20 Attractive Pantry Door Ideas for the Humble Storage Room

Last updated on September 23, 2023

Your pantry should be given the beauty and liveliness it needs. How do you do that? There are a lot of ways but one of the best is a great pantry door. We’ve got the best pantry door ideas in this article. Read on!

By getting and decorating the right pantry door you can immediately transform your kitchen pantry into a more elegant and classy look depending on your interior style.

Not only do doors provide aesthetic features but they can also save space, add storage, and allow warm light inside by just adding a screen to the door itself.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s go ahead and tackle all of the amazing pantry door ideas in this post. Check these out!

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Glass Pantry Doors

Transparent Pantry Doors
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Choosing glass for the door has plenty of benefits. One is it lets the light flow right into the pantry room and you can use wallpapers to make it look more beautiful. It hides the cluttering of the items from the outside. But with the transparent option, you can view what’s inside of your pantry from the outside.

Barn Door with Glass

Sliding Barn Door
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If you can’t make the sliding barn door by yourself, it’s going to be much more expensive compared to the other types of doors. Nevertheless, it’s a great choice if you like to have a unique farmhouse look. Combine it with glass and you get an elegant, classic looking door for your kitchen pantry.

Frosted Pantry Door

Frosted Door
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Frosted glass is a wonderful addition to your kitchen pantry door as it adds elegance and style. It offers excellent privacy and versatility. It’s easy to clean, allows more sunlight, it even enhances security, and saves energy.

Pantry Door Storage

Door Storage
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Having functional kitchen pantry storage is a great choice as it can maximize your storage and save a lot of space for your pantry items. It also increases the visibility and depth of your pantry shelves. It’s a smart way to store items.

Double Door Pantry

Double Door Pantry
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Double doors for your pantry provides plenty of benefits. First, it’s easier to bring larger items inside because it’s easier to maneuver compared to a single door. It also provides a sense of welcome to guests because of its aesthetic appeal. It also allows natural light to come in.

24 Inch Pantry Door

24 Inch Door
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A 24-inch door is a perfect size for the pantry. It’s not about the size too, it’s also about the style and the benefits it can give. But if you have a handicapped person at home, this size is small as it needs to be at least more than 30 inches wide.

Sliding Pantry Doors

Sliding Barn Pantry Doors
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Sliding doors have huge benefits in space-saving. Unlike hinged doors that you need swing open, sliding doors open sideways which makes them great in a smaller type of pantries. It also has aesthetic features.

Half Glass Pantry Door

Half Door
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Half glass doors for the kitchen pantry can let light through but not much since only half of it is on the door. It’s like having a half-open doorway. It also doesn’t affect privacy that much because it is not fully transparent.

Etched Glass Pantry Door

Etched Door
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Etched glass is almost the same as a frosted except it focuses more on the decorative capabilities rather than the function. It has artwork, design, or even lettering but offers the same benefits as the frosted option.

Antique Pantry Door

Antique Door
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If you want a vintage feel on your kitchen pantry or to complement a classic interior, making an antique door would do wonders. Antique doors usually don’t need sanding or repairing but just a little gluing and staining.

Rustic Pantry Door

Rustic Door
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Rustic may look the same as an antique but it’s not. Rustic is more like a farm or countryside look where you use natural textures. It can be pure wood or can be combined with glass too if you want light through or add more aesthetic.

Vintage Pantry Door

Vintage Door
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If an antique is too old for you but you still want that classic look, why not try a vintage door. It’s got the old look appearance but not as old as an antique. It adds value to the whole room with the pantry and can be made with half glass as well.

Hidden Pantry Door

Hidden Door
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Surprising your guests would be fun by having a hidden door. In this way, no one would suspect that there’s a pantry in that particular space. You can also hide your kitchen pantry items and people won’t see it cluttered.

Farmhouse Pantry Door

Farmhouse Door
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A distressed look would accompany a farmhouse pantry door and can be done with a screen door. It can be a single or double door too. This look would definitely let you and your guests feel they’re in the country when they see your pantry door.

Unique Pantry Door Ideas

Unique Door Ideas
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Of course, you don’t have to use common pantry doors as there are unique and customized pantry doors for everyone. You can get it pre-made or do it on your own since it’s easy to do. It can be made of wood and chalkboard – the possibilities are endless.

Pantry Door Shelving

Door Shelving
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Pantry doors aren’t just for aesthetic and protecting your pantry items, you can actually get one or build one that has shelves. With this door, you’re maximizing all the space your door can provide making your pantry look more organized than ever before.

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