20 Memorial Day Chalkboard Ideas: Creative Inspiration for Holiday Celebrations

Last updated on May 30, 2024

Discover twenty creative and inspiring ideas to transform your chalkboard into a stunning Memorial Day tribute, honoring those who have bravely served our nation.

Memorial Day is a time to remember and honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. It’s also a time for gathering with friends and family to celebrate the freedoms we enjoy thanks to their sacrifices.

If you’re looking for a creative way to add some patriotic flair to your Memorial Day gathering, look no further than chalkboard art! In this article, we’ll share 20 inspiring ideas for Memorial Day chalkboard art that will help you set the tone for your celebration while paying tribute to those who have served. So grab your chalk and let’s get started!

American Flag

chalkboard american flag

The American flag is a classic and timeless design for a Memorial Day chalkboard. You can draw the flag in its entirety or just focus on certain elements, such as the stars or stripes.

Consider adding patriotic quotes around it to enhance the message of remembrance and gratitude for those who have served our country. The American flag is also versatile enough to be incorporated into other designs, such as an eagle or military emblem.

“Thank You” Message

Chalkboard Thankful

A chalkboard with this message can be decorated with patriotic symbols such as stars, stripes, and an American flag. The message can also include specific thanks to veterans or active-duty service members in your life or community.

This idea is perfect for those who want to express their gratitude on Memorial Day but may not have the means or opportunity to attend a formal ceremony.

Soldier Silhouette

This simple yet powerful image can be easily created with just a few lines and will serve as an excellent tribute to those who have served our country. You can add details such as the American flag or military emblems in the background, or simply let the silhouette speak for itself.

This design is perfect for those who want to keep their chalkboard decoration minimalistic but still impactful.

Poppy Flowers

chalkboard flowers

These bright red flowers were first associated with the holiday after World War I, when they grew in abundance on the battlefields of Europe. Today, many people choose to draw or paint poppies on their Memorial Day chalkboards as a way to honor fallen soldiers and show support for veterans.

Poppy designs can range from simple sketches to intricate watercolor paintings, making them a versatile option for any skill level or artistic style. Whether you choose to include one poppy or an entire field of them on your chalkboard design, this flower is sure to add meaning and beauty to your tribute.

Patriotic Quotes

chalkboard freedom quotes

They can also serve as a source of inspiration for those currently serving or considering joining the military. Some popular patriotic quotes include “Freedom is never free” by Unknown, “The brave die never, though they sleep in dust: Their courage nerves a thousand living men.” by Minot J.

Savage and “America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand.” by Harry S Truman.

When creating your Memorial Day chalkboard with patriotic quotes, consider using different fonts or colors to make them stand out even more. You could also add small illustrations such as stars or flags around each quote for added visual interest.

Fireworks Drawing

chalkboard Fireworks Display

You can draw fireworks bursting in the air, or create a scene with fireworks lighting up the night sky behind an American flag or other patriotic symbol. Use bright colors like red, white, and blue for an extra festive touch.

Don’t worry if you’re not confident in your drawing skills – simple shapes like circles and lines can still create a stunning effect when combined together as fireworks!

Military Emblems

You can draw the emblem of your loved one’s branch of service or create a chalkboard with all the different military emblems. Each emblem has its own unique design and meaning, making it an excellent addition to any Memorial Day chalkboard display.

Some popular military emblems include the Army star, Navy anchor, Air Force wings, Marine Corps eagle globe and anchor (EGA), and Coast Guard shield. These symbols represent not only their respective branches but also serve as a reminder of the sacrifices made by those who have served in our armed forces.

Taps Sheet Music

chalkboard Music notes

It is a simple yet haunting melody that can be played on the chalkboard using sheet music. You can draw the notes and lyrics of Taps on your chalkboard to pay tribute to fallen soldiers who have served our country.

The song’s somber tone will evoke feelings of respect, gratitude, and remembrance for those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

“Home of the Brave”

It represents the courage and bravery of those who have served our country, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice. A chalkboard memorial dedicated to this theme could include an American flag drawing or patriotic quotes such as “Land of the free because of the brave.” Another idea would be to draw a silhouette image representing soldiers in action, reminding us all that they are indeed our nation’s bravest heroes.

Eagle and Stars

The eagle is a symbol of freedom, strength, and courage while the stars represent the states that make up our great nation. You can draw an eagle in flight with its wings spread wide or perched on top of a branch holding onto some stars.

Alternatively, you could create an abstract design by drawing multiple eagles in different sizes surrounded by various-sized stars scattered around them. This will give your chalkboard art depth and dimensionality while still maintaining the patriotic theme of Memorial Day celebrations.

In Memoriam Names

You can write the names of fallen soldiers, sailors, airmen and women on your chalkboard as a tribute to their sacrifice. This is also an opportunity for you and your family or friends to remember loved ones who have passed away.

You can add personal touches such as dates of birth or death, ranks or branches of service if you wish. It’s important to take time during Memorial Day weekend not only for barbecues but also for reflection on the sacrifices made by our military members throughout history.

BBQ Scene

chalkboard grill

You can create a chalkboard scene that depicts all of the elements of an outdoor cookout, such as grilling tools, burgers and hot dogs on the grill, picnic tables with checkered tablecloths, and coolers filled with drinks. Add some patriotic touches like American flags or red-white-and-blue bunting to complete your festive design.

This idea is perfect for those who want to showcase their love for America while enjoying delicious food in good company!

Boots, Helmet, Rifle

This symbol represents the ultimate sacrifice made by soldiers who have lost their lives in service to our country. You can add a patriotic message or quote alongside this drawing to honor those brave men and women who gave everything for our freedom.

The simplicity of this design makes it easy to recreate with chalk on any surface, making it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor displays.

Chalk Portraits

chalkboard Portraits

To create a chalk portrait, start by finding a good quality photo of your loved one. Next, use chalk to sketch out the basic outline of their face on your memorial day chalkboard.

Then, fill in details such as hair color and facial features using different shades of colored chalks.

For added effect, consider adding patriotic elements around the portrait such as an American flag or military emblems.

Red, White, Blue Ribbons

You can tie them around trees or posts in your yard or even wear them as a pin on your clothing. These colors represent the American flag and symbolize unity and patriotism.

You can also use these ribbons to create beautiful decorations for your chalkboard memorial day art by incorporating them into designs such as stars or stripes. The best part about using red, white, blue ribbons is that they are inexpensive and easy to find at any craft store or online retailer.

So go ahead and add some patriotic flair to your Memorial Day chalkboard with these colorful ribbons!

“Honor Our Heroes”

This can be done in a variety of ways, such as drawing military emblems or creating a list of names to remember those who have fallen in service. Another idea is to draw portraits of soldiers or veterans and write messages thanking them for their sacrifice and bravery.

You could also create a family tree featuring relatives who have served in the military, highlighting their accomplishments and contributions. Whatever approach you choose, honoring our heroes on Memorial Day is an important way to show gratitude for their service and sacrifice.

POW/MIA Symbol

This symbol features a silhouette of a soldier with his head bowed, standing in front of barbed wire and watchtower. The black background signifies mourning for those who have not returned home, while the white letters “POW/MIA” stand out as an urgent reminder to never forget their sacrifice.

Drawing this symbol on your Memorial Day chalkboard can be an impactful way to honor these brave men and women who served our country but never made it back home.

Veteran Family Tree

This can be done by drawing the outline of a tree and adding branches with the names of family members who have served in the military. You can also include their rank, branch, and years of service.

Adding small American flags, confederate flags (get a rebel flag for sale), or military emblems next to each name will make it even more special. This is not only a beautiful way to honor your loved ones but also serves as an educational tool for younger generations about their family’s history and sacrifice in serving our country.

Medal Illustrations

chalkboard Medal

You can draw different types of medals, such as the Purple Heart or Medal of Honor, on your Memorial Day chalkboard. These illustrations not only add a patriotic touch to your decor but also serve as a reminder of the sacrifices made by those who fought for our freedom.

To make it more personal, you can even include names or initials next to each medal illustration in memory of specific individuals who were awarded these honors for their service and bravery.

Candle and Dog Tags

chalkboard Dog Tags

The candle symbolizes the light that their memory brings into our lives, while the dog tags represent their service and sacrifice for our country. You can add personal touches such as writing the name of a loved one or adding small details like stars or stripes around the edges of your chalkboard design.

This simple yet powerful image will serve as a reminder to all who see it of those who have given everything for our freedom.

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