6 Important Additions for a More Social Garden

Last updated on November 24, 2023

Socializing in the garden is incredibly popular. Food always seems to taste better eaten outdoors in the sunshine, and conversation can flow more easily when we’re out of stuffy rooms.

In the summer, you might try to eat outdoors as often as possible, enjoying some fresh air and vitamin D, as well as valuable time with your friends and family away from distractions like the TV.

Even spending more time outdoors with your household can be extremely beneficial. But if you want to enjoy a more social garden, you need an appealing space. A place where you want to invite guests and where everyone is comfortable and relaxed.

Here are some important additions to help you to create a more social space. 

A Dining Area

outdoor dining area

You can, of course, socialize outside without eating. But typically, if you can share a meal and even cook outdoors, you are more likely to sit and relax together for longer.

A dining table and chairs, and a BBQ if you have space, can be excellent additions to any garden and will make hosting a summer garden party or chilled-out dinner much easier. 


If you want to be able to enjoy spending time in your garden for as much of the year as possible, you need to provide warmth to keep it comfortable.

Adding texture with things like an outdoor rug, blankets over chairs, and outdoor cushions can help you to create a cozy space and add practical options to keep warm.

Seating Options

A dining table and chairs are great, but to enjoy socializing in your garden, you should provide different options too. Comfortable low garden chairs, sun loungers, and softer options like giant outdoor bean bags and overstuffed cushions can be ideal.

You might also want to add occasional seating like wooden bench outdoor seating, which could be used to hold planters and pushed up against a wall when you haven’t got guests. 


Not everyone likes to be out in the midday sun. Providing shaded areas means that everyone can sit out without becoming uncomfortable or getting burnt. Large trees can provide essential shade, and adding a parasol is a great option. 

A Feature

curb appeal trees

A feature, whether it’s a wall of flowers or greenery, a fire pit, a large outdoor cooking area, or a water feature, creates a talking point but also something to gather around. 

When creating a feature, think about your priorities and needs. If you have young children, you might not want a water feature or fire pit, and if your garden is small, you should use the height with a feature wall instead of taking up important floor space on something decorative. 


Like warmth and shade, light allows you to enjoy your garden for longer and for more of the year. Solar lights can be a fantastic addition to any outdoor space. 

During the wintertime, you might not be thinking too much about getting outdoors. But making a few additions to your outdoor space now can mean that you are ready to socialize in the warmer months. 

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