24 Hide An Unused Door Ideas: Practical Solutions for Your Home

Last updated on April 7, 2024

Unlock your creativity because adorning an unused door transforms your space, injecting a unique personality and elegance not to be missed.

I’ve designed unique illustrations for these ideas. I hope you get inspired!

Old doors left unattended can often become a mere obstacle or an eyesore. You’ve likely seen a multitude of common solutions to mask these unused entryways. While these are often ingenious, this article seeks to push the boundaries further and introduce fresh, unique ideas that tackle the issue from new angles.

Rest assured, this list aims to expand your creative horizon and help you turn those spare doors into intriguing conversation pieces.

For your convenience, a compilation of resources offering inspiration from some of the best existing ideas will also be available at the end of this article.

Dive right in, and elevate your home decoration game with these innovative ways to deal with unused doors!

Decorate It As a Faux Fireplace

decorate it as a faux fireplace

Giving a new lease of life to the unused door with a faux fireplace can turn a simple wall into the main focal point of the room. It’s a creative and warm concept that combines aesthetic appeal and purpose.

Firstly, enhance the doorway with stones or bricks to impart a rudimentary fireplace look. Ensure it’s symmetrical, and mimics a genuine fireplace structure.

Secondly, paint the interior in a darker shade, like black or charcoal, to simulate depth. Select a color which complements the room’s overall color scheme, bringing a touch of harmony.

For a dash of authenticity, incorporate a wooden mantel above the doorway. Display decor items or sentimental trinkets, maybe even seasonally-themed elements for a festive touch.

Lastly, instead of real wood or fire, a string of LED tea lights or candelabra could furnish the cozy flicker, with no smoke or heat involved. For more festive occasions, even an imitation flame setup can produce an eye-catching, realistic look. If space permits, adding some faux logs will deliver an authentic fireplace vibe.

Remember, the faux fireplace setup is flexible and can be customized to individual tastes, environmental factors, and personal preferences. Incorporate these ideas and transform that foorgotten door into the most enchanting spot in your home.

Use It As an Entrance to a Hidden Closet

use it as an entrance to a hidden closet

Repurposing the unused door as an entrance to a concealed storage space presents an innovative solution to optimizing your home’s capacity. By installing shelves or rods within the recess of the door, you effortlessly increase your storage areas.

This not only serves as a fantastic hideaway for off-season clothes, household items or children’s toys, but it also adds an air of secrecy and intrigue to your living space.

A concealed cupboard or closet can also dramatically transform a room’s aesthetic by decluttering and streamlining the flow of spaces.

Remember, using a beautiful jute or sisal rug as a door swing is a great way to keep the hidden closet inconspicuous while enhancing the room’s overall charm.

Set Up a Home Bar in the Doorway

set up a home bar in the doorway

There are a few simple steps to transforming your unused door into a distinctive home bar. Firstly, think of your beverage preferences. Will it primarily be a liquors bar, a wine bar, or a coffee bar? Knowing what will regularly be there informs the design and organization of the bar.

Secondly, consider the bar’s functionality. You’ll need to prepare a surface for making and serving drinks. You can choose from a floating shelf, a narrow console table, or even a repurposed vintage desk serving as the bar table placed perpendicular to the doorway.

After that, focus on storage. Wall-mounted wine racks or small shelves can hold wine bottles, and cup hooks underneath shelves can store stemware. A small bar fridge hidden within a cabinet is ideal for keeping wine, beer, and mixers chilled.

Lastly, think of style and personalization. Add a unique touch with a cocktail recipe board, vintage liquor posters, or a chalkboard wall. For lighting, ambient sconces or overhead pendants offer a warm inviting glow. Incorporate a bar stool or two if space allows.

So, with some planning and creativity, your previously unused door becomes an inviting and functional home bar centerpiece. Enjoy the transformation!

Camouflage It With a Wall Mural

camouflage it with a wall mural

Choosing a wall mural that complements your overall room decor is one way to stylishly hide an unused door. With a wide array of designs available, ranging from minimalist landscapes, abstract designs, or even a favorite photograph blown up to mural size, the options are infinite.

Here are a few key points:

  • 1. Ensure the wall mural completely covers the door area for a seamless look.
  • 2. Choose a design that matches and blends well with your current wall color and decor.
  • 3. High-quality, removable wallpaper is a solid option for those seeking a less permanent solution.
  • 4. For breezy installation, choose mural panels. They are easier to align and give a more seamless look.
  • 5. Consider professional help for a flawless finish, particularly for intricate designs.

This idea doesn’t only cure the problem of an unwanted door, but also brings an interesting and vibrant feel to your space.

Install a Useful Organizer to Hold Household Items

install a useful organizer to hold household items

Capitalizing on the doorway’s vertical space is a clever way to store everyday items and clean up clutter. A compact organizer, conveniently placed, can hold keys, mails, umbrellas, and even shoes if size allows. Choose an organizer with pockets, hooks, shelves, or a combination of these, to expand your storage options.

Be sure to match the design and color of the organizer to the overall room’s aesthetic. This trick not only provides practicality but also introduces a unique, decorative flair. Consider including a small chalkboard or whiteboard for quick notes or reminders, effectively turning the unused door area into a practical and visually appealing ‘command center’.

convert it into a mini gallery for kids artwork

Having a dedicated space for your little ones to showcase their creativity not only encourages their artistic ability but also adds a personal touch to your home.

To create this, first, remove the door. Then, measure the opening and install a panel or board to become the canvas.

This could be a chalkboard or whiteboard for their drawings.

For their paper masterpieces, make use of magnetic paint or strips.

Changing the board’s content frequently keeps the area fresh.

For a polished look, frame the panel, matching it to your room’s decor style.

Remember to place the artworks at a height where they can see and reach easily, bringing a sense of ownership to their mini gallery.

Maximize the Space By Building a Small Home Library

maximize the space by building a small home library

Optimizing the unused doorway by constructing a compact home library is a creative and functional approach. The key factors to consider in this renovation include: selecting appropriate shelving, organizing books efficiently, and choosing proper lighting.

Shelving is a critical element. Fixed or adjustable wall-mounted bookshelves would be ideal to accommodate books of varying sizes. Position shelves at a reasonable height for ease of access.

Efficient book organization goes hand in hand with a pleasing visual aesthetic. Categorize books by size, genre or color for consistent displays. This method will ensure easy location of your books, and also offer an eye-catching arrangement.

Excellent lighting enhances the space and makes it easier to find titles. Whether it is built-in LED lights, a fancy pendant lamp, or a simple clip-on reading light, make sure it’s a fit with the overall design and provides sufficient illumination for browsing in the library.

Remember, even a small library can be a cozy, inviting haven with the right planning. Enjoy the process and experiment with different ideas to make the space a testament to your literary love.

Install a Projector Screen for Home Theaters

install a projector screen for home theaters

Taking advantage of an unused door for a home theater projector screen can be both clever and practical.

1.- Space Saving: Designed to retract when not in use, the screen won’t obstruct your doorway or take up precious floor space.

2.- Easy Installation: Projector screens often come with mounting hardware, making the installation straightforward. Ensure the width of the screen fits in your door frame.

3.- Convenient Transmission: The doorway’s central location can be ideal for the transmission of audio and visual signals.

4.- Enhanced Viewing Experience: Good projector screens optimize image quality, resulting in better brightness, contrast, and color saturation for your movie nights.

Remember to consider your room’s lighting conditions when choosing a screen, as this could affect the visibility of your projections.

Meanwhile, pair your projector screen with a quality projector for the ultimate home theater experience.

Turn It Into a Dreamy Canopy Bed Entrance

turn it into a dreamy canopy bed entrance

A canopy bed entrance breathes an air of fantasy and luxury into a room. With its blend of intimacy and grandeur, it is ideal for adding a lavish touch while concealing an unused door.

1. Measure: Precisely measure the door frame before buying or creating the canopy. Ensure it fits snugly and covers the entire area.

2. Select a Canopy: Opt for a full canopy bed-curtain with a regal headpiece, or choose a simpler ring or hoop style based on your room decor.

3. Choose Material & Colour: Silks, chiffons or light cotton materials work well for canopies. Choose a colour that complements your room’s palette. You may select a pastel colour for a soft, romantic feel or a bold hue for a dramatic statement.

4. Installation: Install hooks at the top of the door frame to hang the canopy. Alternatively, use tension rods if you’re looking for a less permanent solution.

5. Add Lighting: Make it more magical with fairy lights. String them along the inside of the canopy to create a dreamy effect.

6. Accessorize: For added elegance, consider adding decorative elements such as tassels or trim to the canopy or incorporate lush pillows and throws beneath the canopy for a cozy reading nook.

Remember that maintenance is key. Regular washing and dusting will keep the canopy looking fresh and inviting.

Use It As a Frame for an Oversized Artwork

use it as a frame for an oversized artwork

Opting for a large piece of artwork is an artistic and impactful way to mask any seldom-used door. Consider an art selection that complements the room’s aesthetic, enabling this unusual spot to become a captivating centerpiece.

To accommodate the door’s functionality, make sure the artwork is lightweight and securely positioned.

Here are the steps:

  • Choose an art piece that covers the door surface entirely. Your chosen artwork could be a canvas painting, a vintage poster, or a laser-cut metal wall decor.
  • Ensure the art piece is light so it does not burden the door or cause accidental falls.
  • Opt for a hanging method that offers stability yet isn’t damaging to the door. Command strips are a great non-invasive option.
  • Hang the art piece at eye level to seem part of the room’s decor while also hiding the door.
  • Ensure the door can still be opened if necessary by allowing sufficient spacing in the hanging.

Remember, an oversized artwork is not just a way to cover a door, but also adds character and visual interest to your space, creating a dynamic focal point in the room.

Cover It With a Rustic Barn-Style Sliding Door

cover it with a rustic barn style sliding door

Implementing this idea adds a unique architectural charm to your interiors. Rather than a regular door that swings open and shut, you can install a barn-style slider to cover your unused doorway.

Here are the steps to achieve this look:

  • Measurements: Start by measuring the size of your door opening. Add additional inches to the length to make sure the entire nook will be covered when the door is closed.
  • Door selection: Look for a reclaimed barn door that matches the measurements you’ve taken. They are available at antique stores or from online marketplaces. Note that, aesthetically, natural wood finishes have the best rustic appeal.
  • Hardware: Purchase a sliding door hardware kit suitable for your door weight. The kit generally includes a rod, mounting brackets, rollers, and a bottom guide.
  • Installation: Position the rod above the doorway, ensuring it is level before securing it to your wall. Hang the door on the rod with the rollers and ensure it slides smoothly.

Remember to blend the door with the room’s design by coordinating the wood tones or colors. For more personalized touch, consider adding distinctive hardware like antique handles or distressed metal accents.

create a picture gallery on the door

When adopting this approach, visualize the unused door as a blank canvas, a perfect opportunity to display some of your favorite photographs. First, select a series of pictures that mean a lot to you, perhaps images from unforgettable family vacations, pictures of loved ones, or snaps of memorable events.

Diversity in photo sizes can add an element of artistic chaos. If you prefer a more ordered look, opt for uniform frames and neatly align them in rows or create a specific shape like a heart or circle.

Next, decide on the frame style. While matching frames provide a sleek and cohesive look, an assortment of frames gives off an eclectic, homely vibe. Remember to consider the door’s color and how it influences your selection. For a subtle look, use frames that match the door’s shade.

To secure the photos well, you might need small nails or adhesive strips designed for picture hanging. Finally, to enhance the gallery, consider adding surrounding decors like wall stickers or fairy lights. This method delivers a captivating, personalized touch to the unused door, transforming it into an interesting focal point.

Utilize the Door As a Vertical Herb Garden

utilize the door as a vertical herb garden

Cultivating your own herbs indoors not only adds a pop of greenery but also offers the convenience of fresh seasoning for your meals.

To begin, choose herbs that thrive indoors such as basil, parsley, or chives.

Next, gather some small plant pots that fit the size of your unused door.

Attach a few narrow shelves or hang plant pots using hooks and ropes from the top of the door down.

Ensure the door gets a good amount of sunlight or install a grow light if necessary.

Remember to water the herbs appropriately, not letting them dry out nor overwatering.

Add a personalized touch with cute plant markers.

In no time, you will have a vertical herb garden that marries functionality with aesthetics.

Turn It Into a Bulletin Board for Important Notes

turn it into a bulletin board for important notes

Here’s one surprisingly practical way to utilize that unused door. With a bulletin board, your family can post important notes, deadlines, or even cheerful messages for one another.

This modification not only hides the door but also turns it into a functional space. To achieve this, measure and cut your cork board to fit the door size, then adhere it securely. Dress it up with a nice frame to enhance its aesthetic appeal.

If you’re not keen on traditional cork, consider a magnetic or dry-erase board as alternatives. Keep it neat and organized for a touch of sophistication. Post-it notes, colorful highlighters, and fun magnetic holders can make this door-turned-message-center a friendly household feature.

Use It As a Backdrop for Indoor Photoshoots

use it as a backdrop for indoor photoshoots

Unexpected yet absolutely stunning, utilizing an unused door as a backdrop for indoor photoshoots can dramatically enhance the visual appeal of any image.

Here are a few points to consider:

  • 1. This method works splendidly for both professional and casual photographers. Unleash the creative bug and let this unique backdrop inspire you for your next photo session.
  • 2. Depending on personal preference, leave the door in its original state for a rustic look or paint it for a pop of color.
  • 3. Install shelves or hooks to hang props, hats, or other accessories. This gives versatility for different shoots while serving as additional storage.
  • 4. Consider adding fairy lights for an enchanting touch. Their glow adds depth and soft illumination while shooting in darker hours.
  • 5. For the holidays, wrap the door with festive decorations and turn your usual shooting place into a seasonal studio. Easter, Christmas, Halloween – the opportunities are endless.
  • 6. As a bonus, this novel approach also breathes new life into an otherwise underutilized space. Suddenly, that unused door becomes part of your house’s lively narrative.

Convert It Into a Stylish Floor-Length Mirror

convert it into a stylish floor length mirror

In transforming the unused door, consider a stylish floor-length mirror—an ideal solution for functionality and aesthetics.

Here’s how it works:

  • Start by measuring your door, then purchase or custom order a full-length mirror to fit.
  • Depending on your preference, choose a mirror style that blends with your decor. For example, ornate frames enhance a traditional setting while sleek minimalist designs fit modern interiors.
  • Depending on the weight of your mirror, it might be necessary to install durable hanging hardware directly into the door or consider leaning it against the door for a more casual appearance.
  • To keep the mirror secure, especially in households with children, secure the top with a small bracket or similar hardware.
  • Mirrors create the illusion of space, making your room feel larger and brighter. It also offers the added convenience of a full-length view before heading out.

Remember, safety first. Always follow professional advice or hire a professional when unsure, as large mirrors can pose a hazard if not secured properly.

Create a Vintage Door Decor By Hanging Antique Items

create a vintage door decor by hanging antique items

Invest in an assortment of antique items such as old maps, vintage photos, clocks, or textured fabric with a patina look.

The idea is to create an engaging visual array that triggers nostalgia and adds personality to your room.

Start by setting a focal point and expanding the design to the edges in a radial style, blending smaller and larger items to maintain balance.

Pay attention to color schemes, as antiquated pieces often have muted, warm tones that need to harmonize with the rest of your decor.

Remember, less is often more, so be discerning about the items you choose to display.

Lastly, make sure to use wall-safe hooks and adhesives to prevent any damage to the door.

Install a Hanging Wardrobe Rack

install a hanging wardrobe rack

Switching up your storage solutions can be a practical and stylish way to utilize an unused door. Hanging a wardrobe rack on the door can lend a chic industrial touch to your space, besides offering plenty of room to hang up coats, scarves, bags, and other accessories.

This method keeps items in sight, making it easy to grab things as you head out. It can be an especially great addition to entryways and hallways, or in bedrooms where closet space is limited.

Ensure the rack is securely fastened to the door to handle the weight of hanging items. Consider adding hooks of different sizes to seriously up the storage potential. For a beautiful, cohesive look, select a rack that matches the rest of your decor.

Regardless of use, a hanging wardrobe rack can ingenely convert your unused door into functional and fashionable storage space.

Use It As a Display for Collectible Figures or Knick-Knacks

use it as a display for collectible figures or knick knacks

Transforming an unused door space into a dynamic display brims with potential. For an ardent collector, it presents a creative way to prominently showcase favorite items, turning an otherwise overlooked area into a conversation starter.

Firstly, remember to consider proper shelving. Opt for floating shelves or stand-alone mini cubicles to perfectly exhibit your collection of figures or knick-knacks. Whatever you choose, it should harmonize with the design of the room and secure each item.

Secondly, craft a layout. The configuration of your collection matters – think about varying shapes, sizes, or grouped by theme to make the display visually appealing. Varying the height and depth can also create an engaging multidimensional effect.

Thirdly, good lighting is essential. Ambient, task, or accent lighting can highlight the collection while adding to the room’s overall ambiance. Choose the right brightness, avoid overpowering the room’s general lighting.

Finally, remember to periodically dust and rotate your collection. Regular care keeps the display fresh and appealing, as well as maintaining the condition of your prized possessions. With these steps in mind, your collection will surely be a captivating focal point in the room, adding character and presenting your personality.

Cover It With a Velvety Luxurious Drape

cover it with a velvety luxurious drape

A plush, velvety drapery emanates luxury. Select a fabric that will add visual weight and richness to the space. Choose a hue in sync with the room’s color scheme for a seamless blend.

  • Look for Thick Fabric: A weighty fabric such as velvet or brocade helps to conceal the door’s structure underneath while enhancing the room’s aesthetic appeal.
  • Full-length Drapes: Ensure the drapery is floor-length and covers the full width of the door.
  • Install Curtain Rod above Door: Position a stylish curtain rod above the door frame. It should be wide enough to allow the drape to cover the door fully.
  • Pay attention to Details: A matching tie-back or high-quality curtain rings adds an elegant touch.

This transformation will leave your room looking refined and welcoming. Without door removal, you’ve converted an unused door into a gorgeous focal point in the room.

Use It As a Yoga Wall for Supports and Backbends

use it as a yoga wall for supports and backbends

This is an innovative way to transform your unused door. First, ensure the door and its hinges are strong enough to hold weight. Then, place comfortable, high-density foam padding on the floor in front of the door for safety and comfort. You can customize wall straps and mounts to fit on the door. Remember to secure these at the right height for poses that require support, such as inversions or backbends.

You might want to brighten up the area by adding a beautiful yoga-inspired wall decal or mural. Bright colors can induce invigoration, renew focus, and stimulate the mind during yoga, providing a completely immersive experience. This kind of setup offers the perfect spot for daily stretches, meditation, and yoga routines, merging functionality with aesthetics seamlessly.

Create a Faux Arch Decor

create a faux arch decor

Opting for a faux arch decor allows an artistic transformation of the unused door. Firstly, trace a semicircular arch outline on the door, utilizing any arch template available at home improvement stores. Ensure to adjust the angle to fit your unique door width.

Next, employ a jigsaw to carefully cut following the outline.

Once the structural work is done, your creative touch comes into play. Paint the arch in the color of your choice, a hue that complements the rest of the room, perhaps. To enhance the look further, consider adding depth with faux brick or stone wallpaper adhesive.

Finally, take a step back and admire your newly arched ‘doorway’. This feature adds a hint of elegance and sophistication, withholding the secret that it’s an unused door behind it. With the right tone and texture, the faux arch decor can seamlessly blend with your interior design, contributing to the room’s aesthetic appeal.

Install a Panel Covered With Faux Flowers

install a panel covered with faux flowers

To implement this vibrant concept, start by choosing a panel that covers the door width and height appropriately. Just like matching a frame to a picture, ensure it suits the door before moving on.

Next, faux flowers come in handy due to their durability and no maintenance requirements. They portray a constant fresh and lively ambiance, unlike real flowers that wither. Opt for a variety of colors and sizes to create a visually appealing texture.

To secure these flowers, a hot glue gun works efficiently, although fabric adhesive is another great option. Arrange the flowers on the panel in a pattern that you find aesthetically pleasing. Remember, it’s your personal space, so feel free to choose designs that reflect your personality.

Lastly, mount your floral decorated panel onto the door. It might be best to use removable mounting products. That way, if you decide to change the design or reveal the door, the surface stays undamaged. This idea breathes life into your space, giving the illusion of eternal spring while cleverly masking an unused door.

Use It As a Shadow Box Display

use it as a shadow box display

For an intriguing and artistic option, consider creating a shadow box display on your unused door. First, decide on a theme or an assortment of interesting items that reflect your personality and style. Next, purchase or build shallow box shelves that can house these objects. Remember, they must sit flush against the door for a seamless look.

Once you have your items and shelves ready, layout your design on the floor first. This helps visualize the final product before installing anything. It’s wise to play around with different arrangements until you get the desired look.

When you’re satisfied with your design, it’s time to install the shelves. Make sure that they are secure, especially for heavier objects. After securing the shelves, you can now display your items.

By utilizing a shadow box display, your unused door transforms into a unique piece that showcases your interests and tastes. Best part? It’s easy to update according to seasons, holidays, or whenever the mood strikes. The door can be repainted to create a fresh canvas for new displays, ensuring that this solution is versatile and dynamic.

Remember, the key to a successful shadow box display is balance and a clear visual storyline. Mixing items of different sizes, shapes, and colors can create depth and interest. So let the creative juices flow and fashion a display that’s uniquely yours.

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