25 Decorating Ideas with Vases (Hacks to Transform Your Space)

Last updated on November 3, 2023

Discover creative ways to elevate your home decor using vases. Read on!

Vases are the unsung heroes of home decor. They sit quietly on your shelves, windowsills, and tables, adding elegance and style to your living space.

It’s impossible to imagine a well-decorated home without at least one vase or two. These versatile pieces can hold flowers or stand alone as decorative accents.

From small bud vases to large statement pieces, there is no shortage of options when decorating with vases. This blog post shares some creative ways to use vases to add charm and character to any room in your home.

So, let’s dive in!

Elegant Multipurpose Handpainted Vases

Multipurpose Hand-painted Vases In Contemporary Ceramics Collection For Elegant Mantle Decor decor with vases
Source: @ceramika_la

This is a lovely vase arrangement on a mantle featuring multiple-purpose vases in shades of purple, lavender, honey flux, and more. The handpainted vases add an elegant touch to the contemporary ceramics collection that serves as stunning home decor and can be used for practical purposes.

The mantle decorations create an impressive focal point with unique designs for any season or occasion.

Regal and Colourful Vintage-Inspired Kitchen

Regal And Colourful: A Vintage-Inspired Kitchen Corner Decorated With Vases And Plants decor with vases
Source: @ninaburgson

This is a still-life photograph of a kitchen corner decorated with vases, vintage cups, and bowls. The wooden shelf hanging on the wall is adorned with fresh flowers and green plants, which adds a pop of color to the otherwise regal and neutral-colored kitchen.

The details in this colorful yet slow living interior are beautiful, making it perfect for any home decorator to take inspiration from this image.

Exquisite Wooden Vases For Minimalist Interior Design

This is a beautiful decorating idea using unique wooden vases. The vases come in different sizes and shapes, all made with exquisite woodwork that adds warmth and texture to any space.

These vases are perfect for interior decoration enthusiasts looking for an Italian design touch for their homes. The design’s simplicity and minimalism make them ideal for any homeowner looking to add elegance to their space without overwhelming it with too many items.

Exquisite and Delightful Vase Arrangement

This stunning image showcases a decor idea featuring vases. The vases are of different sizes, shapes, and colors, creating an exquisite display that catches the eye.

They are arranged on a wooden console table against a white wall, giving them prominence and creating contrast with the background. Some vases have tall stems with flowers, while others have smaller plants or dried leaves.

This adds texture to the arrangement and brings nature into the home elegantly. The overall effect is breathtaking and perfect for adding warmth to any room in your home!

Minimalistic Scandinavian Vases

The minimalistic yet charmingly elegant Cooee Design vase steals the show and makes any living room look gorgeous.

The Forsythia in the vase adds a pop of color to the overall neutral, clean look. This concept is perfect for anyone who enjoys Scandinavian style with cozy hygge vibes, as it radiates coziness and warmth – great for springtime!

Simple Elegance with White Vases and Preserved Florals

This is a decorating idea using vases in a simple yet elegant way. The white vases are filled with various floral arrangements, including dried flowers, preserved flowers, hydrangeas, and orchids.

Even a beautiful flower wreath adds a special touch to the decor. These custom pieces bring beauty to any room without being overpowering or busy.

Exquisite and Cozy Vase Display

Feast your eyes on an exquisite display of vases, perfect for any stylish living room or cozy nook! This features a beautiful collection of different-sized vases in lovely soft colors that will make any tulips stand out. The decor stacked with the vase adds texture and coziness to the setup.

Get inspiration from this creative arrangement and start sprucing up your space today!

Tranquil and Luxurious Vase Arrangement

The decor various vase arrangements are decor ideas for a beautiful and luxurious everyday setting. The vases are displayed in different setups, with gorgeous flower compositions that exude a feeling of tranquility and comfort.

The arrangement tips inspire interior decorating and styling, perfect for those seeking Nordic living aesthetics or home decor enthusiasts who want to create stunning designs.

Soft Nordic Warmth Minimalist Decorating Idea

This decorating idea with vases will surely bring the beauty of nature indoors. With neutral beige and minimalist designs, this setup adds warmth and a touch of Nordic aesthetic to any living room.

The vases complement the overall soft minimalism of the décor while still providing an eye-catching focal point in the space. This idea can give you some serious interior design inspiration, especially if you are into Scandinavian homes!

Artistic and Handmade Vases

This innovative decorating idea uses vases with fresh flowers as centerpieces to bring life and color into any home. The vases come in various materials, including ceramics, pottery, porcelain, and glass.

Some pieces depict impressive artistry and talented craftsmanship that set them apart from the ordinary decor. With vintage or modern themes in mind, these handmade decorative items can be arranged subtly or boldly, depending on individual preferences.

Each vase complements the interior design to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any area of your home.

Cozy and Natural Corner Set Up With Silhouette Vases

This Instagram image showcases a lovely corner setup featuring Silhouette Vases. The warm brown vases are displayed atop a shelf and contrast beautifully against the light wall color.

Using plants adds a natural element to the design, giving the room a cozy and inviting feel.

Effortlessly Elegant Transitional Vase Decor Idea

This showcases a decorating idea with vases that fit any transitional home decor style. The photo features the living or family room, including built-ins and a mantle, with a wooden coffee table at the center.

Different vases are displayed on top of the table, along with some throw pillows that complement the color scheme. There are shelf decor arrangements on both sides of the mantel, which also incorporate pottery pieces and DIY projects made by a couple who loves styling through April.

Exquisite Blue and Black Porcelain Vases

Barbara Lormelle, a talented ceramist, has launched her online sale of exquisite vases. These two products are elegant, timeless, and a craft worthy of decor. Please put them in the best places in your home and make them your focal point. It adds a lot of personality to your home.

Elegant and Charming Vase Decorating Ideas

This lovely image showcases a stylish and charming decorating idea with vases. The photo features uniquely designed vases, including glass and beautifully handpainted ones that exude elegance and sophistication.

These beautiful vessels can enhance your home’s interior decor, whether in the living room, bedroom or even on your console table. This stunning collection of vases adds a touch of class and simplicity to any space you place them in – truly embodying the essence of perfect home decor!

Charming Vintage Handmade Pottery Vases

This showcases beautiful vintage handcrafted vases. These vases are perfect for displaying or filling potted plants with fresh flowers.

The wheel-thrown pottery is handmade with love and adds character to any home’s decor. The morning light shining through the room highlights the beauty of these unique pieces of art.

Vibrant Ceramic Spring Vases

Spring has sprung! This showcases beautiful vases filled with various flowers, bringing life and color to any room in your home. The ceramic vases come in different shapes and sizes adding an interesting dimension to the décor.

It’s easy to add that much-needed pop of color into your space. Perfect for any nature lover or anyone looking to bring in the feeling of springtime indoors.

Sophisticated and Elegant Vase Decorating Idea

Sophisticated And Elegant Vase Decorating Idea decor with vases
Source: @yatzer

This is an elegant and sophisticated decorating idea that features vases. The display cabinet is beautifully styled with various vases in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

A stunning marble table complements the decor while providing a functional space to showcase the decorative items. This would be a great addition to any meeting room or living space looking for inspiration in interior design.

Minimalist Handmade Jesmonite Vases With Dry Flowers

Minimalist Handmade Jesmonite Vases With Dry Flowers For Home Decor decor with vases
Source: @ivy.s.home

We are looking for an easy and minimalist way to decorate your home. Check out this image of vases filled with dry flowers. The simple UV vases are perfect for holding an assortment of dried blooms, which create a charming spring aesthetic.

These handmade pieces from Croatia are made using Jesmonite, a versatile material that suits various homeware styles. Use them as housewarming gifts or add them to your home decor collection.

Charming and Luxurious Decorating Ideas

This image showcases a beautiful decorating idea that will add warmth and charm to any living room.

Three tall vases, each unique style, are filled with delicate dry flowers and paired with an elegant seashell decoration that creates an eye-catching display.

The luxurious combination of these items adds sophistication and detail to home decor.

Mid-Century Scandi-Inspired Vase Decor

Mid-Century Scandi-Inspired Vase Decor: A Classic-Retro Charm decor with vases
Source: @daves_home

This image showcases a brilliant decorating idea using vases. The vases are placed on a beautifully designed wooden shelf adding to the overall aesthetics of the decor.

The style is perfect for those who love classic and retro interior design styles. With its mid-century elements and scandi-inspired touches, this decor can instantly add warmth to any living space, whether in your old or new house.

Worth trying!

Vintage Whimsical and Organized Buffet Decor Idea

This charming decor features an elegant buffet with vintage ceramics and beautiful vases. Fresh flowers add color, while blue pillows lend a cohesive touch.

The overall effect is playful order—an ideal representation of the Marie Kondo philosophy. With this beautifully curated shelfie, who wouldn’t feel at home?

Elegant and Versatile Vases for a Luxurious Home

This showcases an excellent decorating idea with vases used as accents. The arrangement of the vases adds a decorative touch to any room and enhances its overall appeal.

The picture is a great inspiration for incorporating vases decor into your interior. It depicts a luxury home interior design that exudes elegance and style, perfect for home decoration enthusiasts looking to upgrade their space.

The idea behind this decor inspiration is versatile enough to create beautiful, stylish spaces in various settings.

Vibrant and Eclectic Vase Decor for Stunning Interior Styling

In this image, we see a stunning interior decor setup that beautifully combines a variety of vase styles to create an eye-catching display. The mix of colors and shapes adds texture and depth to the space, while the placement of each vase is carefully considered to create a balanced aesthetic.

Whether you’re looking for decorating ideas or appreciate the beauty of well-styled vases, this will inspire your next project.

Charming and Elegant Pastel Vase Decor

Decorating with vases can add a touch of charm and elegance to any room. In this image, several pastel-colored vases are artistically arranged on a tabletop.

Some vases have been painted using gold paint markers, and the intricate doodles and designs make each vase unique. Adding flowers adds color and life to the display, while the soft hues create a relaxing vibe.

This is a fun DIY project for those who love getting creative!

Chic and Contemporary Minimalist Vase Arrangement Idea

This is a stunning vase arrangement as a centerpiece, perfect for anyone who loves minimalist styles. The carefully curated selection of vases adds a touch of modern styling to the interior design without being overwhelming.

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