Planning Your Kitchen Renovation? Here’s 5 Things Not to Overlook

Last updated on May 16, 2024

Planning your kitchen renovation is an awesomely exciting time. You’re envisioning all the wonderful ways you are going to reinvigorate the space and give it a breath of fresh functionality. You’re seeing your current kitchen’s drudgery and inconvenience replaced by something truly stunning and practical. But you may be focusing on just a couple of big picture aspects of the renovation and not some of the important minor details!

If you are going for a complete makeover it is important to consider the whole kitchen and how even the smaller elements will completely change its feel, function and aesthetic.

With this in mind, here are some of the smaller kitchen renovation details you may have been overlooking:



There is a wonderful world of kitchen accents just waiting to adorn your new drawers and cabinetry. These are the knobs, handles and pulls that will give your new cabinetry that extra look of elegance. They come in a range of luxurious styles, from brass button knobs to stunning brushed nickel cabinet handles, providing a luxurious finish that ensures a beautifully-accented kitchen renovation!


The splashback serves two fantastic functions as it not only comes in a range of vibrant styles but also makes cleaning the kitchen that much easier. Many older kitchen designs didn’t have the splashback there to make cleaning easy and this could cause cleaning issues on a night when a messy feast was prepared for the family.

Therefore, if your kitchen is suffering from a plain wall behind the stovetop, it is important to consider installing a stunning new one that will not only look amazing but will make cleaning easy.



One of the most exciting things about renovating your kitchen is choosing which amazing new appliances you can use to optimise your skills. Naturally, older, outdated kitchens simply didn’t have the appliances to make cooking a practical experience.

In fact, looking back at some of our old cooktops, fridges, kettles and toasters seem completely impractical now compared to the high-tech gadgets that exist to simplify your cooking situation. Take a look around the online marketplace for electronics that will truly amplify your kitchen game!


Many property owners look straight ahead and down when it comes to their renovation. They often overlook lighting as a true essential when it comes to style and functionality. First, you can choose lighting that accentuates an elegant mood in the kitchen.

Second, lighting can be installed in ways that makes cooking much easier i.e. above your countertop. Not only does this make cooking a much more efficient process, but it also makes it safer, as you will be able to see everything you’re doing without relying on that old bulb to dimly light the way.


What is with those old kitchens and their lack of electrical outlets? Well, it probably makes sense, especially as those old sockets only really existed to plug in your microwave and toaster. But home cooks nowadays need much more to satisfy their ability to create culinary wonders.

We’re talking about a full range of appliances that chop, stir, whisk and whip with absolute ease. These appliances typically need electrical outlets to function and they should therefore be highly considered when it comes to planning your layout.

So, you may have been considering your cabinetry, countertops, cooktops and other major elements, but it’s important to consider the smaller details, too. They will help you complete a fully-function and highly stylish kitchen that you will love for creating gastronomic wonders!

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