20 Ramadan Decor Ideas for Perfect Festival Celebrations

Last updated on May 23, 2024

Sprucing up your home for Ramadan can be a joyful and fulfilling activity, because this article provides an array of elegant and unique decor ideas that are perfect for the holy month.

I’m excited to share these 20 unique Ramadan decor ideas I’ve meticulously created and I sincerely hope you’ll find them as inspiring and fun to implement as I did creating them.

Embracing the spirit of Ramadan in your home decor can be a delightful way to celebrate this holy month. With a few simple changes, your home can reflect the warmth, generosity, and tranquility that Ramadan embodies.

From lanterns and fairy lights to traditional Islamic art and calligraphy, there are myriad ways to infuse your space with Ramadan-inspired aesthetics. This article will guide you through various decor ideas, from the subtle to the extravagant, that are not only beautiful but also honor the essence of Ramadan.

Stick around to explore all the details and transform your home into a festive sanctuary this Ramadan.

Decorative Ramadan Lanterns

decorative ramadan lanterns

While traditional in origin, these lanterns have been reimagined in countless innovative designs and sizes. They can be placed indoors on tables and fireplace mantels, or hung outdoors in the garden or the entrance porch.

Opt for lanterns with intricate patterns to project captivating shadows on nearby surfaces, enhancing the overall exciting aura of Ramadan nights.

For safety reasons, particularly in homes with children, selecting LED-lit lanterns is a wise choice.

Customizable lantern options are also available, allowing for personalized messages or names to be inscribed, adding a special touch to your home decor.

Crescent Moon Garlands

crescent moon garlands

Creating a moon garland begins with the selection of different materials such as paper, wood, or felt. It can be a creative endeavor for families to do together as they welcome Ramadan.

These garlands can be painted or decorated with glitters for a more sparkling effect. Once ready, they can be strung up around the home or outdoors, enhancing the festive atmosphere.

Carefully placed lighting can also transform these simple crescents into a beautiful night-time spectacle. Opt for a more traditional look by using gold and silver colors, or inject some personality with a range of brighter tones.

Remember that the size and number of the moons in your garland can be adapted to suit your space and design preferences.

DIY Paper Star Ornaments

diy paper star ornaments

Creating your own paper star ornaments can be a rewarding activity and a unique addition to your Ramadan decorations. Here’s a simple and fun way to do it:

1. Gather your Materials: You’ll primarily need colored paper, scissors, glue, and string.

2. Prepare the Templates: Create a star-shaped template on stiff cardstock to guide your cuts.

3. Cut and Fold: Trace your star onto desired paper, fold along lines to create a 3D effect.

4. Decorate: Add glitter, sequins, or other embellishments to give your stars a festive touch.

5. Attach string: Glue a loop of string at one point for hanging.

Once completed, these stars can be used to decorate your walls, windows, or even to assemble a unique Ramadan themed garland. Remember, it doesn’t need to be perfect, it’s the personal touch that counts.

LED Fairy Lights

led fairy lights

Fairy lights work wonders when it comes to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The faint, soft glow adds a sense of magic to the festive ambience.

Here are the tips to consider when using LED fairy lights:

  • Drape these lights around doorways or windows for an inviting entrance.
  • Weave them through wreaths or centerpieces to create points of visual interest.
  • Layer them with other string lights, such as lanterns or star-shaped lights, for visual complexity.
  • Wrap them around trees or shrubs for a twinkling garden space.
  • Use waterproof versions for outdoor decorations ensuring safety and longevity.

Remember, the goal is to create a serene, spiritual vibe that aligns with the essential meaning of Ramadan. When executed with care and attention, these lights can produce stunning effects, taking the decor to the next level. Controls for brightness levels can help personalize the ambience and energy conservation, a recurring theme of Ramadan, is also taken into account with environmentally-friendly LED options.

Islamic Calligraphy Wall Decals

islamic calligraphy wall decals

When it comes to melding both spirituality and aesthetics, nothing compares to Islamic calligraphy wall decals. They not only infuse your home with a sense of reverence and tranquility but also exhibit an artistic air unparalleled by other décor elements.

Installation of these decals is fairly easy, thus making them a massive hit among décor enthusiasts. Peel and stick on any clean, smooth surface for the best results.

With myriad styles and scripts to choose from, such as the Kufic or the Naskh scripts, personalizing your space to reflect Islamic heritage becomes a delightful affair.

Match your decors’ color scheme with the decal’s shade. Silver, gold, or white often make the boldest statements. Carefully consider the size – a large decal can feature as a dramatic focal point, while smaller ones subtly disseminate the Ramadan spirit.

Finally, select verses or phrases that resonate with you. Whether it’s “Allahu Akbar,” “Bismillah,” or verses from the Holy Quran, the engraving will instantly remind you of the essence of Ramadan.

Always remember, it’s more than just decor – it’s a celebration of faith and spirituality, imprinted on your walls.

Arabic-themed Table Runners

arabic themed table runners

Table runners influenced by Arabic aesthetics serve as striking centerpieces. Their intricate designs, derived from geometrical and floral motifs, bring a blend of culture and style to any dining table.

1. Opt for patterns inspired by traditional Arabic geometric shapes, rampant in Islamic art. Complex and repeating, these form captivating table runner designs.

2. Where embroidery is a key feature, silk threads are typically employed. Choose runners with rich, vibrant colors to symbolize the festive spirit of Ramadan.

3. Consider table runners with Arabic-script calligraphy, featuring phrases relevant to the holy month, like ‘Ramadan Kareem,’ symbolizing generosity and goodwill.

4. Tassels add a touch of elegance. Seek out runners adorned with tassels in contrasting colors at each end.

5. Remember that lightweight fabrics, like cotton or silk, are more suitable for runners as they’re easy to clean and store.

Ramadan-themed Cushions and Blankets

ramadan themed cushions and blankets

Exuding warmth and comfort, cushions and blankets are perfect for adding a festive touch. Select designs with traditional Islamic or Arabic motifs, such as geometric patterns, floral elements, or calligraphy. These can not only enhance the aesthetic value of your living room but can also provide a cosy corner for the family during dawn and dusk meals.

Remember to aim for rich, warm colours like maroon, gold, burgundy, and deep blues to replicate the glow of the Ramadan nights. For a bespoke touch, consider personalized options with Ramadan Kareem or Eid Mubarak embroidered. A blend of comfort and style, they offer an easy way to incorporate the spirit of the holy month into your décor.

Maintain a balanced look by coordinating them with your existing home décor style- whether it’s modern, rustic or traditional. Choose materials like velvet, satin, or faux fur to add a touch of elegance.

Decorative Ramadan Kareem Banners

decorative ramadan kareem banners

These banners, usually inscribed with the phrase ‘Ramadan Kareem,’ become a staple during this holy period. They quickly enhance any space, contributing to an immediate festive atmosphere.

From hanging them over your front door, fireplace, or between walls in your living room, they add a celebratory vibe. Materials can range from paper, fabric to a more sustainable option like wood. Depending on personal taste, they can feature ornate Arabic calligraphy or have simple, minimalist typography.

Opt for classic gold and white for a touch of elegance, or add a splash of color to enliven your space. Some even choose custom banners with family names or motivational phrases. Meanwhile, reusable ones ensure the benefit of longevity. Orientation isn’t limited to horizontal; vertical banners can add a unique touch to narrow spaces. Remember, the placement should be both eye-catchy and secured safely.

Candle Arrangements With Henna Designs

candle arrangements with henna designs

Harnessing the art of henna can catapult your candle decor to new heights this Ramadan. These ornate designs yield an Oriental allure, illuminating your room with intricate shadows once lit.

Start with simple patterns, then gradually engage more complex imagery such as the delicate Mandala or the mesmerizing Paisley.

Utilize either real henna paste or brown acrylic paint for durable designs. Unleash your creativity on candles of different shapes and sizes. Incorporate single-tone or multi-tone elements depending on your personal preference and match the decor. Adding some glitters or small gems gives an extra festive touch.

Remember, safety comes first. Avoid henna on the burning end of the candle. This artistic venture not only infuses your Ramadan nights with serene ambience, but also proves to be a fun family activity during the holy month.

Sand Art Centerpieces With Islamic Patterns

sand art centerpieces with islamic patterns

Creating sand art centerpieces with intricate Islamic patterns is a unique way to showcase your craft skills and celebrate the presence of Ramadan in your home.

1. Choose a Clear Container: You’ll need a glass container to display your art. This could be a broad, shallow dish or a tall vase – take your pick.

2. Select Sand Types: Gather different colors of fine sand – preferably colors that echo other elements of your Ramadan décor.

3. Design the Pattern: Use geometric shapes, floral swirls, or detailed arabesque designs, which are all traditional in Islamic art.

4. Layer Your Sand: Begin layering the sand in your chosen pattern. This process might be time-consuming, but the end result will be a beautiful, intricate piece of art.

5. Placement: Consider placing the creation in the center of your dining table or on your mantel, where it can be admired.

While this décor piece is eye-catching, it represents much more than mere aesthetics. It’s a tribute to the centuries-long heritage of Islamic art forms and a beautiful symbol of the holy month that brings so much joy to households around the world.

Traditional Middle Eastern Rugs

traditional middle eastern rugs

Incorporating these rugs can instantly transform your space, adding a warm, exotic touch to your Ramadan decor. Often hand-woven, they are available in a vibrant array of patterns and colors, which make them a centerpiece of any room. Their intricate designs often tell tales of tradition, culture, and history, bringing depth and character to your living spaces.

It’s worth noting that these rugs are not restricted to floor adornment alone – consider hanging them on your walls or draping them over furniture for a unique aesthetic touch. Just be cautious of the balance between this bold, captivating piece and the rest of your decor to achieve harmony.

And remember, these rugs aren’t merely decorative; they serve a practical purpose too! Their plush texture provides comfort for night-long taraweeh prayers, lending an extra degree of spirituality to the holy month.

Always look for the sustainability of the rugs you choose. It’s always a good idea to invest in pieces that are sourced ethically, supporting the communities that make these beautiful creations.

Whether traditional or contemporary design, a Middle Eastern rug is a must-have for a festive Ramadan atmosphere.

Door Wreaths With Star and Crescent Motif

door wreaths with star and crescent motif

Embracing the symbolic elements of the festival, the Star and Crescent motif can be artistically incorporated into door wreaths, a delightful way to welcome visitors during Ramadan. Here’s how to create the perfect ambiance:

Choose Material Wisely: Opt for materials like grapevine or straw for the wreath base, as they are lightweight and easy to manipulate.

Select the Motif Wisely: Find a Star and Crescent motif made from wood, metal, or durable plastic. Make sure it’s proportional to your wreath’s size to maintain visual balance.

Choose Colors: Frugally use colors associated with Ramadan, like gold, green or white. A gold Star and Crescent against a green wreath can create a striking contrast.

Balance with Flowers: Incorporate faux flowers and greenery into your wreath to add texture and visual interest.

Placement: Uneven placement of the motif can make it look unique. Avoid placing the motif in the center unless it’s a large piece.

Visibility: Make sure the motif is clearly visible from a distance, without overpowering the overall design of the wreath. Remember, the aim is to subtly exhibit Ramadan spirit.

Less is More: Overloading your wreath with too many elements can make it look cluttered. Stick to the Star and Crescent motif, greenery, and perhaps a few additional elements like faux lanterns or mini flags.

Islamic Patterned Throw Pillows

islamic patterned throw pillows

Deemed as one of the easiest methods to incorporate Ramadan vibes in your living space, these accent pieces carry a dual purpose; enhancing ambiance while offering functionality. Typically inspired by geometric motifs, floral designs, or intricate arabesque lines, they add a visually pleasing aesthetic that complements the spiritual essence of Ramadan.

1. Choose pillows with designs inspired by the geometric complexity of Islamic architecture.

2. Floral patterns, inspired by Islamic art, serve as gentle reminders of nature’s divine beauty.

3. Pillows featuring arabesque designs mesh well with most interior décor schemes due to their intricate, flowing lines.

4. However, not all pillows need to have traditional patterns. Subtler ones with traditional Islamic colors–teal, deep blue, or gold–can also create a cohesive Ramadan theme.

5. Velvet, silk, or cotton pillows add an extra layer of opulence and can elevate the look of any room.

6. Pair the patterned pillows with solid-colored ones for a balanced, layered look. The contrast adds depth and prevents the patterns from overwhelming the space.

Moroccan-style Hanging Lamps

moroccan style hanging lamps

These lamps, which typically boast of intricate designs and vibrant colors, are a great way to infuse tranquility into your space. Bringing in a rich Middle Eastern flair, they emit soft, warm light that can transform the atmosphere of your room into one of serenity, much like a night in a Marrakech medina.

They are usually made from brass, bronze or copper, often adorned with exquisite detailing. Their patterns often cast beautiful, dancing shadows, creating a captivating play of light and darkness once a bulb is lit within.

While ensuring they’re suspended at a suitable height, they can be hung in groups, creating a fascinating focal point or individually to highlight a particular area. For customization, you can consider using colored light bulbs or fairy lights in them for a unique touch.

Maintenance is as straightforward as dusting off occasionally with a soft cloth to keep their metallic luster, or a damp cloth for those with glass. Utilizing energy-saving bulbs will mitigate heat damage and prolong the life of the lamp.

Holy Quran Display Stand With Ornate Cover

holy quran display stand with ornate cover

A display stand accentuates and safeguards the Holy Quran, acting as both a decor feature and a symbol of reverence. Select a stand with intricate carvings or inlaid designs for an additional visual appeal.

Opt for one in rich wood tones to create warmth in the decor. Additionally, investing in a Quran cover with ornate designs adds an extra layer of sophistication. It serves a greatly practical purpose too, protecting the sacred text from dust and wear.

Materials such as velvet or silk, with golden thread work or bead embellishment, lend an air of opulence. Remember, the placement is crucial; ideally, it should be in a quieter, respectfully maintained part of the home. It is advisable to pair it with similarly themed decor to create a harmonious atmosphere.

Date Fruit Arrangement in Decorative Bowls

date fruit arrangement in decorative bowls

Utilizing the sweetness and symbolism of dates during Ramadan can be creatively achieved by displaying them in decorative bowls. Consider various sizes and colors for your bowls, selected to match your existing decor for unity in your design. Bowls with intricate designs or made from shiny metallics can add an extra touch of elegance.

When arranging the dates, remember that presentation matters. A roasted almond, walnut, or a drizzle of honey can enhance their natural charm. You might also want to group them with other traditional Ramadan fruits like figs or apricots.

Place the bowls strategically around your home, especially in areas where guests or family gather. The living room coffee table, dining table or kitchen counter are all excellent places. Not only does this provide an aesthetically pleasing display, it also ensures a handy snack for those observing the fast.

Ramadan Calendar for Iftar Countdown

ramadan calendar for iftar countdown

A Ramadan calendar serves as a unique and interactive element in any home decor. It’s not just visually appealing, but also functionally significant. Firstly, it enhances the anticipation for iftar each day. Children and adults alike can mark off each day, building the excitement. More importantly, it serves as a cherished reminder of the essence of the holy month – patience, reflection, and gratitude.

There’s a variety of styles to select from, ranging from rustic wooden calendars to modern, digital versions. Some offer additional features like small pockets or compartments to hide little treats, further amplifying the excitement of iftar countdown. Prefer a DIY approach? Personalize your calendar using craft materials, pictures, and quotes that hold personal significance.

Position this enriching decor piece in a communal area of your home, perhaps the dining or living room, where it can be accessed by all family members. A good option is to place it near other Ramadan decorations, allowing for seamless integration with the overall Ramadan ambiance of the home.

Miniature Ramadan Tents for Indoor Use

miniature ramadan tents for indoor use

Indoor miniature tents are excellent additions to Ramadan decor. They not only serve as captivating visual elements, but they also help foster a vibrant cultural atmosphere. Traditionally used during the holy month for family gatherings in many Arab countries, these tents offer a unique glimpse into the rich heritage and customs of the Islamic world.

Easily create one at home. Utilize rich fabrics like sequin-studded velvet or embroidered silk to mimic the opulence of a genuine Ramadan tent. Opt for classic colors such as maroon, gold, or royal blue to amplify the ambiance of the month.

Consider adding throw pillows with intricate Arabian designs around the tent for a touch of extra comfort and aesthetic appeal. Inside the tent, you can display an assortment of traditional Middle Eastern items such as brass trays, colorful Persian rugs, and lanterns to recreate an authentic Ramadan atmosphere.

Alternatively, marketplaces offer pre-made miniature tents. Whichever method you prefer, this unique decor element will undeniably transform your home into a haven of festive Ramadan spirit.

Colorful Ramadan Themed Napkins and Tablecloth

colorful ramadan themed napkins and tablecloth

Adding beautifully designed napkins and tablecloths to your dining area can truly make a difference. Opt for intricate and festive designs, reflecting the spirit of Ramadan. Colors play an essential role – consider hues such as deep blue, golden yellow, or rich burgundy to represent the night sky, stars, and the warmth of the fasting month.

When choosing your designs, Islamic motifs such as lanterns, crescent moons, and stars can add a festive and traditional touch. For the eco-conscious, reusable fabric versions are a superb choice. They not only celebrate the occasion but are also a sustainable addition to your home. If you’re aiming for a more modern look, abstract patterns with Ramadan colors like white, gold and silver can be a stunning choice.

Remember, it’s not just about the visuals, but about fostering a warm, festive atmosphere. Enjoy your Iftar dinners with these stylish additions to your Ramadan decor.

Ramadan Moon and Star Mobiles

ramadan moon and star mobiles

For an enchanting yet understated piece of décor, consider hanging a couple of moon and star mobiles from your ceiling. These beautiful items can create a sense of tranquility and serenity, echoing the celestial motifs that are central to the observance of Ramadan.

When selecting a mobile, choose one with a combination of moons and stars, ideally in soft, neutral or metallic tones to keep the look minimalistic. If you’re up for a fun family project, try making one at home using cardstock, glitter, and string – this is a great way to involve children in the festivities.

Consider including different shapes and sizes to add visual interest, and choose a variety of materials like wood, metallic, or fabric pieces to create a blend of textures. Placement is key – hang them in spaces like the living room or a child’s room in a spot where they will move gently with the air, adding a subtle, delightful touch to your Ramadan decorations. Depending on the room’s overall theme, decide whether cool, silver tones or warm, golden hues would be more suitable.

But remember, the mobiles should float effortlessly without being obstructive. They should add to the peaceful atmosphere at home during Ramadan, without causing any inconvenience.

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