Elevate Your Home’s Style: PVC Wainscot Exterior Shutters for Timeless Charm

Last updated on April 12, 2024

Ever thought about making your house stand out and look pretty cool without breaking the bank or needing to call in a bunch of professionals? Adding PVC wainscot exterior shutters might just be the trick you need. These aren’t just any shutters; they’re like the superheroes of the shutter world.

They make your place look amazing and have this old-school charm that doesn’t fade away, no matter the latest Pinterest trend. Let’s dive into how sticking these babies on your windows can turn your home into the neighborhood’s envy.

Why Are PVC Wainscot Shutters So Cool?

Why Are PVC Wainscot Shutters So Cool?

Choosing the right things to spruce up your house can be a bit of a puzzle. You want something that looks good but doesn’t need a lot of upkeep or replacement every few years. Enter PVC wainscot shutters, the perfect mix of tough and pretty. They laugh in the face of bad weather, don’t get eaten by bugs, and clean up with a quick wipe. Plus, they come with this fancy wainscot design that adds elegance to your house, making it look like you know your decor.

For those looking to bring this perfect mix of durability and elegance to their homes, wainscot exterior shutters made from PVC from Flower Window Boxes stand out. Crafted from architectural grade PVC with stainless steel reinforcement, these shutters offer the look and feel of wood without the associated maintenance worries like cracking or warping.

The matte finish emulates wood’s natural appearance, avoiding the glossy or plastic look typical of vinyl products. With a wide range of sizes available and a lifetime guarantee, these shutters represent a sound investment in your home’s curb appeal and value.

What’s the Big Deal with Wainscot Style?

Alright, so “wainscot” might sound like fancy decorator talk, but it’s pretty simple. It’s a style with panels that add texture and depth to your walls, making them look more interesting. This style goes back to English homes, where they knew how to make their rooms snazzy. 

Fast forward to today, and wainscot style shutters can do the same for your home’s exterior, fitting in with any house design, from old-timey to modern chic, and giving it a major curb appeal boost.

How to Hang These Shutters like a Pro

How to Hang These Shutters like a Pro

Want to make your house look extra fancy with these shutters? Here’s a no-sweat guide:

  • Measure Twice, Buy Once

Grab your tape measure and jot down the size of your windows to snag shutters that fit just right.

  • Pick Strong Hardware

Choose tough hardware that can handle whatever weather comes your way and matches your shutters’ look.

  • Clean Up

Make sure the window area is tidy and ready for shutter action.

  • Mark the Spot

Hold the shutters up to the window, use a pencil to mark where the screws go, and make sure everything’s nice and level.

  • Drill and Secure

Drill holes where you marked, then screw the shutters in place, making sure they’re snug against the wall.

  • Final Touches

Fill gaps with caulking to keep things neat and tidy.

Boosting Your House’s Street Cred with Shutters

Choosing the right colors and styles for your shutters can make a big difference in your house’s appearance. Think about colors that complement your house’s paint job, or maybe pick something that stands out for a cool contrast. You can also mix up the shutter styles to match your taste, whether sleek, modern, or traditional.

Keeping Your Shutters Looking Good

Keeping these shutters looking great is easier than you think. A simple wipe-down with soapy water now and then keeps them clean, and a quick check-up for any loose screws or wear and tear will make sure they stay put and look bright. A coat of UV-protectant every so often will also keep the colors from fading.

The Takeaway

Elevating your home’s style with PVC wainscot exterior shutters is a smart move that combines beauty, durability, and easy maintenance. These shutters offer a timeless charm that enhances curb appeal and home value. They not only transform the look of your house but also protect your windows and contribute to the overall aesthetic of your home’s exterior.

But why stop upgrading your windows? A well-maintained home requires attention to all aspects of exterior care, including one of the most critical components: the roof. Proper roofing protects your home from the elements and significantly affects its overall appearance and efficiency.

For those interested in ensuring their home is safeguarded from the top down, delve into our guide on Roofing Revolution: 6 Expert Tips to Protect Your Home from the Top Down. Discover essential tips from experts on maintaining your roof, enhancing your home’s protection, and ensuring a cohesive and charming exterior that lasts for years.

By considering shutter and roof improvements, you can take a holistic approach to elevate and protect your home’s exterior, ensuring it stands out in the neighborhood and withstands the test of time.

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