20 Creative Pothos Decoration Ideas for Enhancing Your Living Space

Last updated on April 11, 2024

Embrace the pothos plant in your decor because its versatility goes beyond its easy-to-care characteristic, effortlessly creating a tropical ambiance whenever it’s placed.

As the creator of this article and unique designs, I sincerely hope you find inspiration in these 20 Creative Pothos Decoration Ideas and enjoy exploring them as much as I did creating them.

Pothos, with its lush, cascading vines and ease of care, makes a versatile addition to any home decor scheme. Whether you’re looking to create a vibrant centerpiece or incorporate some greenery into a minimalist space, pothos can be styled in countless ways.

From hanging baskets to trellises, wall-mounted displays to terrariums, this article will explore a variety of pothos decoration ideas. We’ll delve into each option in detail, offering practical tips and tricks to help you make the most of this adaptable houseplant.

So, if you’re ready to transform your interior with pothos, keep reading for an abundance of inspiration.

Hanging Pothos in Macrame Plant Hanger

hanging pothos in macrame plant hanger

Harnessing the boho chic vibe of macrame plant hangers is a perfect way to showcase the lush, trailing beauty of pothos. Not only do these hangers add a decorative touch, but they also free up precious floor space.

Hanged in front of a well-lit window, the heart-shaped leaves filter sunlight creating a calming atmosphere.

Here are some pointers to consider:

  • Opt for a neutral-colored macrame to let the green leaves pop or vice versa.
  • Ensure the hanger has a secure knot structure to support the weight of the plant.
  • Remember to water less frequently as pothos in elevated places dry slower.
  • Regularly rotate the plant to ensure every part gets fair exposure to sunlight.
  • Prune the vines if they become too long or tangle in the macrame.

Practical and stylish, macrame hangers offer an elevated spot for your pothos, allowing the trailing vines to artistically express themselves.

Pothos On Floating Shelves

pothos on floating shelves

For that fresh and modern aesthetic, placing your pothos on floating shelves is a splendid idea. With no visible supports, these shelves seemingly hover, providing a clean and minimalistic showcase for your plants.

Pothos with their lush, trailing vines will cascade beautifully, making the most use of the vertical space.

Ensure the shelves are installed near enough to a window or other source of indirect sunlight as pothos crave light to thrive. Not only will you have an interesting and eye-catching décor feature, but your plants will get sufficient light too.

To highlight the individuality of each plant and create visual interest, play around with the height of the shelves. Try arranging them in an ascending or descending staircase pattern. It’s also beneficial to vary the pot styles, colors, and sizes or opt for a monochromatic theme if you prefer a more minimalistic, streamlined look.

Lastly, remember to rotate your pothos now and then for uniform growth. Also, place a liner or saucer beneath the pot to protect your shelves from water stains. A little effort in maintenance will ensure both your plants and shelves remain in optimal condition.

Pothos in Glass Vases On Windowsills

pothos in glass vases on windowsills

Placing your pothos in a glass vase on a windowsill is an exceptional way to highlight its vibrant green foliage. The transparency of the glass container exhibits the intricate root system, adding an extra dimension of interest. Its placement near a window ensures exposure to indirect sunlight, fostering healthy and vigorous growth.

Do keep in mind:

  • Watering should be moderate; excess water can lead to root rot.
  • Clean the glass vase regularly to prevent algae buildup.
  • Rotate the plant every few days for even growth.
  • Ensure the surrounding temperature is consistent as extreme changes can harm your pothos.

This setup provides a minimalist yet dramatic effect to a room while making plant care easy. Prune your pothos regularly for it to maintain a neat, bushy appearance, perfect for this display.

Trailing Pothos On Ladder-style Shelf

trailing pothos on ladder style shelf

A ladder-style shelf provides a fantastic backdrop for the cascading leaves of a pothos plant. Adding a lush green touch to the room, it mimics the look of an indoor vertical garden without much fuss.

Consider these factors when embarking on this aesthetically pleasing adventure:

  • Strategic Placement: Make sure to place your ladder-style shelf near a source of indirect bright light, a prerequisite for pothos plant health.
  • Size Matters: Depending on your space restrictions, you can opt for a full-length or a tabletop ladder-style shelf. Keep in mind that pothos plants appreciate room for growth.
  • Maximize Space: Ladder shelves typically have numerous rungs or levels. Space your pothos plants evenly to allow room for trailing, or mix and match with other plants for a gorgeous visual impact.
  • Easy Maintenance: Remember, pothos plants need minimal care. Water them when the top inch of soil is dry, and they’ll keep beautifying your space for a long time.

Through these pointers, integrate pothos into your ladder-style shelf configuration and create a cozy, stylish, and lively corner in your home.

Pothos Centerpiece for Dining Table

pothos centerpiece for dining table

Creating a centerpiece involves imagination and a sense of design. Pothos, with its trailing vines and lush leaves, serves as a perfect plant for this purpose. Using a stylish, low-lying planter or a glass terrarium can elevate the look.

Here are some points to consider while creating a Pothos centerpiece for your dining table:

  • Position the planter central on the dining table, allowing the trailing vines ample space to grow and extend.
  • Layer and intertwine the Pothos vines to create a sense of density and lushness.
  • Choose a planter color that complements your dining table, enhancing the visual balance.
  • Ensure the planter is watertight to prevent potential water damage to the table.
  • Regularly prune the vines to prevent them from overtaking the entire table. This maintenance ensures the decor remains elegant and manageable.

Remember that indoor Pothos prefers bright, indirect light. If your dining room does not provide this, consider a spot that does and rotate the plant to there every few days.

Pothos in Stylish Ceramic Pots

pothos in stylish ceramic pots

Firstly, securing the right pot is key. Opt for ceramics with drainage holes to prevent water-logging. If the pot does not have this feature, layer small pebbles at the bottom before adding soil. This allows excess water to drain from the soil, aiding healthy root growth.

Next, choose a pot design that complements your décor. Clean, minimalistic designs work well with modern aesthetics. If your home has a vintage vibe, opt for pots with classic patterns or intricate detailing.

Remember, the pot’s size should be proportionate to the plant’s size. Pothos plants have adaptive roots and will adjust to their living space. However, a pot too large could hinder the plant’s water absorption, while a pot too small could restrict root growth.

Lastly, place the pot in a location with moderate to bright indirect light. While pothos can survive in dim light, they thrive and grow best in well-lit conditions. Avoid direct sunlight as it may scorch the leaves, causing them to turn yellow. Periodic rotation of the pot will ensure all sides of the plant get equal exposure to light, promoting consistent growth.

Wall-mounted Pothos in Metal Planters

wall mounted pothos in metal planters

Metal planters provide a chic, contemporary frame for the lush, cascading foliage of pothos. Mounting these planters on the wall not only frees up floor space but also adds a unique aesthetic to the room.

Here are key points to consider:

  • Position the planters at different heights to create visual interest.
  • Ensure the wall receives adequate indirect sunlight as pothos thrive in such conditions.
  • Watering should be done carefully to avoid soggy soil.
  • Consider using magnetic planters for an easy and efficient adjustment option.
  • Match the planter color with your interior theme; black or white generally offers more flexibility.
  • Group planters together for a mini green wall effect. This also makes watering easier.
  • Opt for a trailing variety of pothos for an eye-catching waterfall of leaves effect.

Remember, a wall-mounted pothos display is not just a decor statement but also a way to bring in a piece of nature indoors.

Pothos in Bathroom for Tropical Feel

pothos in bathroom for tropical feel

While enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom, pothos can also thrive in this environment because they favor humidity. Keep a pot of pothos near your sink or bathtub – these moisture-rich areas will give your bathroom a tropical feel. Opt for a white ceramic or stone pot to contrast with the rich green leaves and blend with a minimalist bathroom decor.

Remember to position the pothos near the bathroom window, as these plants do well in filtered light. If your bathroom lacks natural light, fluorescent light works too!

Pothos are low maintenance and excellent air purifiers, making them perfect for your bathroom. You will notice the leaves may become larger and more vibrant due to the high humidity and warmth.

Why not pair the pothos with other tropical plants like ferns and orchids? This trio can transform your bathroom into a tropical oasis offering a comforting and relaxing environment.

Pothos On Bookshelves for Organic Touch

pothos on bookshelves for organic touch

Finding the perfect balance between form and function, a leafy pothos plant nestled amidst novels and memoirs can imbue a visual charm to bookshelves. Consider below points to bring an organic touch to your bookshelf with pothos:

1. Layering: Place smaller plants upfront with larger trailing ones behind. This layering enhances the lush look while keeping all titles visible.

2. Alternate Display: Having one shelf with books, the next with pothos, and then again with books can create an engaging pattern, adding depth to your décor.

3. Single Shelf Showcase: Dedicate one entire shelf to pothos, spilling its vines across and down. This can act as a green beacon, attracting eyes to your bookshelf.

4. Pot Choices: Opt for pots that complement your books. If you have a vibrant collection, neutral pots can balance it out. Vice versa, colorful pots can enliven a monochromatic book color scheme.

5. Light Considerations: Make sure the bookshelf is in a spot with filtered, indirect light, ensuring your pothos continues to flourish amidst stories and knowledge.

Bear in mind, the graceful pothos is more than an aesthetic choice. Its air-purifying qualities can also foster a healthier read-space.

Pothos Wreath for Front Door

pothos wreath for front door

Creating a beautiful pothos wreath for your front door is a unique way to greet your guests with an infusion of greenery. Here’s how to get started:

1. Choosing your Base: A wire or grapevine wreath base works best. You may even decide on flat straw as it easily holds the plants and provides a suitable backdrop.

2. Plant Selection: Opt for juvenile pothos plants. Their smaller size and growth rate makes them perfect for wreath formations. Consider varying leaf patterns for added visual interest.

3. Assembly: The wreath doesn’t need potting soil. Attach the plants using floral wire or hot glue the roots directly to the wreath base.

4. Maintenance: Spray the wreath with water daily to keep the plants well hydrated and healthy. Place in an area with indirect sunlight as direct exposure can scorch the leaves.

This decorative accessory is a fabulous conversation starter as well as an inviting green touch to your home’s exterior.

Pothos in Hanging Baskets for Porch

pothos in hanging baskets for porch

These baskets, usually made from wicker or wire, are an excellent choice for enhancing your green oasis. They help to utilize vertical space effectively. When selecting a spot, ensure there’s ample indirect light. This will help your Pothos flourish, displaying their vibrant green color.

Elegance can be added to your porch with elongated and trailing vines cascading down. Moreover, you can utilize the basket’s height to protect the plant from pets or even young children.

For maintenance, regular misting keeps the plant hydrated, especially in hotter months. However, be aware of overwatering, as it’s one of the most common pitfalls. A complete soak and then allowing the soil to dry is an effective strategy.

Finally, create more interest with a trio of baskets at different heights. As night falls, consider adding solar-powered fairy lights intertwining with your Pothos for that magical evening atmosphere.

Indoor Vertical Garden With Pothos

indoor vertical garden with pothos

As an increasingly popular trend, an indoor vertical garden offers an excellent way to incorporate pothos into your home decoration. These hearty plants can flourish in vertically designed garden structures, providing an appeal that is both aesthetically pleasing and space-effective.

A few points to note include:

  • Establish sight lines: Start by considering the location and purpose of the vertical garden. Is your aim for it to be a focal point? If so, visibility is key.
  • Ensure access to sunlight: Pothos need indirect but consistent light to thrive. A north or east-facing wall would best suit the vertical garden.
  • Select a structure: Vertical garden structures range from wall-mounted planters to intricate, built-in wall systems.
  • Perform routine maintenance: Regular watering, fertilization, and trimming keep a vertical garden looking fresh and vibrant.

The beauty of a pothos vertical garden is not just its visual appeal, but also its adaptability to different style preferences and living spaces.

Pothos On Mantlepiece for Rustic Charm

pothos on mantlepiece for rustic charm

For an appealing rustic allure, a mantelpiece adorned with lush, trailing pothos plants stands out.

The lush greenery complements the rustic wood, adding an organic feel to the space.

Its simplicity is key; select an elongated wooden box or vintage terracotta pots to hold your plant.

Place the pot in the center or offset it for an asymmetrical layout.

A word of caution: ensure the mantelpiece is far enough from the fire (if operational) because pothos prefers cool, indirect light.

Moisture is equally vital; mist the leaves occasionally to simulate its natural tropical environment.

Plus, cleaning the leaves with a damp cloth not only keeps them glossy but also facilitates photosynthesis.

Add small vintage items, like antique books or weathered picture frames, around the pothos pots to enhance the rustic aura.

Mini Pothos Plants As Desk Decor

mini pothos plants as desk decor

Introducing a petite plant to your workspace can add a splash of life to an otherwise plain desktop. Consider these suggestions:

1. Choose Small Varieties: Opt for smaller cultivars of the pothos species, such as the ‘N’Joy’ or ‘Pearls and Jade.’ They’ll thrive without overtaking your workspace.

2. Use Compact Pots: Select a pot that can comfortably fit on your desk without impedance. It could be a simple ceramic pot or a modern geometric planter.

3. Provide Adequate Light: Pothos loves bright, indirect light but can also adapt to low light conditions. Ensure it gets the right balance for optimal growth.

4. Use It as a Pen Holder: Pot a slim pothos creep into a sizeable transparent vase. Use stones to secure the plant and leave space for pens.

5. Style with Desk Accessories: To maintain a cohesive look, color-coordinate your pot with other desk items such as a lamp, organizer, or a mouse pad.

Pothos in Colorful Tin Cans for Kitchen Counter

pothos in colorful tin cans for kitchen counter

Brightly painted tin cans offer a unique, upcycled planter option that adds a dash of color and whimsy to any kitchen counter.

1. Select An Assortment of Cans: Different sizes and shapes of tin cans like coffee cans, soup cans, or even metallic takeout containers can make an interesting arrangement.

2. Paint Your Cans: Use a variety of paint colors for a vibrant display. Distress the paint or add designs for a more custom look. Always use a paint that’s safe for plants and can withstand condensation.

3. Prepare Pothos for Planting: Trim your pothos cuttings for root growth if propagating from scratch. This plant thrives in medium to low light so the kitchen counter is a suitable spot, albeit away from direct sunlight.

4. Drainage Holes: Drill small holes at the base of your cans for necessary drainage.

5. Add Soil and Plant: Fill the can with potting soil and plant your pothos cutting. Water lightly.

6. Let it Grow: The fast-growing pothos will trail over the side of the can giving a mini jungle vibe to your kitchen.

This method not only provides you with an aesthetically pleasing plant display but also promotes recycling in a decorative way.

Pothos Vine Draped Over Curtain Rods

pothos vine draped over curtain rods

Draping a Pothos vine over curtain rods not only adds an unexpected spark of greenery but also creates an enchanting focal point in your space. Here are some quick tips to help you master this refreshing look:

1. Choose Healthy Pothos: The vine should show no signs of yellowing or wilting; it should have vigorous growth for best results.

2. Appropriate Curtain Rods: Iron or wood rods are best as they are sturdy enough to support the weight of the vines without sagging.

3. Regular Trimming: Keep the vine ends trimmed to encourage denser growth and maintain a neat appearance.

4. Use of Support Hooks: You may need to use support hooks or ties for securing heavier vines to the curtain rod, especially if the vine is growing in a hanging pot.

5. Watering and Care: Ensure the pot is in easy reach for watering and don’t forget to provide the plant with sufficient indirect sunlight.

Getting creative with curtain rods can add a whole new level of botanical elegance to your room decor.

Terrarium Pothos for Coffee Tables

terrarium pothos for coffee tables

Creating a mini ecosystem with pothos in a terrarium is both visually engaging and remarkably simple. These transparent containers allow you to view the roots of the plant, adding a unique aesthetic element. Pothos plants are suitable for terrariums due to their low maintenance nature and ability to thrive in humid environments.

Here are some pointers to get started.

  • 1. Choose an appropriate terrarium – a large glass jar, aquarium, or bottle would be perfect.
  • 2. Add a layer of pebbles at the bottom for drainage, followed by a layer of activated charcoal to help keep the water fresh.
  • 3. The next layer is fertile potting soil. Make a small hole and carefully place the pothos in it.

4. Light is important but avoid too much direct sun as it could heat up your terrarium and damage the plant.

A terrarium pothos on your coffee table adds an intriguing living element to your living space. It’s not just a décor item but a conversation starter, shaking up the usual array of coffee table books and decorative items.

Pothos in Mixed Planter Arrangement

pothos in mixed planter arrangement

Creating a dynamic, visually appealing mixed planting arrangement is a delight. Begin by selecting a large, well-draining planter; this will be your canvas. Balance is vital here; use plants of different heights, colors, and textures.

For height, consider tall dracaena or areca palm. For color variation, cordyline or aglaonema might be your choice with their vibrant foliage. Succulents can offer texture; opt for jade plants or echeveria. Now, the star of the show – the trailing pothos, its cascading vines will provide the perfect contrast, adding depth and lightheartedness to the arrangement.

Understand that each plant has unique care requirements. Ensure they share similar light, water, and soil needs for the group to thrive. With these considerations in mind, a mixed planter arrangement featuring pothos can add a charming, captivating blend of nature to your decor.

Fairy Light and Pothos Combination for Magical Ambience

fairy light and pothos combination for magical ambience

Pairing fairy lights with your Pothos plants is indeed a brilliant idea for creating a magical ambiance. Not only do both elements add a unique charm to space, but they also complement each other beautifully.

1. Fairy light strings are versatile and can be easily entwined among the Pothos vine branches to highlight its cascading foliage.

2. LED type fairy lights generate minimal heat, making them safe to use around plants.

3. The lighting provides an enchanting evening decor and a soft light source, sufficient for the nocturnal viewing of your greenery.

4. There are a variety of fairy light styles available – from twinkling lights to soft glow ones – that can be chosen to match your design aesthetic.

5. Solar-powered or battery-operated fairy lights can be considered for eco-friendliness and easy operation.

Remember, adding these twinkling lights to your Pothos has a dual benefit – an aesthetic enhancement and a gentle light source for your surroundings. Be mindful of cords and power sources while arranging the lights, and relish the magical atmosphere you’ve created in your space.

Pothos Planted in Mason Jars for Rustic Look

pothos planted in mason jars for rustic look

For this decor idea, your key components will include mason jars, potting soil, pebbles, and of course, your pothos cuttings.

Mason jars not only serve as unique, transparent planters, allowing visible root growth, but they’re also a nod to the trending rustic aesthetics.

Put pebbles at the bottom of the jar for drainage, as pothos loves a well-drained environment.

Add potting soil, then place your pothos cuttings; make sure only the roots are buried.

A windowsill with filtered light proves a spot perfect for these jars.

This setup offers a green, lively twist to your decor, plus the benefit of watching a life grow right in front of you.

However, ensure regular checks for root rot due to the glass’s non-porous nature, and refrain from over-watering.

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