Is Metal Roofing in Spokane a Good Investment?

Last updated on May 14, 2024

As a homeowner, one of your biggest challenges is to invest in the right roofing solution. This is particularly important if you live in an area such as Spokane, which is prone to snow, fungus growth, and moss. These environmental conditions may wreak havoc on your roof and eventually damage the interiors. So, why not consider metal roofing for long-lasting and reliable protection? 

Initially, a metal roof may seem to be a huge investment, but it is worth your money in the long run. Know why installing metal roofs is a wise decision for any homeowner.

Should You Invest in Metal Roofing? 

Should You Invest in Metal Roofing?

Metal roofing is garnering all the attention in Spokane’s residential roofing industry. However, metal roofs are not cheap. The cost of installing metal roofs can cause sticker shock to many homeowners. So, you should do a little homework to determine if a metal roof is worth the added costs. Discussed here are the key benefits that make it a good investment. 

1. Metal Roofs are Built to Last:  When installed properly, a metal roof may last for a lifetime. It offers unrivaled longevity as compared to traditional roofing materials. Metal roofs have a lifespan between 40 and 70 years. They stand the test of time by providing excellent protection against wear & tear as well as harsh weather conditions.    

2. Accentuate Your Home’s Curb Appeal:  Metal roofing offers remarkable aesthetic versatility that helps elevate your property’s curb appeal. Metal roofs come in modern colors, styles, and finishes that enhance the visual appeal of your home. 

You also have a variety of choices in metal roofing designs. Choose the classic beauty of metal shingles or you can go for contemporary and sophisticated standing seam materials. 

3. Lightens the Load from Your Roof: On comparing metal roofs to traditional roofing materials, you will see that metal roofs are much lighter than the latter. Typically, metal roofing materials weigh around 1.4 pounds per square foot, whereas non-metal roofs like asphalt weigh 2-5 pounds per square foot. 

The load of the materials also affects the installation time and precision. Being lightweight, a metal roof is faster and easier to install than asphalt shingles. 

4. Protects Against Environmental Conditions: Spokane is cold, damp, and cloudy in winter. It also receives heavy snowfall during this time., The city gets seventeen inches of rain every year during the monsoon season. Harsh weather conditions and moisture cause moss and fungus to build up on your roof. This can eventually damage your roof and the interior too. 

Metal roofing is the best solution to prevent moss and fungus. These organisms find it difficult to survive and grow on the metal surface. This is unlike asphalt shingles, which are the breeding zones of mosses and fungi. 

Metal roofs also do not allow rain or snow to accumulate easily. This prevents moisture from building up and also reduces dampness. A metal roof is often installed using interlocking panels to provide stability and protect against wind damage.

5. Metal roofs are environmentally friendly: You may lessen your carbon footprint by installing a metal roof. Because all of the materials are recyclable, the environmental impact is reduced. Metal roofs are frequently constructed from recyclable materials as well.  

6. Energy-Efficiency: Insulating a home with a metal roof can save heating and cooling expenses by up to 30%. In contrast to traditional roofing materials, metal roofs offer excellent reflectivity. They do this by reflecting the sun’s rays and minimizing the quantity of heat retained within your house.  You save money on energy expenses and maintain a cool atmosphere during the summer months. 

Metal roof materials keep a lot of heat in the winter and use less energy to provide warm, comfortable homes. Metal roofs are energy-efficient, which means that your investment will be well worth it because of the decreased electric expenses. 

The Takeaway

For homes, metal roofing offers a great balance of long-term advantages and outstanding value. Long-term value stems from its superior longevity, improved curb appeal, and energy efficiency. For the most exquisite and durable metal roofing solution you’ve been searching for, it’s crucial to collaborate with knowledgeable roofers like Advance Roofing Company.

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