5 Automotive Tools Every Mechanic Needs in Their Garage

Last updated on May 17, 2024

Garages are used for different purposes: for privacy from the bustle of the world; as a laboratory; as a room for storing unnecessary things; for parking, and servicing and repairing a car – your own or a rented one. But you also need to have the right tools in your garage. So, what are the essential tools you should have in your garage?

The Brake System Maintenance Tool

The Brake System Maintenance Tool

You can service the brake system yourself. Changing brake fluid, discs, and brake pads is not difficult if you know what to do and choose the right tool. To the wrenches, we add a device for removing or pumping brake fluid, a brush for cleaning the calipers from dirt and dust, pliers, and a tool for loosening the calipers and pads.

In 85% of ten-year-old cars, the calipers are opened by a computer through a diagnostic cord, but if there is neither a program nor a cord, then you will have to open them with a tool. No matter what country the garage is located in, the set of necessary brake system maintenance tools will be almost the same. You can go to Dubai on holiday and reach Luxury Range Rover Rental in UAE or rent a more budget car.

If suddenly something goes wrong with your rented car and you need to come to a service center, then you should pay attention to what brake system maintenance tools it is equipped with so that your car can be properly taken care of. Remember that brake system issues are among the most serious. But also do not forget that rental cars in the premium segment are usually less than ten years old, so they are easier to deal with.


Wrenches are something that can be useful in your car and a rental or service center. Our advice: take wrenches from 6 to 24 mm and a screwdriver with removable bits made of strong materials, purchasing the rest as needed. We recommend double-sided wrenches – a socket wrench on one side and an open-end wrench on the other.

In Japanese and Korean cars, the most common wrench is 10 mm. Cars that are assembled in America with metric nuts and bolts will require inch wrenches. Good car tools will last a long time, so it is better to buy the highest quality ones from the range presented.

Power Tools

Power Tools

A necessary thing is a wrench, if only because changing wheels from winter to summer and back, unscrewing each wheel by hand, is a tedious task. This tool is a must-have in rental cars and should be carried also in the garage of any driver or car owner. And if you buy a battery-powered impact wrench, you can change the spare tire far from home in no time and without getting smeared in road clay.

A polishing machine will remove chips and scratches on the body in half an hour of painstaking work. You will also need a disc unit and a set with polishing wheels, attachments, pastes, and an orbital polisher. An orbital polisher is used for serious tasks, such as sanding a surface before painting. A compressor for inflating tires, so as not to bother with the pump.

Additional Tools to Make Car Maintenance Easier

  • A torque wrench that will prevent you from over-tightening the bolt and stripping the threads. If you don’t calculate the force, you can still twist the thread, which will cause the bolt to unscrew over time, the part will weaken, and then everything will be like in the footage from the movie Final Destination 2, where logs roll off a truck in the middle of the highway.
  • Multimeter if you are going to get into the wiring.
  • A telescopic pointer with a magnet at the end to retrieve a fallen nut or clamp from a hard-to-reach place.
  • WD-40 spray, unscrew the stubborn, rusty nut.
  • Tire pressure gauge.

Lifting the Car

This tool is a must-have in car repair stations, rental salons, and car shops. A hydraulic jack will make lifting the car easier, speeding up repairs significantly. Take courage and install a lift in your garage. The lift is a completely different level.

Neighbors in the garage already look with respect, and workmates seek friendship to sometimes get permission to lift the car. To install a lift, a cooperative garage will not be enough; the ceiling height will need at least two floors, and the floor will be durable, and concrete. The lift will be replaced by a pit.

Having collected the tools, do not forget about arranging the garage infrastructure. Bring a little coziness to your garage; it will also be important to provide a place for washing hands and tools.

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