20 Squishmallow Display Ideas for Collection Enthusiasts

Last updated on May 10, 2024

Exploring Squishmallow display ideas becomes a fun and fascinating endeavor because it lets you unleash your creative side while showcasing your beloved plush toys in unique and eye-catching ways.

I’ve designed unique illustrations for these ideas. I hope you get inspired!

Get ready to elevate your Squishmallow collection to a whole new level! This article is geared towards providing you with innovative and unique display ideas. While there’s an abundance of known suggestions out there, we pride ourselves in exploring fresh perspectives that set us apart.

Not to disregard the existing concepts, we’ve compiled a list of resources to the best ideas floating around the internet at the end for your convenience. Our primary intent, however, is to stimulate your creativity by providing an exciting mix of new ideas.

Read on to find a display method that’s as unique as your Squishmallow collection. Let your Squishmallow paradise come to life!

Corner Display Tower

corner display tower

Maximize the potential of unused corners by incorporating a tiered tower display. This vertical solution allows you to showcase a collection without occupying substantial floor space.

To execute, consider a corner bookshelf or a set of stackable units designed to fit right angles. The ascending shelves present a captivating visual flow, guiding the eye from the smallest Squishmallows on top to the larger cuddle buddies anchoring the bottom.

Ensure stability by choosing a sturdy construct, ideally with adjustable shelf heights to accommodate different Squishmallow sizes. Accentuate with soft, ambient lighting to draw attention and provide a cozy atmosphere.

To add a personal touch, incorporate decorative elements such as fairy lights, themed backdrops, or small plants. This approach not only organizes but also turns the display into an attractive feature of the room.

Theme-based Squishmallow Display

theme based squishmallow display

Creating a themed display for your Squishmallows adds a playful and personal touch to any room’s decor. Whether you mirror the seasons, celebrate holidays, or showcase your favorite color palettes, this method ensures your collection represents a piece of your personality and interests.

For instance, display oceanic Squishmallows like aquatic animals and sea-colored pillows in a bathroom for a beachy vibe or arrange food-themed ones in the kitchen to complement the space’s function.

Take it a step further by incorporating background elements like posters or props that align with your chosen theme. Halloween could see a spooky ensemble of black, purple, and orange Squishmallows amongst mini pumpkins and cobwebs, while a sports theme might have them paired with memorabilia or set as an audience for a miniature playing field.

Remember, the key is cohesion; you want your display to tell a story at a glance, delighting viewers with its harmonious blend of characters and accessories.

Cube Shelving Units

cube shelving units

Cube shelving units offer a customizable framework to showcase Squishmallows in a clean, organized manner. They are versatile enough to adapt to any space and can accentuate the playful character of these plush toys.

  • Modular Nature: Cube shelves can be stacked or positioned side-by-side, giving you flexibility in design and the ability to expand as your collection grows.
  • Visibility: The open-faced design allows each Squishmallow to be seen clearly, making them accessible for both viewing and choosing favorites to cuddle.
  • Personalization: Intersperse Squishmallows with decorative items or color-coordinate the shelves to match room decor, creating a visually appealing display.
  • Accessibility: Keeping Squishmallows within reach encourages interaction and play, while also maintaining an orderly look.
  • Protection: A dedicated space on the shelves protects your collectibles from being squashed or lost amongst other items.

The right cube shelving unit not only showcases your Squishmallows but also adds structure and charm to any room.

Floor-to-ceiling Rack Display

floor to ceiling rack display

Maximize vertical space in your room by installing a floor-to-ceiling rack to showcase your Squishmallow collection.

This setup not only allows for a grand display but also serves as a practical solution when floor space is at a premium.

Adjustable shelves can accommodate Squishmallows of various sizes, and with the full height of the wall utilized, every character can be easily seen and reached.

Transparent shelves or a slender wire rack maintain a light and airy feel, ensuring that the focus remains on the plush toys.

For added stability, secure the rack to the wall to prevent any tipping hazards, especially if you live in a household with pets or young children.

Quick accessibility also means you can effortlessly rotate your display, featuring seasonal or new additions front and center.

Peek-a-Boo Drawer Storage

peek a boo drawer storage

Tucked away yet easily accessible, this storage option is perfect for those who prefer a minimalist look. Utilize dresser drawers to house your collection, creating a surprise element when you pull them open.

To make the most of the space:

  • Sort your Squishmallows by size or color before placing them in the drawer to maintain a tidy appearance.
  • Line the drawer with non-slip liner to prevent the Squishmallows from tumbling around when the drawer is in motion.
  • Leave a bit of space between each plush to prevent them from becoming misshapen.
  • Consider a labeling system on the outside to quickly locate your favorites without needing to search through multiple drawers.
  • For an added touch, incorporate clear drawer organizers to separate special edition Squishmallows or to create themed compartments within a single drawer.

Squishmallow Wall Decor

squishmallow wall decor

Turn your wall into a delightful display by mounting shadow boxes or picture ledges. These not only add depth to your décor but also make it easy to swap out your Squishmallows based on mood or season.

Consider matching the color of your shelves with the wall for a seamless look, or use contrasting colors to make your collection pop.

To prevent overcrowding, space the shelves evenly and mix in other decorative items like planters or picture frames.

For a playful twist, secure clear hooks on your wall and dangle your Squishmallows by their tags. This keeps them accessible and adds a whimsical charm to the room.

Use a consistent hanging pattern or create a dynamic, varied arrangement to capture the eye.

When deciding on wall height, remember safety – keep your Squishmallows within easy reach to avoid climbing on furniture.

Stuffed Toy Swing Display

stuffed toy swing display

Create an eye-catching showcase with a stuffed toy swing display, a unique option that brings a playful touch to any room. Using sturdy rope and a durable base such as a wooden plank or repurposed shelf, hang swings from the ceiling at different heights. Ensure each swing is securely fastened and can support the weight of the Squishmallows. Arrange them so each stuffed toy is easily visible, making it simple to access your collection.

This option not only saves space but also turns your Squishmallows into a dynamic decor element. Remember to keep safety in mind, particularly with the swings’ installation and height, to ensure both the Squishmallows and viewers are protected.

Floating Shelves Display

floating shelves display

Maximize your wall space by installing floating shelves, which present a minimalist aesthetic while showcasing your Squishmallows.

Each shelf can be dedicated to different characters, sizes, or colors, providing a clean, organized look.

Ensure the shelves are securely mounted and spaced to accommodate the varying heights of your Squishmallows.

Use invisible brackets for a sleek appearance, drawing all attention to your plush collection.

To add a playful touch, arrange the Squishmallows so they appear to interact with one another, promoting a dynamic and lively display.

Don’t forget to periodically rotate your Squishmallows to prevent dust accumulation and to refresh the display with different themes or seasonal favorites.

Cozy Squishmallow Couch Decor

cozy squishmallow couch decor

Transform your living room into a haven of comfort by integrating Squishmallows into your seating area. Color-coordinate these plush toys with your existing couch and pillows to create a cohesive look.

Place larger Squishmallows at the ends as armrest buddies, and arrange a variety of sizes and shapes in the middle to act as inviting cushions.

For a seasonal touch, rotate Squishmallows that match the time of year, such as pastels for spring or earthy tones for autumn.

This not only exhibits your collection but also enhances the overall warmth of your space, making it perfect for snuggling up for movie nights or while reading your favorite book.

Squishmallow Reading Nook

squishmallow reading nook

Transform a cozy corner of your home into a whimsical spot for both reading and showcasing your cherished Squishmallows.

Select a comfortable chair or bench and surround it with piles or stacks of Squishmallows, creating a soft, inviting ambiance.

Position a bookshelf within arm’s reach to keep your favorite reads close by.

For added enchantment, string some fairy lights above for a warm glow, or toss in a soft rug for extra comfort underfoot.

This setting encourages relaxation and the joy of storytelling amidst the comforting presence of your plush friends.

Remember, the key is to blend comfort with display, ensuring your Squishmallows are both accessible for cuddling and aesthetically pleasing.

Transparent Acrylic Box Display

transparent acrylic box display

Acrylic boxes offer a sleek, modern way to showcase your Squishmallows, adding a touch of sophistication to any room. Their transparency allows for full visibility from all angles, while protecting your collection from dust and damage. Stackable designs enable collectors to maximize vertical space and create a dynamic display.

When opting for acrylic boxes, consider the following:

  • Measure your Squishmallows to ensure a snug fit; remember that snug doesn’t mean tight. Leave room for easy removal.
  • Choose boxes with UV protection if placing them near sunlight to prevent color fading.
  • Mount boxes on the wall to save floor space and give the appearance that your Squishmallows are floating.
  • Consider back-lighting the boxes for an added whimsical effect, particularly appealing in a child’s room or play area.
  • For a uniform look, select boxes of the same brand and size, or use various sizes for a more eclectic aesthetic.

Remember, acrylic boxes are versatile and also allow you to change out your display easily, keeping your decoration fresh and updated.

Thematic Display Cases

thematic display cases

Crafting a display around a specific theme not only makes your collection visually appealing but also tells a story. For holiday enthusiasts, a Christmas-themed case with winter-themed Squishmallows wrapped in mini scarves adds festive cheer.

For a more permanent approach, match characters with their corresponding backgrounds; aquatic creatures might be set against a blue, oceanic backdrop. Use props and background materials that are easy to switch out, allowing for seasonal updates or theme changes based on your evolving preferences.

Be creative with lighting to highlight special features or your favorite pieces. Remember, the goal is to create an engaging scene that showcases your collection while reflecting your personal style.

Squishmallow Window Arrangement

squishmallow window arrangement

Create a whimsical display by arranging your Squishmallows in a well-lit window. Here are some tips to enhance your arrangement:

  • Use varying heights: Place taller Squishmallows in the back and shorter ones in front to ensure they’re all visible.
  • Consider the backdrop: Sheer curtains can soften the light and add a glow to your collection, while sunlight can make vibrant colors pop.
  • Maintain visibility: Leave some space between each Squishmallow to avoid overcrowding and to keep them easily identifiable.
  • Rotate your display: Change which Squishmallows are on display according to seasons or holidays to keep the arrangement fresh and engaging.
  • Safety first: Ensure the window area is secure and that your Squishmallows are safe from moisture or direct sunlight that might cause fading.

By thoughtfully positioning your Squishmallows, they’ll bring charm to the room and be a delightful view for passersby.

Color-Coded Squishmallow Display

color coded squishmallow display

Organizing your Squishmallows by color not only creates a visually appealing display but also makes it easier to find your favorite characters. Here’s how to execute this vibrant arrangement:

  • Sort your collection into groups based on their dominant hues.
  • Place the Squishmallows on shelves in a gradient or rainbow sequence, which can highlight the variety of your collection.
  • To maintain balance, position larger or more uniquely shaped Squishmallows on the ends or at evenly spaced intervals.
  • For an extra pop, use a contrasting background color for your shelving unit, enhancing the display’s overall vibrancy.
  • Remember, arranging by color doesn’t only apply to shelving; this method works splendidly in netted hammocks or mounted bins for a playful, candy-like effect.
  • Periodically rotate your Squishmallows to prevent sun-fading and to refresh the look of your display.

Turn an Unused Fireplace Into Squishmallow Display

turn an unused fireplace into squishmallow display

Transforming an unused fireplace into a display area breathes new life into your space and showcases your Squishmallow collection.

  • Clean the interior of the fireplace thoroughly and measure the dimensions; this will help you plan how to arrange your plush friends.
  • Arrange Squishmallows by size, with larger ones at the back to create a tiered effect for better visibility.
  • Consider a soft blanket or LED fairy lights at the base for a whimsical touch that illuminates the collection in low light.
  • To protect the plush toys from dust, you may want to install a removable glass or acrylic panel as a fireplace screen.
  • Rotate your display periodically to keep the setup dynamic and to feature different characters from your collection.

By using an idle fireplace, you create a charming focal point in your room and give your Squishmallows a place of honor in your home.

Squishmallow Staircase Ladder

squishmallow staircase ladder

Transform an ordinary ladder into an enchanting showcase for your soft Squishmallow friends by positioning it against a wall or in a corner of your room. Here’s how you can optimize this whimsical display strategy:

  • Choose a ladder with flat rungs to ensure your Squishmallows sit securely.
  • Wrap the rungs with soft fabric or ribbon for added color and to prevent slipping.
  • Arrange Squishmallows by size, with larger ones on the bottom for stability.
  • Drape fairy lights for a magical glow, highlighting your collection after dark.
  • Incorporate greenery or small decorations around the ladder to integrate it into your room’s decor.
  • Use the space between the steps for additional decorative items or smaller Squishmallow accessories.
  • Ensure the ladder is at a slight incline against the wall for safety and easy access to the plush toys.
  • Change up the display for seasons or holidays, making your Squishmallow ladder a dynamic part of your home’s character.

Repurpose a Garden Trellis for Display

repurpose a garden trellis for display

Capitalizing on the versatility of a garden trellis provides a creative and airy configuration for showcasing your Squishmallows. Transform a simple trellis into a stunning display by leaning it against a wall in your living space or bedroom.

Here are some points to guide you through this transformation:

  • Choose a trellis design that complements your interior decor, whether it’s a classic lattice or a modern geometric pattern.
  • Securely fasten the trellis to the wall to ensure stability, especially if you plan to hang larger Squishmallows.
  • Use S-hooks or ties to attach your Squishmallows to the trellis; this method allows for easy rearrangement and rotation of your collection.
  • Beautify the display by intertwining string lights or artificial vines through the trellis, creating an enchanting backdrop for your cuddly friends.
  • Consider the space between each Squishmallow, ensuring each one is visible and accessible without overcrowding.

This approach not only serves as a functional display but also doubles as playful room art that brings a touch of whimsy to your decor.

Under-bed Rolling Storage

under bed rolling storage

Maximize your bedroom space without compromising on showcasing your adorable Squishmallows by utilizing under-bed rolling storage. This hidden gem of a storage solution not only keeps your collection dust-free but also makes for an unexpected display when revealed.

Consider these tips:

  • Opt for clear storage bins, so your Squishmallows are visible even when stowed away.
  • Add casters to wooden drawers for a custom, roll-out experience.
  • Coordinate bin colors with your bedding to maintain a cohesive look.
  • Use dividers within the bins to separate your Squishmallows by size or theme.
  • Ensure your storage solution has a sturdy handle for easy access.

With the right setup, your Squishmallows can enjoy a cozy nook beneath your bed, doubling as a surprise showcase when it’s time to play or redecorate.

Hanging Net Storage Solution

hanging net storage solution

Maximize vertical space with a hanging net—a whimsical solution especially suited for lighter and smaller Squishmallows. It’s a creative way to display them while keeping them accessible.

To set up, choose a strong, decorative net and secure it well to the ceiling with hooks or anchors. Arrange your Squishmallows by size or color for an organized look.

As an added safety tip, be sure to place the net out of the way of walkways to avoid any head bumps. This method makes for a playful addition to a child’s room or a casual living area, transforming your collection into a unique floating display that doubles as a conversation starter.

DIY Squishmallow Fabric Baskets

diy squishmallow fabric baskets

Creating your own fabric baskets offers a unique and customizable solution for showcasing your squishy friends. Here’s how to craft a cozy home for them:

  • Select sturdy fabric that complements your decor; canvas or denim is ideal for durability.
  • Cut two pieces for each basket – one for the exterior, one for the lining. A standard size of 12×20 inches works well for medium Squishmallows.
  • Fuse interfacing to the wrong side of the outer fabric to add stability.
  • Sew the outer and lining fabric pieces, right sides together, leaving an opening for turning.
  • Box the corners to create a flat bottom, enabling the basket to stand independently.
  • Turn the basket right side out, then stitch the opening closed and topstitch the top edge for a finished look.

Choose fun patterns or colors that spotlight your Squishmallow collection like never before, with the added functionality of easy movement and storage.

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