20 Stylish Camper Van Decor Ideas for Your Mobile Home

Last updated on March 28, 2024

You’ll be engrossed by these camper van decor ideas because they cleverly combine comfort, functionality, and style.

I take great pride in crafting this article along with 20 unique camper van decor designs, and I sincerely hope you find them as inspiring and fun as I did while creating them.

Transforming a camper van into a cozy, mobile living space is an exciting endeavor. Whether you’re planning a cross-country road trip or simply want to create a unique space for weekend getaways, there are countless ways to customize your camper van. From utilizing space-saving furniture to adding a touch of personal style with vibrant textiles, this article will provide a plethora of camper van decor ideas. Stay tuned to explore a variety of themes, practical tips, and creative solutions to help you design a camper van interior that is not only functional but truly feels like home.

Bohemian Style Interior

bohemian style interior

Adopting an eclectic approach is key. Mix and match contrasting textures and patterns.

A patchwork couch cover or a woven rug can add a unique charm.

Incorporate lots of plants. They breathe life into any space.

Opt for mismatched cushions with vivid hues and exotic prints. Hankerchief curtains lend an offbeat look.

Don’t shy away from accessories like beaded curtains or picture frames. Remember, a Bohemian interior is about carefree spirit, creativity, and individuality.

The beauty lies in its imperfectly perfect harmony.

Rustic Wooden Cabinets

rustic wooden cabinets

Creating a countryside charm in your camper, these cabinets embellish the space with their raw aesthetics and natural texture. Opt for reclaimed wood to enhance the rustic appeal while being environment-friendly.

Also, the use of oak or pine, known for their impressive grain and durability, can lend an earthy ambience to the kitchenette. Keep in mind the limited space – instead of hinged doors, choose sliders for easy access that take less room.

Highlight the eccentric knots and characteristic blemishes with a clear varnish, giving every square inch a story to tell. Add antiquated metal pull handles to blend practicality with style seamlessly.

The heartwarming imperfections of rustic cabinets offer your home-on-wheels an essence of homeliness, beauty, and warmth, singing an ode to the wonders of nature.

Rope Lights for Soft Illumination

rope lights for soft illumination

Harnessing their capability for a warm, ambient glow, rope lights make an ideal choice. This versatile lighting option provides a gentle illumination that can transform the cramped quarters of a camper van into an inviting space. When strung along the ceiling or coiled around window frames, these lights infuse an unintrusive, enchanting glow throughout the vehicle.

Rope lights also offer practicality – consuming less power than traditional lights, making them an excellent choice for conservation-minded van-lifers. They’re portable, tough and not prone to damage during journeying.

Experiment with them: try coiling around a mirror for more focused brightening, or knot it into a chic industrial-loft style hanging lamp. Couple them with sheer curtains for a truly magical effect. Rope lights, indeed, can be a simple yet effective tool to set the perfect mood for your home on wheels.

Colorful Patterned Cushions

colorful patterned cushions

To breathe life into your camper van interiors, consider the addition of cushions with vibrant patterns. Here are some top pointers to bear in mind:

1. Invest in sturdy fabrics: Camper living can be tough on decor items, so opt for durable materials that can withstand the wear and tear.

2. Experiment with colors: Don’t shy away from bold hues and contrasting colors. They add an element of fun and keep the space from looking dull.

3. Play with patterns: From chevron stripes to floral and geometric prints, there’s so much to choose from. Try mixing patterns for an eclectic look.

4. Choose varying sizes: Not all cushions need to be identical, variety in size can offer added comfort and create visual interest.

5. Easy to clean: Lastly, opt for removable cushion covers which are much more practical for washing and switching when you fancy a change.

Hammock for Seats

hammock for seats

Transitioning to non-traditional seating options can introduce an element of novelty, leisure, and relaxation. Hammocks, when installed in place of typical seats, create a playful and casual space.

Here are few facts to consider:

  • 1. They require minimal installation, often just sturdy hooks on either side of the van.
  • 2. Due to their natural flexibility, they can accommodate any shape or size, promoting a sense of freedom and comfort.
  • 3. They can save space when not in use, as they can be easily stowed away.
  • 4. Hammocks allow for adjustable seating heights and angles, delivering a customizable environment.
  • 5. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, they can contribute to the aesthetic appeal, dramatically enhancing the van’s interior personality.

Remember, while hammocks offer a diverse range of benefits, considering the safety aspect, they might not be ideal for use while the camper van is in motion.

Wall-mounted Plants for Freshness

wall mounted plants for freshness

Having greenery in your camper van can significantly uplift the atmosphere. Not only do they purify the air, but they also provide visual tranquility.

Consider hardy low maintenance plants like succulents, cacti, or ivy. They resist movement and can tolerate varying temperature conditions inside a moving vehicle. However, always keep them hydrated and ensure they get sufficient sunlight.

Installing a miniature trellis or hanging baskets on the wall is the perfect solution. This method not only saves space but also adds an aesthetic punch to your decor. Remember, the spots closer to windows are the best for mounting such green residents, as they need natural lighting. Just ensure the fasteners are firm enough to withstand the jostling of the road.

Another fantastic idea is to use magnetic planters. These small pots contain magnets that can stick directly to the metal walls of the van. They’re removable, enabling easy repositioning or removal when necessary.

Finally, never overlook the humidity some plants generate. It’s advisable to opt for vent fans or dehumidifiers to prevent excessive moisture build-up, which might lead to mold issues. With these tips in mind, transforming your camper van into a small mobile garden is easy.

Magnetic Spice Jars for the Kitchen Area

magnetic spice jars for the kitchen area

On the road and craving home-cooked meals? Storing and taking along all your favorite spices can be a daunting task. This is where magnetic spice jars can be a game-changer.

1. Space-Saving: Instead of having scattered jars, these magnets stick to the metal surfaces. Use the interior of cabinet doors or even the fridge!

2. Easy Access: Forget fumbling through half a dozen jars, your spices are just a reach away.

3. Versatility: Not just for spices. They can also store baking ingredients, tea blends, or even small office supplies!

4. Organization: Arrange things by alphabet, cuisine, or frequency of use, keeping things neat and clean.

5. Visibility: Clear lids make it easy to identify contents. A quick glance, and you’ll know what you need.

They are more than fancy jars. They aid in a clutter-free kitchen, making cooking in a camper van pleasurable.

Multi-purpose Foldable Furniture

multi purpose foldable furniture

Leveraging on multi-functional furniture is an excellent way to optimize the limited space in a camper van. Consider items such as a foldable desk that can double as a dining table when it’s time for a meal. When the table isn’t required, it folds compactly against the wall, freeing up crucial space to move around.

Another prime example is a convertible sofa-bed. By day, it offers comfortable seating space for relaxation or hosting guests. Come nighttime, it effortlessly transforms into a cozy bed for a restful sleep.

Installation of retractable footrests or step stools is also beneficial. They serve as perfect perches when you’re star-gazing or reading, and conveniently tuck away when not in use.

Finally, folding chairs with in-built storage compartments are a noteworthy addition. No space goes to waste when you can store books, gadgets, or snacks within your seat!

In essence, choosy selection and clever design with foldable furniture can drastically improve the functionality and livability of your camper van.

Themed Decal for Van Exterior

themed decal for van exterior

Decorating the exterior of your camper van with a themed decal can be as creative and fun as working on the interior. Here are some key points to consider when choosing your design:

1. Personal Interest: Opt for a design that reflects your personality or hobbies, it could be anything from travel icons, nature, sports, to music, and more.

2. Colour Scheme: Ensure the decal colours complement your van’s existing exterior colour. Contrast could be striking but may also create an imbalance.

3. Size and Position: The decal should neither be too large that it overwhelms other features, nor too small to go unnoticed. Ideally, side or rear panels work best.

4. Quality: Choose a high-quality decal, it should be waterproof, UV resistant, and durable for long-term outdoor use.

5. Professional Installation: Though DIY is an option, a professional installer would ensure the decal is placed evenly without bubbles or tears.

Remember, the goal is to add visual appeal and make your camper van unique, turning it into a reflection of your personal style and taste.

White Paint to Give a Spacious Feel

white paint to give a spacious feel

Utilizing a light color scheme primarily anchored by white is a strategic and aesthetic choice for your camper van. It not only offers a clean and sleek vibe but plays a significant role in creating an illusion of space. White reflects light better than darker hues, brightening your interiors and giving a perception of expansiveness even within compact quarters.

The smooth transition of the white color from walls to ceiling softens the corners of your van, further enhancing the spacious look. Opt to use white or light-hued furnishings to maintain this atmosphere. High-gloss white paint can also serve a dual purpose, providing a more luxuriant sheen while ensuring easy clean-ups from the occasional smudge or spill.

For an added touch of personality and style without compromising the spacious feel, consider accents of pastel colors against your white backdrop. This approach keeps your van lively and attractive while preserving the open, breezy feel that white beautifully brings out, making your mobile haven a considerably larger home away from home.

Pocket Shoe Organizer for Storage

pocket shoe organizer for storage

To make the most out of a van’s limited space, it’s important to use every nook and cranny. Harnessing vertical space using a pocket shoe organizer provides an innovative and practical solution:

1. They’re thin enough not to occupy too much room and flexible to accommodate various items like shoes, kitchen utensils, toiletries, or even snacks.

2. The see-through pockets make it easy to find items, thereby saving time, especially during travel.

3. The durability and easy-cleaning fabric offer added benefits in a vehicle environment.

4. By hanging it on a door or wall, it leaves floor areas free for movement and other activities.

5. Lastly, its affordable price makes it a cost-effective solution, compared to custom-built cabinets or drawers.

Utilizing something as simple as a shoe organizer hence helps transform the clutter into organized bliss.

Mosaic Tile Backsplash in the Kitchen

mosaic tile backsplash in the kitchen

Implementing a mosaic tile backsplash serves as a functional and artistic element in your camper van’s kitchen. It primarily protects the walls from splashes while cooking. Meanwhile, its diverse designs, colors, and materials (like glass, porcelain, or ceramic) offer limitless possibilities to enhance your interior aesthetic.

These tiles, often small and square, can be assembled in different patterns. From intricate geometric designs to simple checkerboards, the backsplash could echo the tone of your overall decor or even become a stunning focal point.

Despite the compact kitchen space within a camper, the addition of a mosaic tile backsplash doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Using lighter colors can maintain a feeling of spaciousness. A slim strip of tiles in a simple design can deliver impact without overpowering the kitchen area.

For the installation process, consider adhesive tile mats. This option simplifies the application, minimizing mess and saving space. It’s essential, though, to ensure the wall surface is clean and flat before starting.

Finally, maintain your backsplash by regularly cleaning it with mild detergent and water. This helps retain the tiles’ shine and prevents grime accumulation, keeping your kitchen looking fresh and inviting.

String Lights for Outdoor Decor

string lights for outdoor decor

Using string lights can transform the exterior of your camper van into an enchanting space instantly. Here’s how:

1. Set up a cozy outdoor sitting space under the illumination of warm, twinkly LED lights.

2. Wrap them around the awning or across the top of your van for a dreamy, starlit effect.

3. Opt for solar-powered string lights to consume less energy and be environment friendly.

4. Try different shapes such as stars, globe bulbs or vintage Edison style for a unique look.

5. Harness the use of multicolored lights for a fun festive vibe. It’s a great way to mark out your space in a large campsite.

6. Choose waterproof and weather-resistant string lights for longevity.

7. Use a timer feature to ensure lights go off at dawn, saving energy.

In an outdoor setting, string lights serve as a functional light source and an aesthetic element, creating a warm, inviting ambiance.

Wall Stickers to Add Personality

wall stickers to add personality

Choosing wall stickers is really an exciting way to augment the ambiance of the camper van. They can easily dominate the look and feel, transforming what might feel like a tiny contained space into anything from a serene woodland to a bustling cityscape. The beauty lies in the fact that they offer a cost-efficient and non-permanent solution to adding character to the dwelling.

For nature-loving nomads, the choice might lean towards woodland vistas or seascapes. Movie enthusiasts might opt for imagery from their favorite flicks. The possibility to personalize is truly extensive. Plus, application is a breeze, and they can be swapped according to mood or season, ensuring that while the journey continues, the backdrop can be ever-changing. Always remember, the best wall stickers for camper vans are those that reflect your tastes and travels. Just pay attention to the measurements before ordering, so they fit perfectly on the chosen wall.

For an additional layer of fun, consider glow-in-the-dark stickers. They serve as your very own small-scale version of a starry night while you snooze away in the comforts of your mobile home.

Polaroid Photo String for a Personal Touch

polaroid photo string for a personal touch

Snapshots of memorable travels, loved ones or serene landscapes on a continuous string infuse your compact space with warmth and personality instantly.

Adorn a section of your van wall with these images, using either wooden clips or tiny magnetic holders.

Select photos that boost your spirits and remind you of the joy of exploring.

Brighten your space day or night by intertwining the photo string with lights.

Be thoughtful about your placement, for instance, choosing an area visible but unobtrusive, like over the bed or along the side of the cabinet.

Use this photo palette for constant visual inspiration on your journey.

Funky Curtain Designs

funky curtain designs

Playful patterns or unique, vibrant colors can instantly liven up small spaces, and that’s where curtains come in. When choosing your curtain design:

1. Choose a fabric featuring a graphic print or a vivid color palette that will add an interesting focal point to your camper van.

2. Opting for a distinctive textile, like a vintage material or uncommon fabric, can result in a curtain that’s not only practical but a talking point.

3. Consider functional aspects such as the fabric’s weight – lighter options allow more daylight to filter through, while heavier materials provide privacy.

4. The hanging style of the curtain can also add a funkiness. Try tiebacks, clip rings or perhaps a creative DIY mounting arrangement for added flair.

A carefully chosen curtain design can, therefore, act as a vital décor element, imbuing your camper van with personality and charm.

Re-purposed Wood for Shelving

re purposed wood for shelving

Reclaimed wood can add a rustic charm. Sourced from various places like old barns, it scores high on sustainability. This material, coupled with the right finish, can stand up to the rigors of travel, making it ideal for your van’s interior.

Here are a few ways to incorporate it effectively:

  • Consider a simple, wall-mounted design for ease. This approach allows for customization according to your specific storage needs.
  • A floating shelf adds functionality without taking up much space – perfect for displaying decor, books, or essential items.
  • Use sturdy hooks under the shelves for hanging items such as mugs or keys for quick access.
  • The warmth and texture of the wood can complement other elements of your van decor, providing a visually appealing contrast to metallic or plastic items.

While salvaged wood might have a beautiful, weathered look, ensure it’s treated for any signs of bugs or rot before installing.

Vintage Map As a Wall Poster

vintage map as a wall poster

Adding a vintage map to your camper van’s interior can provide an undeniable touch of charm. It not only embodies the spirit of travel but also turns a blank space into a visual centerpiece.

To make the most out of this design, consider the following points:

  • Choosing a high quality, detailed map gives an authentic vintage feel.
  • Opt for a laminated or coated map; it’s easy to clean and lasts longer.
  • A world map can spark conversations, provide travel inspiration, and serves as a live testament to your wanderlust.
  • Mount it on a canvas or frame it to keep it crinkle-free.
  • While placement is key, a typical spot can be above the bed or dining area.

Incorporating a map poster exemplifies the heart of a traveler, which makes it an ideal element for camper van decor.

Bicycle Rack Mounted On Back

bicycle rack mounted on back

Using the available exterior space can greatly benefit camper van owners. Opt for installing a bicycle rack at the rear of your vehicle. Not only is this idea practical for transportation and fitness purposes, it also adds an adventurous vibe to your traveling home.

  • Space-saving: It allows you to carry your bicycle without taking up precious interior space.
  • Accessibility: Enables easy access to your bike for spontaneous rides.
  • Safety: It keeps your bicycles safe and secure while driving.
  • Decorative: It compliments the outdoor aesthetic of your van.

Remember to choose a sturdy rack designed for vehicle mounting and consider the weight of the bicycle(s) it needs to hold.

Hanging Net for Stuffed Toys

hanging net for stuffed toys

Surely, the sight of plush companions peeking from a hanging net brings a cozy, fun touch to the van’s interior. It’s an ingenious idea, as the net takes minimal space while providing ample storage for fluffy favorites. Plus, the net also doubles as a decorative piece, injecting character to the otherwise monotonous van walls.

Installing the soft toy net is an easy task. Look for a corner that is accessible yet doesn’t interfere with daily campervan use. Secure the corners of the net to the ceiling and walls with strong hooks. Voila! Your playful toy hammock is ready.

This decor idea is particularly handy for those travelling with children. It keeps their beloved toys in sight and within reach. What’s more, it encourages tidiness as kids would love to place their plush friends back to their comfy ‘home’ after playtime. So it’s not just about aesthetics; there’s a practicality aspect that makes this idea exemplary.

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