20 Whimsical Ideas for Decorating with Tree Stumps

Last updated on December 8, 2023

Transform your home decor with these creative ideas for incorporating tree stumps, from functional furniture to stylish accents.

I have always been fascinated by the versatility of natural elements in interior design. And when it comes to adding an organic touch to your decor, there’s nothing quite like the charm of tree stumps.

Yes, you read that right! Tree stumps can be used in countless ways to create stunning and unique decor pieces that will add character and warmth to any room. In this article, I’ll share with you 20 creative ideas for decorating with tree stumps that will inspire you to bring a little bit of nature into your home.

So grab a cup of coffee and get ready to discover some truly innovative ways to incorporate these rustic beauties into your decor!

Side Table

side table

One of the most popular ways to use a tree stump in home decor is as a side table. A sturdy and unique piece, it can add character to any room.

You can choose to leave the natural bark on or sand it down for a smoother finish. Add some legs or hairpin legs for extra height and stability, and you have yourself an eye-catching side table that will be sure to impress your guests!

Plant Stand

Plant stand

A tree stump can make a perfect plant stand for your indoor or outdoor plants. You can use it as a pedestal to elevate your favorite potted plant, creating an eye-catching display that adds natural charm and character to any room or garden.

To create the perfect look, choose a stump with an even surface area on top and sand it down until smooth. Then add some paint or varnish if you want to give it some color and protection against weather elements.

Place the pot on top of the stump, making sure that its size matches well with the diameter of the flat surface area so that there is no risk of tipping over due to imbalance weight distribution. With this simple idea, you’ll be able to bring nature indoors while adding rustic elegance at home!

Garden Seating

garden seating tree stump

Tree stumps can be transformed into unique and rustic garden seating. They are perfect for creating a cozy outdoor space where you can relax and enjoy nature.

You can use them as individual seats or arrange them in groups to create a larger seating area.

To make the tree stump comfortable, add cushions or pillows on top of it. You could also place a wooden board across two stumps to create an instant bench.

For added charm, consider painting the tree stump with bright colors or patterns that complement your garden’s aesthetic. Alternatively, leave it natural for an organic look that blends seamlessly with its surroundings.

Whether you’re looking for extra seating at your next backyard barbecue or just want to sit outside and read a book, using tree stumps is an affordable way to add character and functionality to any outdoor space!

Candle Holder

garden seating tree stump

Tree stumps can make for a unique and rustic candle holder. You can either carve out the center of the stump to create a space for your candles or drill holes into the top of it.

For an added touch, you could decorate around the base with moss or other natural elements to give it more character. This is perfect for outdoor gatherings such as weddings, barbecues, and garden parties where you want to add some ambiance lighting while keeping things cozy and intimate.

Fairy Garden Base

garden tree stump

Fairy gardens are a whimsical and enchanting way to add some magic to your home decor. Using a tree stump as the base for your fairy garden is an excellent idea, as it adds natural texture and depth to the scene.

You can create tiny houses, bridges, ponds or even miniature furniture out of twigs and mosses that will blend perfectly with the rustic charm of the stump. Add some small plants like succulents or ferns around it for extra greenery.

Your fairy garden will be sure to delight both children and adults alike!

Outdoor Sculpture Display

sculpture tree stump

Tree stumps can be used to create a unique and eye-catching outdoor sculpture display. You can use the stump as a base for your favorite garden statue or even carve the stump itself into an interesting shape.

For example, you could carve animal shapes like bears or owls, geometric patterns, or abstract designs.

If you’re not artistically inclined yourself, consider hiring a local woodcarver to create something truly special for your yard. An outdoor sculpture display is sure to impress guests and add personality to any landscape design.

Plus, it’s an eco-friendly way of repurposing tree stumps that would otherwise go unused!

Bird Bath Pedestal

bird bath tree stump

A tree stump can make a perfect pedestal for your bird bath. It will give the birds an elevated spot to drink and bathe while adding a rustic touch to your garden.

You can choose to leave the stump as it is or paint it in bright colors that complement your outdoor decor. To create a stable base, you may need to cut off some of the uneven parts of the stump or add extra support underneath with bricks or stones.

Make sure that you place it in an area where there’s enough shade and water supply nearby so that birds feel comfortable using it throughout all seasons!

Bookshelf Support

book shelf tree stump

If you’re looking for a unique and rustic way to display your books, consider using a tree stump as a bookshelf support. Simply cut the stump to the desired height and place it against the wall.

Then, add shelves on top of it or attach them directly onto the wall above it.

Not only does this create an interesting focal point in any room, but it also adds natural texture and warmth to your decor. Plus, since each tree stump is different in size and shape, no two bookshelves will look exactly alike!

Rustic Stool

rustic stool tree stump

A tree stump can be transformed into a charming rustic stool that adds character to any room. The natural texture and shape of the wood make each stool unique, adding an organic element to your decor.

You can use it as a side table or extra seating in your living room, bedroom or even on your patio. To create this look, simply sand down the top of the stump until it’s smooth enough for sitting and add legs if necessary for stability.

You could also paint or stain it to match with other furniture pieces in the space you’re decorating!

Flower Pot Holder

flower pot holder tree stump

Tree stumps can be transformed into beautiful flower pot holders. Simply carve out a hole in the top of the stump and place your favorite potted plant inside.

This is a great way to add some natural charm to your garden or outdoor space, while also repurposing an old tree stump that would otherwise go to waste. You can even paint or decorate the outside of the stump for added visual interest and personality.

Just make sure you choose a sturdy, stable tree stump that won’t tip over with heavy pots on top!

Pathway Lighting Base

Pathway Lighting Base tree stump

Pathway lighting is an essential element in any outdoor space. It not only provides safety but also adds a decorative touch to your garden or yard.

Tree stumps can be repurposed as bases for pathway lights, creating a unique and rustic look that blends well with nature. Simply drill holes into the top of the stump and insert solar-powered lights or low-voltage electric fixtures for an eco-friendly solution that will illuminate your walkways at night while adding charm during the day.

You can even paint or stain the stump to match your home’s exterior decor style, making it both functional and aesthetically pleasing all year round!

Coat Rack Stand

coat rack stump

A tree stump can be transformed into a unique and functional coat rack stand. Simply cut the stump to your desired height, sand it down, and add hooks or knobs for hanging coats, hats, scarves or bags.

This rustic piece will add character to any entryway while providing a practical storage solution for your outdoor gear. You can also paint the top of the stump with chalkboard paint so that you can write messages or reminders on it before leaving home!

Pet Feeding Station

bird bath tree stump

If you have a furry friend at home, then you know how important it is to keep their feeding area clean and organized. A tree stump can be repurposed into an adorable pet feeding station that will not only make your life easier but also add some rustic charm to your decor.

Simply hollow out the top of the stump using a drill or chisel, place two stainless steel bowls inside and voila! You have an elevated feeding station for your pet that’s easy to clean and looks great in any room of the house. Plus, since tree stumps are naturally durable, this DIY project will last for years to come!

Umbrella Holder

tree stump umbrella holder

If you’re looking for a unique way to store your umbrellas, consider using a tree stump! A hollowed-out section of the stump can be used as an umbrella holder that not only looks great but also serves its purpose. You can place it in your entryway or mudroom and use it to hold all of your family’s umbrellas.

The natural texture and color of the wood will add warmth and character to any space, while keeping things organized at the same time. Plus, if you have kids who tend to leave their wet umbrellas lying around, this is a perfect solution that will keep everything tidy and dry!

Wine Bottle Storage

wine bottle storage tree stump

If you’re a wine lover, then you know how important it is to store your bottles properly. Tree stumps can make for an excellent wine bottle storage solution that not only looks great but also keeps your bottles organized and easily accessible.

You can create a unique and rustic-looking wine rack by drilling holes into the stump at different angles, making sure they are deep enough to hold the bottle securely in place. This idea works particularly well if you have limited space or want to add some character to your kitchen or dining room area.

Plus, it’s an eco-friendly way of repurposing something that would otherwise go unused!

Stepping Stones

tree stump stepping stone

Stepping stones are a great way to add an element of surprise and whimsy to your garden. Using tree stumps as stepping stones is not only eco-friendly but also adds a rustic touch to your outdoor space.

You can use different sizes of tree stumps for this purpose, depending on the size of the area you want to cover. To create stepping stones, simply cut the stump into slices with a chainsaw or handsaw and place them in desired locations throughout your garden or yard.

You can leave them natural or paint designs on them for added interest. Stepping stone paths made from tree stumps will give visitors something unique and unexpected when they walk through your garden while adding texture and dimensionality that flat pavers cannot achieve alone!

Firewood Stacker

firewood stacker tree stump

Firewood stackers are a practical and stylish way to store firewood in your home. A tree stump can be used as the base for a DIY firewood stacker, providing an organic and rustic touch to your living space.

Simply drill holes into the top of the stump, insert metal rods or pipes into them, then stack your firewood on top of them. This will keep your wood organized and off the ground while adding an interesting design element to any room with a fireplace or wood stove.

Plus, it’s eco-friendly since you’re repurposing something that would have otherwise gone to waste!

Fountain Centerpiece

wooden water fountain

Fountain centerpiece: A tree stump can be transformed into a stunning fountain centerpiece for your garden or outdoor space. You can create a simple water feature by drilling holes in the top of the stump and adding a small pump to circulate water through it.

Alternatively, you could place an existing fountain on top of the stump to elevate its height and add visual interest. The natural texture and shape of the wood will complement any style of garden decor, from rustic to modern.

Plus, with soothing sounds from running water, this unique piece is sure to become a focal point in your outdoor oasis!

DIY Outdoor Chessboard


If you’re looking for a unique and fun way to decorate your outdoor space, consider making a DIY chessboard out of tree stumps. This project is perfect for those who love playing board games or want to add some personality to their backyard.

To create an outdoor chessboard, start by finding two large tree stumps that are roughly the same size. Cut them down so they are level with each other and sand the tops until they are smooth.

Next, use black and white paint or stain to create alternating squares on top of the stumps. You can also add numbers or letters along the sides if you’d like.

Find some oversized chess pieces (or make your own!) and set up your new game board in a shaded area of your yard. Your family will love spending time outside playing this classic game on their new rustic board!

Wedding Ceremony Decor

wedding decor tree stump

Tree stumps can also be used as a unique and rustic decoration for weddings. They make great bases for floral arrangements, candle holders, or even as seating options for guests during the ceremony.

You can use them to create an aisle by lining them up on either side with flowers or lanterns placed on top. For a more dramatic effect, you could stack several tree stumps together to create varying heights and place candles or flower arrangements on top of each one.

Tree stump decor is perfect if you’re looking to add some natural charm and character to your wedding day!

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