choose a design that suits your personal holiday spirit.
  • Ensure the size matches your laptop dimensions for a sleek look.
  • Look for skins made from durable, bubble-free material for easy application.
  • Opt for a matte finish to avoid glare from overhead lights.
  • These wraps not only decorate but also protect the laptop from scratches.
  • After the holidays, they peel off without leaving a sticky residue, perfect for a hassle-free transition back to the regular work vibe.

Consider coordinating your skin wrap with other desk decorations for a cohesive look.

DIY Desk Confetti Decoration

diy desk confetti decoration

Add a touch of whimsy to your space with your own confetti decoration. Gather multicolored paper – think old wrapping paper or colorful magazines – and punch out shapes using craft punches. Stars, circles, or even snowflakes work well for a festive look.

Scatter these shapes lightly across your desk surface, focusing on areas that don’t interfere with your work tasks. Seal the decorations in place with a clear desk mat to prevent them from scattering every time you move an object on your desk.

This simple, creative idea will brighten your workspace and can be easily cleared away when needed.

Santa Hat Chair Covers

santa hat chair covers

Transform your seating with a touch of holiday cheer simply by slipping festive hat covers over the backrests. This delightful touch is perfect for creating a jolly feel without overwhelming your workspace.

Look for soft, plush materials that will add comfort as well as style. You can opt for traditional red and white combinations or choose unique patterns to reflect your personal style.

For those with a crafty flair, consider making your own by sewing fabric into the iconic pointed shape, adding a pom-pom for a whimsical finish. This addition can serve as a conversation starter among colleagues and contribute to a spirited office atmosphere throughout the season.

Decorative USB Christmas Lights for Computers

decorative usb christmas lights for computers

Brighten up your workspace with USB-powered Christmas lights. Here are some points to help you achieve a cozy, festive glow with minimal effort:

  • Choose a string of USB lights that matches your office’s color scheme. Options range from warm white to multicolor.
  • Drape the lights around the edges of your monitor, or outline your desk to define your space softly.
  • Consider light-up USB trees or mini light strands that can be placed in a small desktop vase for a touch of greenery.
  • Safety first: ensure your computer’s USB ports can handle the power load. Avoid overloading with multiple strands.
  • Keep cable clutter at bay by using cord clips or adhesive hooks to neatly secure the light strings in place.
  • For added functionality, select lights with an on/off switch to easily conserve energy when not at work.

These USB lights not only provide a festive touch but also offer a gentle, ambient light source perfect for those late hours during the holiday season.

Origami Star Garland for Computer Monitors

origami star garland for computer monitors

This festive adornment adds a touch of whimsy to your workspace. Begin by folding several origami stars from colorful paper.

Next, string these stars together using a thin ribbon or string. Ensure the garland length fits the span of your monitor.

Finally, gently tape or clip the ends of the garland to the top corners of your display. The result is a delightful, handmade decoration that can be enjoyed throughout the holiday season.

For an added sparkle, use metallic or glittery paper.

DIY Mini-Pom Pom Christmas Trees

diy mini pom pom christmas trees

Starting with a small foam cone, choose yarn in traditional holiday hues—or any color that compliments your office decor. Wind the yarn tightly around the cone, beginning at the base and working upward until fully covered. For added festive flair, intersperse shiny threads or thin ribbons.

Grab a pom-pom maker, typically available at craft stores, to create fluffy pom-poms in various sizes. After crafting a satisfactory number, attach them to the yarn-covered cone using hot glue, starting from the bottom and spiraling to the top. Vary the colors and sizes for a playful, textured look.

For a finishing touch, consider topping with a mini star or an ornamental bow. These lightweight trees can cheerfully adorn a corner of your desk without taking up much space, inviting the spirit of the season into your workspace with a personalized touch.

Office Desk Winter Wonderland

office desk winter wonderland

Transform your workspace into a snowy escape with a few simple touches. Sprinkle artificial snow across your desk, taking care not to obstruct your work area.

Add miniature snow-covered trees and a small flock of penguins or reindeer figurines to create a delightful, wintry scene.

Consider placing a snow globe where you can take a momentary gaze to relax during stressful tasks.

If possible, drape a white fluffy blanket over your chair for a cozy, snow-like effect.

Use cotton balls along the edges of your monitor to mimic snow drifts for a finishing touch that brings the winter wonder directly to your workstation.

Decorate Keyboard With Mini Bow Decals

decorate keyboard with mini bow decals

Adding a touch of festive charm to your workspace is as simple as dressing up your keyboard. Mini bow decals can be easily stuck onto the keys for a pop of Christmas color without interfering with your typing.

Opt for decals made of reusable, non-adhesive vinyl to avoid leaving any sticky residue. Choose traditional red, green, and gold bows, or match them to your overall office color scheme.

The beauty of this adornment lies in its subtlety and how it transforms a mundane item into a delightful holiday accessory. Remember to place them carefully so as not to obscure key symbols, keeping practicality in mind alongside festivity.

Whimsical Stick-on Window Paintings

whimsical stick on window paintings

Transform your office into a festive tableau with stick-on window paintings. These clings provide a cheerful view without any mess or fuss. Opt for snowflake designs, jolly Santa faces, or serene winter landscapes. They’re not only a visual delight but also a breeze to install and remove, requiring no adhesives.

Consider varying sizes to create a sense of depth, or arrange them following a specific theme. Your creativity is the limit. And one of the best parts? They won’t obstruct natural light. Plus, as temporary decorations, they offer a sense of impermanence—a gentle reminder to savor the season while it lasts.

Mini Chalkboard Christmas Art

mini chalkboard christmas art

Incorporate a little rustic charm into your festive decor with small chalkboards that can easily fit on a desk. They are both functional and decorative, allowing for quick notes or countdowns while simultaneously serving as a canvas for holiday cheer.

Here’s how to make the most of them:

  • Draw or stencil your favorite Christmas motifs, such as snowflakes, Christmas trees, or stars.
  • Use colored chalk for a pop of color, or stick with classic white for a snowy effect.
  • Write out short festive phrases like “Joy,” “Noel,” or “Peace.”
  • Personalize the space by writing the name of the desk occupant in a decorative script.
  • Enhance the drawings with adhesive gems or stickers for a bit of sparkle.

Remember, the beauty of chalkboard art is in its impermanence; you can change the design as often as you like throughout the season, ensuring your workspace remains dynamic and spirited.

Interactive Tabletop Christmas Village

interactive tabletop christmas village

Transform your desk into a miniature winter wonderland with a few creative touches. Select a corner or area on your desk to set up a small array of miniature houses, trees, and figurines that depict a festive village scene. Consider investing in a set that includes lights, giving your table a cozy, luminous glow that captures the magic of the season.

For a personal twist, customize the village with handmade items. Think about using everyday materials, such as paper, felt, or even 3D printed components, to add unique details like miniature shop fronts that represent your hobbies or interests.


  • Use cotton batting or a white felt sheet to simulate snow, laying the base for your village.
  • Incorporate a miniature train set that weaves through the setup, adding movement to the scene.
  • If your space allows, set up a small interactive element, such as a button that plays holiday music or turns on the miniature village lights.
  • Involve your colleagues by inviting them to contribute a small item to the village, fostering a collaborative and festive atmosphere.

Desk Calendar Countdown to Christmas

desk calendar countdown to christmas

Integrate the excitement of the season directly into your workspace by utilizing a desk calendar as a countdown to the big day. Not only will it help you track the days, but it can also serve as a daily reminder of the festivities ahead.

  • Select a calendar with playful, holiday-themed graphics to brighten your day each time you glance at it.
  • Add small sticky notes with positive messages or festive quotes to peel away as part of the countdown.
  • Embellish the calendar with stickers or stamps that represent different aspects of the holiday season.
  • Incorporate a small treat, such as a piece of candy or a fun fact about Christmas, behind each date.
  • Use washi tape or colored markers to decorate the edges of the calendar, giving it a cheerful border.

This simple addition to your desk not only serves a practical purpose but also becomes a conversation piece, sparking holiday spirit among you and your colleagues.

Create Elves Out of Folders

create elves out of folders

Transform everyday office supplies into charming holiday cheer with elves crafted from folders. Choose green folders for the body, red for hats and white for fancies. Cut out the shapes, glue them accordingly, and draw faces.

These whimsical figures can stand on desks, guide paperwork, or even hold place cards for a festive touch. You can personalize them with the names of team members or use them to label different sections for a bit of Yuletide organization.

Add a touch of merriment to the workday by giving these desk elves tasks: “Protecting” important documents or “guarding” office snacks. This activity not only sparks creativity but also serves as a lighthearted icebreaker during the holiday season.

Custom Holiday Mouse Pad

custom holiday mouse pad

Personalize your workspace with a custom mouse pad featuring a favorite holiday design or photo. This simple touch adds both function and festivity to your desk.

Select an image: Choose a high-resolution picture of a holiday scene, a beloved winter landscape, or a snapshot from a previous Christmas to keep memories close at hand.

Consider the shape: Traditional rectangle or fun, festive shapes like a snowflake, Santa’s hat, or Christmas tree can bring an extra sprinkle of joy to your desk.

Texture and quality: Ensure the mouse pad has a smooth surface for easy mouse movement and a nonslip rubber base for stability.

Order online: Utilize online services where you can upload your image, preview the design, and have the product shipped directly to you.

Gift option: Not just for personal use, a custom mouse pad makes for a thoughtful and unique gift for a co-worker or friend.

With this small addition, daily tasks are cheered by the holiday spirit each time you sit down to work.

Wrap Office Chairs in Wrapping Paper

wrap office chairs in wrapping paper

Add an unexpected twist to your workspace by transforming your chair into a festive focal point. Choose wrapping paper with a sturdy texture to withstand daily use and select patterns that complement your office decor.

Measure the backrest and seat dimensions before cutting your paper to ensure a smooth application. Secure the paper with double-sided tape for a temporary hold, making it easy to remove once the holiday season concludes.

To add a touch of whimsy, finish with a large bow or ribbon, effectively turning your office chair into a delightful ‘gift’ for anyone who stops by your desk.

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