20 Stranger Things Decoration Ideas: Transform Your Space with Creative and Easy Ways

Last updated on November 13, 2023

Boost the aesthetics of your space with our Stranger Things decoration ideas because these inspired additions promise a delightful blend of nostalgia and creativity – making your home an instant hit among fans.

I am extremely proud of the creative Stranger Things decoration ideas I’ve crafted for this article and I sincerely hope you find them as inspiring and fun to implement as I did creating them.

Immerse yourself in the world of Hawkins, Indiana with these Stranger Things decoration ideas.

From recreating the iconic Byers living room with its alphabet wall to setting up your own version of the Upside Down, this article offers a plethora of ideas to transform your space into a Stranger Things haven.

Whether you’re planning a themed party or just looking to add a bit of 80s nostalgia to your home, you’ll find all the details you need here.

Dive into the article for a deep dive into the world of Stranger Things décor.

80s-style Neon Signs

80s style neon signs

Bright and mood-setting, the neon sign is a quintessential element of 80s aesthetic. Opting for quirky shapes like flamingos or cassette tapes or iconic phrases in vibrant tubing can immediately evoke the nostalgic feel.

Place the sign prominently – over a main feature like the couch or dining table, to serve as a focal point.

For “Stranger Things” enthusiasts, specific references, such as the infamous “Friends Don’t Lie” quote, could be illuminated in neon.

If the goal is a subtler nod to the show, consider Mike’s D&D character, “Paladin,” in daring neon blue.

Remember, the key is to balance the boldness of neon against softer elements in the room, creating a visual bridge between the 80s and the present.

Vintage Television Set

vintage television set

Incorporating a vintage TV can help recreate the nostalgic atmosphere reminiscent of the 80s era and the Stranger Things series. Such items can be dug up from a thrift store or even some online shops specializing in vintage collectibles.

1. Select a model close to your chosen era. The thicker, bulkier models with tap-top control knobs are perfect to emit the 80s vibes.

2. Place it in a prominent location where it becomes a conversation starter. A living room or entertainment space are ideal spots.

3. For added impact, you can try and play Stranger Things episodes or similiar 80s TV programming on the set.

4. A static screen can also convey a spooky, subtly disconcerting visual poking at the darker layer of the show.

5. Use it as a functional piece of furniture. The top can hold decor items or books related to the series.

6. For non-working sets, the screen can be used as a frame to hold an art piece or stills from the show.

Remember, the devils truly lie in the details, so every effort to spotlight them contributes to a more convincing Stranger Things-themed decor.

String Light Wall Art

string light wall art

Harness the charm of an iconic show scene! Create your own communication portal, just like Joyce Byers did. Grab an assortment of string lights, preferably with multicolor bulbs. Outline a space on your wall, ideally above a major piece of furniture for added drama. Secure each bulb with clear, subtle hooks or adhesive clips.

For a realistic touch, stencil or paint the alphabet beneath the bulbs. Remember to evenly space and align letters beneath each light. Keep it dim, for an enchanting glow. Incorporate a vintage touch with a rotary-style switch. You’ve now successfully achieved a DIY interaction point for your favourite characters, ready for messages from the Upside Down.

Safety note: ensure all lights are safely installed and cords are secured. With this wall art, you’re sure to impress!

Alphabet Wall Decor

alphabet wall decor

Creating this iconic decoration is surprisingly straightforward. Commence by selecting a broad, unoccupied wall. After ensuring it’s smooth and clean, stencil or paint large, evenly spaced capital letters from A to Z. Maintain symmetry and balance for a visually pleasing appearance.

Opt for bold colors such as white on black or black on red for vivid recognition. The key feature, of course, is the string of Christmas lights, each designated to a letter. Hang them carefully above or directly on the alphabet to mimic the show’s design.

For an interactive setup, you can elect a functionally wired system, but discretion is advised for electrical safety standards. Alternatively, use an app-controlled or remote-control string of lights for a safe bet. Remember, the goal is to create an atmosphere resonating with the Stranger Things theme while ensuring safety.

Devote attention to detail – a well-placed alphabet wall instantly teleports you to Joyce Byers’ living room, raising goosebumps and sparking conversations about the show. Incorporate a faux telephone or other 80s props nearby to enhance the overall effect.

Upside-down World Themed Room

upside down world themed room

Creating an Upside-Down world room is an immersive, captivating experience that truly brings the Stranger Things vibes to life.

Prioritize dark colors, preferably shades of black and grey, for the walls and ceiling to capture the gloom of the alternate dimension.

Faux vine plants can be used to mimic the iconic creeping tendrils prevalent throughout the Upside-Down, draped over furniture or hung from the ceiling.

Cost-effective and convenient, glow-in-the-dark stick-ons can symbolize the airborne spores seen floating in this dimension.

Rather than conventional lighting, opt for subtle, eerie, dusky-hued illumination to encapsulate the mysterious nature of the Upside-Down – think subdued LED lights or tinted fairy lights.

Lastly, for an uncanny resemblance of the eerie realm, consider upside-down furniture hung from the ceiling, serving more as an element of décor rather than function.

Remember, incorporating an air of decay and distortion is key.

This creates an ethereal, otherworldly feel that truly pays homage to the Upside-Down, making your room a Stranger Things haven.

Hawkins Lab Signage

hawkins lab signage

A simple yet striking decor addition can be the use of signage that takes your guests straight to the nerve center of all the action: the secretive Hawkins Laboratory. Emulate the mysterious aura this location holds in the show with a few straightforward steps.

1. Opt for classic, bold white lettering against a stark black backdrop to maintain authenticity. The plain design translates to an ominous and enigmatic presence.

2. Consider placing these signs on doors or at the entrance of your party space for an immediate immersive experience.

3. Don’t shy away from recreating the biohazard symbols also associated with the lab for a more distinct touch. All you need is a print out and you’re good to go!

4. Have fun with security clearance signage replicas for different zones. Make certain areas “staff only”, or assign levels of clearance to your guests, it’s all in the name of good fun.

5. Finally, add touches of authenticity with wear and tear – a smudge here, a tear there, perhaps a deliberate scribble – to make it feel as though it was plucked straight from the series.

Take your time with placement and enjoy the transformation of your space into the heart of Hawkins, Indiana.

Scoops Ahoy Ice Cream Shop Setup

scoops ahoy ice cream shop setup

Creating your very own Scoops Ahoy setup could transport you right into the Starcourt Mall! The charm lies in being authentic to the original design.

Start with a simple desk or counter and paint it in Scoops Ahoy’s unmistakable sky-blue and white stripes. Don’t forget the anchor emblem!

For the ice cream served, you could stick to the basics – vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, and a few other favorites. To stick with the theme, consider serving them in red, white, and blue paper boat dishes, or waffle cones, reminiscent of the show.

Props can add an ocean of fun. A mock sailor’s uniform would be great for those willing to go the extra mile. Decorative oars, miniature lifebuoys tucked here and there, or even a small ship’s wheel will complement the look.

Remember, lighting is crucial. Neon signs can work but warm ambient lighting would foster an inviting atmosphere. A mini speaker playing bubbly 80’s music could be the cherry on top!

Just remember, your goal is to let everyone feel a part of this beloved Stranger Things spot.

Retro Diner Centerpieces

retro diner centerpieces

Looking to host a killer Stranger Things party? Evoking the charm of classic 80s diner style should be on your décor checklist.

Start with vintage Coca-Cola bottles or kitsch salt-and-pepper shakers as your centerpiece. Don’t forget to add vinyl records, which can be used as placemats or chargers for an added dash of nostalgia.

Sprinkle in some checkered pops of color with red and white table runners which will instantly up the retro quotient.

Your table can’t be complete without an iconic retro jukebox, serving as a magnificent centrepiece. While original ones may be hard to come by, mini replicas should do the trick just fine.

Lastly, retro-themed paper napkins, straws, and menu cards will tie the whole concept together. Make sure the font and color scheme match the 80s aesthetic to complete the celebratory scene.

So go ahead, put on a good old record and let your guests mix and mingle over the Retro diner centrepieces that perfectly capture the spirit of Stranger Things and the 80s era.

Stranger Things Character Posters

stranger things character posters

To tap into the heart of the show, consider incorporating various character posters into your decor. These can be obtained from a variety of online stores, often with a retro-inspired design for that nostalgic, 80s feel.

1. Hang your posters in high traffic areas to spark conversations with guests.

2. You can also frame them for a more sophisticated look. A black or wooden frame would work well.

3. In keeping with the 80s theme, arrange the posters in a grid to mimic old-school film strips.

4. Consider using poster-sized prints of classic scenes or quotes from the series.

5. For an interactive twist, you could use mini versions of these posters as part of a Stranger Things trivia game.

6. To avoid damage to your walls, use removable adhesives designed specifically for posters.

Remember, the purpose of these posters is not only to honour beloved characters but also to create a Stranger Things atmosphere that feels truly immersive to both you and your guests.

Bicycle Wheel Wreath

bicycle wheel wreath

Creating your own Bicycle Wheel Wreath offers a unique nod to the famous rides of the show’s protagonists.

Start by sourcing a vintage bicycle wheel, preferably with a bit of rust and wear for authenticity.

Artfully arrange faux pine branches, eucalyptus, or any preferred greenery around the wheel.

Add a splash of color by incorporating Christmas ornaments or 80s-inspired ribbons.

For an extra touch, mini Stranger Things character figurines can be discretely tucked in the foliage, awaiting a keen eye.

Mount securely on your front door or hallway to captivate guests with your nostalgic tribute to this cult favorite series.

Christmas Light Bulb Garlands

christmas light bulb garlands

Popularized by Joyce Byers as she used it to communicate with her son Will in the Upside Down, incorporating these iconic colorful lights into your decor can create a nostalgic and immersive Stranger Things ambiance.

1. Select old-fashioned, large bulb Christmas lights, which are more authentic to the 80s period. Opt for multicolored ones to create a vibrant atmosphere.

2. Arrange the garlands around windows, on mantels, or alongside door frames. Not only will they illuminate your home, but they’ll also infuse the surroundings with a warm, retro glow.

3. For a more interactive and striking display, attach the letters of the alphabet next to each light, mirroring Joyce’s makeshift Ouija board.

Remember, safety comes first. Ensure lights are safe for indoor use, don’t overload sockets, and switch off when unattended. This way, you can revel in your Stranger Things inspired decor in peace and comfort.

Demogorgon Inspired Flower Pots

demogorgon inspired flower pots

Harnessing the inspired aesthetics of the notorious monster of the series, your plant arrangements can turn heads and inspire intriguing conversations. Here’s how:

1. Choose carnivorous plants like Venus flytraps or pitcher plants to capture the exotic, eerie temperament of the Demogorgon.

2. Opt for structured pots that possess a jagged, unconventional design to mirror the creature’s distinctive features.

3. Implement a color scheme favoring dark, ominous shades like black or deep maroon. For more pop, incorporate splashes of livid green or vibrant red.

4. Position these eye-catching pots strategically around your living area, or use them as central pieces on tables for a stunning visual impact.

Incorporating these elements strategically can evoke the chilling feel of the Demogorgon while adding distinct personality to your decor.

Stranger Things Themed Cake Table

stranger things themed cake table

Dive right into your celebration with a Melissa and Doug’s Fake Food Cake, garnished with Edible Ornaments showcasing the show’s most recognized icons. Think about walking talkies, Christmas lights, Dungeons and Dragons dice, and even a red bicycle to honor Mike’s form of transport.

Heighten the ambiance by transforming the table into the Byers’ living room. Use a vintage tablecloth, an old telephone, and perhaps a smattering of alphabet letters for added allure. A black forest cake, to symbolize the creepy Upside Down, can be a great centerpiece.

To balance out the sweetness, a cascading display of Eggos is essential. Serve them on a multi-tiered stand, with maple syrup on the side for guests to drizzle as per their preference. Don’t forget to include Hopper’s favorite, coffee flavored donuts.

Remember, every detail counts. Why not serve milk in ’80s style glass bottles with Hawkins High School paper straws? You could also use retro Pepsi cans as impromptu vases, filled with paper tulips, which is a fun nod to the Mind Flayer’s floral form.

This setup is more than just eye candy. It’s an interactive and nostalgic trip back to the series’ best moments, adding thrills to your party while keeping appetites satisfied.

Walkie-talkie Decorations

walkie talkie decorations

Incorporating items like the walkie-talkie not only adds authenticity to your theme, but also provokes feelings of nostalgia and adventure that are an integral part of the series.

A suggestion would be to use vintage-looking walkie-talkies as centerpieces and accessorize them with other 80s-inspired memorabilia. You can also display them on bookshelves, side tables, or even use them as creative holders for party favors.

If you’re feeling crafty, DIY miniature versions could be made using materials such as plastic or cardboard, painted and detailed to resemble the ones used by the characters. This engaging DIY project allows for a cost-effective yet impactful addition to your decor.

Remember to not limit your placement of the walkie-talkies to traditional spots. Hang a few on walls, ceilings or use them as a tier in a Stranger Things-themed cake stand. Displaying these iconic objects around your space will undoubtedly bring the adventurous spirit of the series into your Stranger Things-themed party or room.

Eggos Waffle Stand

eggos waffle stand

To create your waffle stand, start by selecting a small table or cart that fits your space. A retro, pastel-coloured cart can add an extra touch of the ’80s aesthetic.

Stock up on packs of Eggo waffles, and display them in a visually appealing manner, perhaps piling them on a stand or in a basket.

For added authenticity, you can prepare fresh waffles with a waffle maker placed on the stand. Remember to provide plenty of syrup and butter alongside.

Additionally, place a few Eggo boxes as part of the display, symbolizing Eleven’s love for this breakfast treat.

Indulge in this fan-favourite and enjoy the complete Stranger Things vibe your décor provides!

Dart (Demodog) Stuffed Toys

dart demodog stuffed toys

A Demodog is not as scary when it’s fluffy and perfect for hugging. Building your Stranger Things-inspired space wouldn’t be complete without a nod to Dart, Dustin’s unlikely pet.

To create a fun and whimsical atmosphere, scatter a couple of these stuffed toys around your living area or child’s bedroom.

  • Soft and Cuddly: Choose plush toys designed to replicate Dart in his early stages. You’ll find these give a softer, cuter edge rather than the frightful final form.

Create a Theme: If you’re decorating a kid’s room, pair these toys with related items like toy walkie-talkies, compasses, or even a bucket hat similar to Dustin’s to further enhance the Stranger Things theme.

Use as Display: Apart from being adorable companions, they also make great display items. Prop them up on bookshelves, sofas, or even by the television set, for a fun, immersive effect.

DIY Option: If you’re crafty, consider sewing your own Dart plushie. You might find it adds a personalized touch to your decor, marking your dedication as a true fan.

Camp Know Where DIY Hats

camp know where diy hats

To create these signature hats, you will need green trucker hats and yellow and black fabric paint or permanent markers.

Begin by sketching the logo, which is a simple interface of geometric shapes – a large circle with lines radiating outward like a sun and two arrow-like shapes pointing inward at the center.

After sketching, fill in the design with yellow paint or marker. Use black paint or marker for the details and outlines, adding the name ‘Camp Know Where‘ at the top of your design.

Allow the hats to dry completely before use. Remember, while precision is key, there’s room for creativity as well. Feel free to make a hat that not only Dustin would be proud to wear, but also something unique to your own style.

80s Cassette Tape Decorations

80s cassette tape decorations

These analog audio storage mediums are perfect for achieving the quintessential 80’s retro aesthetic. Cascading from ceilings, attached to party favor bags, or even incorporated into photo booth backdrops, they lend an authentic touch while functioning as an eye-catching adornment.

To get started, gather a collection of cassette tapes. Don’t fret if you can’t find ones with recognizable 80’s bands; any would do. Pair them with other 80’s paraphernalia like vinyl records or retro posters to create a vibrant, nostalgic tableau.

Secondly, consider harnessing the intricate spool design within the cassette tape itself. Extract the magnetic tape and let it twirl and twist to create a dramatic flowing effect. This technique is ideal for wall art or as a table runner for your themed party.

Finally, think about turning the tapes into unique light fixtures. With careful assembly, these vintage items can be transformed into nostalgic lanterns, perfect for setting a soft, ambient glow throughout your living area or party venue.

With creativity, cassette tapes can make your Stranger Things decor radiate with a nostalgic 80s charm.

Hawkins High School Banners

hawkins high school banners

Embracing the heart of Hawkins, these banners can add an authentic touch to your decor. They’re easy to create or find online with the iconic tiger mascot and Hawkins High School script.

The school colors, blue and white, can enrich the color scheme of the space, maintaining consistency while evoking 1980s nostalgia.

To enhance the vibe further, music and sports event posters inspired by the show can complement the banners. Be brave with placement – hang them over doorways, above bookshelves, or even as a centerpiece in a bedroom or entertainment area.

Remember, the goal is to transport viewers into an episode of Stranger Things.

Sci Fi Comic Book Arrangements

sci fi comic book arrangements

Diving into comic book arrangements instantly adds a nostalgic sci-fi touch. Throughout the series, the characters’ love of comic books is pretty evident; it’s a part of their conversation, their pastime, and their friendships.

Create a display using vintage sci-fi comics. For authenticity, look for comics from the ’80s or those featuring sci-fi and supernatural narratives. You don’t have to go for expensive or rare editions; reprints can serve the purpose.

Transform a bare wall into a comic book feature wall. Frame individual comic book covers and arrange them in pattern. This doubles as a great conversation starter and will definitely be the cynosure.

Another idea is interspersing your comic book arrangement with Stranger Things’ comic editions. This ties your comic book decoration with the theme seamlessly.

Don’t forget your coffee table. Neatly stack a few comic books; this will not only serve as an eye-catching arrangement but also give your guests something interesting to flip through.

The crux of a successful sci-fi comic book arrangement is to honor the nostalgia and adventures it stands for. Be creative and have fun with it.

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