15 Creative Postcard Display Ideas: A Simple DIY Tutorial

Last updated on April 15, 2024

This DIY tutorial offers innovative and easy-to-follow postcard display ideas that will transform your collection into a unique decor element.

postcard display stand

Convert Postcards Into Coasters

convert postcards into coasters

Seal postcards with clear acrylic to create personalized and water-resistant coasters.

These functional art pieces protect surfaces while displaying your favorite travel memories.

Mix and match designs to curate a set that reflects your personal style and experiences.

Use Postcards As Bookmarks

use postcards as bookmarks

Slip a postcard between the pages to keep your place in any book. Choose a variety of designs to reflect different genres or moods.

Their sturdy material outlasts traditional paper bookmarks.

Create a Postcard Mobile

create a postcard mobile

Suspend a collection of postcards from a central point to allow them to rotate freely. This floating display showcases the postcards’ designs and adds a kinetic dimension to room décor.

Hang the mobile from the ceiling or a shelf for an eye-catching feature that captures attention with every gentle breeze.

Display Them On a Corkboard

display them on a corkboard

Arrange your collection on a corkboard to showcase the various destinations and memories in a clear, organized manner. Pinning the cards allows for easy swapping as your collection grows.

This modular display can serve as a dynamic travel diary for your wall.

Make Postcard Magnets

make postcard magnets

Transform your favorite postcards into practical décor by adhering magnet strips to the back.

These magnetic creations can adorn your refrigerator or any metal surface, offering a daily glimpse of your cherished travel memories or artwork.

Easily interchangeable, they facilitate a dynamic display that can be updated with new arrivals or seasonal themes.

Use Them As Cabinet Door Decorations

use them as cabinet door decorations

Adhere favorite postcards to cabinet doors with double-sided tape for a personal touch in the kitchen or workspace.

This decorative approach adds a pop of color and pattern, transforming plain cabinetry into conversation pieces.

Easily switch them out for new designs or to match seasonal decor without permanent alteration to the furniture.

Create Thematic Postcard Collage

create thematic postcard collage

Select postcards that center around a specific theme, such as travel destinations, vintage advertisements, or wildlife.

Arrange them on a backing board to form a visually coherent and appealing display.

Mount the collage in a frame to protect the postcards and create a focal point in any room.

Craft a Postcard Scrapbook

craft a postcard scrapbook

A postcard scrapbook serves as a personalized journal of travels and memories, each page unfolding a new destination or sentiment. It is a tactile and visual archive, allowing one to revisit and share the story behind each collected postcard.

The scrapbook itself becomes a decorative piece, filled with the art and words of places and people from afar.

Frame Them Together in a Large Collage Frame

frame them together in a large collage frame

Select a variety of postcards for a harmonious or contrasting visual theme. Arrange them within a single, expansive frame, creating personalized wall art.

This method transforms your collection into a focal point that encapsulates memories or interests.

Use Postcards As Placemats

use postcards as placemats

Transform your dining experience by arranging vintage or travel-themed postcards under a clear glass or acrylic placemat.

This customizable table setting provides a unique conversation starter and personal touch to meals.

Swap out different postcards to celebrate seasons, holidays, or recent travels, keeping your table decor fresh and engaging.

String Them Up in Your Home

string them up in your home

Select a visible area in your living space to create a hanging display, ensuring postcards receive the attention they deserve.

Intertwine fairy lights for a whimsical touch that illuminates the hanging postcards.

Alternate clips and spacing to add variety and interest to the vertical presentation.

Create a Postcard Headboard in Your Bedroom

create a postcard headboard in your bedroom

Select postcards that complement your bedroom’s color scheme and aesthetic. Arrange them above your bed to form a creative and personal visual focal point.

Adhere the postcards in a dense, overlapping pattern for a dynamic headboard effect.

Use Them As Labels for Storage Bins

use them as labels for storage bins

Attach clear plastic sleeves to the front of storage bins and slide postcards inside to denote contents. Choose postcards that correspond with the items stored – kitchen gadgets, craft supplies, or holiday decorations.

This system transforms organizational labeling into a decorative element, adding a personal touch to any space.

Hang Them On a DIY Rustic Wood Pallet

hang them on a diy rustic wood pallet

Attach string to a weathered wood pallet to create a rustic backdrop for hanging your curated postcards.

Varying the lengths of the strings allows for an artistic cascade of memories and art.

To enhance the display, intersperse small clips or clothespins to secure the postcards and make swapping them out effortless.

Create a Border for a Mirror With Postcards

create a border for a mirror with postcards

Surround a mirror with a variety of colorful postcards to create a visually striking border. This unique frame reflects personal travels and interests while adding a decorative element to the room.

The postcards serve as an artistic frame, enhancing the mirror’s appeal and serving as a conversation starter.

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