15 Christmas Tree Door Decorations for School

Last updated on June 19, 2024

Get inspired with unique and fun Christmas tree door decoration ideas perfect for school environments.—### Classroom Christmas Tree CollageTransform the classroom door into an artistic masterpiece by creating a giant Christmas tree collage. Use green construction paper for the tree and invite students to design their own ornaments. Attach the ornaments to the tree to showcase their creativity.### Popsicle Stick OrnamentsEncourage a crafting session where students make ornaments from popsicle sticks. Paint the sticks green and add googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and glitter for a festive touch. Attach these mini Christmas trees to the door for a handmade touch that screams holiday spirit.### Wrapping Paper WonderWrap your entire door in festive Christmas wrapping paper and stick a large cutout of a Christmas tree in the center. Add bows, garlands, and mini gift boxes to make it look like a scene from Santa’s workshop.### Paper Chain Garland TreeCreate a Christmas tree outline with long paper chains in green. Layer the chains from the top down, giving a 3D tree effect. Let students decorate the chains with stickers, markers, or small paper ornaments.### Snowy SceneGo for a winter wonderland effect by adding a white Christmas tree decorated with paper snowflakes and icicles. Cotton balls can serve as “snow” around the tree, adding a fluffy and cozy feel.### Holiday Message BoardTransform the tree into a message board where students can place holiday wishes, jokes, or messages. Use colorful sticky notes or slips of paper, and let the tree grow with festive tidings.### Classic Light Bulb TreeUse colorful construction paper to create a string of Christmas lights forming the shape of a tree. Let each kid design and decorate their own “bulb” before attaching it to the door. Bonus: it’s bright, but won’t spike the electric bill!These ideas can turn any drab classroom door into a delightful Christmas spectacle, spreading cheer and holiday spirit throughout the school.

Tired of seeing the same old Christmas tree door decorations at school? Me too!

My mission? To deliver fresh, unique ideas that will make your classroom door the talk of the holiday season.

Ready to spruce things up? Let’s dive into some truly original and fun ideas!

Mini Wreaths With Class Photos

mini wreaths with class photos

Mini wreaths with class photos add a personalized touch to your school’s decorations by incorporating student pictures in a festive way. Adorning each wreath with a unique photo brings a sense of belonging and holiday cheer to the decoration. This idea celebrates the unity and joy of the school community while making the Christmas tree display more special and memorable.

Paper Handprint Christmas Tree

paper handprint christmas tree

Create a festive and personalized Christmas tree decoration using students’ handprints on colorful paper cutouts. A fun way to involve each student in the decoration process. Ideal for adding a personal touch to the school’s festive decor.

3D Paper Ornaments Display

3d paper ornaments display

Create a beautiful display of 3D paper ornaments to add a festive touch to your school’s door decorations this Christmas. Each ornament can be uniquely designed by students for a personalized and eye-catching look. Ideal for adding depth and texture to your overall design scheme.

String Light Silhouette Tree

string light silhouette tree

Illuminate your classroom with a charming silhouette tree made from string lights, bringing a festive and cozy ambiance.

Pom-pom Garland Tree

pom pom garland tree

Adorn your classroom door with a festive Pom-pom garland tree, adding a touch of color and cheer to the holiday season.

Glittery Ribbon Tree

glittery ribbon tree

Add some sparkle to your classroom with a Glittery ribbon tree that will make the door festive and eye-catching.

Chalkboard Tree With Student Names

chalkboard tree with student names

Adorn a chalkboard with student names to create a personalized tree decoration for your school festivities.

Popsicle Stick Ornaments

popsicle stick ornaments

Create adorable Christmas tree decorations using Popsicle sticks. They add a charming touch to your school’s festive decor.

Felt Tree With Detachable Ornaments

felt tree with detachable ornaments

Create a felt tree where students can attach and detach different ornaments, adding a fun and interactive element to the decoration.

Button and Sequin Decoration Tree

button and sequin decoration tree

For the Button and Sequin Decoration Tree, students can decorate the tree with bright buttons and shiny sequins to create a festive and colorful look perfect for a school door. Kids will love getting creative with this tactile and visually appealing project that will surely bring holiday cheer to the school hallway.

Christmas Tree Made of Bows

christmas tree made of bows

Use various colored bows to create a unique Christmas tree display for your school decor.

Cotton Ball Snow-adorned Tree

cotton ball snow adorned tree

Transform your school door into a winter wonderland by adding a Cotton ball snow-adorned tree decoration, creating a cozy and festive atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

Recycled Material Ornament Tree

recycled material ornament tree

Utilize recycled materials to create unique ornaments for the school’s Christmas tree. It’s a fun and eco-friendly way to get creative while spreading holiday cheer throughout the school.

Interactive Advent Calendar Tree

interactive advent calendar tree

The Interactive advent calendar tree allows students to participate in daily activities or surprises leading up to Christmas. Each day reveals a new fun and engaging task, creating excitement and anticipation among students.

Giant Construction Paper Tree With Each Student’s Artwork

giant construction paper tree with each students artwork

Display student artwork on a giant construction paper tree for a collaborative and festive school decoration.

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