15 DIY Halloween Decorations: Easy Ideas for Festive Decor

Last updated on May 17, 2024

Get ready to craft spooky and creative DIY Halloween decorations that will turn your home into the ultimate haunted house!

Floating Ghosts: Shape Cheesecloth With Fabric Stiffener Over Balloons, Sprinkled With Glow-in-the-dark Paint

floating ghosts shape cheesecloth with fabric stiffener over balloons sprinkled with glow in the dark paint

Floating Ghosts create an eerie ambiance, glowing mysteriously as they hover in the dark.

Spider Ice Cubes: Freeze Small Plastic Spiders in Ice Molds for Spooky Drinks

spider ice cubes freeze small plastic spiders in ice molds for spooky drinks

Add a chilly creep factor to your Halloween beverages with spider-infested ice cubes that are sure to startle your guests.

Mason Jar Mummies: Wrap Jars With Gauze and Add Googly Eyes; Place LED Candles Inside

mason jar mummies wrap jars with gauze and add googly eyes place led candles inside

These mason jar mummies offer a charmingly eerie glow, perfect for setting a spooky mood on any shelf or tabletop.

Bat Garland: Cut Bats From Black Construction Paper, String Together With Twine

bat garland cut bats from black construction paper string together with twine

This garland, made of nocturnal creatures, adds a winged surprise to doorways and mantels, fluttering eerily with every breeze.

Witch Hat Luminaries: Decorate and Invert Paper Cones, Place Over Small Flashlights

witch hat luminaries decorate and invert paper cones place over small flashlights

Witch Hat Luminaries cast a magical glow, perfect for lighting the path to your haunted house.

Window Silhouettes: Cut Out Scary Shapes From Black Paper and Tape to Windows

window silhouettes cut out scary shapes from black paper and tape to windows

These dark, menacing figures create a spooky ambiance when they’re glimpsed from outside your home.

Bloody Handprints: Use Washable Red Paint for Handprints On Doors and Windows

bloody handprints use washable red paint for handprints on doors and windows

Add a chilling touch to your decor by adorning doors and windows with washable red handprints.

Monster Door: Wrap Door With Toilet Paper and Use Paper Plates for Eyes

monster door wrap door with toilet paper and use paper plates for eyes

The Monster Door turns your entryway into a giant, googly-eyed creature, offering a fun and unexpected greeting to guests.

Tombstone Yard Decorations: Shape Cardboard Into Tombstones, Paint Grey, Write Witty Epitaphs

tombstone yard decorations shape cardboard into tombstones paint grey write witty epitaphs

Transform your yard into a humorous graveyard with custom witty epitaphs on homemade grey-painted cardboard tombstones.

Spider Webs: Stretch Cotton Balls or White Trash Bags to Mimic Spider Webs

spider webs stretch cotton balls or white trash bags to mimic spider webs

Stretch out cotton balls or shred white trash bags to craft eerie, sprawling spider webs that add a touch of supernatural chill to any room.

Haunted Mirror: Apply White and Black Paint Sparingly for a Ghostly Mirror Effect

haunted mirror apply white and black paint sparingly for a ghostly mirror effect

This eerie decoration makes your reflection slightly unsettling, perfect for setting a spooky atmosphere.

Creepy Crawly Pumpkins: Use Small Gourds and Twist Pipe Cleaners As Bug Legs

creepy crawly pumpkins use small gourds and twist pipe cleaners as bug legs

Transform small gourds into creepy-cute critters with colorful pipe cleaners as whimsical legs, turning them into a delightful horde of tabletop invaders.

Candy Corn Garland: String Real Candy Corn Onto Fishing Line

candy corn garland string real candy corn onto fishing line

This vibrant garland adds a sweet and colorful touch to any Halloween décor, perfect for doorways or mantles.

Ghostly Drapes: Drape Torn Cheesecloth Over Furniture to Create an Abandoned Look

ghostly drapes drape torn cheesecloth over furniture to create an abandoned look

Ghostly Drapes effortlessly evoke the eerie ambiance of a long-forgotten space, adding an authentic touch of the macabre to your Halloween decor.

Witch’s Broom: Bind Twigs Around a Straight Stick and Lean Against the Wall

witchs broom bind twigs around a straight stick and lean against the wall

Positioned strategically by your front door, this witch’s broom adds a touch of enchantment, hinting at a magical resident.

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