20 Decor Above Pantry Door Ideas for Your Home

Last updated on March 19, 2024

Explore unique decor ideas for the space above your pantry door because this often-overlooked area can accentuate your kitchen’s style and functionality.

I’ve designed unique illustrations for these ideas. I hope you get inspired!

Sprucing up space above the pantry door can transform a mundane kitchen into a charming and personalized one. While numerous traditional concepts exist, this article aims to deliver unique, fresh ideas that will add a creative edge to your home’s decor.

Sure, we’ll revisit some of the most popular designs, complete with resources at the end of this write-up, but expect a multitude of innovative solutions as well.

By exploring outside conventional boundaries, these novel approaches to pantry door decor promise to offer a helpful new perspective for your decor rejuvenation.

Let’s get those creative wheels turning, shall we?

Wrought Iron Signage

wrought iron signage

Wrought iron signage provides a rustic and elegant touch to your pantry doors. With a variety of designs available, from intricate patterns to personalized shapes, there’s something to complement every style.

The durable material ensures it lasts for years while maintaining its classy appearance. Choose to display your family name or a fun phrase that adds character to your kitchen.

Simply mount the sign above your pantry door for an instant style upgrade. Remember to select a size and design that’s proportional to the door and complements the other decor elements in your kitchen.

It’s an effortless way to make a statement while adding a timeless appeal to your space.

Hanging Herb Garden

hanging herb garden

Inject freshness into your pantry decor with a hanging herb garden. Select sturdy wooden boards and durable transparent glass jars. Ensure the jars are suspended securely with the help of rust-proof metal fittings.

Choose herbs like basil, parsley, or mint – they have multi-faceted uses and lend an herbaceous aroma to your pantry. Resulting in a functional, fragrant, and visually appealing decor addition that showcases your love for gardening and cooking alike!

Remember, placement is important; install it at a height where it receives sufficient sunlight, but is also easily accessible. Brighten up the area with this aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian idea!

Vintage Window Frame

vintage window frame

Positioned above your pantry door, an old window frame can act as a distinctive design element. It adds a genuinely rustic appeal, paying tribute to the charm of bygone eras.

The beauty of this concept lies in its versatility – you can leave the window frame bare, highlight its weathered features or give it a fresh coat of faux finish paint to customise the look.

An enhanced option could be to fill the windowpanes with decorative pieces such as frosted glass, mirrored inserts, or even a set of curated pictures.

If storage is in short supply, consider attaching hooks to hang aprons, pot holders, and other small kitchen items.

Remember, there is no right or wrong in decor – let your personal aesthetic guide your choices to create a vintage window frame decor that stands out and speaks volumes about your style.

Custom Mural

custom mural

An artistically inclined selection, murals offer a personal touch to any kitchen space. Depending on personal style preferences, these can range from intricate landscapes to abstract designs.

1. Personal Expression: Murals allow you to display your personality or interests directly on your wall.

2. Kitchen Themes: Maintain a cohesive kitchen aesthetic by choosing a mural that complements your kitchen’s existing design or color scheme.

3. Large-Scale Impact: Due to their size and visibility, murals command attention and can significantly alter the feel of your space.

4. Memory Incorporation: Murals can depict favorite family meals, memorable vacations, or other personal symbols.

5. Unique and Distinctive: As these are custom designs, they guarantee your kitchen decor will be one-of-a-kind.

LED Lettering Sign

led lettering sign

Creating a glowing statement above your pantry door is simpler than you think. LED Lettering Signs add a splash of modernity and create eye-catching decor that is both decorative and functional, especially in poorly lit areas.

You can customize these illuminating pieces to reflect a cherished phrase, a family surname, or simply the word “pantry”. Made of durable materials, these unique decor pieces are known for their extended longevity and energy efficiency.

Installing an LED lettering sign doesn’t require any specialized skills. Simply follow the included instructions for a quick and easy wall-mounted light arrangement.

Additionally, you can choose the color of your LED lettering sign to match your kitchen decor. Whether it’s vibrant red for a retro-inspired kitchen or cool white for a modern, minimalist pantry, there’s a hue that suits your style.

Do make sure to consider the size of your available space above the door when choosing the LED sign. This ensures that the decor piece offers readability without becoming overwhelming.

In a nutshell, an LED Lettering Sign above your pantry door turns the space into an artistic, stylish focal point that embodies your personal aesthetic while also providing extra lighting.

Family Photo Collage

family photo collage

Taking pride of place above the pantry door, a family photo collage gives an infusion of warmth and personal charm to any kitchen.

Craft a cohesive look by using similar frame styles or colors, bringing a sense of order to the assortment of cherished memories.

For a more rustic appeal, opt for multi-picture distressed wood frames.

Alternatively, modernize with sleek black or white frames and monochrome prints.

Remember, this display will face more wear-and-tear than typical wall hangings due to kitchen activities.

Therefore, secure arrangements properly and consider using copies of photos to protect originals from potential damage.

Finally, switch photos out periodically for a refresh and to keep the display feeling dynamic.

Wall-Mounted Plate Display

wall mounted plate display

Creating a wall-mounted plate display adds visual interest without compromising functionality. Opt for plates with attractive designs and colors that complement your pantry’s overall aesthetic.

Experiment with different arrangements, such as a symmetrical pattern or a dynamic, free-form display. Use plate hangers that are sturdy and unobtrusive to securely attach the plates to the wall.

Remember, the objective is to blend charm and utility harmoniously. Be bold and show off your creativity with this unexpected display medium.

Chalkboard Menu

chalkboard menu

Creating an above-door chalkboard menu offers several benefits beyond aesthetics—it’s functional and ever-changing according to your meal or occasion.

Functionality: Use it to display your weekly meal plan, a recipe you’d like to try, or the drink options at your home party.

Ever-Changing: With a damp cloth, easily erase the current text and chalk in a new concept.

Customizable: Stylize your texts using different color chalks, chalk-markers, or experiment with various handwriting to suit the occasion or feel of the room.

DIY: Craft your chalkboard from an old picture frame for a personal touch, or purchase one to your liking and simply attach it above the pantry door.

Remember, high contrast between the chalk color and board ensures better visibility. A light source near the chalkboard can amplify the effect, making it an eye-catching element in your home decor.

Repurposed Shutter Decor

repurposed shutter decor

Lending a vintage touch, a repurposed shutter becomes an intriguing visual element when fixed above the pantry door. It bookmarks the area without adding unnecessary bulk.

Opt to leave it in its distressed form for a natural, rustic look or add a fresh coat of paint to match your kitchen colors.

Not limited to aesthetics, you can get practical by clipping notes, grocery lists or favorite recipes to its slats.

Make it more personal by giving it a mini makeover – showcase family photos or kids’ artwork.

The possibilities are boundless with creativity and some DIY spirit. Indeed, repurposed shutter decor is like creating your unique art piece.

Whimsical Mobiles

whimsical mobiles

Capturing the playfulness and surreality of a whimsical mobile not only adds a desirable aesthetic but also dynamic energy to a pantry door space. Here are some salient aspects to consider:

1. Craftsmanship: Make or seek out mobiles that are delicately balanced and move gently with air movement. This adds a dynamic element.

2. Material: Different materials, e.g., fabric, paper, or metal scraps, used can dramatically change the look of the mobile. Thematic picks like teapots or mini pantry items are fun choices.

3. Proportion: Ensure the size complements, not overwhelms, the doorway. Consider the distance from the door to avoid any collision.

4. Lighting: If placed near a light source, some mobiles can cast beautiful, ever-changing shadows.

5. Personal touch: Bag a DIY, personalize it with favorite colors, patterns, or meaningful charms. It adds an emotional connection.

6. Installation: Lastly, secure it properly to prevent it from falling and causing any injuries. Safety is a priority when installing any decor items.

Remember, a whimsical mobile softly twirling above your pantry door illustrates a perfect combination of artistic creativity and fun!

Stencil Art

stencil art

Drawing inspiration from street art and wallpaper patterns, stencils make it easy to incorporate your personal design aesthetic above the pantry doors. Whether you choose a complex floral motif or a simple geometric design, the stencil art method not only adds visual interest but also allows for consistency and repetition.

Here’s how you can make it work:

  • Choose the right stencil: The size and complexity of the design need to fit the space and not overwhelm.
  • Pick the right colors: Contrasting colors with the wall ensure the design pops.
  • Ensure correct alignment: Start from the center and work your way towards the edges for perfect symmetry.
  • Use painters tape: Keep the stencil secure and avoid over spray of paint.
  • Go for quality paint: A good quality acrylic paint ensures maximum longevity.

Remember, less is more when it comes to stencil art. Too many colors or a complex design may distract rather than attract. The stencil design should complement your overall decor scheme, not compete with it. It’s all about the harmony of design within your space.

Antique Cookware Display

antique cookware display

Displaying antique cookware above the pantry door is an out-of-the-box idea that offers a unique and nostalgic touch to your kitchen space. By simply mounting hooks or installing a narrow shelf, you can showcase items such as cast iron pans, old baking tins, or brass pitchers.

  • Utilize your collection: Don’t hide your antique cookware in a box; if they’re in a decent condition, they can be a great conversation starter.
  • Highlight authenticity: Older items have a charm all their own, adding a warming and authentic touch to kitchen decor.
  • Placement matters: Arrange the pieces artistically and with careful spacing to avoid a cluttered look.
  • Consider a theme: A period-themed or colour-coded arrangement can help to unify the display.
  • Lighting: Proper illumination can ensure your display truly shines and becomes a focal point in the kitchen.

Remember, showcasing these vintage treasures not only enriches your decor but also allows you to share a piece of history.

Floating Shelves for Small Planters

floating shelves for small planters

A charming option for the space above a pantry door entails displaying small planters on floating shelves. These shelves are simple to install and offer a clean, modern look. Beyond function, they form a design element in their own right.

Some key points to consider for this style:

  • 1. Pick planters that complement your kitchen décor. Ceramics in soft neutrals or vibrant plastics can alter the feel of the space.
  • 2. Choose plants that thrive in the lighting conditions of a typical kitchen. Herbs are a terrific selection, as they are handy when cooking.
  • 3. Remember to provide drainage for your plants. Some shelves have built-in trays to protect the wall from moisture damage.
  • 4. Create a visually pleasing display by selecting shelves of various lengths and arranging them in an asymmetric manner.

Floating shelves with small planters add a touch of greenery to your kitchen, bringing in a breath of fresh air and a feeling of comfort and serenity. They are a functional yet stylish decor choice, fostering a connection with nature even in a bustling kitchen environment.

Iron Wall Grid With Hanging Elements

iron wall grid with hanging elements

An iron wall grid can add a striking industrial element to your pantry door area. This versatile decor item allows you to effortlessly change the look based on your mood or season.

Simply attach mini hooks or small clothing pegs to hang your decorative pieces. These include, but are not limited to, family photos, recipe cards, or pieces of art. Just ensure your elements are not too heavy.

You can even hang small potted plants or herbs to introduce a bit of greenery. The iron grid can be painted to match your kitchen’s color scheme, providing a personal touch while maintaining a cohesive theme. If you’re aiming for a rustic vibe, leave the grid in its original iron color.

All you need is a sturdy wall anchor to secure your grid in place. Remember to place this decor feature at an appropriate height to keep it both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Sentimental Quote On Wood Panel

sentimental quote on wood panel

A sentimental quote on a wooden panel is a two-fold decorative treasure. Not only does it add to the overall aesthetics of your kitchen, but it also serves as a gentle reminder of values and memories dear to your heart.

Select a favorite meaningful quote. Consider something related to cooking, family, or home – something that will inject warmth into the atmosphere each time you catch a glance.

Decide on the typography. You could go for a print or a hand-painted design; the latter often adds a bit more character.

Consider your palette. The color of the words can either match or contrast with your kitchen décor. Working with contrasting colors can make the message more prominent.

Finally, secure it above your pantry door. You could have it flushed against the wall or let it dangle from a rustic rope depending on the size of the wood panel.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to create a focal point above your pantry door that simultaneously upgrades the aesthetics of your kitchen while reflecting your personal taste.

Rustic Wagon Wheel Decor

rustic wagon wheel decor

Sketching its origin from the Old West, a wagon wheel becomes an impressive artifact when used as a decorative piece above the pantry door. Its rustic charm and unique aesthetic effectively bridge the gap between modern and traditional design.

On the practical side, it provides an ample surface area for customization and embellishment. You can string fairy lights around it, somehow creating an illuminated focus point. Draping artificial vines or attaching silk flowers to its spokes can introduce a touch of natural vibrancy.

Despite its often large size, installing a wagon wheel is primarily a straightforward task. Ensure it’s safely secured to the wall and its proportions harmonize with the size of the pantry door.

Remember, it’s about enhancing your space with a timeless decor piece, so personal creativity is highly encouraged. Use this chance to showcase your ingenuity whilst paying homage to the bygone era!

Painted Mason Jar Display

painted mason jar display

Start with choosing mason jars of assorted sizes to keep it visually engaging. Splash them with hues that complement the overall kitchen décor—one dominant color with two or three accents will do the trick. The color palette can be seasonal like vibrant spring tones or year-round favorites like pastels. Once the paint dries, a layer of sealant can ensure long-lasting vibrancy.

Fix builders-grade brackets above the pantry door and place your painted jars there. Fill them with artificial flowers for an evergreen effect or use seasonal botanicals that you can replace throughout the year. The jars can also hold utensils or cooking staples, making it not only visually pleasing but a functional decor element as well.

Remember, it’s all about arranging them aesthetically—play with the positions, create height differences and let the display echo your personal style statement. A painted Mason jar display can effortlessly add a rustic charm and a pop of color to your kitchen, capturing the attention of anyone who walks in.

Ceramic Dishware Showcase

ceramic dishware showcase

Showcasing ceramic dishware above the pantry door offers a unique blend of form and function. It allows collectors to display their curated pieces or family heirlooms, giving a personalised touch to the kitchen decor.

To achieve this:

  • Choose dishware that complements the existing color scheme of the kitchen for a harmonious look.
  • Use plate hangers or individual plate displays to secure the dishware. They come in various styles to match your decor.
  • Arrange dishware in a symmetrical pattern for a cohesive appearance. Consider varying the sizes for a dynamic visual effect.
  • Maintain a balance between the number of items displayed and the space available to avoid a cluttered look.
  • Ensure the space above the pantry door is accessible for cleaning and replacing items.

Remember, the goal is to create an enjoyable visual appeal without sacrificing functionality and ease of maintenance.

Eclectic Mirror Collection

eclectic mirror collection

Eclectic mirror collections create a captivating focal point above your pantry door. Because mirrors amplify light, they can make your kitchen space appear larger and brighter.

Consider the variety of shapes and sizes available, allowing for creative freedom in arranging a beautifully disjoint vignette. Scale is crucial; use larger mirrors to anchor the display, then radiate outwards with smaller pieces. Mix and match styles if you prefer an adventurous aesthetic, or stick to a unified theme for a more streamlined look.

In terms of adhering to the wall, ensure you’re using appropriate fixtures based on the size of the mirrors. Hardware stores often categorize these based on weight capacities. An excellent arrangement tip is to lay your mirror collection out on the floor first, allowing you to experiment with arrangements before committing.

Printer paper taped together can be traced around each mirror to transfer the arrangement onto the wall, ensuring accuracy. Remember, this is a fun project that’s all about enhancing your space with personality and charm!

DIY String Art

diy string art

Giving a personalized touch to your pantry door decor, this artistic endeavor offers an endless possibility of designs – from simple geometrical patterns to more complex, personalized ones such as monograms or whimsical illustrations.

Here is how you can achieve this look:

1. Identify your Design: Choose a meaningful design that resonates with the aesthetic of your kitchen.

2. Gather Materials: Secure a wooden board, nails, a hammer, and colored string. The size and color of these components depend on your specific aesthetic requirements.

3. Draft & Nail Your Pattern: Sketch your chosen design lightly on the wood. Carefully hammer nails along the drawn lines, keeping an equal distance between each.

4. Start Stringing: Tie one end of the string securely onto a starting nail. Loop it around the nails, crossing between them to fill in the design.

5. Intensify Colors: Double or triple-thread to make the colors pop more.

Remember, this is an art project so let your creativity run a little wild. It may not turn out perfect the first time, but practice will have you mastering this delightful craft in no time.

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