How to Remove Chalk Paint from Anything

Last updated on November 11, 2019

Have you painted something in chalk paint, and then regretted it later? Here’s how to remove chalk paint from anything.

I’m known for my love for chalk. I have made a chalkboard for decoration, and I have perfected the chalk writing. I have tried chalk painting a wall, too. But that has not turned out what I thought it would be.

The idea of painting a large segment of a wall is enticing. You can have a big board, so to speak. And you can use it to draw your art. It can be a cool feature in the kitchen where you can write down a menu or a grocery shopping list.

But more often than not, you cannot look after the chalkboard, it loses the novelty quickly. And you’re left with this mess of a wall. How do your remove it?

Fear not – I know how!

Using a Paint Stripper

So the first thing that comes to mind is to use some kind of a paint remover. And there are a lot of options for many kinds of paint strippers. The only caveat I have is that most of them are chemically-based and can be dangerous!

However, there are some natural options that work just as well. I prefer those. More so because chalk paint isn’t very stubborn and you don’t actually need an industrial-grade solvent to remove it.

How to Use a Paint Stripper to Remove Chalk Paint

Before you do this, please oh please, wear long sleeves, gloves, and goggles. Even if the remover is considered safe, you can’t be too safe.

Here’s the process:

  • Apply a paint stripper on the chalk paint.
  • Wait for some time as indicated by the instructions – usually it’s some 20-30 minutes. You will see the paint starting to bubble up.
  • As the paint turns soft, you can use a putty knife, or a wire scraper to brush it off.
  • That’s it!

Using a Homemade Remover

Yes, you can try removing that chalk paint with a homemade remover solvent. How? Here are the ingredients that are known to work:

  • Vinegar – heat it, apply it, let is sit for some time, and rub the paint off with a cloth.
  • Washing soda – yes, it can sometimes wash off the chalk paint.
  • Soap – soapy water can help rubbing the paint off.
  • Acetone – buy the stuff as an alternative to a remover. These two options work too:
  • Denatured alcohol
  • Mineral spirits

It’s a long shot, though, and it will depend on how well the paint is bonded with the surface. If the wood was sanded first, or there’s some deep grain, it will not be easy.

Remove it by Sanding

If all else fails, sand the thing off! However, be aware that this will likely affect the surface of whatever was painted too.


How to remove chalk paint from wood?

Rub it off with a solvent, or use a paint stripper, or sand it off.

How to remove chalk paint from metal?

If it’s a flat surface, you can usually rub it off with a solvent. If there are any grooves, you my need to use a stripper.

How to remove chalk paint from glass?

It’s probably the easiest situation as the paint can be scraped or rubbed off. A piece of cloth soaked in any solvent will do.

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