20 Ivy in Bedroom Ideas: Stylish Inspiration for a Green Oasis

Last updated on April 15, 2024

Incorporating ivy into your bedroom design is transformative because it adds a touch of nature’s beauty and freshness.

artificial ivy garlands for home decor

I’ve designed unique illustrations for these ideas. I hope you get inspired!

Venturing into the realm of interior design can often feel like wandering through a jungle. Among the wilderness sparkles the ever-green gem of ivy, particularly in bedrooms.

Combing through the internet uncovers myriad ideas on this topic, often sending one down a rabbit hole of inspiration. Yet, among known concepts, fresh perspectives are budding.

This article aims to cultivate these unique ideas, exploring new angles beyond the common trend. Of course, as homage to inspirational classics, resources will be tendered for the best existing ideas at the end of the article.

But the prime objective here is to sprout a fresh, distinctive list of ideas on ivy in bedroom decor. So, prepare to untangle innovative ways to revamp your space – it’s time to let your creativity climb.

Ivy Covered Bedroom Ceiling

ivy covered bedroom ceiling

Adorning your bedroom ceiling with ivy might seem unusual, but it’s a trend that has been catching on. The sprawling tendrils lend a fascinating, nature-inspired aura to your space, oozing an enduring, enigmatic charm.

Here are some ideas that might inspire you:

  • 1. Use faux ivy vines if you’d prefer low-maintenance decor. They gracefully mimic the look of a real ivy without the concern about growth, sunlight or watering.
  • 2. On the other hand, if you opt for real ivy, ensure that your room provides ample sunlight and the conditions are apt for plant growth.
  • 3. While arranging ivy on your ceiling, consider aesthetics along with practical aspects. Ivy should be placed in a way that doesn’t hinder functionalities like ceiling lighting or fans.
  • 4. Incorporating twinkling fairy lights with ivy on the ceiling can elevate the decor, providing both ambient lighting and a captivating, starry-sky effect.

Remember, the key to achieving a tasteful decor is subtleness and balance. Extensive coverage may not be necessary, sometimes a statement section could do the magic.

Bedside Ivy Decoration Tips

bedside ivy decoration tips

To elegantly introduce ivy into your nighttime sanctuary, consider a few of these tips. First, select a small ivy plant, ensuring that it is conducive to indoor living. English Ivy, for example, can be a suitable choice. Instead of the usual alarm clock or night lamp, place the potted ivy on your bedside table.

Don’t overwhelm your table by maintaining a limit of two to three items besides the ivy. Contrasting colors with your scheme could also be a good way to highlight the plant. For instance, a verdegris pot can intensify the lush green color of the ivy. Don’t forget to use a tray or a saucer under the pot to protect surfaces from water damage.

For those wanting a cascading effect, hanging pots can be an appealing alternative. Fasten a hook to the wall above your table, and suspend an ivy-filled pot. This allows the leaves to naturally flow downwards, creating a waterfall effect. Ensure the level is appropriate, too high and it’s unnoticeable, too low can make it obtrusive.

Lastly, in terms of maintenance, remember to keep the soil moist but not wet, and provide indirect but brighter light for the ivy to grow. Maintaining a cool room temperature can also contribute to the ivy’s growth. If all these conditions are met, your bedside ivy should thrive, providing natural, soothing decor for your bedroom.

Incorporating Ivy in Bedroom Art

incorporating ivy in bedroom art

Creating a beautiful fusion of nature and creativity truly elevates the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom. Art pieces adorned with or featuring ivy can inject the room with a fresh, vibrant feel.

1. Use Framed Prints: A simple ivy sketch or a picturesque ivy-covered landscape print can become a mesmerizing piece of art on your bedroom wall.

2. Ivy Sculptures: An inventive way to incorporate ivy into your bedroom is through sculptures. You can intertwine real or faux ivy around wire structures to form stunning 3D artworks.

3. Mix Media Wall Art: Combine ivy leaves, paints, and maybe a scrap of fabric or two to create textured, mix media wall art pieces.

4. Ivy Inspired Wall Tapestry: Tapestries are not just boho chic, they are quite trendy. Choose one with a detailed ivy design for a statement piece.

5. DIY Ivy Artwork: Get creative! Use real or faux ivy leaves to make your own unique piece of bedroom art.

Remember, art is subjective. So choose pieces that resonate with you and reflect your personal style. Your ivy incorporated art piece will become a vibrant focal point of your ivy-infused bedroom.

Ivy Plant Stand Design Ideas

ivy plant stand design ideas

One delightful strategy to showcase your beloved ivy plants is to use plant stands. They not only elevate your green pal but also offer a distinctive visual layer in your bedroom decor.

Here are a few design ideas:

  • 1. Tiered Plant Stands: Ideal for bedrooms with minimal square footage. These stands can host numerous plants without compromising on floor space.
  • 2. Ladder Stands: For a touch of rustic charm, consider these stands. They extend vertically, making excellent use of your wall space, and are great for trailing ivy varieties.
  • 3. Hanging Plant Stands: These stands can provide a floating illusion for your ivy. An advantage is that they do not require any floor space, ideal for small bedrooms.
  • 4. Corner Plant Stands: Have an empty corner? Fill it with an ivy-covered plant stand. Triangular or round designs can fit seamlessly and turn the often ignored corner into a green focal point.

Remember, while arranging ivy on plant stands, consider the light requirements of the plant. Ivy should be placed near a window to get ample sunlight, which is essential for its healthy growth.

How to Create an Ivy Reading Corner

how to create an ivy reading corner

Initiate by choosing a peaceful, well-lit corner in your room. A soft throw rug and a comfortable armchair catches the eye. For low-lit rooms, opt for artificial or variegated ivy varieties, while bright corners best suit heart-shaped or English ivy.

Next, invest in a minimalist bookshelf for your favorite reads. Drape your ivy over the top shelf, letting it cascade down. Alternatively, placing a tall plant on a low shelf allows the ivy to spill beautifully over your books.

Select a small table to accommodate a hot beverage or reading lamp. Integrate ivy by placing a small potted plant on the table or twining some ivy around the lamp’s base.

Lastlly, ivy-themed wallpapers or wall decals add the perfect finishing touch. Ensure they complement your ivy plant in terms of color and form for visual consistency.

Remember, the key to a tranquil environment is not to overload the corner. With these few pointers, you can unwind in an enchanting ivy-decked reading sanctuary.

Aesthetically Pleasing Ivy Bedroom Themes

aesthetically pleasing ivy bedroom themes

Several themes work exceptionally well with the use of ivy in the bedroom.

First, consider the English countryside. This theme incorporates light and dark greens, cream, and touches of rose for a sophisticated palette that perfectly suits ivy. Embellish with ivy-covered prints or real ivy around the bed frame and on the dresser.

Next, the bohemian vibe. The boho-chic approach is filled with earthy tones and plant life, making ivy the perfect addition. Utilize this verdant vine on wall hangings, surrounding mirrors, or wrapping around headboards.

Thirdly, the minimalist aesthetic. Often characterized by simple furnishings, clean lines, and a restricted color palette, ivy can add depth and texture to a minimalist bedroom. Focus on placing small ivy plants on shelves or bedside tables to avoid clutter.

Lastly, the Greek garden theme. Reflect the beauty of Mediterranean culture, infuse your bedroom with blues, whites and ivy. Hang woven baskets from ceilings filled with ivy, or decorate white lamps with ivy wrapped around the stand.

Remember, while all these themes are wonderful, your ultimate goal should always be to create a soothing, personal retreat. Each ivy placement should be thought-through and intentional. Maintaining balance is key to achieving an aesthetically pleasing result.

Creating a Relaxing Environment With Ivy

creating a relaxing environment with ivy

Begin by selecting calming varieties, such as English ivy or Swedish ivy, known for their lush and spreading growth. These plants have a soothing green color and gentle leaf forms, lending themselves naturally to relaxation.

Placement in your room is key. A popular choice is to situate ivy near a window, where it can bask in natural light and create a soft, tranquil atmosphere. Positioning ivy in sight of your bed can also improve sleep, as greenery can help reduce anxiety.

Consider placing ivy in hanging baskets or on high shelves. This way, the ivy will grow and drape downwards, mimicking the effect of a mini indoor waterfall and adding to the overall serene ambiance.

Another approach is to use ivy to create a “living wall”. Not only does this provide a stunning focal point, but it also helps to purify the air, resulting in a cleaner, healthier environment.

Finally, remember to keep your ivy healthy. A well-cared-for plant radiates vitality and pleasure, contributing to a more comforting and relaxing environment. Regularly watering and pruning your ivy will ensure it stays vibrant and full, thus enhancing its calming effect. Be aware, though, too much attention can lead to overwatering, so maintain a balanced care routine.

By incorporating these measures, ivy will act as both décor and mood-enhancer, promoting a tranquil, soothing atmosphere in your bedroom.

Romantic Ivy Strings for Bed Frame

romantic ivy strings for bed frame

To achieve a whimsical, romantic ambience, an ideal way is to weave some ivy strands along the edges of the bed frame. It makes the humble bed frame the centerpiece of the bedroom’s décor.

1. Choose the Type: Select from real ivy or less-demanding artificial alternatives, depending on the maintenance you’re ready to offer. Artificial ivy provides longevity and requires less care.

2. Creating the Arrangement: Start from a corner of the bed frame and intricately twirl it around the frame. Mix thinner and thicker strands for a denser look.

3. Secure the Ivy: Affix the ivy strands with invisible or matching ties to keep them firmly in place.

4. Add lights for a magical touch: For an additional enchanting appearance, tuck small fairy lights into the ivy strands.

5. Regular Maintenance: Dust the ivy, real or artificial, regularly to keep it fresh and lively.

A bed draped with ivy can create a mood that feels straight out of a fairytale, adding a level of comfort and romance to the room.

Maintaining Real Ivy in Your Bedroom

maintaining real ivy in your bedroom

Proper sunlight is imperative for real ivy. Place it near a window facing east or west, providing indirect but bright light. Caring for ivy involves consistent temperatures; they prefer cooler conditions during the night around 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, while daytime temperatures should not exceed 70 degrees.

Ivy thrives on humidity. In dry indoor conditions, mist the plants frequently or place a tray of water near them to increase humidity levels. Also, consider a humidifier during winter months when the heating system creates dry indoor air.

Ivy needs well-draining soil. Over-watering promotes root rot, while under-watering causes drying. A good rule of thumb is to water thoroughly when the soil’s top inch becomes dry.

A common issue is pests. Mealybugs, aphids, and spider mites can become problems for indoor ivy. Regular inspection helps detect early signs of any infestation, increasing the success rate of treating them.

Lastly, do remember to trim your ivy. This promotes thicker growth in addition to helping maintain the chosen shape and size for your bedroom décor. A pair of clean pruning shears can easily do the job!

So, embrace your green thumb, and keep that bedroom ivy lush and vibrant.

Bedroom Ivy Arrangements for Small Spaces

bedroom ivy arrangements for small spaces

One common misconception is that small rooms don’t allow for a splash of greenery. This is far from the truth. Even small bedrooms can beautifully accommodate ivy, it’s all a matter of arrangement and variety.

1. Hanging your ivy from ceiling hooks or wall-mounted planters can save floor space. Make sure you utilize corners where they’re often neglected.

2. Using small pots of ivy on floating shelves or window sills adds to the charm without eating up space.

3. Vertical plant stands that hold multiple plants can be a game-changer. They add greenery to your room while taking up minimal floor area.

4. Opt for Ivy types that are more compact and manageable like the ‘Ivy Arum’ or ‘sweetheart ivy’.

5. Incorporation of ivy in bedroom furniture, like on a headboard or frame of a mirror, can bring nature closer without needing any additional room space.

6. Train your ivy to grow along walls, this adds texture and color to your room without needing extra horizontal space.

Remember, ivy can adapt to different lighting conditions, but indirect light is ideal. Avoid placing them next to heat sources like radiators or air vents.

Guide to Choosing the Right Ivy for Your Room

guide to choosing the right ivy for your room

When picking an ivy variant, consider the available light conditions. Varieties such as English ivy or Persian ivy thrive in low-light settings, ideal for bedrooms with less exposure to sunlight. In contrast, plants like Algerian ivy appreciate bright but indirect light.

Next, factor in the ivy’s growth speed and overall size. While Irish ivy is a rapid-grower and can quickly cover an empty wall, it might be too prolific for smaller spaces. Needlepoint ivy, with small leaves and a delicate habit, suits bedroom corners and limited spaces better.

Lastly, consider the ivy’s maintenance needs. The type of ivy you choose should align with the amount of time, effort and knowledge you can commit to its care. For instance, Swedish ivy, which not an actual ivy plant, is an excellent option for beginners due to its easy-care nature.

Innovative Ways to Integrate Ivy Into Bedroom Décor

innovative ways to integrate ivy into bedroom decor

One truly innovative method is designing an ivy framework around your bedroom mirror. The greenery contrasts brilliantly with the reflective surface, providing a natural, earthy elegance. Consider using a trailing variety of ivy for a cascading effect that emphasizes the mirror’s shape and enhances the space’s dimension.

Utilizing ivy as curtain ties can also be a unique touch. This integrates the plant into functional bedroom items, resulting in a subtler biophilic design element. Moreover, draping ivy over your headboard can create a stunning visual focal point, breathing new life into ordinary furniture.

A prevalent trend is using ivy in hanging baskets. Suspended from the ceiling in different bedroom corners, trailing ivy varieties can create a magical forest-like atmosphere. Be mindful of the locations you choose. They should receive ample natural light unless you prefer faux-ivy, which requires no light.

Mock four-poster bed designs using ivy can be a showstopping decor feature. By adding eye hooks and hanging the ivy, you can create stunning bed designs without the investment of a real four-poster bed.

Lastly, consider upcycling an old ladder as an attractive and versatile ivy display stand. Wrapped and cascading ivy brings cascading greenery and an element of verticality into the space. Remember to take care of the ivy properly for a vibrant, lively display. Always be mindful of the ivy placement in relation to light sources for optimal health.

Ivy-Themed Bedroom Lighting Solutions

ivy themed bedroom lighting solutions

Who doesn’t appreciate ambient lighting combined with the graceful elegance of nature?

1. Ivy-wrapped Fairy Lights: Bring a cozy, enchanted forest ambiance to your space by wrapping fairy lights around your ivy. These tiny, delicate lights can add a magical touch and beautifully highlight the ivy’s shape at night.

2. Pendant Lights with Hanging Ivy: Pendant lights, coupled with hanging ivy, can be a stunning centerpiece. The light will dramatically filter through the ivy leaves, adding depth and soft glow to your room.

3. Ivy-themed Light Shades: Customize a lampshade by giving it an ivy-inspired design. Or, for a more subtle look, simply place a lamp near an ivy pot. When the light is on, watch the ivy shadows dance on nearby surfaces.

4. Ivy Wall Sconces: Use wall sconces and allow ivy to grow alongside them. Light will typically diffuse throughout the ivy, creating a soft, atmospheric focal point.

Remember to use LED lights where possible. They’re not just energy-efficient, but also emit less heat—essential for keeping your ivy healthy and lush.

Bedroom Makeover: Ivy Style

bedroom makeover ivy style

Let’s hop into the process. Begin by determining a focal point. Often, this is the bed or the largest wall. Here, consider ivy wallpapers, making sure it complements the color scheme and furniture of the room.

Next, think about furniture. You might want to introduce rustic elements to enhance the natural theme. Think wooden cabinets, wicker mirrors and earth-tone rugs.

Venturing further, address your lighting. String lights intertwined with faux ivy vines can make for a dreamy bedroom atmosphere. If you’re a fan of DIY projects, encapsulating pendant lights in a birdcage woven with ivy can be an impactful statement piece that ties in the theme.

Lastly, remember, less is more. While the ivy theme is magnificent, it also requires balance. Overdoing it may lead to a cluttered look. Prioritize a few strong elements over numerous small ones to truly create that ivy-styled oasis.

Using Ivy For a Bohemian Themed Bedroom

using ivy for a bohemian themed bedroom

If you’re aiming for a free-spirited and artistic look, ivy can be the perfect addition to your bohemian-styled chamber. Its lush green tones and naturally whimsical growth pattern match the unconstrained vibe of a boho room.

Here are a few pointers:

1. Layered look: Bohemian style focuses on uniqueness and an eclectic feel. Ivy can be layered with other plants to create depth and texture.

2. Wall tapestry: An ivy motif tapestry can add an organic aesthetic to a boho-themed room. These tapestries can be hung from a wall or the ceiling for an extra pop of greenery.

3. Natural decoration: Ivy strands can drape over beams, curtain rods, or even standalone room dividers to generate a naturally effortless ambiance that bohemian style thrives on.

4. Accessorizing: Place an ivy in artisanal baskets or vintage jugs to further emphasize the boho atmosphere. Also, woven dreamcatchers paired with ivy can add a whimsical touch.

5. Handling the ivy: For a real ivy, allow it to trail down a tall shelf or wardrobe. Regular pruning will help maintain its boho, relaxed shape. Do remember to keep the plant healthy with proper watering, light exposure, and fertilization.

6. Mixing and Matching: Combine ivy with other bohemian-styled elements such as macrame, rattan furniture, global prints, and warm colors to create a harmonious and Boho-looking space.

How to Create an Ivy Feature Wall in Your Bedroom

how to create an ivy feature wall in your bedroom

Opting for an accent wall adorned with ivy lends a fresh, botanical vibe to your space, making stunning visual impact without overpowering the room. Select a wall that will serve as your canvas, preferably one that faces the bed for maximum effect.

Step one involves choosing between real or artificial ivy. Real ivy exudes a natural charm but requires sunlight and maintenance. On the other hand, artificial ivy offers durability and requires minimal upkeep.

If live ivy is your route, select a wall that receives adequate sunlight. Make use of climbing wires or trellises to guide the growth of the plant. Regular pruning helps maintain a neat appearance.

Artificial ivy offers various patterns and designs. Simply attach it to the wall using adhesive hooks or nails.

Either way, start from the base and work your way upwards, crafting an upward flowing pattern.

Incorporate indirect lighting, such as LED strips, viewing your ivy wall in a softer glow for a more romantic ambiance.

With ivy-textured wallpaper, you can quickly create a botanical-themed feature wall. It provides an instant lift to the ambiance and is great for rental homes.

Pair the ivy wall with complementary room elements: light wooden furniture, wicker baskets, or botanical prints to create a cohesive indoor garden aesthetic.

Decorating Your Shelves With Ivy in Bedroom

decorating your shelves with ivy in bedroom

A well-placed ivy plant can make your bedroom shelves come alive, adding a blend of style and greenery. Consider these points when integrating ivy into your shelf décor:

1. Height: Ivy is a trailing plant. Opt for high or mid-level shelves to allow the ivy to cascade downwards freely.

2. Shelving Material: Be aware that real ivy requires watering which may affect wooden shelves. In such cases, a faux ivy can be the best option.

3. Potting: Choose stylish, compact pots that complement your room aesthetic. Ceramic and terracotta pots are good choices for their durability and moisture retention attributes.

4. Balance: Maintain a balance between décor items and ivy on your shelves. Too much greenery might overshadow other elements.

5. Maintenance: Keep an eye on your ivy. Regular pruning keeps the plant healthy and prevents it from looking leggy or overrun.

6. Shelf Positioning: Ensure your shelves are near enough to a window to receive indirect sunlight, which is perfect for ivy growth.

Considering these pointers will help you achieve visually stunning and healthy ivy décor on your bedroom shelves.

The Guide for an Ivy Draped Window

the guide for an ivy draped window

Nothing adds tranquility to a bedroom quite like cascading greenery around the window. Let’s delve into how this can be achieved.

1. Ensure your window gets enough sunlight and air circulation, as these factors are essential for the growth of the ivy.

2. Use a narrow window box, potted plants, or hanging baskets as your base, depending on how you want the ivy to drape.

3. Choose ivy species like English Ivy or Swedish Ivy which are indoor-friendly and relatively easy to grow.

4. Regularly prune and train your ivy to drape down, aiming for the window sill or beyond.

5. Prioritize efficient watering patterns that keep the ivy healthy yet not overly drenched or dry.

Remember to regularly monitor your ivy for pests and be prepared to provide necessary plant care through fertilizer or repotting when required. With minimal efforts and some patience, an ordinary window can be transformed into a beautiful focal point with expanding ivy.

Creating an Upscale Look With Ivy in Bedroom

creating an upscale look with ivy in bedroom

Successfully achieving an upscale look with ivy requires a blend of imaginative design and strategic placement while adhering to the principles of simplicity and elegance.

Firstly, the ivy can be planted in classy, antique-style pots and placed strategically around the room to enhance its visual appeal.

Consider displaying the ivy on luxurious, gold-accented shelving or opting for trailing ivy species to create a cascade along a feature wall.

Metallic accents work well with green, making brass or chrome-finished accessories a great choice for complementing the verdant tones of the ivy.

Floating shelves or wall brackets add a refined touch without taking up valuable floor space.

For a more sophisticated twist, install a beautifully designed trellis or an ivy-covered room divider.

These structures provide additional surfaces for ivy to climb, creating textured, vertical elements that add depth and interest to the room’s overall design.

Additionally, carefully selected lighting can truly elevate the luxurious ambiance of an ivy-decorated bedroom.

Studied placement of warm LED lights can emphasise the ivy’s lush texture, whilst allowing the metallic accents to shimmer subtly.

Remember, the key to maintaining a luxurious feel lies in a careful balance of the ivy’s organic, wild character with classy, polished accents.

DIY Project: Ivy-framed Mirrors in Bedroom

diy project ivy framed mirrors in bedroom

For this project, you’ll need a mirror of your choice, faux ivy garlands which are readily available online or in craft stores, hot glue gun with glue sticks, and wire cutters.

1. Start by measuring the perimeter of your mirror to determine how much ivy you will need. Don’t forget to factor in a little extra for overlapping sections.

2. Use wire cutters to cut the ivy garland into the desired lengths. Pay attention to the growth pattern of the ivy leaves on the garland to ensure a natural look.

3. Apply a generous amount of hot glue along the frame’s edge, working in small sections to prevent the glue from drying before you attach the ivy.

4. Carefully press the ivy into the hot glue, ensuring that it firmly adheres to the mirror’s frame. Repeat this process until the entire frame is covered.

5. For a fuller effect, you can layer additional garlands, making sure to intertwine them for a natural and lush appearance.

Remember, the goal is to create a piece that fits with the overall ivy theme of your bedroom while adding a unique touch of greenery. Once completed, you have a stylish DIY ivy-framed mirror that enhances the room’s atmosphere.

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