20 Large Floor Vase Decoration Ideas: Uniquely Transforming Home Decor

Last updated on October 21, 2023

Unveil the transformative power of large floor vases in home decoration because these versatile pieces can revolutionize the aesthetics of your space in endless ways.

I take immense pride in creating these 20 unique large floor vase decoration ideas and their corresponding designs, hoping you find them inspiring and enjoy exploring them as much as I enjoyed crafting them.

Large floor vases can be a game-changer in your home decor, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. Whether you have a contemporary, traditional, or eclectic style, these decorative elements can be adorned in numerous ways to enhance your space.

From filling them with dried flowers or branches, to using them as standalone pieces, or even pairing them with other decorative elements, the possibilities are endless.

This article provides a comprehensive guide on large floor vase decoration ideas, offering a variety of suggestions to suit your aesthetic preference and space requirements.

So, let’s delve into the world of large floor vases and explore their immense potential in home decor.

Filled With Long Branches

filled with long branches

Long branches act as a contrasting element to the solid structure of a large vase. The inherent height and form offer a touch of nature and can smartly execute vertical space. Whether you choose cherry blossom branches for an oriental theme, bold willow branches for a rustic look, or driftwood pieces for a beach feel, they naturally create a visually-pleasing aesthetic.

Remember, to keep things interesting, mix and match branches of different species and dimensions. Include a few shorter, curvier stems for variety and balance. Leave plenty of space for each branch to breathe and be visible; overcrowding can diminish the impact.

Finally, the color of the branches should harmonize with the rest of your room. Dark tree branches can give a stark, dramatic feel, while lighter branches usually offer a softer, more casual ambiance. Keep these points in mind to ensure a striking decor.

Containing Tall Dried Pampas Grass

containing tall dried pampas grass

When selecting tall dried pampas grass for your vase, consider the size and color of the feathers as they’ll create a focal point in the room. Neutral tones create a minimalist look, while brighter hues add a touch of drama. Always make sure the grass is taller than your vase to create an elegant visual effect. For stability, consider adding sand or pebbles at the base. Remember to fluff the pampas grass after placing them in the vase, this way they will fully expand and bring life to your décor.

The flowing arrangement of these feathers will certainly evoke a sense of tranquility within your space.

Regularly dust your pampas grass to keep its vibrant look. If needed, you can easily reshape them with a hairdryer. This stylish decor element brings texture and warmth to your interiors and is a brilliant choice for all seasons. It’s a natural and low-maintenance décor option that adds a soft, bohemian touch to the home — perfect for a cozy and soothing atmosphere.

Housing Fairy Lights Inside

housing fairy lights inside

Fairy lights, with their soft, twinkling glow, can transform your floor vase into an enchanting piece of home decor. Choose a string of lights in your preferred color and style, whether traditional warm white or twinkling multi-colored. Clear vases particularly exude a mesmerizing display when filled with lights.

If you’re concerned about hiding the cord of the fairy lights, consider battery-operated lights for a seamless look. For safety concerns, ensure the lights are designed for indoor use. LED lights are a great choice because they emit less heat than traditional light bulbs, reducing the chance of overheating.

Remember, the key to this arrangement is subtlety. Rather than bunching the lights, allow them to fall naturally inside the vase for an organic effect. This decoration idea is great for any time of the year, but it’s especially stunning during festive seasons or as a focal point for evening gatherings.

As a Decorative Umbrella Stand

as a decorative umbrella stand

Shifting away from conventional umbrella holders adds character to your home, and a large floor vase is perfect for this purpose. It’s not just a functional solution but also an innovative means to transform an everyday item into an aesthetic focal point in a subtle yet significant way.

To achieve this, be sure to select a vase sturdy enough to avoid tipping. An umbrella stand needs durability to withstand the weather and time. Consider choosing a materials like porcelain, glass or metal, which are easy to clean and resilient. It’s also a good idea to place a weighted, non-scratch liner at the bottom to increase stability and prevent damage.

The vase’s design should make a statement that complements your decor, attracting attention to the tastefully repurposed object. This unique touch will surely give your guests a pleasant surprise upon their arrival.

With Bamboo Sticks Arrangement

with bamboo sticks arrangement

Arranging bamboo sticks in a large floor vase can bring harmony and an element of the zen aesthetic to your space. It is best to use even numbers of bamboo sticks, such as four or six, which is a convention in Japanese decoration embodying balance and unity.

Choosing bamboo of varying heights will add depth and visual interest, just make sure the tallest ones are considerably shorter than the ceiling. If you desire a burst of color, consider painting the lower half of the bamboo picks in hues complementing your decor.

Remember to arrange them with enough room to breathe, maintaining simplicity for a true Far Eastern minimalist touch.

Displaying Large Artificial Flowers

displaying large artificial flowers

Choose the artificial flowers wisely, ensuring they complement the style and color of the vase. Oversized sunflowers, roses, or hydrangeas make strong statements. Aim for tall stems, these provide elegance and emphasize the size of your vase. Ensure proportionality between vase and flowers; remember big vases call for big flowers!

Balance is key. Too many flowers may make the setup look cluttered. A single, dramatic bloom often suffices. Experiment with different arrangements, don’t be afraid to switch things up. Artificial flowers have a longer lifespan, you can continually tweak without worry.

If your floors are bright or patterned, choose flowers with neutral shades–cream, white, or pastel tones stand out without clashing. But if the floors are neutral, jazz up the space with brightly colored blooms.

Lastly, consider the room’s decor. An extravagant flower might not bode well in minimalistic surroundings. In such instances, go for lilies or orchids–they’re chic, subtle, and blend perfectly with any aesthetic. Remember, the flowers aren’t just decor, they’re an extension of your personality. Happy decorating!

Using As a Pedestal for Other Items

using as a pedestal for other items

Elevating objects can instill a unique personality into a room. Exploit the height and firm structure of your large vase by utilizing it as a platform for an array of items. It could be a dramatic display of coffee table books, potpourri bowls, or even a smaller cherished artifact creating a ‘layered look’.

One could even envision a tabletop globe or a vintage telephone sitting atop, turning a simple vase into an intriguing conversation piece. The substantial height can also facilitate visibility for those ‘lost’ items in open concepts or larger areas.

This approach allows you to derive multiple uses from a single decorative piece, making it both efficient and captivating. Remember, always ensure the items are stable and secure to prevent accidents.

Filled With Colorful Pebbles

filled with colorful pebbles

Creating an engaging visual impact with colorful pebbles can be achieved effortlessly. Choose pebbles in various hues and sizes for a more eclectic look, or stick to a specific color scheme that complements the room’s decor.

First, ensure your vase is clean and dry. Start layering the pebbles at the bottom of the vase, considering color distribution as you go along. A mix of shades can make the display more appealing. For a sleek, modern look, opt for monochrome pebbles.

To add depth, consider the size variation. A combination of large and small pebbles creates more interest.

Remember, filled vases are heavy, consider the final placement before you start filling. The depth of the vase will also determine whether it’s partially filled or filled to the brink. Either way, this expressive display can transform an everyday vase into an attractive focal point.

Let your imagination lead the way and be stunned by the versatility of such simple elements. Feel free to switch things up as the seasons change or as your decor evolves.

From creating a zen corner to adding a pop of color, pebbles offer a budget-friendly and fun way to decorate with your large floor vase, embodying a seamless blend of nature and craft.

Hosting Seasonal Decorations

hosting seasonal decorations

Embracing the year’s cycle brings novelty and relevance to your interior decor. One way to achieve this is through your large floor vase. Swapping out decorations aligned with the season can bring your living space to life.

1. Spring: Consider cherry blossom branches or colorful faux eggs and pastel ribbons to mark the onset of warmer days.

2. Summer: Opt for a nautical theme with starfish, seashells, and a bit of netting.

3. Autumn: Incorporate elements like dried maple leaves, pinecones, and mini pumpkins to mirror the changing foliage outside.

4. Winter: Fill your vase with pine branches, holly or go traditional with a collection of oversized ornaments.

Don’t forget to experiment with layers, mixing different decorations to create depth and visual interest.

Displaying Seashells for a Beach Theme

displaying seashells for a beach theme

Accentuating the vase with a collection of seashells, sand dollars, and starfishes can transport you to a beachfront retreat, even if the ocean is miles away. Reflecting the relaxed coastal style, this decor idea has a unique charm and contributes to a tranquil and serene atmosphere.

Collect a variety of seashells on your own if possible, as it adds a personal touch. If you can’t collect them yourself, plenty of stores offer diverse packs of shells. To begin, fill the bottom part of the vase with sand, preferably white sand for a cleaner look. Then, carefully arrange the seashells according to their sizes, with the larger ones on the bottom.

Consider using different textures and colors of the seashells, such as razor clams, scallops or conches, to create visual interest. You may add other beach-themed items like sea glass or small driftwood pieces for an added layer of authenticity.

Remember to clean and dry your beach-found treasures thoroughly before portrayal to prevent any unpleasant smell. Furthermore, make sure the vase is place away from high-traffic areas, as the sand and seashells can be easily disturbed.

Adding a hint of the beach to your interior spaces encourages relaxation and tranquility, similar to the calming effect of the ocean itself. Maintain the theme throughout the room with soft neutral colors and natural fiber accents for a cohesive beach-inspired decor.

Encased With a String of Fairy Lights

encased with a string of fairy lights

When it comes to interior decor, fairy lights are an all-rounder that add instant glitz and create a whimsical ambiance. As delicate as they look, their impact is grand. Draping a string of these lighted wonders can transform your large floor vase into a magical glow orb. This idea is not just for the winter holidays, you can have a cozy atmosphere at any time of the year!

1. Choose lights that reflect the mood you desire: opt for warm for a relaxing environment, or cool for a more energised vibe.

2. Opt for battery-powered strings to ensure placement adaptability and to avoid unsightly cords.

3. The translucent quality of glass vases partner excellently with fairy lights. Clear vases will cast a more bright glow, whereas colored or frosted vases can provide a unique effect.

4. Pairing your lights with other elements like faux snow, small shells, or decorative pebbles can bring an extra dimension to your display.

5. Experiment with various styles and forms of layout inside the vase for different effects – try bnacle, waterfall style, or a random scatter.

Let your creativity run free and brace yourself for a glowing visual delight in the corner of your room!

Holding Elegant Feather Arrangements

holding elegant feather arrangements

Starting with a selection of high-quality feathers could be essential. Consider ostrich or peacock feathers as they are both large and visually striking. Mix and match the types, colours, and sizes of the feathers for an intriguing arrangement. Consult a colour wheel to create a mesmerizing blend of hues, or go monochrome for a sleek, modern look.

Your vase should provide a sturdy base so the feathers don’t topple over. If the feathers are still not standing right, fill the vase with small pebbles to add weight and stability. This can also provide a rustic aesthetic to your overall décor.

Maintain balance in your decoration: match the scale of the feathers to the size of the vase. Oversized feathers should be complemented with a tall vase and vice versa.

While arranging, aim to keep the tallest feathers in the center. This results in a symmetrical and visually pleasing display. Not just limited to the indoors, it can make for great patio décor too.

To keep the feathers looking good over time, dust them lightly using a hairdryer set to a cool temperature. Handling them gently will extend their lifespan and keep your decor looking fresh and well-maintained.

This décor method can be adapted to different styles, from boho-chic to formal and everything in between. Personalise it to your style and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Storing Fitness Items Like Yoga Mats

storing fitness items like yoga mats

Storing yoga mats in a large floor vase can serve both functional and aesthetic needs. Select a high and wide vase for this purpose, ensuring the height is a little more than half the length of your yoga mats. This arrangement gives them upright support while providing easy access.

To add a little interest, pick a vase color or design that complements your room’s décor tone. Meanwhile, oversized tribal vases can add an earthy touch, and transparent glass vases can lend your space a minimalist, modern flair.

When not in use, your yoga mats then contribute to the room’s appeal instead of just being stored away. This concept is a perfect example of merging style with practicality.

Half-filled With Sand for a Desert Theme

half filled with sand for a desert theme

Experimentation is key to creating a desert-themed vase. Opting for sand as a foundation provides both an aesthetic appeal and a creative base for further decorations. A variegated pattern is attainable by using different shades of sand, which creates depth and visual interest.

For extra punch, feature desert flowers like succulents or cacti. Either real or faux versions work well. Alternatively, consider placing desert-themed items such as small driftwood or miniature desert animals.

Remember to show restraint; too many elements may make the vase look cluttered. The minimalist scenery of the desert conjures a serene, peaceful atmosphere when captured properly. Begin the exploration journey into this innovative décor, establishing a home-design statement that rocks.

With an Array of Dried Wheat

with an array of dried wheat

Dried wheat carries a rustic charm that enhances the aesthetic appeal of large floor vases. Care should be taken to select wheat stalks of varied lengths – a longer central stalk flanked by shorter ones creates a pleasing cascade effect.

Remember, wheat should be entirely dry before placing it in the vase. To maintain longevity, consider using a clear protective sealer spray which also adds a glossy finish. Coupling the wheat with other dried grasses and foliage can provide a unique texture and depth.

Play around with different arrangements; a minimalistic look with just a few stalks can be as impactful as a densely packed bouquet. Swap out the arrangement with seasonal plants for variety. Remember, a large floor vase provides an excellent opportunity to bring raw, natural elements into your décor strategy.

Adorned With Bows or Ribbons

adorned with bows or ribbons

Choosing the right ribbon or bow can drastically transform your large floor vase. For a chic and elegant setting, try satin or velvet ribbons, tying them around the top or middle part of the vase. Differentiate the size and color of the ribbons to complement the overall decor.

For a fun, playful appeal, opt for bright-colored bows, polka dot ribbons, or extravagant patterns. Celebrating a holiday? Switch to ribbons in line with the theme like red for Christmas or pastels for Easter. Remember, the style, color, and size of bows or ribbons drastically shift the vibe of your space.

Ensure ribbons are safely secured and positioned correctly. This concept not only serves as a striking vase decoration but also as a creative way to showcase unique ribbon patterns or designs you cherish.

Wrapped in Festive Twinkle Lights

wrapped in festive twinkle lights

Utilizing twinkle lights isn’t just for the holiday season. They can create a warm and whimsical ambiance all year round. All you need to do is take a string of these lights and carefully wrap it around the vase.

Here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • 1. Use LED lights: They are safer as they don’t heat up and are energy efficient.
  • 2. Choose the right color: Warm white or multi-colored lights can complement your overall decor.
  • 3. Adjust light intensity: Depending on the mood you aim to create, choose between different levels of brightness or even flashing options.
  • 4. Be mindful of cable visibility: Opt for a clear or matching cable color to make it visually seamless with the vase.
  • 5. Safe power source: If the vase is located far from an outlet, consider battery-powered lights to avoid loose wires stretching across the room.

Remember, creativity and safety should always go hand-in-hand when implementing any kind of light-based decorations.

Showcasing an Oversized Candle

showcasing an oversized candle

An oversized candle can create a mesmerizing impact when placed inside a large floor vase. The scale of the candle combined with the height of the vase can result in a visually appealing standalone piece that demands attention.

1. Choosing the Candle: Ensure that the candle diameter aligns with the vase opening for a balanced look. Adventurous decorators might prefer a vibrantly colored, or uniquely shaped wax creation to make a stronger statement.

2. Aroma Considerations: Scented candles can serve as a dual-purpose decor — emit a beautiful glow and fill the room with a soothing aroma.

3. Safety Concerns: If you’re concerned about open flames, consider using flameless candles which offer the same cozy ambiance without the potential hazards.

4. Accessories: To enhance visual appeal, consider adding decorative elements around the candle like colored sand, pebbles, or glass beads.

This approach transforms an ordinary floor vase to an impactful lighting feature and elevates the aesthetics of any room.

Surrounded By Smaller Pots With Succulents

surrounded by smaller pots with succulents

Subtle and charming! Positioning a large vase amid an assortment of smaller pots holding gentle succulents can add a unique blend of sizes and textures to your room’s decor.

This technique underscored three major elements:

  • Variety: Succulents come in a plethora of shapes, colors, and dimensions. Placing them alongside the large vase creates an appealing ambiance marked by diversity.
  • Texture: Succulents, being fleshy and thick-leaved, provide a contrasting texture to the often sleek surface of the floor vase, creating a visually engaging focal point.
  • Balance: By surrounding a bold, sizeable vase with multiple smaller pots, you effectively strike a balance in scale. This dynamic set-up alleviates the vase’s overpowering size and beautifully harmonizes indoor space.

Remember to consider the succulents’ light and water requirements when placing them. Ensure the different pot sizes don’t inhibit their growth. Let the magic unfurl as this artistic arrangement breathes life into your interior landscape.

Decorated With Vinyl Decals

decorated with vinyl decals

A modern and customizable approach to large vase decoration involves vinyl decals. These adhesive graphics are easy to apply and remove, offering flexibility in design. Here are practical ways of using them:

  • Personalized designs: They can be monograms, quotes, or shapes, tailored to your preferences and room style.
  • Thematic decorations: Go for seasonal or occasion-specific decals, like snowflakes in winter or bats during Halloween.
  • Pattern play: Combine multiple decals to create repeating patterns for a wallpaper-like effect.
  • Enhance structure: Line or contour the shape of the vase for a subtle but impactful visual.
  • Creative covering: Fully cover your vase with a decal to mimic a painted look without the permanence.

The key with vinyl decals is to not be afraid of experimentation. They allow a constant evolution of style with their ease of removal and replacement.

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